Tuft & Needle vs. Ghostbed Mattress Comparison 2022 : Which Is Better?

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It can be hard to separate all the gimmicks and “innovations” in the tech-age sleep industry, but one thing is clear: you’ve got a lot of choice about how you spend your dollars. It’s probably a relief to know that you aren’t subject to confusing strategies used by mattress salespeople in the past, but where do you start now?

We’ve got two mattresses for you now that offer a genuinely new type of mattress experience. Let’s take a look at how Tuft & Needle and Ghostbed match up.

About the Brands

Before we start, let’s lay down a foundation for those unfamiliar with the brands.

Tuft & Needle Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • simple construction means there’s less to go wrong
  • super budget option for average sleepers
  • good customer service
  • manufactured exclusively in the USA

What Not To Like

  • no options for heavier people
  • less than satisfactory edge support

Ghostbed Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • heavy sleepers can still use the mattress
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • 20-year warranty
  • cooling technology is better for hot sleepers

What Not To Like

  • not much response
  • more expensive overall than Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle And Ghostbed Comparison

These may not be the most well-known brands out there, but they do have a few similarities. Before we get to the good stuff, let’s start there.

How Are Tuft & Needle And Ghostbed Similar?

The concept of mattress construction has changed since your mom shopped for her mattress years ago.

Mattress Philosophy

Old mattresses forced your body into weird positions because there was no layer of contouring. Your body fell as it fell with no consideration for the fact that human bodies aren’t straight lines. This meant pain when you woke up and a lot of tossing and turning.

Beds now use different types of layers to help ease your body into positions that feel natural. Contouring layers allow shoulders to sink further than your torso, so your spine stays straight. Supporting layers prevent your body from sinking too far into the mattress and keep your legs and back at the proper position.

Both of these companies use the idea of adaptive layers to create their mattresses, so you should get a better night’s sleep than that old-style spring mattress you have right now.

They also believe that retail markups are nonsense. They sell directly to the consumer, so there’s no artificial price increase in the name of commission or profit. You get a quality mattress at an affordable price because you’re buying directly from the company itself.

Motion Transfer

Old mattresses also had no motion isolation. Every time your partner or pet moved, you also moved. Your sleep was probably restless and the only time you managed to sleep peacefully was if you were alone.

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These mattresses use layers of adaptive foams and/or individually pocketed coils to reduce the spread of motion across the bed. Your side stays a lot more still even if your partner or pet is practicing their cheerleading routine in their sleep.

It also means that if one of you is significantly heavier than the other, you won’t feel that telltale dip in the mattress. No more unintentionally rolling towards each other in the middle of the night. You get a flat surface to sleep, and your partner gets a flat surface to sleep. Everyone gets a flat surface!


If you can’t quite make the full cost of the mattress even with the significant savings of the online model, there’s still a chance you can replace your current terrible mattress. Both companies offer convenient financing options for their beds that you can choose directly from the purchase window. You should receive a decision within minutes and then proceed to checkout as usual.

Manufacturing and Customer Service

We want to support companies who keep their production in the United States. It prevents long shipping times and keeps our dollars in the economy here. Both of these companies proudly manufacture in the United States, so there’s less time waiting on the shipment, and you’re contributing to the US economy.

Customer service for both companies is friendly and reliable. They appear to both be located in the US as well, so there should be little language or comprehension issues when you call to talk to some. You get a knowledgeable person on the other end who can answer questions and help solve any problems you might have.

Shipping and Delivery

These mattresses come compressed in a box. You don’t have to be home to receive your mattress, and there’s no delivery person to hassle with. You unpack the box whenever you arrive at home, and gently tear away the plastic to allow the mattress to re-inflate. After a few hours, your new bed is ready.

The downside is that if you aren’t able to position the mattress yourself, you’re out of luck. The delivery person isn’t going to help you move it. Neither mattress weighs an extraordinary amount, but if you have unique issues that prevent you from picking them up, it’s inconvenient.

You’ll also have to arrange to have your old mattress hauled away on your own. The delivery person won’t take your old mattress either.


Redoing your whole sleep situation is possible because both companies offer a range of accessories that complement their mattresses. You can choose foundations, pillows, and sheets when you choose your mattress. We are currently waiting on their pet beds to appear, but until then, at least your sleep area will transform.

How Are Tuft & Needle Different?

The exact layout of their mattresses is the first difference.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle’s original mattress uses just two layers to accomplish contour and support. The top layer is a cooling, softer foam that conforms to the body’s curves and gives way underneath broader areas such as the shoulders. The support foam underneath pushes back against the body and prevents the spine from overextending regardless of what position you sleep in.

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The Mint, which is Tuft & Needle’s newest mattress, is a three-layer construction with added charcoal infused materials and more cooling gel. The support layer is reinforced with an extra dense foam layer, so that edge support is better. If you sleep hot, this is an excellent option.


The original Ghostbed uses three layers. The first is an ultra-aerated foam that’s breathable and improves airflow directly against your body. The next is a cooling gel layer that prevents heat from building up in the core of the mattress. The third is a dense support layer that offers edge support and structural integrity to the bed.

The Luxe model uses seven different layers designed to cool and improve airflow. The top material is a Japanese technology that wicks away heat (the original is a regular plush fabric) and the layers beneath have added cooling technology, which Ghostbed calls “ice layers.” It’s designed for the hottest sleepers and improves the breathability of the mattress while continually returning the surface to the ambient temperature of the room.

Edge Support

Tuft & Needle struggles with edge support. It isn’t the worst we’ve seen, but you are going to get a lot of compression towards the sides of the mattress if you sleep or sit there. For couples, this means there’s a sweet spot in the middle of the mattress you might both fight for.

Ghostbed handles edge support a lot better. There is some compression that’s noticeable when you sit on the side of the bed, but it doesn’t feel unstable.

Trial Period

Tuft & Needle gives you 100 nights to sleep on your new mattress before deciding that it’s right for you or not. Ghostbed gives you one more night, 101 nights in total. This is plenty of time for you to sleep on your new bed for at least a month to allow your body to adjust and old pains to work their way out of your pressure points and spine. If you decide the mattress isn’t for you, returns are free and straightforward.


Tuft & Needle provides a ten-year warranty against defective mattresses. They’ll replace a defective mattress at any point during this period at no cost to you.

Ghostbed guarantees their mattresses for 20 years against defects and will replace defective mattress for free.

You should adequately support your mattress so that it doesn’t experience abnormal sagging, and you can’t use the mattress for something outside the usual sleep circumstances (it’s not going to function as a hammock, guys).


There are some slight differences here too. The original Tuft & Needle is the most budget option at around $325 for a twin and approximately $700 for a California King. The Mint is a little more expensive, starting at $650 for a twin and ending up at $1050 for a California King.

The original Ghostbed is $495 for a twin and $1095 for a California King. The Luxe starts at $995 for a twin and ends at $1825 for a California King.

Heavy Sleepers

Although Ghostbed isn’t specifically made for larger than average people, it is rated for up to 750 pounds, so you’ll have a lot more leeway. The Tuft & Needle will lose support and full contouring if you aren’t of average size, so we’d stay away here.

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And the winner is…

Ghostbed! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Ghostbed as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about.

It’s so rare that a bed is a good option for heavier sleepers, that we’d almost recommend it based on this alone. However, because it has better edge support and is more cooling, we feel it’s worth the slight difference in price.

  • Quality – Tie
  • Price – Tuft & Needle
  • Reputation – Tie
  • Sleep Trial – Ghostbed
  • Warranty – Ghostbed
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Ghostbed

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Ghostbed

Here’s why. Ghostbed’s cooling layers and edge support should allow side sleepers to sink into the mattress without experiencing any compression on the sides. It also prevents the hot “hug” of traditional memory foam through the advanced cooling layers. Whether you choose the Luxe or the original will depend on how sweaty you get during the night.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Ghostbed

Here’s why. The Ghostbed’s edge support is good for stomach sleepers who use the edge of the bed to get into a comfortable position. It’ll also prevent your spine from overextending while you’re in the “Superman” position.

Back Pain: Choose Ghostbed

Here’s why. Ghostbed’s medium-firm options plus cooling will encourage you to find a good position and stay there rather than tossing all night looking for a cool for a comfortable spot. You’re less likely to put stress on your back if you’re more still throughout the night.

Heavy People: Choose Ghostbed

Here’s why. When your mattress isn’t rated for heavier weights, it’ll buckle unnaturally. You’ll go through the contouring layers more quickly, they’ll lose their effectiveness, and you’ll have pain again. The support layers won’t support as well, and the entire mattress will feel too firm.

The Ghostbed is rated for weights of up to 750 pounds, which gives you a lot more leeway, especially if there are two of you in the bed. Tuft & Needle doesn’t have that high of a weight rating.

Couples: Choose Ghostbed

Here’s why. Ghostbed has a higher weight average so you’ll be more comfortable. Plus, two people can produce a lot of heat, and the Ghostbed is better at returning the surface of the mattress to the ambient temperature of the room quickly.


We like Ghostbeds proprietary cooling layers, and we think that it will transform your sleep if sleeping hot at night has always been a problem. Both the original and the Luxe are excellent choices for heavier couples as well with their higher weight ratings and more refreshing materials.

Tuft & Needle is a good option for average couples if you’re on a serious budget and need to save every dollar. It’s tough to argue with a $700 California King, but if you can spare any extra cash at all, we think you’ll get a better overall experience with Ghostbeds.

Do you think saving money is the most essential factor in making a decision that affects your overall health, or are you willing to spend a little more on the possibility of health and wellness? Let us know in the comments below.

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