Sweet Zzz Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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You have to give Sweet Zzz a lot of credit. Their vision was spot-on because it focused on the customer. They took the time to do the research by starting with the existing products. Buyers provided the necessary feedback to help them home in on what they prefer. Their approach was all-encompassing that recognized the external influences that affect sleep.

We appreciated the fact that it wasn’t a cookie-cutter solution. They worked with the downsides of memory foam and other materials to find better ways to do it. They did it without compromising on quality. Some manufacturers cut corners with foam layers that are less dense. They follow a model not unlike on-demand publishers to build to order.

They considered all aspects of the buying process from research to checkout to set up. Giving back is a major part of their philosophy. Buyers will appreciate their partnership with organizations such as the LA Food Bank. You can feel good about your purchase since it buys 20 meals for individuals who would have gone hungry without your support.

Product Offering

Sweet Zzz follows the business model of similar companies to offer a line of products to support restful sleep. They carry four different mattresses including the following:

  • Affinity Mattress
  • Affluent Rest Mattress
  • Hotel Choice Hybrid
  • Nature’s Novel Latex Mattress

Each one offers a different experience. The Affinity Mattress, for example, is a memory foam product. The Affluent Rest Mattress is another riff on this theme with a thicker layer along with cooling gel to keep you comfortable. The Nature’s Novel Latex Mattress is true to its name with a wool cover and two latex layers over a base. We’ll discuss the Hotel Choice later.

It’s interesting that each one comes with the same suite of features involving shipping, sleep trial, and warranty. It’s evident that the manufacturer’s philosophy and vision permeate through its entire line of products. The product descriptions are thorough with full transparency regarding materials and construction. You know exactly what you’re buying.

Unlike other similar companies, they do not offer other accessories such as an adjustable bed, frame, or linens. Their business is strictly mattresses and nothing else. It’s a stark departure from other manufacturers that emphasize the entire sleep experience. But it’s not a disadvantage but rather just an observation.

Customer Support

The company differs from others of its ilk with two showrooms with both located in California. You can contact the company via its contact form, online chat, or phone. The number is conveniently located in the header of the website. They don’t post contact hours, but you’ll see when the brick-and-mortar locations are open.

They have an online presence on Facebook, YouTube, and Google+. While they update YouTube, the others are woefully out-of-date. The same thing applies to their blog. To their credit, the content is mainly informational rather than sales pitches which get old fast. The posts are succinct and stay on point with their messages. We just wish they’d publish more often.

The FAQ section answers mainly the softball-type of questions. Meaty issues like the warranty have their own page. The answers do a good job of trying to give sources for other information if they can’t provide it. They answer specific issues like how to set it up and what base to use. The content does need a revamp as the language is sometimes awkward.

One thing we did notice was its attempt to offer solutions for things such as mattress removal. It’s welcome information rather than stating it’s something they don’t do or offer. It speaks to their emphasis on putting the consumer first too.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

When we reviewed the site, it had an offer for $50 off for Mother’s Day with a promo code. Though not a discount per se, you won’t have to pay sales tax if you live outside of California.

Sleep Trials, Warranties, and Return Policy

Sweet Zzz offers a 100-night sleep trial. We really like the fact that these companies have made it an industry standard. While it sounds like a benefit for the customer, it’s actually a win-win. A person needs time to adapt to a new mattress. The language in these term encourages buyers to make an effort rather than a snap decision about their purchase.

The company offers a lifetime warranty without that nebulous disclaimer of it being a limited one. It is specific about covering defects. It doesn’t include a lot of unclear language that we’ve seen with other companies. It is not transferable to subsequent owners which is reasonable. The one condition is that you keep the original receipt which is par for the course.

The company takes a different approach to returns that we found refreshing and another one of its win-win ideas. You can request an authorization. Then, you must provide them with a receipt for your donation of the mattress. Once they have that info, you get your refund. We applaud this way of handling the process because it saves everyone time and effort in the end.

Reviewed: Sweet Hotel Choice Hybrid Mattress

What Sizes Is It Available In?

You can purchase a Hotel Choice Hybrid Mattress in the following sizes:

  • Twin (75 inches long by 38 inches wide by 12 inches high)
  • Twin XL (80 inches by 38 inches by 12 inches)
  • Double (75 inches by 53 inches by 12 inches)
  • Queen (80 inches by 60 inches by 12 inches)
  • King (80 inches by 76 inches by 12 inches)
  • California King (84 inches by 72 inches by 12 inches)

It’s important to note that the widths of the first three sizes are one inch less than the standard ones. If it’s an issue, you may find that these mattresses are a better option if you’re a wee bit short on space.

What’s It Made Out Of?

Sweet Zzz is transparent about what you get with their mattresses. There are no surprises here. They are 12 inches high with four layers that consist of the following materials:

  • 1-Inch Cotton Cover
  • 2-Inch, 4-Pound Gel Memory Foam
  • 1-Inch Transition Foam
  • 8-Inch Edge Spring Unit

The combination addresses some of the common complaints with memory foam including issues with breathability and temperature regulation. They are also transparent about their R&D and manufacturing process which we found refreshing. They are durable yet comfortable, offering a plush firmness level.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers


The Hotel Choice Hybrid Mattress strikes an excellent balance between support and comfort. It’s on the softer side which makes it a good choice for side sleepers. It’ll conform to the contours of your body without creating pressure points that could disrupt your sleep. That is the essential difference between a product that works for you and one that does not.

Stomach Sleepers


Stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress to ensure that they maintain an optimal position while sleeping. The risk exists with sagging that can put your neck at an odd angle. The same thing applies to your hip joints. A mattress that is too soft may cause you to sink in a bit too far and end up causing back strain. This model is a bit much for people who prefer to sleep this way.

Back Pain


The mattress offers the right amount of support to keep you comfortable without putting undue pressure on your back. That’s where the base and memory foam layers come into play. The latter conforms to your curves without sagging. It’s thick enough to provide enough support without sacrificing comfort.

Hot Sleepers


Sweet Zzz takes great pains with their mattresses to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep by keeping your cool with its choice of materials. In addition to the gel memory foam, the open-cell structure allows for air circulation to prevent heat build-up which is especially important if you are an active sleeper. We liked the company’s proactive approach to this issue.

Heavy People


The Hotel Choice Hybrid Mattress is thick enough to provide enough support for heavier individuals. The problem with thinner models is that the added pressure of the weight will cause it to sag and contribute to back pain. The layers include materials with thicker densities too. Generally, 1.8 pounds is suitable. Sweet Zzz uses 4 and 5-pound versions of its foams.



A mattress with memory foam offers several advantages. It’s durable to handle the extra pressure and activity. It’s comfortable with enough cushioning. Another factor in its favor is that it is quiet and won’t squeak, allowing for discretion in the bedroom. Some individuals may find that it is harder to move around, but that will vary with the person.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can’t get a Sweet Zzz Mattress on other e-commerce sites like Amazon or Wayfair. You need to purchase the product online at the company’s website. That’s not a bad thing since you can take advantage of the discounts that the manufacturer offers frequently.

How Much Does the Sweet Zzz Mattress Cost?

The Sweet Zzz line of mattresses is more expensive than comparable brands but not out of line with what people plan to spend on a new mattress. The prices you can expect to pay are as follows:

  • Twin: $799.00
  • Twin XL: $849.00
  • Full: $949.00
  • Queen: $1,099.00
  • King: $1,399.00
  • California King: $1,399.00

People recognize that it’s a major purchase which can go north of $1,000. You can justify the cost when you realize that most individuals will keep it for upward of eight years. In the end, it’s a small price to pay for over 2,920 nights of good sleep.

Is It Worth It?

The company makes a compelling case for buying its products from all fronts. The fact that they use quality materials is a strong point in their favor to justify its cost. We liked it that there is an emphasis on the user experience all through their website. That’s evident in the amount of information they post and the generous sleep trial.

Most manufacturers offer a warranty that expires after so many years. Sweet Zzz is one of the few with one that is lifetime version. It says a lot about the company when it places that much faith in its products. They also go the extra mile when it comes to their corporate social responsibility. They donate 20 meals to a local food bank for each mattress sold.

The manufacturer makes its products in the USA which is another valid reason to consider this product. It’s a common theme with many companies that have this direct-to-consumer business model. Sweet Zzz’s design team approached the construction of this mattress the right way by focusing on the issues that people have with hybrid products and finding solutions.

The price of the mattress is often a tipping factor. The Hotel Choice Hybrid Mattress is in line with comparable products. The website calls it the best value of its type which is a bit of a stretch since you’ll find a lot of other ones in this range. However, the other points we’ve considered still make it worth considering.

Shipping Info

Like many companies following this model, Sweet Zzz offers free shipping on purchases in the lower 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia. It does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. Expedited delivery is not an option either. You can get white glove delivery service if you live in the Los Angeles metro area. They will also remove your old one and dispose of it.

Why Not to Buy a Sweet Zzz Mattress

The one reason that you may give a pass on this product is its cost. It is more expensive than comparable products. That’s why it’s essential to drill down to the features and other aspects of the buying experience to make a smart choice. The one downside to the mattress is its delivery time which is really a double-edged sword.

You’ll have to wait five to eight business days to get your new one. On the one hand, it’s probably not a spontaneous purchase. On the other, what the hell is the holdup? To their credit, they are made to order which makes it reasonable and a smart choice for them. We’d prefer other shipping options such as white glove delivery and mattress removal too.

If you prefer a firmer mattress, you may want to shop around because the emphasis with this one is plush and comfort. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t provide enough support. Instead, the company focuses on a targeted audience with a product that is designed for their needs. On a positive note, they have two showrooms located in California if that’s an option for you.

Compare Similar Brands

There are a lot of dogs in this race for the best hybrid mattress. It’s definitely a consumer-driven market. Fortunately, the manufacturers recognize the importance of impeccable customer service. It often is the deciding factors for many would-be buyers. Another trend we like is the attention that companies give to common issues.

It’s always a good idea to do some comparison shopping. So, we’ve put together a short list of some comparable brands to give you a better grasp on what’s available. You’ll notice many of the same features, so it’s helpful to home in on the ones that are dealmakers or dealbreakers to narrow down the playing field.

Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress has a longer history in the industry. Its claim to fame is that science is behind its products. It’s comparable to Sweet Zzz on many fronts. It’s comparably priced. It has a 100-night sleep trial and free shipping. It also offers complimentary set-up and old mattress removal.

Its website makes a strong case for its technology versus memory foam when it comes to back pain. They say that its Smart Comfort Grid is more flexible and adaptive. The company offers their mattresses with 2, 3, or 4-inch layers. If you need something firmer, it’s a good place to start. However, the price jumps significantly with the thicker options.

Casper Wave Mattress

The first thing you’ll notice about the Casper Wave Mattress is its price. It’s expensive, starting at $1,095. The company claims that science is behind its ergonomic design. It has five layers of foam with an open-cell structure for breathability. It provides customized support to target specific areas where you need more or less firmness to prevent back pain.

They offer free shipping in the United States and Canada along with complimentary setup of your new mattress. The mattress is a suitable choice for all kinds of sleeping positions. It has decent motion isolation and does a great job of relieving pressure points. The downside is that it isn’t the best choice for heavier individuals. And again, there’s the higher cost.

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva Mattress takes comfort seriously with a 14.5-inch height. It has a Euro pillow top which some individuals may prefer. You can pick a plush soft, luxury firm, or firm model. The materials are eco-friendly. We appreciated the company’s candid language that stated their products weren’t the best choice for individuals who prefer a very soft or firm mattress.

The company is extremely transparent about the construction of its products. You can get all the specs down to the number of coils. They offer free shipping, white glove delivery, and old mattress removal nationwide. It comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty. They are a little more expensive than Sweet Zzz with the queen size costing $1,258.00.


The Hotel Choice Hybrid Mattress has a lot going in its favor, not the least of which is its clever brand name. The design and construction tackle several of the common issues that plague this type of product. Its motion isolation and temperature regulation are excellent for countering these problems.

The company’s philosophy is another compelling reason to consider their product. Their emphasis is on the consumer experience and puts their needs first in the construction of their mattresses. We also liked their community involvement with its donation practices. It’s an excellent way to cement their place in the local area.

The mattress has a defined audience for those who like a plush one with a huge emphasis on comfort. If you’re a side sleeper, that’s excellent news. However, it may not be the best choice for stomach sleepers. For the former, we’d give it an A. For the latter, our rating is a C-.

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