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Teal is a very impactful color. When used in a bedroom it can be a beautiful and bold choice for dictating the design direction.

Teal pairs really well with metallics such as gold, making it a great contrast for the more opulent type of bedroom accessories. It can also pair well with some of the softer bedroom colors, providing endless opportunities for great contrast. The following examples showcase a variety of teal bedroom ideas, from large teal walls to incorporating small bits of teal here and there for simple pops of color.

All of these images showcase teal being done the right way, and even when there is a lot of it, it never ends up looking overdone. It’s easy to see how teal can be incorporated into bedrooms of any size and shape, as well as any level of casualness to opulence. Whatever shade of teal one might be drawn to, the following examples are going to provide a ton of teal bedroom ideas.

Teal and Pink Bedrooms

1. Pink Pops in a Teal Bedroom

Teal and pink go together beautifully, as demonstrated in this bedroom. This bedroom is mostly teal with just a couple pops of pink worked in to soften the look. The design also includes modern gold shapes which draw the eyes and keep them flowing around the full yet cozy looking bedroom.


2. A Teal Wall Plus a Pink Bedspread

In this bedroom, teal was incorporated through a bold wall and then offset with a soft and comfortable looking pink bed. The wall hanging behind the bed features both of the shade, pulling together the design and solidifying the matching element of pink and teal.


3. A Subtle Pink Curtain in a Teal Room

Here is another bedroom that uses a subtle pink curtain to create some softness near a dark and bold teal wall. It was a very intentional feel to it, making it obvious that everything in the bedroom was specifically chosen and agreed upon to be there. The gold accessory on the wall blends it all together nicely.


Bold Teal Bedroom Wall

4. The Bright Teal Wall

This bedroom was not shy about the shade of teal paint that it uses on its wall. In this case, it works well to offset the bright wall with a white bed and curtains, which might not balance out as nice if the wall was a dark teal. We still see the gold elements sprinkled throughout the room, proving that gold works with any shade of teal.


5. The Natural Teal Wall

This teal bedroom wall is a bit more subtle thanks to the fact that it’s a shade more likely to be seen in nature. It’s still bold, especially with its textured design, but it pairs well with the gorgeous forest and mountain lake landscapes chosen as decoration. In fact, the wall color almost seems like a blend of the two colors in the photographs.


6. A Small Teal Wall

This bedroom created a single teal wall that is small yet impactful for a dressing area. Creating a different colored wall panel in a bedroom is a great way to create the illusion of being in two separate rooms, or at least suggesting that there is a break of some sort between the two.


7. A Deep Teal Bedroom Wall

This teal bedroom wall is so deep that it almost acts as a neutral in this bedroom. The rest of the design elements are within a similar color family with some greens and lighter blue, as well as other neutrals coming through with the browns. It’s a great example of the fact that what sounds like an extreme choice in wall color can actually be quite simple.


Beautiful Teal Bedspreads

8. A Bright Teal Bedspread Brightening Up a Bedroom

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to add teal to a bedroom is to bring in a beautiful teal bedspread. The one shown in this photo is one single shade of teal plus a pattern swirled into it, which provides an element of fun and whimsy into an otherwise basic and even rustic inspired room.


9. A Teal Gradation Bedspread

This bedspread uses a teal color without fully committing to it. Having the white element in the bedspread as well allows for it to match the white wall behind the bed. It leaves a bit more room for playing around with different shades in the rest of the room when the bedspread is multicolored.


10. A Luxe Looking Teal Bedspread

This bedroom looks like a retreat getaway thanks to the blending of elements in it. A white brick wall is the perfect backdrop for this luxe-looking teal bedspread. This bedspread has a white pattern on it that ties into the wall as well as the other design elements in the bedroom, managing to tie it all together.


11. A Teal and Purple Bedspread

We’ve seen how a teal and white bedspread can benefit a bedroom, and now we see how teal mixed with another color can as well. In this case, it’s a teal and purple bedspread, which might sound a bit unexpected until you see it working so well together. This bedroom has a purple wall and a teal dresser which can be seen in the reflection of the mirror, showing how they followed the color scheme all the way through.


Subtle Teal Design Elements

12. Repeating Teal Patterns

This is a whole different type of teal inspiration in a bedroom. The teal shown here is much more subtle, despite the fact that it’s actually repeating through the room. There is a more muted tone to the teal and the rest of the colors in the room that allow for a more neutral feeling to flow throughout.


13. A Simple Teal Chevron Bedspread

The teal is this bedroom is so subtle of an element that it could never be obtrusive. Overall there is a more relaxed feeling to the desgin of this bedroom, which helps make it feel comfortable and homey. There’s no question that this bedroom is truly lived in and enjoyed, and for many people that sort of feeling is the ultimate kind of comfort to aim for.


14. A Half Teal Wall

Now here is a great example of how to create a teal element on the wall without transforming the entire feeling of the room. Painting just the lower strip of a wall creates a dynamic and stylized look to a bedroom while keeping the white paint on the rest of the wall keeps things light and bright.


15. A Teal Throw Blanket

This bedroom took an even more subtle teal route by adding in the color by way of a throw blanket. This is something that can be changed out seasonally or every time the laundry is done, allowing for a lot of room to change this up. The neutral grey wall and headboard of the bed allow for plenty of room to experiment with other colors.


Teal Accessories

16. A Big Teal Headboard

Sometimes just adding in a teal accessory is the way to go. Here a big teal bedroom commands plenty of attention in this bedroom and makes for a beautiful looking bed. The bedspread is almost secondary to the headboard in this case, and the teal throw pillows aim to support the eyeline heading that direction even more.


17. A Stylish Teal Chair

This room is bright and playful. The teal chair that was added to the room adds a really fun design element that is sure to get comments and questions from any guests. The cool thing about that sort of accessory is that you can even paint it yourself once you find the perfect wood chair.


18. A Simple Teal Chair

Here is another example of how a teal chair can add a fun pop of color into a bedroom. In this bedroom, the teal is also reflected in the bedspread and on the wall clock. The wall clock is yet another accessory that could be painted in the same way that a chair could be. Theoretically, any wood accessory that’s brought into a bedroom could be painted into the perfect teal shade.


19. Teal Glass in a Bedroom

In this bedroom, the majority of the teal has made its way in via glass decorations, which is a great trick for keeping the items light even when they are bold in color choice. It’s balanced with the teal throw pillows and a pop of teal at the bottom of the grey window curtains.


20. Lavish Teal Curtains

This bedroom has quite a bit of teal in it, from the wall to the chair and those lavish teal curtains. There’s a refined balance in this room that’s accomplished by having repeating elements and color schemes throughout the room. Gold is used as a counter color on the curtain balance as well as in the choice of color on the bed.


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