Wright Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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If you spend a little time researching memory foam mattresses, you’ll find several that may seem like the same mattress with a different name on them. Most companies offer a 10-inch mattress for less than $1,000. WRIGHT hits the stage with an 11-inch mattress that can cost nearly twice that amount depending on what size you need. Is it worth it? If the WRIGHT mattress is worth it, what makes it different from similar mattresses?

WRIGHT was founded in 2013 by Dan Hauber. Hauber was working in the mattress industry at the time and wanted to develop a mattress, and a business committed to better products and better designs. He developed his business based on the idea of better service and a friendly customer experience. He named the business WRIGHT to symbolize their dedication to design and craftsmanship.

The team at WRIGHT is comprised of committed product designers and bedding experts who are passionate about bedding and designing great products. They’ve created a single mattress, the WRIGHT W1.27, that is suitable for more than 90% of sleepers according to WRIGHT.

WRIGHT products are designed in New York and are made from 100% American materials. All of their products are made in the USA as well. The idea behind their business model and products is simple; your bed is the most important place in your life. It’s where you spend a large portion of your day recharging and dreaming. Simply put, your days begin and end in your bed, so your bed should be comfortable and made to last.

Product Offering

WRIGHT Bedding has developed a bed in a box foam mattress for luxury consumers. The mattress is the result of two years of research and testing aimed at striking a balance of support, comfort, and breathability.

The WRIGHT team tracked two years of sleep on 27 combinations of their foam to find the perfect sleeping experience. The goal was to create a mattress that promoted a deeper sleep. The result is a high-quality mattress made of 100% Certi-PUR verified memory foam.

A Certi-PUR certification means the foam WRIGHT uses has been verified by Certi-PUR to meet the highest standards possible. It also means the foam exceeds typical benchmarks for materials and durability. Additionally, this certification lets you know the foam is free of any harmful chemicals and will have a low odor.

Some foam mattresses tend to give off a chemical smell that can last a few days or even a few weeks. The W1.27 will have an odor when it is first unwrapped from its packaging. That odor will dissipate after 2 or 3 days.

The W1.27 foam mattress is the first release from WRIGHT. The mattress design is based on 27 attempts, hence the name W1.27, to create the perfect sleeping experience. Developed using real sleep data and rigorous testing, WRIGHT has truly crafted a masterpiece in the mattress world.

The WRIGHT foam mattress is unique among its type. Type key complaints about foam mattresses are reaction times. Some foam mattresses feel slow to react when you put your weight on it. Others leave you feeling like the mattress reacts too quickly and the experience of lying down feels like an abrupt stop after sinking an inch or two.

WRIGHT has bridged this gap and created a mattress that is soft, supportive and reactive.

Customer Support

WRIGHT provides more than typical customer service. In fact, they go much farther than most mattress in a box offerings. They offer a 120-night sleep trial with free delivery and setup in the US and Canada. Mattresses are covered by a 15-year warranty and are made in America. Getting in touch with WRIGHT is as easy as a phone call or email.

Warranties and Return Policy

If you aren’t satisfied with your WRIGHT mattress, for any reason, they’ll take it back or exchange it within 120 days. Simply email them or give them a call and they’ll arrange for the return or exchange. This is part of the above average customer support WRIGHT is so proud of, and it’s a big reason to consider this mattress above cheaper competitors.

The W1.27 mattress comes with a 15-year warranty against defects or deterioration. If you discover any flaws, they’ll replace the mattress within the 15-year time frame. Defects include such things as sagging or developing indentations greater than a half of an inch. Just like their return or exchange policy, claiming a warranty item is as easy as emailing or calling WRIGHT.

Reviewed: WRIGHT Foam Mattress W1.27

What Sizes Is It Available In?

The W1.27 mattress comes in every popular size including twin, XL twin, full, queen, king, California king, and split king.

What’s It Made Out Of?

Based on the design and construction, the WRIGHT foam mattress is clearly focused on pressure relief and comfort. The top few inches of the mattress are made of memory foam. The comfort layer is soft and adds extra support before relying on the firmer base to provide maximum support.

In short, the WRIGHT mattress is composed of four layers:

  • Top Layer is 1.5″ 4lb Density 10 ILD 3Below gel-infused memory foam
  • 2nd Layer is 2″ 3lb Density 18 ILD polymer-reinforced ZeroG foam
  • 3rd layer is 1.5″ 5lb Density 20 ILD polymer-reinforced ZeroG foam
  • Base Layer is 6″ 1.8lb Density 30 ILD base foam

The cover is a polyester blend and tough, but thin enough to be breathable. The cover helps trap heat away from your body which helps the WRIGHT mattress give you a cooler sleeping experience. It can be 3 or 4 degrees cooler than similar mattresses. That temperature difference may seem small, but your body only needs a slight drop in temperature to feel cooler and more comfortable. The cover also easily removable for cleaning.

The top layer of the WRIGHT foam mattress is composed of 1.5 inches of 4-pound gel-infused memory foam. While the top layer is tremendously soft, it still handles a large part of the pressure relief the mattress provides. Keep in mind, a typical memory foam used for the top layer of a mattress is only a 3-pound density.

The top layer is breathable and has a slow response time after weight is added to the mattress. This layer plays an important role in trapping heat away from your body. It won’t bunch up or wrinkle which can cause pressure points and make sleeping uncomfortable.

There are two middle layers. These layers are made of 2 inches of 3-pound density, and 1.5 inches of 5-pound density polymer reinforced ZeroG foam. These two layers are designed and rigorously tested to respond faster to pressure.

The main benefit of this design choice, and a primary reason WRIGHT developed the ZeroG foam is to prevent you from feeling trapped or sunken while in bed. Many foam mattresses can take 8 to 10 seconds to respond once you move which can leave dips in the mattress. The ZeroG foam will return to its original shape in under 3 seconds.

The base layer is 6 inches of foam with a 1.8-pound density. A dense bottom layer helps support the top layers. While the top layers provide support and heat retention, the denser base layer supports these layers and helps distribute your weight evenly.

The layers, from top to bottom, start out very soft and become a little firmer and you pass each layer. The overall construction of the mattress provides great pressure relief while keeping you from sinking too deep into the mattress and feeling stuck.

Is It Good For?

Overall, the WRIGHT mattress is good for almost any type of sleeper. There are a few drawbacks to some positions or qualities of the mattress.

Side Sleepers

Yes. The memory foam top layer reacts slowly so it will fit the contours of your body. The middle layers react quickly to pressure. The combination of layers will support your body while allowing hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress deeper. The result is support and no pressure points.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. The mattress will support you in any position you prefer. If you move around a lot while you sleep, the combination of slow and fast reacting memory foams will adjust perfectly with your movements. You’ll find yourself supported at all the critical points from your neck to your ankles.

Back Pain

Yes. Since the mattress will cradle your body and hug your contours, it will help keep your spine aligned and reduce the pressure that often causes or increases back pain.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. The W1.27 is designed for keeping you cool. The cover and top layer work together to wick heat away from your body and trap it.

Heavy People

Yes. Your size and shape will not matter to this mattress. It will conform to your body and support you regardless of weight or shape.


Yes. The mattress provides plenty of support for intimate activities.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can test out the mattress for yourself at select locations. Alternatively, you can order a mattress directly from WRIGHT.

Free shipping to the US and Canada is included with all WRIGHT mattresses. There is a 120-day risk-free home trial. If you aren’t happy, return shipping is included. Plus, WRIGHT mattresses are backed by a 15-year guarantee.

How Much Does It Cost?

The WRIGHT W1.27 foam mattress costs a bit more than the average mattress in a box. The materials the mattress is made from and the luxury feel more than make up for the extra expense. The mattress comes in seven sizes to for any bedding need:

  • Twin 39” x “75” $1,395
  • Twin XL 39” x 80” $1,445
  • Full 54” x 75” $1,595
  • Queen 60” x 80” $1,795
  • King 76” x 80” $2,195
  • California King 72” x 84” $2,195
  • Split King 76” x 80” $2,395

Is It Worth It?

Answering this question depends on what you need from your mattress. The mattress will be a good fit for you if you’re looking for the softness of memory foam with extra support. The mattress could be summed up as a soft, plush mattress with medium firmness. You’ll feel light as a feather on the mattress and fall asleep faster.

Usually, with foam mattresses, you’ll need to trade softness for firmness. If you opt for softness, the mattress can almost feel like you’re trapped in it or it feels like you’re sinking lower the longer you’re on the mattress. If you are going for firmness, you’ll have to deal with pressure points or slow reacting foam. With the W1.27, all of the common problems associated with foam mattresses have been conquered and eliminated.

The top layer of the mattress is soft and responds a little slower to pressure. This gives you a soft experience, but the middle layers respond faster which gives you the support you need to not feel like you’re stuck or sinking into the mattress.

If you need a cooler mattress, this mattress does a great job of trapping heat away from your body. The cover and the top layer keep you cooler. If you own a memory foam mattress or have owned a memory foam mattress, you know they can tend to warm up the longer you sleep. The W1.27 is designed with this in mind and takes extra steps to keep body heat moving away from you while you sleep.

Side sleepers will be particularly interested in this mattress. Sleeping on your side can cause pressure points at the hips and shoulders. The soft top layer will eliminate this problem by following and supporting your body’s contours. The middle layers will stop your hips and shoulders from sinking too far in and creating pressure on your spine.

If you share your bed with someone or pets, the W1.27 mattress is great at controlling motion transfer. You won’t be disturbed with your bedfellows move around and have to make a middle of the night bathroom trip. The combination of layers and proprietary foam respond, from top to bottom, slower then faster to absorb motion and keep it localized.

Beyond softness, support and general comfort, motion transfer is often a critical point. For this reason, motion transfer deserves more attention. The WRIGHT mattress does an exceptional job of isolating movement as explained above. The other consideration for this topic is how sleeping next to a heavier or lighter person will work.

A traditional mattress tends to roll both parties toward the center or toward the heavier person. The WRIGHT mattress separates your weight from your sleeping partner’s weight. You will only sink as far as your weight requires. You won’t have to worry about rolling toward the middle. It’s almost like each person on the mattress is sleeping on a separate mattress.

If these points matter to you, the W1.27 mattress is what you’ve been searching for, and you can try it before you buy it. That’s a pretty big bonus.

Shipping Info

Shipping of the W1.27 mattress is always free whether it’s being shipped to your home or shipped back to WRIGHT as a return. WRIGHT offers two methods of shipping for mattresses depending on your needs.

Their base shipping option includes free shipping and full installation. Their delivery team will bring the mattress to you, install it, and remove any trash. That includes removing your old mattress if you don’t want it any longer. Once you place your order, they’ll contact you to arrange a time for delivery and setup of your mattress. Typically, delivery can be arranged as soon as 4 to 9 days. If you live in a remote area, this full-service delivery option may take longer to set up.

If you can’t wait and want your mattress sooner, WRIGHT will ship your mattress to your door within 2 to 7 business days. This option does not include any of the perks from above. You would be responsible for receiving, moving and installing the mattress on your own. Considering this option is not much faster than the full-service delivery, and considering the price of the mattress, full-service delivery is the best option.

Best Bed Frame / Foundation for the WRIGHT W1.27 Mattress

The W1.27 will work on any flat surface. You can place the mattress on boxsprings, flat platforms, or adjustable bases. The mattress even works with bed slats or placed on the floor. Any flat surface will work.

Why NOT to Buy a WRIGHT Mattress

There aren’t many reasons not to love this mattress. It costs more than similar foam mattresses, but when you consider the luxury feel and the craftsmanship, the price is worth it.

Compare Similar Brands

If the price of the WRIGHT W1.27 is higher than you expected, consider a Tuft & Needle or Ghostbed mattress. Both companies offer similar mattresses to the WRIGHT mattress at a significantly lower price. All three mattresses work to wick heat away from your body while you sleep and aim to prevent pressure points is you sleep on your side.

That said, if you compare the WRIGHT W1.27 to a Tempur-Pedic mattress, you can save up to $2,000, and you get a much longer warranty with the W1.27.


The WRIGHT W1.27 foam mattress is the definition of a luxury foam mattress. They have set the bar for quality and standards pretty high for their mattress in a box competitors. All things considered, the WRIGHT w1.17 foam mattress gets a solid grade of A. The only thing keeping it from an A+ is its above average price.

The materials used to make the mattress and the layering create a very soft but supportive mattress that works for most sleeping positions and body types. The WRIGHT mattress excels at handling heavy sleepers from edge to edge. It isolates motion, responds quickly, and prevent you from feeling trapped or sunken while sleeping.

Expect a classic memory foam feel and contour from the W1.27. Beyond the classic traits of a foam mattress, WRIGHT’s proprietary foam materials do a great job of keeping the mattress cool while you’re sleeping.

While it may be a bit pricier than typical foam mattresses, the W1.27 provides a luxury feel and is built to last. In this case, you get what you pay for, and you’re paying for luxury and comfort that is hard to beat. When it comes to quality of materials used and aesthetics, WRIGHT delivers a great mattress made from high-quality materials, and it looks great.

If this sounds like the mattress you have been searching for, take advantage or their free delivery and setup and try it out for the 120-day trial. It’s practically risk-free.

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