Zinus Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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One of the main selling point of the Zinus mattress is its low price point. We’d all love to save some money, but at what cost? You’d be hard-pressed to find many other mattresses under $300.

Zinus started as an outdoor products company in 1979, but since 2003, have been focused on indoor furnishings. Currently, they offer memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses at an extremely affordable price. They have also proven themselves to be one of the most popular memory foam mattresses available from Amazon.com.

If you’re willing to spend the extra money, there are certainly more comfortable mattresses you can buy, but if you’re looking to spend as little as possible on a mattress that will still be comfortable, Zinus is a good bet.

Despite their low cost, Zinus gives you a 100-day sleep trial period, during which you can send your mattress back for a full refund. Should you decide you don’t like your Zinus, you should fill out this form, and they will send you a prepaid return label, with instructions on how to arrange your FedEx return pick-up.

Your refund should process within 2-3 days.

Product Overview

This inexpensive mattress is made from three inches of memory foam, two inches of comfort foam, 3.5 inches of airflow, high-density foam, and 3.5 inches of airflow, high-density base support foam. On top, the Zinus is covered with a knitted fabric which gives it a sleek and modern look.

When you order a Zinus online, naturally you’re unable to try it out in person, although the website does feature a four-question quiz to help you decide on the model that’s right for you.

This quiz includes inquiries about your sleeping position, how many people will be sharing the bed, whether or not you have problems with hot sleeping, etc.

Zinus mattresses are CertiPUR certified, which means that they are made without toxic chemicals like formaldehyde or flame retardants, and their mattresses come with a 10-year warranty. Buyers can choose between various thicknesses from six to twelve inches. Their mattresses are also infused with green tea extract and castor oil, which help with relief of odors.

Although they are best known for their memory foam mattresses, Zinus also offers innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses. A total of 8 different mattress models are listed on the company’s website; three made with memory foam, three with springs, and two that are hybrid.

Here is a full list:

  • Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress
  • Pressure Relief Cloud Memory Foam Mattress
  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • Cooling Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress
  • Pressure Relief Euro Top, Pocketed iCoil Hybrid Mattress
  • Cooling Euro Top Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattress
  • Pressure Relief Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattress
  • Cooling Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattress


Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

Zinus will award mattress buyers with a $50 gift card for every new customer they refer; the new customer’s purchase will be discounted by 10% as well.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Like many internet-based mattress companies, because you can’t try their mattresses out in person, Zinus gives buyers a 100-day trial period to make sure their mattress is a good fit for them.

Zinus also features a 10-year warranty. If at any time during this 10-year period you find that there is a manufacturer’s defect due to either the materials or the workmanship, Zinus will replace your mattress with a new one, free of charge.

Zinus 10-inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, Reviewed:

To give you a better sense of what Zinus’ products are like, we took a closer look at Zinus’ 10-inch Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam mattress.

The green tea of the title is an extract of the same green tea that you’ll find at your local cafe or Chinese restaurant. This is definitely a step up from other companies which still use noxious chemicals in order to prevent odors.

The tea is meant to not only reduce odors but in conjunction with a product called ActivCharcoal, is meant to maintain freshness in your mattress over time. ActivCharcoal is a charcoal derivative which helps to reduce odors and absorb moisture. Contrast this with other memory foam mattresses, which are traditionally made with petroleum-based products to give them their special bounce and contouring qualities.

We found that this mattress worked well concerning pressure relief and motion isolation. We also found it to have a good body-contouring experience.

The firmness of this mattress ranks at about a 6 out of 10, which is a medium firmness. Unfortunately, this may prove to be a bit soft for those who sleep on their backs.

We did find the cooling properties to be about average for a memory foam mattress. In other words, if you are a hot sleeper, then this might not be a good fit for you. This shouldn’t be a surprise to those of you with experience with memory foam.

For average to cooler sleepers, this will do fine.

Also, if American-made products are a priority for you, you’ll be disappointed to find that these mattresses are factory-made overseas. Was the difference in quality noticeable? A bit.

Grade: B

What Sizes Is It Available In?

Zinus mattresses are available in all standard sizes.

Listed below are the dimensions for the 12” memory foam version of this mattress.

  • Twin: 39″ X 75″ X 12“, 40.8lb
  • Full: 54″ X 75″ X 12“, 56.2lb
  • Queen: 60″ X 80″ X 12“, 66.2lb
  • King: 76″ X 80″ X 12″, 83.8lb
  • California King: 72″ X 84″ X 12″, 83lb

For the 6”, 8” or 10” models, simply change the last number in these dimensions, as the width and length will remain the same.

What’s It Made Out Of?

  • The top layer, designed to maximize comfort, is made from 3 inches of memory foam which softly hugs your body and reduces motion transfer, making it ideal for couples.
  • The middle layer is made from three inches of transition poly foam and is designed to support your weight. This layer also smooths the transition between the base layer and the top layer.
  • The base layer is six inches thick and made of poly foam as well. If you’re a heavier sleeper, this is also the layer that provides you with the deeper compression support you require.

The cover of the Zinus memory foam mattress is made from knitted jacquard, which, according to some users, does leave something to be desired. According to several reviewers, this can lead to creating bunched up areas when it is grabbed.

The cover wraps tightly around the side panel of the mattress, giving it a handsome, modern appeal.

Is It Good For…?

Everyone has their sleeping preferences. Let’s take a look at how Zinus fares for each sleeper.

Side Sleepers

Yes. In general, side sleepers will be more comfortable on a softer mattress, as they want a mattress that will hug their body contours and accommodate the natural curvature of the spine. As a result, latex memory foam and memory foam gel mattresses are generally a better fit for those who sleep on their sides. The amount of softness the Zinus memory foam mattress gives is just right for side sleepers.

Although there are better mattresses available on the market for side sleepers, we would say that this is a quality (perhaps the best) budget mattress for a side sleeper.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. Stomach sleeping, although it is often thought of as the most ergonomically stressful position to sleep in, requires a medium to medium-firm mattress. It is also recommended that stomach sleepers use a mattress with at least a 1-inch soft comfort layer on top of their mattress. Zinus’ line of memory foam mattresses has both of these qualities, making it an ideal option for stomach sleepers.

Back Pain

Yes. Zinus designs their mattresses to distribute your weight evenly, as well as to prevent a build-up of pressure, which makes it supportive, yet comfortable. Some reviewers have complained that for heavier sleepers it is not ideal as it may prove to be too soft for them.

For those with more serious back pain issues, you might want to try Zinus’ Performance Plus Spring Mattress, which was designed specifically for back sleepers. This is firmer than their foam mattresses and is available in either a 10 or 12-inch thickness, featuring a 1.5-inch foam layer on top for added comfort.

Hot Sleepers

No. Although Zinus claims that the bottom two layers of their memory foam mattresses are designed with air flow technology to reduce heat build-up, we’ve found that compared to other mattresses, this mattress is not particularly good for hot sleepers. Because of its fair amount of sink, and the hugging nature of the memory foam, like other foam mattresses, it will tend to trap heat.

Heavy People

No. There are a number of different factors that heavier people need to take into account when purchasing a mattress. These include the quality of the foam material, the thickness of the mattress, the mattress’ ability to keep you cool, and the weight of the mattress itself.

Although we’re not going to say that Zinus’ foam is low-quality, it is not hard to find higher quality foam on the market if you’re willing to spend a little bit more money. The thickness of the mattress, of course, will depend on which model you purchase.

Zinus’ memory foam mattresses, like many foam mattresses on the market, don’t do a great job of keeping hot sleepers cool. The memory foam does have a tendency to trap heat. This is often an issue for heavier people.

Lastly, heavier people may find that the top layers are too soft for them, causing there to be too much sink and not enough support.


Yes. Finding a quality mattress for intimate activity will include several factors. The most important will be the amount of support the mattress gives you, and the amount of bounce you can get out of it.

Some additional benefits can be noise-reduction, which memory foam mattresses have down in spades. Zinus memory foam mattresses score well on 2 out of 3 of these points, making it a positive option for making love.

Although some users prefer the bounce of old-fashioned spring beds, Zinus’ brand of memory foam happens to be responsive enough for sex, while firm enough to support the activity. Finally, because there are no springs involved, you won’t have to worry about waking up the neighbors, regardless of how much fun you’re having.

Where Can I Buy It?

Zinus mattresses are chiefly available through their own colorful, playfully-designed website, but are also available on amazon.com and certain retailers. If you order through Amazon, you also have the option of mattress removal, meaning that they will have someone remove your old mattress, a service that starts at $79.

You can also purchase a Zinus at nationwide retailers such as Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and Home Depot, but beware- you will pay a significant mark-up as compared to ordering directly from the company.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cheap/Under $500.

If you’re trying to find pretty much the cheapest new mattress available on the market, then you can stop your search here. You’ve found yourself a winner with Zinus. This mattress is definitely a no-frills option, and if you’re willing to spend even $100 more, your options increase quite a bit.

With that said, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything else this good at a similar price point. The lowest-priced mattress available on their site, which is a Twin size 6” Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam retails at $89.

Because it is the 6” model, it only features two layers, rather than the standard three, skipping the transitional layer, and leaving you with five inches of support foam, topped with one inch of memory foam.

With that said, if you’re just starting out, are a student, or don’t plan on moving your mattress around with you for years, it’s hard to argue with a mattress that costs less than a hundred dollars.

The most expensive mattress on Zinus’ website is a California King-sized 12” Cooling Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress, which retails at $430. Despite being the most expensive item on their site, this is still thousands of dollars less than you could spend at a traditional mattress store.

Is It Worth It?

In a word, yes.

Zinus mattresses are marketed specifically for a cost-conscious audience. Because they’ve skipped the middle man and can ship directly to you without having to deal with retailers, they’ve been able to cut costs to give you pretty much the absolute least expensive mattress you can find (not counting the ones you find on the street corner, of course).

With that said, Zinus has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon.com, with their cumulative score of between four and four-and-a-half stars.

Shipping Info

If you’re purchasing from the Zinus website, shipping is free. They’ve partnered with FedEx Ground to ship all products straight to your door. After order processing, which usually takes 2-3 business days, your order will be shipped, at which point, Zinus will email you a tracking number so that you know where your mattress is.

Like many foam mattresses that you can buy online, these mattresses are compressed and then shipped in a medium-sized cardboard box, which ends up weighing about 70 pounds. Once unpacked, the mattress will take approximately 72 hours to expand as well as to give it some time for dissipation of odor.

Best Bed Frame/Foundation for the Zinus Mattress

Although they are standard sizes, which can be used with any box spring or frame, Zinus does make their own SmartBase mattress foundations which can be used in place of box springs and bed frames.

These foundations will be sized to accommodate average-sized people, and do not require any tools to assemble. They’re also designed to maximize under-the-bed space for storage.

Why Not To Buy a Zinus Mattress

Despite a large number of positive reviews online, there are some common complaints with Zinus mattresses. The majority of negative feedback includes the mattress becoming depressed and losing firmness in a short amount of time. Some users have found that despite rotating their mattress to evenly distribute the wear and tear, the foam does not hold up.

Once again, the main selling point of this mattress is the incredibly low-cost. If you can afford it, and don’t want to take the risk of needing a replacement in a few months (or according to some reviewers, in a few weeks) you may want to go ahead and spend the extra money.

Similar Brands

If you like the idea of purchasing a mattress-in-a-box from an online retailer and are looking for something on the low end of the cost spectrum, there are several other brands you should consider in addition to Zinus. These include Linenspa, Lucid, and OleeSleep.


Overall Grade: B

An incredibly cheap, relatively quality mattress that’s shipped to your door free of charge. If money is tight, you’re not looking for a long-term solution for your mattress situation, or you are looking for an inexpensive mattress to have in a guest bedroom, Zinus is a great option.

If you’re looking for a mattress that will improve your sex life, fix your back problems, and last for years, then this probably isn’t the option for you.

With that said, Zinus has filled a niche in the market by providing a mattress option for people who might not be able to afford one otherwise and has cultivated thousands of satisfied customers in the process.







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