ZenHaven Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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[yasr_overall_rating] Although affordably priced, ZenHaven mattresses are designed to directly compete with top luxury mattresses. They’re one of the few mattresses made from all-natural latex. As you can probably guess, ZenHaven mattresses are a bit different than typical online mattresses.

ZenHaven is a division of The Saatva Company, maker of Saatva innerspring mattresses and Loom & Leaf memory foam mattresses. So even though ZenHaven only makes one type of mattress, they have the backing of a much larger name in mattress sales.

When choosing a new mattress, you’ll want to consider its support, durability and comfort. All-natural latex has many of the benefits of both foam and spring mattresses but without many of the drawbacks.

Your complete, 100% impartial review of ZenHaven mattresses starts right now:

Product Offering

ZenHaven is about quality over variety. They offer just a single ZenHaven mattress, which is designed to suit basically all sizes and sleeping positions.

The ZenHaven mattress is available in six different standard sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Unlike many mattresses, ZenHaven mattresses are flippable. One side is Gentle Firm and the other is Luxury Plush. Gentle Firm is about 18% firmer than Luxury Plush. The layers of the mattress are stacked on a firmness scale, which is a simple and rather ingenious way to add two options for sleepers.

ZenHaven mattresses are made from American-made natural latex, 100% organic New Zealand wool and organic cotton. Both the latex and mattress are made in the U.S.A.

Even better, the manufacturing process is water-based and results in no environmentally harmful by-products. The carbon footprint is overall very low making this an environmentally friendly choice.

Customer Support

Ideally, buying a mattress online should be a simple and worry-free process. But delivery, setup and returns can pose logistical challenges. So good customer services is actually pretty important in a mattress company.

ZenHaven is easy to reach. They offer chat and phone support seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You can also send them a message from their website. Not only are the mattresses made in the U.S., but all of their customer support is U.S.-based as well.

U.S.-based customer support can be invaluable when scheduling a delivery or return. If there’s a problem, you want to talk to someone familiar with the general locations of cities around the country.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Buying a ZenHaven mattress online is actually far less risky than buying a similar mattress in a store. You can only sit on a mattress for a few minutes in a store. But ZenHaven offers a 120-day home trial for every mattress.

You can try the mattress for four months in your own home. If you’re not satisfied, you can return the mattress with no hassle. ZenHaven will deduct $99 for transportation costs, but otherwise your entire purchase price is refunded. (ZenHaven makes a point to alert customers that returned mattresses are never sold to other customers.)

You can only return one ZenHaven mattress. So before buying, you want to make sure you select the right size and foundation for the room.

ZenHaven will both deliver and, if necessary, pick up the mattress. If the mattress doesn’t feel quite right, you can schedule a free service where ZenHaven team members will visit you and flip your mattress. Because the mattress is reversible, the two sides feel different, and you might find one side more comfortable than the other.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales and Deals

As an online mattress company, you can expect to find a lot of online coupons and discounts. However, most online deals do tend to be only available for a short period of time, so you have to act fast.

Some current deals available include:

Offers.com has several ZenHaven coupons to reduce shipping costs.

PromoCodeWatch has a coupon for $50 off for both active duty military and veterans.

Reviewed: ZenHaven Mattress

Just to be clear about the name: ZenHaven by Saatva is the name of the company and ZenHaven is the name of the mattress. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the ZenHaven mattress:

What Sizes Is It Available In?

The ZenHaven mattress is available in six standard sizes. Here are the dimensions for each:

  • Twin 38” by 75”
  • Twin XL 38” by 80”
  • Full 54” by 75”
  • Queen 60” by 80”
  • King 70” by 80”
  • Cal King 72” by 84”

What’s It Made Out Of?

The ZenHaven mattress has five layers. Here’s a look at each one:

The top layer is an Organic Cotton Cover. This quilted organic cotton is soft, comfortable and stays cool even in hot weather.

Both sides of the mattress have an Organic Wool Layer. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, this layer is flame retardant but also chemical free. The Organic Wool Layer helps with moisture wicking and increases breathability. Don’t let the word “wool” fool you; this layer is designed to keep you cool and dry when sleeping in hot climates.

The main part of the mattress is the Latex “5-Zone” Comfort Layer. Five separate zones allow for full support without sacrificing comfort. The bed promotes healthy spine and neck alignment when sleeping on your back and side. Plus, the support shifts with you during the night.

The 5-Zone design is exclusive to ZenHaven. Each layer features 100% Talalay latex. No synthetic or petroleum-based foam is ever used.

The Talalay latex is 100% American made. Liquid latex is whipped into a batter and then poured into a mold. Then a vacuum is created and the latex is flash frozen at -20 degrees.

This Talalay process costs more and takes longer than the process to create Dunlop, which is another common type of latex. But the extra steps are worthwhile because Talalay latex has an even distribution for full-body support. It’s also noticeably softer than Dunlop.

Is It Good For…?

There’s no right way to get a good’s night sleep. Here’s a look at how well this mattress supports common sleeping situations:

Side Sleepers

Yes. Zoned construction provides extra support for the heavier parts of your body. When you sleep on your side, the mattress can support your neck, head, shoulders and hips.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. The Organic Cotton Cover is comfortable and germ resistant. If you sleep facedown, the mattress will support your hips, shoulders and other pressure points.

Back Pain

Yes. This is where the bed really shines. The 5-Zone Comfort Layer helps your spine stay properly aligned during the night. Latex allows plenty of support while remaining comfortable.

If you have especially bad back pain, consider flipping the mattress to the Gentle Firm side. With an 18% firmness increase over the Luxury Plush side, Gentle Firm provides extra support and lift for your back.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. Talalay Latex is very breathable so it stays cool even in warm climates. The layer of Outer Layer Wool helps pull heat away from you. Plus, the Talalay latex is designed to spread weight and heat evenly throughout the mattress, preventing “hot spots” underneath your body.

Heavy People

Yes. The 5-Zone design provides support wherever you need it. Even very large individuals will be able to stretch out on the bad. The latex and overall construction prevent the bed from sinking in around you.


Yes. The 5-Zone design provides firm yet springy support across the entire bed. Two people can comfortably move on the mattress.

Where Can I Buy It?

ZenHaven Mattresses are only sold through the company’s online store. They offer nationwide white glove delivery. Because they want to maintain strict control over installation and delivery, their products aren’t available on Amazon or other third-party retailers.

Plus, this isn’t really the type of mattress you want to buy used. They’re pretty heavy and cumbersome to move. While that’s not an issue with white glove delivery, it can be a problem when dealing with a private shipper.

How Much Does It Cost?

ZenHaven mattresses vary in price between affordable and luxury. Also, each mattress has an optional foundation. While the foundation does add to the cost, it is custom-designed for the mattress for a perfect fit. Plus, it’ll be delivered to you and set up as part of the white glove delivery process.

Twin mattresses cost around $1,300 without a foundation and $1,450 with. The Twin XL is $1,350 without and $1,500 with a foundation. The Full is $1,700 and $1,900. The Queen is $1,900 and $2,150. Both the King and California King are $2,500 without a foundation and $2,800 with.

Is It Worth It?

Most mattresses are made from either foam, springs or a combination of the two. A latex mattress is different. Latex has a different feel. If you like the body contouring of foam but don’t like foam’s sinking feeling, latex is often a great option.

Plus, natural latex products are good for the environment. The 100% Talalay latex is all-natural and organic. This makes the mattress a great choice if you want to avoid chemicals, allergies, dust mites and more (and who doesn’t).

The pressure-point relief system is ideal for side and back sleepers. Regular use can help relieve back and neck pain. The ZenHaven can be very comfortable and supportive for someone who sleeps in various positions throughout the night.

The flippability is another cool feature you don’t see in a lot of mattresses. One side is about 18% firmer than the other. While you probably won’t flip the mattress often, having two options gives this mattress a useful versatility.

Shipping Info

Foam mattresses are typically compressed in some way before delivery. Not the ZenHaven. It’s delivered fully expanded with no need for ungassing or any type of decompression.

After ordering your website, ZenHaven’s customer service department will call you. They’ll confirm the order and schedule a delivery time. The mattress will be shipped from ZenHaven to a delivery company near you. That company will call you to schedule delivery within a four-hour window. For an extra $39, the delivery people will haul your old mattress away.

Because the mattresses are delivered uncompressed, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room in your house to maneuver the mattress from an entrance to the bedroom. Fortunately, ZenHaven does offer a split queen. It’s the same size as a queen but built in two sections.

You’ll want to choose a firmness side. If you’re looking for an especially firm mattress, choose Gentle Firm. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to go with Luxury Plush. ZenHaven estimates about 80% of their customers choose Luxury Plush.

If you’re testing out the mattress during the 120-day trial, you’ll at least want to try both sides. Flipping the mattress requires at least two people. You’ll probably want to use ZenHaven’s white glove service which will flip the mattress for you for free.

Best Bed Frame / Foundation for the ZenHaven Mattress

Saatva offers a fully adjustable base called the Lineal which is designed exclusively for the ZenHaven mattress. The Lineal has a flowing one-piece construction which allows you sit up, elevate your feet, and otherwise change positions.

You can adjust the frame manually or use any of the presets. Elevating your feet, hips and shoulders produces a feeling of weightlessness. And if that’s not comfortable enough, the Lineal includes a three-speed massager. Choose from a head, leg or even a full-body massage.

A simple remote lets you control every aspect of the Lineal. Aside from adjusting the frame and operating the massage features, you can also turn on an under-bed light. The motor and power center for the frame is housed in a sealed case which helps keep all operations whisper-quiet.

Frame delivery and setup is included with the white glove delivery service. The Lineal will be able to fit anywhere the ZenHaven mattress can. The frame’s height is adjustable from six to 10 inches thanks to push pin legs.

Because the mattress is available in standard sizes, it should fit on just about any existing bed frame. However, most people prefer to use the Lineal, especially if they’re interested in an adjustable frame. Latex is a unique material which the Lineal is specifically designed for. Adjusting the mattress on the Lineal will typically be a far smoother experience than if you’re using a frame designed for a foam or spring mattress.

When NOT to Buy a ZenHaven Mattress

Cost will be the main potential issue here. Unless you’re buying the Twin or Twin XL without a foundation, you’ll be paying luxury prices. To be fair, even the most expensive ZenHaven mattress is priced much less than most other similar luxury mattresses. But even though ZenHaven is on the low end of luxury pricing, you’ll still likely pay over $1,500 for your mattress.

Another potential issue with the ZenHaven mattress is “where” you like to sleep on the mattress. Depending on the materials used, mattresses have two different types. Some mattresses are firm enough to where you feel like you’re sleeping “on” the mattress. Others are softer so you feel like you’re sleeping “in” the mattress.

Even when sleeping on the softer side of a ZenHaven mattress, this is a mattress you sleep “on” rather than “in.” The latex construction doesn’t allow the sleeper to sink in as they would in a traditional foam mattress.

Finally, you might not want to buy this mattress if you think you’ll have to move it frequently. Latex mattresses are heavier than most all other types of mattress. Even flipping the mattress requires at least two people and probably more. Ideally, this mattress should be placed in a room and left there for a few years.

Along those same lines, this mattress is probably best suited for U.S. based customers. While they will ship overseas, doing so voids the warranty and the 120-day testing offer. Plus, all customer support is U.S. based. This mattress is American-made and really designed for sale only inside the U.S.

Compare Similar Brands

There aren’t too many all-natural latex mattresses out there. So if you like the exact feeling of the ZenHaven mattress, you’re not going to find a lot of other options. However, if you’re looking for a different feel to a mattress, you’ll want to try either a foam, spring or hybrid mattress.

The Solay Mattress has a somewhat similar business model as the ZenHaven. You can order the Solay Mattress online and then sleep on it for over 100 days. Solay Mattresses are hybrid mattresses which offer more of traditional “sleeping in the mattress” feeling which the ZenHaven lacks.

Both ZenHaven and Solay offer just one type of mattress each. If you’re looking for a company with a bit more variety, check out Sealy. They’re the second largest mattress manufacturer in the world with a wide selection of foam, spring and hybrid mattresses to choose from.


Overall, the ZenHaven mattress gets a solid A, but with a bit of an explanation. This is an all-natural latex mattress. It has a feel which is different from both foam or spring mattresses. While the construction is extremely high-quality, you’re still probably not going to like this mattress if you don’t like latex mattresses in general.

But if you do, you’re in for a treat. This mattress is comfortable and soft but still firm and supportive. The five separate zones support your body’s pressure points regardless of your sleeping positions. Promotes proper spinal alignment during sleep to help reduce back and neck pain.

Like foam, the latex is able to conform to your body’s shape. Unlike foam, latex is cooler and more breathable. Plus, latex is naturally resistant to dust and other potential contaminants, making this mattress a good choice for anyone with allergies.

ZenHaven’s customer support is worth mentioning as well. They’re easy to reach by phone, email or instant message. If there’s ever a problem with the mattress or the delivery process, you don’t have to wait for traditional business hours to find a resolution. Plus, all of their support is U.S. based.

Most mattress companies offer optional white glove delivery service, but ZenHaven uses white glove delivery for every order. This commitment ensures your mattress will always be properly setup. Plus, ZenHaven’s white glove service is completely free.

There’s long been a debate about which type of mattress is better, foam or spring. Well, ZenHaven’s all-natural latex mattress is now reframing that question. With many of the benefits of foam and spring mattresses but none of the drawbacks, more and more sleepers are finding that all-natural latex is the mattress material of their dreams.

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