Winkbeds Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Winkbeds is part of a mattress revolution. It was founded in 2015 by Dan Adler, a man fed up with the inflated costs of mattress companies.

He started Winkbeds as a direct to consumer mattress brand. Winkbeds focuses on one mattress that comes in several different firmness levels, and their newest bed foundation might be the key to your best night’s sleep.

The mattresses are made in the USA, and your bed doesn’t exist until you purchase it. From there, it’s assembled by hand and shipped to you. All materials are American sourced and eco-friendly.

They’ve consistently made the top of lists for side sleepers and internet mattress companies. They’ve exhaustively researched their one hybrid mattress, and they do it well. Let’s take a look at our Winkbeds Mattress review to see if this might be your next mattress.

Product Offering

There’s only one mattress, so that makes things simple. Instead of models, you choose your level of firmness. It’s also one of the only companies that makes a mattress specially designed for those who are more than 300 pounds.

All of their mattresses are classed on a firmness scale from one (no support at all) to a ten (basically a wood floor).


Their softest mattress is a 4.5 level of firmness. It’s designed specifically for side sleepers and occasional back sleepers who like to sleep in their mattress rather than on it.

There’s an extra layer of foam on top of a more flexible coil system. This level hugs the body more closely, alleviating pain from pressure points and tension. It’s available in all six standard bed sizes, but the twin has no CoolControl base option.

Luxury Firm

This level is suitable for those who change positions frequently throughout the night and need more support. It’s a 6.5 firmness level. It’s also an excellent middle ground for couples who like different levels of firmness.

It’s modeled after a luxury hotel mattress and designed to be more universally comfortable. It provides more balanced contouring and pushback support than the soft but still contours to the body to relieve pressure points.

It’s available in all six standard bed sizes from twin to California king.


At a 7.5 on the firmness scale, this level is the same construction as the Luxury Firm but with a tighter, less flexible coil to provide extra support. It’s suitable for those who are heavier or who need more support in the hip and midsection area.

It’s good for people whose hips and midsection tend to sink too deeply into the mattress. It keeps your spine in better alignment throughout the night. It’s available in all six standard bed sizes including twin XL and California king.


The plus model is specially designed for sleepers in a weight class of over 300 pounds. It feels very firm to those who are average weight, but someone heavier will feel the firmness as closer to a 6.5.

It has triple enhanced coil system for better support through the hips and midsection. It also has reinforced edge support to prevent roll-offs. The foam is high density and will last longer than traditional mattress supports.

It’s available in all six standard bed sizes, but the twin has no CoolControl base option.

Customer Support

You can call customer service at 1-855-Winkbed between the hours of 10 am to 7 pm eastern time. If you prefer email, you can reach them at

They have a reputation for excellent customer service. Their representatives are in the United States. It isn’t unheard of for the founder himself to contact customers who may have had issues with their beds or have special needs for their mattress.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

They are exclusively internet based, but they have one of the most prolonged trial periods of any company at 101 days. They ask that you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights before initiating a return. After that period, they will remove the mattress from your home and refund your money. No questions asked.

You can also ask to exchange a mattress for a softer or firmer model. It’s just $49.95 to cover the cost of ensuring the mattress is donated or recycled.

It has a ten-year warranty that will replace the mattress with no deductible for any defect covered under the warranty conditions. Their warranty isn’t available online, but they will email you one if you contact them at

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

First of all, if you sign up for their email list, they’ll give you $50 to use in their store. They always offer financing options through both Bread and Ziggy (online financing institutions) that you can choose at checkout.

They have mattresses in the online mattress showroom from Sleep Sherpa, and currently, if you enter SLEEPSHERPA at checkout, you receive $50 off.

Reviewed: Winkbeds Luxury Firm Mattress

There is only one model of Winkbeds, but the style Luxury Firm is by far the most popular and the most universally comfortable. It’s the recommended variation for most of Winkbeds’ target audience.

What Sizes Is It Available In?

It’s available in all six standard bed sizes, twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Choosing twin options doesn’t allow you to purchase the CoolControl base, so if you want that option, twin XL is the smallest size.

What’s It Made Out Of?

Several layers make up Winkbeds Luxury Firm Mattress. The very top layer is a Tencel Technology cover that reduces heat and wicks away moisture for a more refreshing, drier sleep. Tencel is as soft as silk but conducts heat better. It has the cooling effects of linen with the moisture wicking ability of cotton.

The next two layers are foam to provide the contouring side sleepers need at pressure point areas such as the hips and shoulders. For everyone else, it gives comfortable support to the midsection and back. One is hypersoft foam for buoyancy, and the other is a layer of gel-infused foam for temperature regulation.

The next is a layer of micro-air springs intended to improve airflow through the middle of the mattress. This layer also makes up the support system of the bed to help keep the spine in proper alignment.

The next is a lumbar support pad designed to reduce strain on the lower spine and keep the back in better alignment regardless of your sleep position. It’s a dense foam that prevents sinking and supports the top layers of the mattress.

The bottom layer is tempered steel coils that provide proper body pushback. This layer prevents the dreaded “dead foam” feeling of memory foam without losing the body contouring support. They give you good airflow throughout the mattress and encourage proper positioning even if you change positions frequently.

There’s an outer layer encasing all of the above layers. It’s dense foam that surrounds the bed and allows you to sleep right to the edge without risking roll off or sagging.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers

Yes. The dual foam layers provide optimal support for common pressure points including hips and shoulders. The wrapped innerspring layer gives you optimal pushback to keep your spine in alignment, even if you over rotate your hips in the sprinter position. The dense foam layer surrounding the mattress itself prevents you from over-rotating your lower back if you sleep on the edge.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. This model of the mattress is designed to contour to the body and prevent over-rotation of body flexors such as the shoulders. If you sleep on your stomach, you should have enough support to keep your body in proper alignment (provided you sleep with the proper pillow support).

Back Pain

Absolutely, yes. The founder of the company was looking for a mattress that would provide relief from back pain. The hybrid design prevents the body from sinking too deeply into the foam, but it still helps you maintain correct positioning throughout the night with body pushback from the coils and the dual layer of foam.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. The Tencel top layer is cooler than cotton or linen and helps wick moisture away from your body. The foam layers are infused with gel to redistribute heat further. If you choose the optional cool base layer, you can even adjust the temperature of the mattress down by ten degrees.

Heavy People

No, but hold on. If there were no other options from the company, we might say yes. These mattresses are incredibly supportive and well made. However, the company has considered weight with a different variation of the mattress and we strongly encourage you to check the Plus out before purchasing the Luxury Firm.


Yes. There are two spring layers, one micro and one standard. This design gives the mattress the spring and pushback of a regular innerspring mattress, which is much more satisfying for sex. When you are finished, the foam layers help reduce motion transfer as you fall asleep, and the Tencel layer helps cool things back down. It’s the best of both worlds.

Where Can I Buy It?

Winkbeds are not available in stores. You can purchase the Luxury Firm (and other styles) on their website or at Amazon where the company is highly rated.

If you happen to be in the Twin Cities area, they have mattresses in the Sleep Sherpa online mattress showroom. You can try out each variation of their mattress to decide what firmness level you’d prefer and see how the CoolControl base works in person. From there, you must order online.

How Much Does It Cost?

Winkbeds range from affordable to luxury depending on size and if you opt for the CoolControl base. Twin models start at just under $750, and California king versions begin at just under $1550. Plus mattresses add about $200 to that total.

The company works with Bread to offer 0% financing for six months for qualified customers. You can check your creditworthiness at checkout without affecting your overall credit score.

You can also opt for the rent-to-own option through Zibby. There is no interest if the bed is paid off within 90 days. You can choose this option directly through the checkout as well.

Don’t forget that if you sign up for their mailing list, you also get $50 off your first order.

Is It Worth It?

Winkbeds put a lot of effort into making the perfect hybrid mattress. They use excellent proprietary materials and a highly researched plan to create a mattress that gives the best of both innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses.

It’s more than a bed-in-a-box. Many customers report better, more refreshing sleep without the dead foam feel of memory foam. The Luxury Firm style is intended for different sleep positions and for those who regularly change positions during the night.

They don’t even make the mattress until you order it, so it spends less time wrapped in a plastic bag. The eco-friendly, CentriPur-US certified materials have fewer toxins and result in far less off-gassing than other delivered mattresses.

We love the hybrid style. The inner springs give excellent support in the lumbar region while the foam helps with side sleeping issues like pressure points in the hips and shoulders. There’s no dead foam feel, and with enough body pushback, we never feel like we’re sinking into the mattress never to return.

We also love the extra support around the side of the mattress itself. Side sleepers know the feeling of sagging mattresses when sleeping at the edge of the bed, but here, the border feels like the middle. You can utilize every square inch of the bed without fighting your partner over the “sweet spot” in the middle.

We think this is one of the best online mattress offerings because they’ve focused on one single mattress model and nailed it. They can offer a luxury brand at more affordable prices by cutting out the middleman and assembling mattresses to order right here in the US.

Shipping Info

It’s one of the few online mattress companies that doesn’t compress the mattress for box shipping. The company coordinates with a local company to have someone bring your bed to you at a time when you’re home. You have the mattress professionally delivered, and the representative can help you position the mattress comfortably.

You will have to be home for the delivery but having a hand to move your mattress to your room is a good perk.

Once you have the mattress, there’s no decompressing to happen. You remove the plastic cover and set the mattress on its base. If you ordered the CoolControl base, you need to assemble a few of the tubes and find the best spot for the motor to plug in. Everything should take you less than an hour.

Mattress sizes are as follows. There’s no packaging to consider since the mattress is professionally delivered:

  • Twin: 14.5″ x 38″ x 75″ – 58 lbs
  • Twin XL: 14.5″ x 38″ x 80″ – 60 lbs
  • Full: 14.5″ x 54″ x 75″ – 70 lbs
  • Queen: 14.5″ x 60″ x 80″ – 79 lbs
  • King: 14.5″ x 76″ x 80″ – 93 lbs
  • California King: 14.5″ x 72″ x 84″ – 93 lbs

Best Bed Frame/Foundation for the Winkbeds Luxury Firm Mattress

Winkbeds has a new type of foundation that’s an innovative idea. The CoolControl base doubles the price of your purchase, but you get the ability to control the temperature of your mattress by up to ten degrees cooler and up to 30 degrees warmer.

Queen and King beds can control the temperature for each side individually. It works by blowing cool or warm air directly into the mattress using a small, quiet motor. It uses technology that’s similar to heated car seats, and temperatures you can control with an app on your phone. It also has an included remote.

The base is easy to assemble and plugs into a standard outlet. It’s a big investment but worth it over the life of the mattress.

The frame comes in all sizes except a standard twin.

Why Not To Buy A Luxury Firm Mattress

We have very little concern with this mattress, except to say that if you are a heavier person, you should consider the Plus style. Winkbeds gives you the best version of a hybrid mattress with full support, and the addition of the CoolControl base pretty much sells us on this mattress.

That said, if you have trouble with your back or spine, you may want to talk to customer service to get some advice on which style of the mattress to buy. They can give you good information about which components might better help your sleep.

Compare Similar Brands

You might consider the veteran internet mattress company, Saatva, if you aren’t impressed with Winkbeds. Saatva has double coil design approach to their mattress. It uses layers of springs and foam to create a pillow-soft mattress that conforms to the body but provides excellent lumbar support. They also have three firmness levels.

If you want to move away from innerspring altogether, Casper is an affordable memory foam option that comes shipped in a box. It has different levels of support options despite being memory foam, and technology to help keep the mattress cooler.

If you’re worried about internet mattress brands, Serta makes a hybrid mattress line called iComfort that you can try out in some showrooms and mattress stores. You can find it in JCPenny, Mattress Firm, and a few other places.


We absolutely love this mattress. It gets a solid A for being a well-done hybrid model that gives us what we want from both innerspring and memory foam. While it isn’t a budget line, it is more affordable than some big mattress brands, and they have convenient payment plan alternatives to purchasing outright (even if you don’t have stellar credit).

Winkbeds might be a newer company, but it is a disruptive one. It consistently achieves high rankings for its mattress model and is one of the few mattress companies on the market willing to take into account the unique needs of heavier people. The Luxury Firm style is a universally comfortable bed even if you and your partner have different sleep needs.

The stellar 101-day trial period means you can try it out even if you can’t make it to the one showroom they have. They don’t charge for returns after that period, so there’s no hassle for you. Professional delivery is a nice touch in a world of bed-in-a-box online mattress companies.

Get rid of pushy salesmen in intimidating showrooms and go with a company created to disrupt the world of internet mattress, providing a made in the US option at a reasonable price.

Was this Winkbeds Mattress review a game changer? Let us know in the comments below.

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