Solay Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Which is better: a foam mattress or a spring mattress?

Avoid the choice entirely with the Solay hybrid. Solay mattresses use a combination of full-sized springs and breathable cooling foam to create a comfortable, supportive mattress no matter what sleeping position you prefer.

There are lots of hybrid mattresses, so what makes the Solay Mattress stand out from the crowd? First, the Mattress is made from unique Quantum Edge coils. They provide comfort and support for just about any sleeping position.

Another interesting feature of Solay is that for every mattress purchased, they’ll donate a mattress and foundation to a child in need. Solay is partnered with Beds for Kids, a North Carolina charity organization which helps provide beds and furniture to families in need.

Is the Solay Mattress the best way for you to get a great night’s rest? Your complete Solay Mattress review starts right now:

Product Offering

Like many online mattress retailers, Solay offers just one type of mattress. The Solay Mattress is available in six standard sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

This is a hybrid mattress. The heart of the mattress is made from six-inch pocketed steel spring coils. On each side of the spring coils is a two-inch layer of Motion Reducing Foam. Hybrid mattresses offer many of the benefits of both coils and foam but without many of the drawbacks.

The Solay Mattress is designed to work with your existing bed furniture. The mattress fits comfortably on a box spring, solid platform or slatted frames. Also works well with an adjustable frame.

Customer Support

When buying a mattress, customer support is far more important than many people first think. Your mattress is traveling around the country. If any problems occur during delivery, you want to reach a competent support agent quickly.

Support for Solay isn’t terrible but it could be better. Solay can only be contacted by email or instant message through their site. They promise to replay within just a few hours, but only during Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm Eastern time.

After sending a few emails at different times during the week, I can confirm the responses were quick and informative. Chat also worked well during business hours. The chat agent assured me all support was U.S. based. Still, the lack of a direct phone number certainly isn’t ideal.

Sleep Trials, Warranties and Return Policy

Ordering a mattress online means buying before you try. Plus, Solay isn’t a very well-known name in mattresses. They’re even hard to search for online due to the dominance of mattress giant Sealy. So buying a mattress online from a little-known mattress maker can seem like a risk.

Fortunately, Solay understands this and offers a variety of free trials and warranties to help ease your mind.

First, they offer a 101 Night Trial. That gives you just over three months to sleep on the mattress in your own home. You’ll get a chance to see if aches and pains are reduced after repeated use. Plus, you can get a good sense of the durability of the mattress over time.

If you decide the mattress isn’t for you, Solay will pick it up from your home and issue you a complete refund. Unlike many other mattress makers, Solay doesn’t charge any restocking fee for refunds. They’re one of the few mattress companies who offer a truly risk-free trial.

Plus, they also offer a 15 year full replacement limited mattress warranty. Any part of the mattress which is found to have a manufacturing defect will be replaced or repaired. However, the warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the mattress. It’s also voided if the mattress leaves the United States.

The warranty doesn’t cover any tears or damage caused by you, even if by accident. However, they will replace the mattress if permanent indentations occur which are an inch or more. The mattress is designed to return to its original shape when empty. If it doesn’t, there’s likely a manufacturing defect.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales and Deals

As a primarily online retailer, there are often numerous deals to be found online. Unfortunately, many of these deals tend to come and go rather quickly.

However, Solay does seem to offer a lot of discounts directly on their site. Savings can be a few hundred dollars. While there’s no guarantee their on-site deals will be around forever, they do seem to be there more often than not.

Reviewed: Solay Mattress

While the charity aspect is fantastic, you still want a mattress which works for your needs. What’s the Solay Mattress really like? Here’s an in-depth look:

What Sizes Is It Available In?

The Solay Mattress is available in six standard sizes:

  • Twin 39” by 75” by 11” (75 lbs)
  • Twin XL 39” by 80” by 11” (78 lbs)
  • Full 53” by 80” by 11” (98 lbs)
  • Queen 60” by 80” by 11” (110 lbs)
  • King 76” by 80” by 11” (135 lbs)
  • California King 72” by 84” by 11” (137 lbs)

What’s It Made Out Of?

The Solay Mattress consists of six layers.

The top layer of the mattress is a TENCEL cover. This is a temperature regulating material which helps keep you from getting too cold or too hot. Also helps with moisture wicking.

Next is a one-inch layer of cooling gel foam. Foam mattresses can get warm when exposed to body heat. This layer of cooling gel helps distribute heat away from the top layers.

Under the cooling gel layer is two inches of motion reducing foam. The ability to isolate movement is a big feature of foam mattresses. You’ll barely feel a thing even if your partner is moving next to you.

Next is a one-inch support layer. This helps the mattress distribute support to your pressure points. Allows you to sleep in any position while still being fully supported by the entire mattress.

The next layer is the pocketed steel spring coils. This is the spring part of the foam-hybrid mattress. These steel springs helps distribute your body weight evenly.

One major downside of an all foam mattress is you’ll often like you’re sinking into the mattress. With a hybrid, the springs prevent this sinking feeling. Instead, you’ll feel supported with pleasant buoyancy.

Finally, the last layer of the mattress is a foundational foam used to help provide stability.

Solay Mattresses use Quantum Edge coils. These are hundreds of unique coils which conform to the shape of your body to provide support at your heaviest pressure points such as your neck, spine and hips. Plus, the coils reduce motion transfer. Solay’s testing has shown that the coils make the mattress 28% cooler than most all-foam mattresses.

Is It Good For…?

Everybody has sleeping preferences and sleeping problems. Here’s a look at how the Solay Mattress handles the most common sleeping situations:

Side Sleepers

Yes. The Quantum Edge coils provide targeted support to your arms, neck and hips. Even if you turn from side to side, the coils and foam will target your pressure points no matter which way you’re facing.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. The Cooling gel layer draws heat away from the surface of the mattress. Even if you sleep facedown the mattress should remain cool and comfortable. Also provides plenty of hip support, as hips have a tendency to sink into all-foam mattresses.

Back Pain

Yes. Hybrid mattress are often great for a bad back because the coil springs provide targeted support while the foam layers help promote proper spinal alignment.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. Hybrid mattress are typically much cooler than all-foam ones. Plus, the Solay Mattress uses cooling gel foam and breathable support layers. Heat is allowed to disperse throughout the mattress which prevents “hot spots” and other uncomfortable temps.

Heavy People

Yes. The one-inch support layer helps distribute your body weight evenly, which reduces pressure on your joints and back. Plus, the springs help isolate motion which makes getting in and out of the bed a much smoother process.


Yes. Although firm, the mattress is soft enough to allow for motion. Even the Twin XL can accommodate two people.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Solay online store is probably your best bet. Not only will you be communicating with the manufacturer directly, but Solay also seems to offer a few deals exclusive to their site. These aren’t insignificant deals, either. Ordering from Solay can save you $100 or more.

Finding Solay products anywhere else can be difficult. They don’t seem to be on Amazon. Solay’s brand name seems to really be doing them a disservice. Major search engines will bring back tons of results for Sealy, which is a much larger mattress manufacturer with a similar name.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a very affordable mattress. The Twin normally costs $1,000 but is often on sale for $900. The most expensive mattress is the California King at $1,800 but on sale for $1,600.

Is It Worth It?

The Solay Mattress is a true hybrid. It manages to combine some of the best features of both spring and foam mattresses. The spring helps target pressure points while the foam helps with weight distribution. This mattress is comfortable no matter what sleeping position you prefer.

Foam mattresses can get uncomfortably hot. Hybrids are an effective solution. The largest layer in the mattress is the spring layer, which is a relatively open space which allows for plenty of airflow. Hot air from the surface of the mattress is cooled down with the cooling gel and drawn away from your body.

Also, the price is very affordable for a hybrid mattress. With their completely risk-free return policy, you won’t be out a single dollar if you decide the mattress isn’t for you. Plus, you have 101 nights to think about your potential purchase.

The debate over foam mattresses versus spring mattress is kind of missing the point. Instead, why not just combine the features from each which work well, and discard the ones which don’t? The Solay Mattress is a well-made, comfortable mattress at an affordable price.

Of course, you don’t want to forget about their commitment to Beds for Kids. For every mattress you buy, another is donated to a needy family. Now that’s an act of charity you can feel good about as you’re drifting off to sleep at night!

Shipping Info

The mattress will be at your door within three to seven business days. The mattress will be in a roll inside a rectangular box. In most cases, the box will be left on your front porch. You’ll want to try to be home during delivery.

The box will be pretty heavy. You’ll want to enlist at least one other person to help you carry the box from your front door to its destination inside. Depending on the size of the mattress, the boxed weight can be fairly significant:

  • Twin 82 lbs
  • Twin XL 85 lbs
  • Full 105 lbs
  • Queen 118 lbs
  • King 142 lbs

Don’t open the box until you’re in the room where you want to place the mattress. Once out of the box, place the mattress roll at one end of your bed frame. Next, tear the outer layer of plastic. This will let you unroll and unfold the mattress onto the bed frame.

Finally, you’ll use the mattress opener to cut the plastic. Your mattress will automatically start to expand. The mattress takes about one to two hours to fully expand. After two hours, the mattress is completely ready and can be slept on.

All-foam mattress often have a chemical like smell. This is due to how the mattresses are made and then sealed before shipping. As hybrid mattress, the potential small will be reduced significantly, because it’s not a true foam mattress.

However, some customers do report a slight smell. It’s mainly only noticeable during the first day, and even then you probably have to be sleeping on your stomach. But don’t worry. The small is perfectly harmless and will fade after a night or two.

Best Bed Frame / Foundation

The Solay mattress doesn’t require any new bed frame or foundation. Your existing box spring, adjustable bed, platform or box spring will likely work just fine with your new mattress. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the mattress is the same size as your existing furniture.

Solay also sells a foundation designed specifically for use with their mattress. Made from solid wood with an upholstered foundation, the base is stylish and strong. Foundation slats spaced four inches apart help increase airflow.

There are a few reasons to consider buying the foundation. First, it’s very affordable. A twin is only $225 while a California King is $325.

Also, the foundation complements the style of the mattress. Together the effect is an attractive, contemporary bed which looks good with practically any style.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the foundation if you’re a hot sleeper or prone to lots of nighttime sweating. The airflow underneath the foundation is designed to enhance the already substantial cooling powers of the mattress.

The foundation will ship between five and 10 days after ordering. You might have noticed this is a bit slower than when the mattress ships. If possible the two items will be shipped together. But it not, don’t worry. You can safely store the Solay mattress in its box for up to 90 days of the order date.

Why NOT to Buy a Solay Mattress?

Even though this is a generally a high-quality mattress at an affordable price, it’s not for everybody. There are a few reasons this might not be the mattress for you.

First, this is a hybrid mattress. So if you prefer the feel of either a foam or spring mattress, a hybrid is really only going to be halfway satisfying. If you want maximum body contouring, you’re probably better off with an all-foam mattress. Likewise, if you want maximum spine and neck support, consider a spring mattress.

Also, the Solay brand isn’t very well known. While there’s no reason to think they won’t be around to cover your 15-year warranty, there just isn’t a lot of information about them out there.

They don’t have the type of customer support you’d find at a larger company. If there’s a problem with shipping or with the mattress in general, being forced to reach out only by email could be a real hassle.

Finally, there are some slight issues with the mattress foam. There can be a slight smell during the first few days. Also, the compressed mattress can be quite heavy once installed. This isn’t a mattress you can easily move once it’s unfolded, which you’ll want to keep in mind.

Compare Similar Brands

What if there are some aspects to the Solay Mattress you like, but others you don’t? Here are some comparable mattresses which might suit your needs better.

If you’re uncomfortable with the brand, and would prefer to buy from a more established manufacturer, consider Sealy. They’re one of the largest mattress makers in the country and have over 100 years of experience.

Many people choose a hybrid mattress because they don’t really like all-foam and they don’t really like spring. They hope combining the two will create a mattress with all of the features they want. If a hybrid still isn’t right, consider all-natural latex.

ZenHaven makes a high quality, affordable all-natural latex mattress. Latex is similar to foam except it’s usually softer, cooler and provides more support. At the same time, latex is often quite heavier and more expensive than a hybrid.

Solay Mattress Review Conclusion

The Solay brand and mattress get a A-. This is a quality hybrid mattress which uses unique Quantum Edge springs and several layers of support foam to support sleepers of all shapes and sizes. No matter what position you sleep in, the Solay design helps reduce stress on your skeleton and muscles.

The price is another plus for Solay. When ordering, make sure to check out the company’s home page. They seem to offer quite a few exclusive deals.

My only source of hesitation with this mattress is the lack of customer support. Although my mattress arrived without incident, there’s just not a ton of info out there. However, they are a U.S. based company and I had no issue reaching them by Instant Message and email.

Overall, if you’re looking for a hybrid mattress, this is one worth considering. A unique design at an affordable price with very few negatives.

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