Small Bedroom Ideas : Clever Inspiration for Tiny Sleeping Spaces

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At one time or another many of us find ourselves in smaller than ideal bedrooms. But that doesn’t mean that we need to accept a less-than bedroom.

Small bedrooms don’t have to feel cramped or like they’re missing anything at all. It just takes a little bit of thinking and creative planning to make different choices than you might in a bigger room. Sometimes that has to do with aesthetic decorating choices, while other times it has more to do with the way that items in the room are stored.

Here we’ve gathered together some of the best solutions for living well in small bedrooms, and added in some photos for serious inspiration.

Expanding the Space With Big Mirrors

1. An All-White and Mirrored Small Bedroom

If you’re in a small space bedroom a giant mirror can be your best friend. This is a tactic that’s commonly used in hotels and other common areas of buildings. In works great in the home as well! In this example a mirror is placed to span across an entire wall, instantly doubling the size of the room according to feel.


2. An Illuminating Mirror

Adding in an illuminating floor mirror to a small bedroom will create a similar effect, even if you aren’t placing mirrors across the entire room. This mirror has a silver frame that will reflect light at the same time that it’s reflecting the space in the room. Just setting a large mirror on the floor can make a huge change to a space.


3. Hanging Mirror

Choosing a wall to hang a large mirror can create an impactful change to a small bedroom as well. In this example, the mirror has a thin, bright frame that doesn’t distract from the effect. Anything to elaborate can have a distracting look, so in a small space that’s something to always keep in mind.


Small Bedroom Spaces With Exposed Closets

4. The Multi-Use Exposed Closet

Some small bedrooms don’t have closets built in, so in that case, adding in a hanging rack or an exposed closet can be the way to go. Here’s an example of a rack that it clearly functional but also decorative thanks to the plant hanging on it as well. It keeps things fun and playful in the limited space.


5. The Artistic Exposed Closet

This small bedroom uses an exposed closet rack as an artistic spot of the room. Let’s not forget that clothes are super beautiful themselves, so having them on display in a room can be a great thing. Putting some clean and fun framed art above the rack really makes the rack feel like it has a permanent spot in the room.


Creating Room in Small Bedrooms For a Corner Office

6. The Tiny But Functional Desk

This room is super tiny but they’ve still made room for a very functional desk space in the corner. In this room, that area seems to be a priority, and it’s easy to see that it’s possible to create something comfortable even in a limited space. The key is to have most of the storage on the walls rather than in the desk itself.


7. The Tiny Built-in Desk

This room shows another example of how putting a small desk into a tiny bedroom can work out great. This desk is set back a bit from the main line of the wall so it’s less of a focal point. It’s surrounded by storage space where desk items can be stored and clutter can be kept out the way.


Turning the Walls Into Storage Space

8. The Tiny Room With Endless Storage

This bedroom is super tiny but it has a more organized storage space than many big bedrooms have. This room has built-in shelves in the wall, hanging bookshelves, and even tons of storage space around the bed frame. The steps up towards the bed makes the small room feel multi dimensional and dynamic.


9. The All Cupboards Tiny Room

This room is so tiny that it hardly has any floor space, but it does, in fact, have quite a lot of storage space. All of the wall space behind the bed, as well as the space under the bed, is used for matching cupboards and drawers. This is a good example of how an extra room in a house can be converted into a bedroom even if that isn’t what it was designed for.


10. Sneaky Closest Space

This tiny bedroom also uses all of its wall space for storage, some of which is used as a closet. Storing shoes in a shelf is a great way to reduce the look of clutter in a room where the closet might be exposed. Getting any clutter up off the floor is always a great idea for streamlining the look of a small space.


11. The Bookshelf Bed

This room has a built-in bookshelf behind its bed, creating some much-needed storage in this very tiny space. Based on the setup of the room there isn’t much space for other furniture at all, so using the walls is going to be necessary in addition to simply being convenient.


12. Cute Under the Bed Baskets

Besides the walls, the space under the bed in a tiny bedroom can be the best storage spot available. This bed has built-in slots that are perfect for cute baskets that can eliminate the need for having a dresser in the room. They actually add to the look of the room rather than take away from the aesthetic.


Bedrooms With the Bed Low to the Floor

13. The Cozy Low Bed

This bed is low to the floor and also super cozy looking. Those big, fluffy pillows draw your eye in immediately, making the bed the focal point of the room. The upside to doing this is that when your eyes immediately go towards the obviously awesome bed, there’s less concern with the size of the rest of the space.


14. The Basic Space Saving Bed

This bed isn’t trying to be anything besides functional. Keeping the mattress low to the ground allows for more movement in the room in general, and even more so with the high hanging art on the wall. The space between the two creates the illusion that the room is taller than it actually is.


15. The Soft Light Low Bed Room

This bedroom is extremely small but uses the low bed technique along with soft comfortable lighting to make it feel like a serene spot. You can imagine that with a tall bed in this room it would feel extremely cramped. Something about keeping it low makes the desk area feel much more expansive in the corner.


16. The Sanctuary Small Space Bedroom

In this room, putting the bed low to the floor allows for a better view of the outside area, which serves to make the room itself feel much bigger. Being light and bright in addition to having a full cozy mattress on the floor makes this very small room feel like an intimate sanctuary space.


Sticking With a Single Color Scheme

17. The Earthy Tones Tiny Bedroom

This tiny room was decorated in all light earth tones that flow together seamlessly. There’s nothing at all in this space to detract from the feeling of oneness, which can be a great way to make a small space feel peaceful and aligned.


18. The Slate Grey Small Bedroom

This small bedroom took a different tactic and made the space all a darker slate grey. In this example it doesn’t make the space feel smaller, rather it gives off the feeling that you’re in a cave of some sort. Cave spaces are generally rather cozy, so it makes the size of the room feel natural.


19. The Opulent Tiny Room

This is an example of a tiny bedroom that chose to go the opulent route rather than the minimal route. It definitely looks a bit busier than the basic rooms do, but since everything is themed so nicely and in the same color scheme it doesn’t feel overdone. You know exactly what you’re getting into when you enter the space, and its easily enjoyable despite being small.


20. The All Blue Tiny Bedroom

This room is another example of how going with a strong theme in a tiny room can work well. There’s not much in this room but the strong blue color certainly makes a big statement. It adds in a personal, unique touch without having to include a lot of furniture or items in the otherwise small living space.

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