Zen Bedroom Ideas : Peaceful Plans for Restful and Restorative Sleep

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Getting restful and restorative sleep is high on the list when it comes to planning out an ideal bedroom. After all, how we sleep and experience our bedroom directly correlates to how we feel throughout the rest of the day. The intention is always to recharge at night, and while there are a lot of factors that go into our sleep habits, how comfortable a bedroom is can certainly play a part. To make a bedroom feel super relaxing, some might choose to go for a zen bedroom design. Zen bedrooms can promote tranquility thanks to their minimalist vibes, which is usuallly accomplished through both the use of color (or lack thereof), and having minimal items in the room as well. Anything that’s in a zen bedroom should be carefully chosen to support that theme, rather than take away from it. Here are some inspirational photos showcasing how the minimal bedroom ideas can help promote peace in the home.

Green Plants for Zen Rooms

1. Gorgeous Green Trees Outside this Zen Bedroom

This bedroom is a great example of how some greenery can create a very peaceful and zen vibe for a bedroom. In this case the plants were placed within sight of the bedroom right outside the floor to ceiling window. They provide the perfect about of life to balance out the white that makes up the rest of the room.


2. Nature Vibes With Zen Plants

This bedroom has a great zen feeling thanks to the many plants that frame the room and the bed. This is a good example of how even just branches in addition to green plants can make the room feel close to nature. The bed being in the center of the room helps to create that bungalow type feeling as well.


3. Giant Potted Plants Create a Chic Zen Bedroom

The giant green potted plants in this bedroom create such a gorgeous chic feeling. The green alongside the soft whites and the natural wood elements in the room create an incredible zen feeling bedroom. The bed feels surrounded by comfortable elements and has some cozy throw blankets and pillows on top


4. Free Flowing Potted Plants

This room has a cozy zen vibe thanks to all the potted plants that are placed at different height levels in the room. Some are on the floor, while some are hanging from the ceiling and allowing the leaves to cascade down and create a super relaxing feeling.


5. Potted Plants to Bring Comfort into a Room

This room found some of its zen vibes with natural and darker colors, which are nicely offset by the potted plants that have been placed around the bed. They help to bring a grounded yet uplifted feel to the bedroom and create a peaceful sleeping area in the process.


Beautiful Zen White

6. A Bright White Bedroom

This bedroom is super bright and peaceful thanks to the very white walls and floor. The color of the paint allows the window light to bounce through the room creating the feeling of light stillness which is very zen. Natural colors in the rest of the space keep it looking clean and comfortable.


7. Floor to Ceiling White Bedroom

This bedroom is white in pretty much every part of it from floor to ceiling. Using all white in a bedroom leaves little room for anything distracting in the space, which then naturally creates a very zen and relaxing experience in the room. The bed being suspended in the center room aids to remove clutter even more.


8. A White Bedroom Sanctuary

This room brought in plenty of white curtains to help create the zen feeling in this space. The white curtains plus the white sheets create a soft and very cozy space that’s very tempting to curl up in. A hanging light ensures that the lighting in there will be soft and perfect for reading.


9. White and Grey Keep this Bedroom Calm

There’s a very zen vibe about this bedroom thanks to the all white and light grey design elements. The grey used is so light that it hardly registers as grey, yet it helps to balance out the white and provide some texture and depth. The thin pops of black help draw together that color gradation even more.


Natural Wood for Zen Bedrooms

10. A Natural Wood Bedframe

This bedroom is very zen thanks to its bright white design and the natural wood elements on the headboard and the frame of the bed. The warmth of the natural wood helps to balance out the starkness of the white and make it feel more liveable.


11. A Minimalism Wooden Bedframe

This bedroom is extremely minimal which helps to create that zen feeling. A low to the ground bed in a natural wood frame helps to create that feeling as well. In this photo they have used a futon mattress on the bedframe, but any type of mattress would do well there in a room such as this one.


12. A Stand Alone Wood Bed

This bed is another great example of how to bring some balancing warm wood into a bedroom. Besides being a nice counter the white in the room, it also helps to keep the pattern of lines going that are repeated throughout the rest of the room on the art and the wall.


13. A Repeating Wood Element

Here we see a gorgeous wooden bedframe and then some added accessories to keep that warmth going. A wooden wall design and a leather pillow perfectly match the frame and create the right amount of color for this otherwise very white bedroom. Overall the look is very zen and relaxing.


14. A Custom Wood Wall

In this room, there is what looks to be a custom wood wall that acts as a headboard and also a bookshelf behind the bed. This change in color creates nice depth to the wall while still being functional and encourages keeping things in a nice order. The more organized a room is, the more zen-like it will be.


Beautiful Canopies to Encourage Serenity

15. The Draping Canopy of Dreams

Bringing a white canopy into a bedroom is a great way to create a strong zen feeling around the bed specifically. In this case it was draped over some gorgeous wooden branches, which makes the room feel a bit magical in addition to being a very zen-like spot.


16. A Simple White Drape

In this room a simple white drape was used to create some quiet intimacy over the bed. This can also help create some space between the bed and the rest of the room, which is great in a shared space when someone else might be using the desk space next to the bed.


17. Billowing White Bed Curtains

This bedroom is luxury zen dreams. Spending time in here would feel like being on vacation all the time. Even if this type of curtains were brought into a room with walls that didn’t need it for functionality, it would still feel like a getaway all the time. We love how having the curtains around a bed makes it feel like a sanctuary.


18. Tied Up White Curtains

This bedroom is clearly comfortably lived in, but having these curtains hanging around the bed makes it feel more zen than it would without them. It helps to create some focus and privacy around the bed, which always helps to bring in a calming feeling to the space.


19. A Pop of Color Over the Bed

Here we have an example of a room with a colorful piece of fabric draping over the bed, rather than the ever popular white one. Anything that makes the bed feel more intimate and enclosed can help to keep out the distractions and support that zen feeling. The white linens on the mattress help make the bed feel calm and inviting.


20. Big Billowing Curtains

When the space allows, big billowing curtains can be a great option as well. This canopy extends high above the bed and drapes down around each corner. While functional in some cases this look is a great option for decorating choices as well. Simply putting the drapes onto a support system and hanging that from the center from the ceiling will allow the design to be created.


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