Tempur-Pedic vs. BeautyRest Mattress Comparison 2022 : Which Is Better?

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In this edition of ‘which mattress is better,’ we put a pair of brands against each other that have been famous by name for decades at this point. Neither of these heavyweights in the mattress world is an up-and-comer or beds in a box start-up.

Both Tempur-Pedic and Simmons Beautyrest have made names for themselves as the creme de la creme of sleep products. These mattresses are made with luxurious materials and geared towards people who don’t have to worry so much about their bed budget.

About These Two Brands

TEMPUR-Pedic Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • Free delivery with white glove setup.
  • Comes in a variety of firmness levels.
  • Warranty will cover any indentation of ¾-inch or more.
  • 0% financing for up to 60 months.
  • SmartClimate System so it stays cool.
  • Dynamic support layer.
  • Easily removable cover.
  • Has that big brand name that is easy to trust in.

Why Not To Like

  • Some people have reported mold growth on the underside.
  • Some complaints that refunds were not given with product issues, only a replacement bed.
  • Have to spend $250 more to get the foundation.

Tempur-Pedic has had quite a few different lines of mattresses over the years. And they are known for being the kings of the memory foam bed racket. In this case, we are looking at Tempur-Pedic’s best seller, the TEMPUR-Flex Supreme.

The TEMPUR-Flex Supreme is a medium-firm hybrid mattress. It is fast-adapting and pressure relieving with a bit of that traditional ‘spring mattress bounce’ that many people know and love. So this mattress doesn’t feel exactly like the regular TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses that have the conventional memory foam feel.

The TEMPUR-Flex is made with a combination of memory foam and individual inner coils to give you the best of both worlds. They pack precision coils on top of the base layer, underneath of the proprietary response and comfort layers which are constructed of foam.


  • 90-day trial period.
  • Installations and delivery are free.
  • 10-year warranty
  • Made with hypoallergenic materials that are non-toxic.
  • Built in the United States.
  • Arrives in one to two weeks.

BeautyRest Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • Micro Diamond™ Memory Foam
  • They create social initiatives.
  • Excellent at reducing motion transfer.
  • SmartMotion compatible.
  • Assembled in the USA.
  • Available in Mattress Firm stores across America.
  • A huge selection of mattresses styles and firmness.

Why Not To Like

  • Beautyrest Black® mattresses are a bit on the spendy side.
  • Has a strong new foam smell that lasts about three days.

Beautyrest has made their mark in the luxury mattress market. They are one of the best-known names when it comes to beds. Can you believe that they have been making luxury mattresses since 1870? Nobody has more experience than Simmons Beautyrest, and their new Black® line that is available in both all-foam and hybrid versions is yet again pushing the envelope in what we expect out of a luxury bed.

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To keep things as fair as possible, we’ll be looking at the Beautyrest Black® Gladney. The Gladney is from the hybrid side of things and is ‘Luxury Firm’ so it should be quite comparable to the TEMPUR-Pedic that it is up against with regards to firmness.

This bed is 14.5 inches thick and is made with an Evenloft® Fabric cover, Micro Diamond™ memory foam, Dynamic Response® memory foam, BeautyCloud™ memory foam, 850 densely packed individual coils.


  • They offer a 10-year limited warranty.
  • Beautyrest gives a 100-night trial (though no refunds, just mattress exchange).
  • Beautyrest is assembled in the USA.
  • USA made foam.
  • The bed arrives in a compressed box at your door.
  • Beautyrest offers a standard 10-year limited warranty.
  • They are leaders in environmental awareness.

Beautyrest Black® and TEMPUR-Pedic Comparison

We have scratched the surface as to basics of each of these mattress brands and these particular models. But let’s dig a little deeper and compare their similarities and differences side-by-side.

How are Beautyrest and TEMPUR-Pedic Similar


Although they are each made from different proprietary materials, the general assembly of these two beds is quite similar. They are both hybrid foam beds with coils in the middle so that you get fantastic pressure relief coupled with unrivaled support.

The Beautyrest Black Gladney is 14.5 inches thick. At the heart of each Black® bed is their triple-braided Advanced Pocket Coil Technology. These coils are what gives the bed that little bit of traditional innerspring bounce and gives deep compression support.

The Black also utilizes Micro Diamond Memory foam in the comfort layer. This foam is innovative in the fact that it conducts heat away from the body to keep you fresh during the night. Below the layer of Micro Diamond foam, is the Beautycloud foam. This layer conforms to your body and gives pressure relieving comfort throughout the night.

As we move even deeper into the bed, we find the Dynamic Response™ Memory Foam. It is ventilated memory foam that works in conjunction with the coils for conforming support and also helps air to flow inside the mattress. Below this is the Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology that provides individualized back support.

Encasing the 850 coils (in a queen) is the ventilated AirCool Beauty Edge. The Beautyrest Black has spectacular edge support.

The TEMPUR-Flex Supreme

If you have ever laid down on a TEMPUR-Pedic mattress, you’ll know that there is ‘memory foam’ and there’s TEMPUR-foam. It stops motion transfer but somehow still has more response and bounce.

This particular mattress uses a 2-inch memory foam layer using their extra-soft TEMPUR-ES material. This is the comfort layer which is designed to work with the support layer for a more personalized level of comfort. Next, we have the responsive layer which is made using TEMPUR-Response materials.

The response layer is one of the main reasons that the foam in this bed doesn’t have that sinking, traditional memory foam feel. The additional response delivers extra support and helps with weight distribution.

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Finally, there is the Dynamic Support layer. The precision coils are designed to react to your body movement and work harmoniously with the response layer. Below it all is the base layer, which is 2.5 inches of TEMPUR polyfoam.


Sure, the Beautyrest Black Gladney is $200 more than the TEMPUR-Flex Supreme, but they are both pushing $3000. And the fact that the TEMPUR-Flex is only 11.5 inches with only two of those making up the base layer, you might consider purchasing their foundation. But it will run you $250 and put you slightly over the price of the Gladney.


Although each of these brands offers various firmness options, these two models stack up very similar to one another. Many TEMPUR-Pedic reviews put the TEMPUR-Flex Supreme around 6 to 7.5 out of 10, While Beautyrest Reviews rate the Gladney around 7 out of 10.

Warranty & Shipping

The TEMPUR-Pedic and Beautyrest both offer standard 10-year limited mattress replacement warranty.

Sleep Trial

Beautyrest slightly outdoes TEMPUR-Pedic with regards to their sleep trial. Although it’s just 100 nights versus 90 nights and neither offer cash refunds makes this virtually a draw.

How Beautyrest & TEMPUR-Pedic are Different

Motion Transfer

The TEMPUR-Flex Supreme does a beautiful job at stopping motion for transferring across the bed. It does so well that up to this point, in all of the reviews I have done, I have not seen a mattress (even an all-foam) do a better job.

Beautyrest does a good job at dissipating energy transfer. It is not like you will be disappointed with it. But The TEMPER-Flex’s motion transfer is what all hybrid mattresses are gunning for.

Edge Support

The edge support is fantastic for people up to 200 pounds.  Between 200 and 250 pounds, the side support is still quite good. Once you get into the 300-pound range, you still have average support.

The TEMPUR-Flex does a good job of making you feel secure on the edge as well, but it isn’t quite as good for larger people.

Mattress Selection

Both of these brands offer a large selection of mattresses, aesthetics, and firmness levels, but Beautyrest takes the cake. They have so many different options that they had to name them like hurricanes! The Gladney, the Sonya, the Christabel, the Raquel and so forth. With Beautyrest Black® you should be able to find the exact firmness you desire and the perfect bed height and top.

How They Feel

This TEMPUR-Pedic feels a little different than other memory foam mattresses. It has more bounce from the springy responsive layer and of course, the precision coils.

Laying on the TEMPUR-Flex Supreme. There is a slow response to the top layer, but as you push deeper, you feel the springs keeping you from sinking too deeply into the bed. You sink in just enough to feel the contours of your body hugged and supported, but you are not so deep that you feel stuck.

Beautyrest Black offers up the best of both worlds when it comes to the way this bed hugs you. The high-technology foam layers on the top give your tons of pressure relief, while the Pocketed Coils give you almost perfect support in any position. Some beds try to feel like a 5-Star hotel bed … this bed probably is that 5-star hotel mattress that the others want to be.

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Pressure Relief

Lab tests with pressure maps show that both of the beds do an excellent job of relieving pressure for averagely sized people. However, Beautyrest seems to support added weight better while still offering excellent comfort. Larger people should feel more support and pressure relief in the Black®.

The Covers

Beautyrest uses an Evenloft® stretch knit cover made of lyocell and polyester. This material combination creates soft, breathable protection and I enjoy the softness it provides. The design and stitching also reek of quality. The cover helps make this look like a what we would expect a luxury mattress to look like.

TEMPUR-Pedic comes with a slightly thick, cozy, polyester-spandex blend cover. The best part about it is that it is easily removable for cleaning. It is a little thicker than other mattress covers, and this gives it a soft and cozy feel.

And The Winning Mattress is …

BeautyRest! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Beautyrest as the best choice based on our analysis of critical factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about.

The quality of the Beautyrest Black® just can’t be ignored. When we look at the fact that they are almost the same price, the Gladney looks and feels like a more luxurious mattress.

**Table Content**

  • Quality – Beautyrest
  • Price – TEMPUR-Flex
  • Reputation – Beautyrest
  • Durability – Beautyrest
  • Sleep Trial – Tie
  • Warranty – Tie
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Beautyrest

For sleepers with specific needs

Side Sleepers: Choose Beautyrest

Side sleepers will love the combination of Micro Diamond Memory Foam and the exceptional pressure-point relief provided by the Advanced Pocketed Coils.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Beautyrest

Though the TEMPUR-Flex performed quite well for side sleepers, it didn’t do nearly as well in supporting larger stomach and back sleepers. The 9.5-inch coils in the Beautyrest Black do an impeccable job supporting sleepers of any size.

People With Back Pain: Choose Beautyrest

The combination of Pocketed Coil Technology, quicker responding Dynamic Response Foam and Micro Diamond Foam puts your back in alignment not matter which position you fall asleep in.

Heavy People: Choose Beautyrest

This bed is built to last. The spring system uses coils that are triple-wound and over 9”in height. Plus, the edge support is unbeatable.

Couples: Choose Beautyrest

We mentioned earlier in the article about how fantastic the Ventilated AirCool Edges were. They can comfortably support a large man right at the edge. So if your partner is ever pushing you to the side of the bed, taking up all of the space, you’ll still feel secure.


These two beds have much in common. Their warranty, exchange policies, and sleep trials are virtually the same. But the Beautyrest Black® is in our opinion, made better. The small price difference isn’t enough of a factor to go with the TEMPUR-Flex Supreme.

If you want a wonderful luxury-feeling mattress but don’t want to drop Beautyrest prices, you should have a look at Saatva.

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