Zotto Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Zotto mattresses are the brainchild of company founder Shawn Keep who was looking for a solution to waking up each day with back pain. Convinced that his problem could be solved with a better mattress, Shawn quickly set out to find the right combination of quality materials with which to construct his new mattress.

Fate soon intervened at a neighborhood get together when Shawn mentioned his search for a more comfortable mattress to a neighbor. That neighbor then suggested that he give memory foam a try and even offered to help him build a mattress. The two spent the next few months experimenting with several different combinations of memory foam layers in order to find just the right fit to alleviate Shawn’s back pain.

The good news was that they eventually found the right level of comfort and support. The bad news was that this first mattress was incredibly hot to sleep on. This was a common and well-known problem with traditional memory foam products. The hunt was on to find a solution!

Shawn knew he was onto something but he also knew that he had to find a way to solve the temperature problem. He then set out to find the right combination of memory foam along with temperature regulating and phase-change materials to keep the mattress from getting too hot or too cold. The result of his research was the first mattress offering from Zotto. In 2015, Shawn partnered with his best friend Patrick to help mass produce this new mattress solution.

Zotto prides itself on producing a high quality mattress product that is the perfect combination of supportive pressure point relief, temperature regulation, and extreme comfort.

Product Offering

The Zotto mattress is the only type of mattress offered by the company. Each mattress is constructed from a 4-layer, hybrid-foam material. It is available in all of the six different standard mattress sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Customer Support

Zotto is a relatively new company that started selling its mattresses in 2015. The amount of customer support feedback is limited compared to many of their competitors. They are however currently rated with an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Based on reviews online, the company receives strong ratings for both their product as well as their support service. Since they do not have a brick and mortar storefront, all sales of their mattresses are handled online, and products are shipped directly from the factory.

The company has contracted with FedEx to handle all of their shipping. As part of that arrangement, customers will be able to track the shipment of their new mattress online without having to contact a customer service representative.

Zotto offers two methods to contact customer support should the need arise. You can contact them via e-mail on the “Contact Us” page of their website. Answers are typically received within 48 hours if not sooner. Should you, on the off chance, find yourself needing to actually speak with a representative, you can contact them at their toll-free number and speak directly to a human.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Zotto offers a 100-night sleep trial period for all of their mattresses. If you are not completely satisfied with your mattress you will receive a full refund. The company does require a 30-day break in period, which means that you will have to use the mattress for at least 30 days before you can request a refund. The company claims that it could take your body up to 30 days to acclimate to the Zotto mattress.

The Zotto mattress comes with a warranty that covers sinking and indentations of any kind for up to 10 years. This warranty does differ from other competitors that typically require a 1-inch amount of sinking before they will replace the mattress. The warranty does not cover any damages and only covers defects in the manufacturing process. Only the original purchaser is covered by the warranty as it is not transferable.

Should you decide to return your mattress or are having it replaced, Zotto will arrange with a local charity to have your mattress picked up. You will receive a charitable donation receipt from the charity that you will then submit to Zotto for processing.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

The Zotto mattress is currently offering a $100 off coupon on Retail Me Not.

Reviewed: Zotto Premium Mattress

What Sizes Is It Available In?

The Zotto Premium Mattress is available in the six standard sizes.

  • Twin size mattress 39” x 75” x 10”
  • Twin XL mattress 39” x 80” x 10”
  • Full size mattress 54” x 75” x 10”
  • Queen size mattress 60” x 80” x 10″
  • King size mattress 76” x 80” x 10”
  • Cal-King mattress 72” x 84” x 10”

What’s It Made Out Of?

The Zotto Premium Mattress is made up of 4 layers of high quality foam-like materials. The total combined height of the mattress is a solid 10 inches. Each foam layer serves a different purpose that helps create the right combination of supportive personal comfort while maintaining superior temperature control.

The first layer of the mattress is made up of 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. Since this is the layer that your body first comes into contact with, it is designed to adapt itself to the contours of each individual sleeper. To help control the temperature of the sleeper, the gel that is infused into the memory foam creates a susainable cooling effect.

The second layer of the Zotto mattress features 2 inches of Cool Flow memory foam. To continue the cradling effect of the first layer, these 2 inches of Cool Flow memory foam are designed to relieve those pain causing pressure points between the sleeper and the mattress. Temperature control is also amplified as the Cool Flow memory foam is designed to alleviate heat discomfort by dispersing the body heat from the sleeper more evenly throughout the rest of the mattress layers.

The third layer consists of 2 inches of Energex foam, which performs several functions related to reducing the disruption created when a sleeper moves around or rolls over on the mattress. This material gives the mattress a small amount of bounce and reduces the amount of motion transfer that can occur. This layer also adds to the overall comfort with the mattress.

To prevent excessive sagging, the Energex foam provides push back towards the sleeper. This allows the Zotto mattress to handle sleepers of all shapes and sizes as well as helping to support all individual sleep positions.

The fourth and final layer of the Zotto mattress has 4 inches of high-density support foam. This foundational layer is designed to create a strong and sturdy base of support for the other three layers. As a result, this bottom layer helps the mattress to retain its shape and further resist sagging and shrinking. The strong foundation of the Zotto Premium Mattress also helps to comfort the sleeper and continue the prevention of pain from pressure points experienced during sleep.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers

Yes. The memory foam will help to cradle the additional pressure points through the hips and shoulder areas of side sleepers. The Zotto Premium Mattress comes with a neutral firmness level which should also provide comfort and pain relief for most side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. The Zotto Premium Mattress provides support and comfort for the stomach sleeper with its four layers of foam. The neutral firmness level will provide ample support for most stomach sleepers. However, stomach sleepers should be aware that the memory foam will cradle the pressure points in the hips which could create discomfort on the lower back.

Back Pain

Yes. Since this was the primary reason that the Zotto Premium Mattress was originally created, customers should expect that it consistently relieves back pain. The memory foam will adapt to the contours and pressure points of each individual sleeper. This cradling effect reduces pain created due to pressure points which normally results in a reduced occurrence of back pain.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. This was reason number two that the company founder created the Zotto Premium mattress in the first place. The top layer of the mattress has gel infused memory foam that creates a cooling effect between the sleeper and the mattress.

The second layer continues this cooling effect by further dispersing heat throughout the rest of the mattress with two inches of Cool Flow memory foam. This feature negates one of the main complaints folks have with foam mattresses in general, heat building up and creating its own uncomfortable experience.

Heavy People

Yes. Zotto puts their mattress through rigorous testing with various weights to determine the amount of pressure and sinking that occur. Heavier sleepers should feel the cradling effect even more. It is important to note that heavier sleepers could feel as though they are too deeply cradled in the memory foam which could make it difficult to move around or roll over.


Yes. The contouring effect of the memory foam allows the Zotto Premium Mattress to conform to all shapes and sizes. The large four-inch foundational layer of foam does provide a nice bounce-back effect which can be beneficial during intimacy.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Zotto mattress is sold exclusively online. To keep overhead to a minimum and therefore keep the price down, Zotto does not have any brick and mortar stores. You can purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website at www. zottosleep.com. The Zotto Premium Mattress is also available for sale at Amazon.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Zotto Premium Mattress ranges in price from $650 for the twin size all the way up to $1095 for the King and California King sizes. This makes the Zotto mattresses an affordable option for most customers, especially given the high level of comfort, pain relief and temperature control that someone can get from this product.

Is It Worth It?

The Zotto Premium Mattress does offer a lot of qualities in its mattresses. Most people struggle with pain and discomfort when they awake each morning. This is usually caused by issues with their mattress that result in pressure points on the body. The Zotto mattresses have a combination of foam materials that are designed to cradle the sleeper and eliminate these pressure points.

The price for a Zotto mattress is in the affordable range as compared to other top memory foam mattresses on the market. Since they only sell their mattresses online and ship directly from the factory, Zotto has a business model that eliminates the overhead of traditional mattresses that are sold in stores and shipped from various warehouses. The combination of seep benefits and the affordable price make Zotto mattresses worth the price.

Shipping Info

Since all Zotto mattresses are shipped directly from the factory via Fed Ex, the company has opted to use the compress and roll method of packaging. Your mattress will be delivered in a 19.5” X 19.5” X 44” box. This compact size will make it easier for you to move your mattress upstairs, into elevators, and around tight corners.

Zotto uses Fed Ex exclusively for their shipping. Not only does this allow you to track your shipment online, it usually arrives within 1 to 6 business days. Best of all, shipping is free. The company also provides same day shipping on products purchased before 1 pm PST, Monday through Friday.

At this time, Zotto mattresses can only be shipped within the continental US. This means that Hawaii, Alaska, and International shoppers are out of luck with this product. The company does have plans to expand this in the near future.

Best Bed Frame/Foundation for the Zotto Mattress

The Zotto Premium Mattress is designed to work on all types of bed frames. This includes platform beds, box springs, adjustable bases as well as slatted frames. The company does not specifically make any bed frame products for its mattresses. In fact, Zotto only makes the mattresses and mattress covers.

Reasons NOT to Buy a Zotto Mattress

There are two primary concerns for customers when dealing with a memory foam mattress. The first one is temperature. Memory foam mattresses have become notorious for making sleeping conditions too hot for some sleepers, especially those located in warmer climates. While Zotto has gone to great lengths to solve this problem, customers should still be aware of the challenge of temperature control with memory foam.

The second issue is the fact that some sleepers feel that they are cradled too deeply in memory foam mattresses. This can give the sleeper the sensation that they are trapped in the mattress and movement during sleep is a challenge. This can sometimes make it difficult for folks to get out of memory foam mattresses.

Similar Brands

The Zotto brand mattress has two competitors with similar products and marketing strategies. The first one is the Casper mattress. They have a similar construction in that they both are made up of four different layers. Both companies use high-quality foam and place an emphasis on temperature control for the sleeper.

Since they are both memory foam mattresses, each company boasts that their product can contour to any size or shape of a person. The primary difference between the two is in the overall height of the mattress. The Casper is only 9.5 inches as compared to Zotto’s 10-inch high mattress.

The other brand that is similar to Zotto is the Tuft and Needle mattress. Both mattresses are 10 inches high and made of high-quality memory foam. The Tuft and Needle mattress only have two layers as compared to the four layers of the Zotto Premium Mattress.


After a thorough evaluation, the Zotto Premium Mattress receives an overall score of A. The first factor that led us to give it such high marks is its comfortability. The primary reason that customers are looking for new mattresses is that they need a better night’s sleep. The Zotto has put a lot of research and development into each of its four layers of high-quality foam in order to ensure that its customers sleep peacefully throughout the night.

The next reason for such high marks is in the adaptability of the Zotto mattress. Anyone that has ever ventured into a mattress store knows how quickly and easily that you can become overwhelmed by all the choices and options.

Zotto has streamlined this process by offering one mattress that will work for just about anybody. Its four layers each provide unique qualities that enhance the sleeping experience for customers of all shapes and sizes. The foundational layer helps to make the mattress extremely sturdy while the other layers work to cradle your body for superior comfort.

The third reason that Zotto provides such a highly rated mattress is its ability to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. Many sleepers have fallen in love with the feeling of memory foam only to discover that it becomes extremely hot to sleep upon. Zotto has taken the time to not only deal with the heat issue, but they have also managed to ensure that sleepers do not become too cold.

To handle the heat, the Zotto mattress uses different components in the top two layers to disperse the heat generated by the body of the sleeper. The top layer uses gel-infused foam to create a cooling effect while the second layer uses Cool Flow memory foam to further disperse the heat throughout the four layers. In warmer months, this helps you to sleep cool and comfortable on your Zotto mattress. During the colder months, this disbursement of your body heat can also be used to keep the entire mattress at a warmer temperature.

Finally, the Zotto mattress gets a high mark for putting all of these benefits into a simple yet affordable business model. Their mattresses are affordably priced compared to the competition. The company does not incur the overhead of selling their mattresses in traditional furniture stores or mattress outlets. All Zotto mattresses are sold online and shipped directly from the factory. When you add in the 100-day sleep trial and the 100% money back guarantee, you will be hard-pressed to find a mattress purchase that offers so many benefits with so little risk.

The Zotto Premium Mattress is a comfortable yet affordable mattress that effectively alleviates pain and discomfort that is associated with sleeping on other mattresses. This comprehensive combination is why Zotto gets an A rating as one of the best mattress options available.

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