Voila Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Voila makes a few claims that standout as the beginning of great service and great products. They state, “… high-end mattresses at affordable prices…” and it’s easy to see that keep to that mantra for the most part.

They aren’t all memory foam. Instead, Voila uses a blend of materials. Using pocket coils to mimic the feel of a spring coil mattress their models retain a quality bounce. While the foam materials make it easy to get a great night’s sleep and package it into a box, it still retains the pocket coils. This blend of materials makes Voila unique to other bed-in-a-box brand options.

Voila is one of the few hybrid mattresses on the market, but they stand by their high-quality materials and attention to customer service.

Product Offering

Voila offers only 3 models, and they’re all built with the same 11 layers and same materials. However, the fluctuation between the 3 models relies on the density of the foam layers, not the materials.

The first model is the plush option which as you can imagine, is designed with softness and airy comfort more than anything else. It contours to your body easily and quickly. With 768 pocket coils, you can shift and settle without feeling stuck.

The medium mattress is the bestselling model because of its versatility. Side sleepers love it because the gel foam top layer still offers pressure support for shoulders and hips, but it’s firm enough to fit back and stomach sleepers as well. This model focuses on support, and that’s what most people need from a good mattress.

Finally, the third model is firm. People with back problems, or who need consistent support do best with a firm mattress, and this hybrid still offers them some comfort. The foam used is high-density, and the latex has less bounce than the other models.

Customer Support

The company is based in Utah and keeps customer service call hours throughout the workday on Eastern Standard Time. They also offer communication through a contact form. Unfortunately, there isn’t much available on how customers feel after leaving a concern. At least you can anticipate speaking with an American customer service representative.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Voila uses a 100-night trial period. However, the first 30-days are mandatory. They expect you to test out the product and give it a try. Many people transitioning from a traditional mattress need a few weeks to adjust to the feel of a foam or hybrid mattress.

Unfortunately, the 30-day mandatory trial period makes it difficult for people who know what they want to return the product quickly. If you’ve used a foam or hybrid mattress before and after 2 weeks you know this isn’t the right choice for you, you are left waiting.

It’s difficult for many people to go out and purchase another mattress while they’re waiting for a trial to run out on the product they initially purchased. Another downside to the trial is that if you swap out the mattress, you must immediately cover the price difference. But, if you downgrade the mattress, they don’t offer you the difference in a refund. It’s rumored they consider exchanges on a case-by-case basis, and if that’s true, it’s a great touch of personalization.

However, if you realize after 30-days that Voila isn’t for you, then you don’t have to worry about shipping it back at all. This trial period is a concern for many people who purchase a compressed bed. How do you get it back in the box? How do you ship it? Well, Voila will arrange for someone to pick it up with no hassle on your end.

There is a 10-year limited warranty which covers material and craftsmanship defects only. So, they don’t cover deterioration. So, there is no warranty for regular wear or use. It also states that if you use an inappropriate bed frame or foundation that the warranty is void. So, in short, this warranty only covers issues the bed had when it arrived.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

Voila offering coupons, discounts, deals or sales is rare. They focus on offering everyone the lowest price they can manage, which usually means there isn’t room to take the price down any further. Hopefully, the future will show Voila matching some sales or deals their competitors offer.

Reviewed: Voila’s Medium Mattress

Looking at Voila’s bestselling product, their medium mattress it’s easy to see why it sells better than the plush or firm option. Many people have to share a bed with their partner. Someone who has completely different sleep needs and preferences. The medium mattress does its best to cater to all sleep needs. It is a big accomplishment that so many people prefer the medium mattress over the other two.

First off, the Voila medium is in just the right range of firm. It doesn’t lose the support the way that overly plush mattresses do. But, it’s still soft on top because of the gel foam top layer. The firmness is enough to fill the arch of your lower back and neck so support your spine throughout the night.

It also utilizes the latex later to retain the spring and prevent that stuck feeling. Some heavier people might get the stuck feeling because the latex is the only barrier there to prevent sinkage.

One of the great things about the Voila mattress is the motion transfer. Everyone probably remembers the classic wine glass test. Although the days of infomercials are gone, we still care about motion transfer. A partner tossing all night or constantly getting out of bed can mean a bad night of sleep for everyone.

The Voila mattress barely transfers motion, which is surprising for a hybrid mattress with pocket coils. It seems the pocket coils would allow more motion, but because they have various zones, the movement disperses through the foam. Your partner won’t notice you getting in and out of bed or rolling over.

Edge support is an area where Voila performs best. From the many layers it has, it utilizes two specifically for edge support which is an issue for foam mattresses. Since traditional spring mattresses have the same support throughout, a foam mattress usually can’t retain its shape as well with all the pressure on the edge.

This mattress retains its shape well through to the edges. When you have 2 or more people in bed edge support is key. Basically the Voila is a mattress that provides the foam feel with all the support of a traditional mattress.

What Sizes Is It Available In?

The Voila mattresses are available in 6 different sizes which are standard. Each size varies in dimensions slightly:

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38.5”x74.5.” $699
Twin XL 38.5”x79.5” $799
Full 53.5”x74.5” $999
Queen 59.5”x79.5” $1,199
King 75.5”x79.5” $1,499
California King 71.5”x79.5” $1,499

What’s It Made Out Of?

Voila is the mattress of many layers. It uses 11 layers to blend the various materials without the mattress feeling blocky or losing quality. Viola is setting an example for hybrid mattresses. Usually, foam mattresses rely on 4 layers or even less, so Voila using 11 layers is an example of their dedication to quality.

The consideration of each material is evident that they took particular care through their development stage. Voila, use 9 different materials layered strategically to offer the best buildup of support and comfort.

The top layer is a cover made of polyester making it exceptionally stretchy with mesh sides for airflow. A cover like this is one step towards a cooler sleep for those who sleep hot.

The second layer is a gel memory foam. This ¾ inch layer is a step towards comfort. Although many other brands use standard memory foam or open-cell memory foam a gel foam layer will loosely hug the body. Gel also maintains its temperature better than standard memory foam. Voila makes every effort to cater to hot sleepers. They must know that memory foam mattresses usually aren’t for hot sleepers and they miss a huge portion of the market.

After the second layer is another layer of memory foam except the third layer is 1 ¾ inches thick. Why not just make a 2 ½ inch layer instead of two smaller ones? Well, it’s because splitting the layers creates more breathing room. Not only for hot sleepers but this breathing room delivers another level of comfort between the support.

Typically, one solid layer of foam, whether it’s gel or memory, will create a firmer block. Making it difficult for the solid block of foam to distribute weight and cater to areas of pressure. These are areas of concern for every sleeper.

Next, Talay latex gives the mattress a bounce that many people miss when they transition to a foam mattress. This layer responds quickly to movement but keeps the area isolated, so you’re not waking up your partner every time you get out of bed.

The next two layers are both support foam. However, Voila caters to edge sleepers with specific edge support.

After these layers, the support foam is the bulk of the mattress. It’s a 6 ¼ inch block of pocketed coils. Because it has support foam both above and below the coils you can hardly feel the coil zones. They are wide set to provide even pressure distribution. However, you can expect that through the years these pocket coils will break down the same way that spring coils would in a standard mattress.

Finally, there is the support foam layer and insulator pad. These provide a strong foundation with a super firm foam to ensure the base retains its lifespan.

Is It Good For…?

The Voila mattress caters to many different types of sleepers and many different sleep needs. As one of the primary goals of Voila “high-end mattresses at affordable prices” you expect great performance. The Voila mattress delivers exceptionally well for back sleepers. But these sleep needs are explained a bit more.

Side Sleepers

Yes. You might do better with the plush option as a side sleeper, but the layers of the mattress cater to heavier pressure points. Unwanted pressure happens with side sleepers more than back or stomach sleepers because the weight of the body is on the shoulder and hip. However, the medium isn’t a bad choice for side sleepers at all. There is still a ton of pressure distribution to help them get a good night’s sleep.

If your partner is a side sleeper while you prefer your stomach or back, the medium is a great compromise that delivers what you both need. Support, pressure distribution, and comfort are the goals of a versatile mattress.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. Where a mattress that is too plush can hurt a stomach sleeper back, the medium is firm enough to provide spine support. However, if you are strictly a stomach sleeper, you might prefer the firm model for less sinkage.

Back Pain

Yes. Back pain is an issue for many, and because you sleep for such long periods of time, it’s important that a mattress provide quality back support. If you’re a back sleeper, this mattress is great. The Voila medium offers quality lower back support and cradles throughout the shoulders.

However, if you have back pain and prefer to sleep on your side, you should take a closer look at the plush option. Because the pressure distribution for the medium is a bit firmer, it might aggravate back problems for side sleepers. Always consider your sleep position when you have back pain.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. The gel top layer and easy breathing from the cover make this mattress a prime choice for hot sleepers. There is lots of airflow throughout the mattress thanks to the pocket coils as well. But, the downside is that there is quite a bit of sinkage. So, if you are heavy and a hot sleeper this is will immediately cause problems for you. Sinking into the mattress is a nightmare for hot sleepers.

It isn’t the fear of feeling stuck which can happen with foam mattresses. The fear of sinking is because once you’re in, the mattress allows pockets of hot air layer around you.

Heavy People

No. Although heavy people can benefit from the many attributes of a Voila mattress, there is a lot of sinkages which is uncomfortable. Even though the weight is distributed evenly throughout the bed, sinking in can make it a pain to get up.

Then there is the extra edge support which can leave you feeling stuck because you’ve sunk in behind that barrier. The Voila is a great bed, but not for heavy people.


Yes. If you and your partner miss that spring from a traditional mattress, this hybrid is the choice for you. Because of the pocket coils, it can easily mimic the feel of intimacy on a traditional mattress. Rather than the sinking feeling of memory foam. Many people stay away from foam mattresses because the concern is that you and your partner will sink right in.

The latex layer and various densities of foam provide a different experience than intimacy on a regular foam mattress. There still isn’t a whole lot of motion transfer. But, it’s a great option that won’t interfere with intimacy.

Where Can I Buy It?

Voila, mattresses are easy to purchase online through their website, or over the phone if you prefer speaking with a representative. This company is proud to cut out the middleman and funnel that savings back to you. Because they don’t use third-party distributors, they can keep their prices low.

Buying a mattress online is quickly becoming an experience more than anything else. When visiting Voila’s site, they ask questions that will direct you to whichever product they believe will suit your needs best.

How Much Does It Cost?

Ranging from $600 for standard twin sized mattress to $1,499 for a California King these mattresses start at affordable and quickly enter the luxury range. This price is not a problem for some people. However, it is far away from fitting everyone’s budget.

Because Voila prides itself on offering mattresses at affordable prices, you would think they might offer regular coupons or discounts to aid those whose budget is barely missing the mark. A queen size Voila mattress is $1,199 which is nearly the price of a traditional mattress. If you’re looking to switch to a foam or hybrid mattress to save money, this isn’t the brand for you.

Is It Worth It?

For the quality of the mattresses, it’s worth it. You are investing in a bed that will hopefully last you 10-years. However, it’s important to remember that the warranty doesn’t cover any regular wear or use.

If you plan on replacing the mattress again in a few years anyway, there’s no harm in getting a Voila mattress. But because of the warranty, I wouldn’t expect it to last 10-years. Typically, companies that are proud of their craftsmanship and stand behind their materials offer 20-year warranties that at least covers wear for the first 10-years. Weigh your options carefully.

Shipping Info

This mattress ships directly to your door within 5 business days, although it usually arrives in 3 days. As a bed-in-a-box, the compressed mattress requires some time before it’s ready.

Arriving in a box, you must remove all the packaging, and unroll the mattress. Usually, a Voila mattress takes about a day to reach full firmness, but you can sleep on it the same night it arrives on your doorstep. It takes 3 hours to expand to an appropriate size and will continue to take shape and firmness over the next 24 hours.

Why Not Buy a Voila Mattress?

The primary reason for buying a Voila mattress is the price. Then the other issue is Voila’s questionable warranty. When you pay such a high price, you expect some sort of quality guarantee past the first 100-days.

Similar Brands

Brand Trial Period Warranty Price
Casper 100-night trial 10-year $530+
Tuft & Needle 100-night trial 10-years including body impressions and sagging $325+


The Voila mattress receives an A+ for effort, but an A- for their result. Unfortunately, it’s the apprehension of something going wrong combined with the price that took their grade down so much. If you’re paying $1,499 for a King mattress, you don’t want the risk of something going wrong without a warranty.

This unbiased Voila mattress review is straight-forward, and our final thoughts are: it’s overpriced, but has many features that other mattresses don’t. We are hard-pressed to find another mattress that is as versatile as a Voila. It offers great edge support, maintains its temperature well and caters to side, back and stomach sleepers. A Voila is a great mattress if it’s in your budget.

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