Sleep Number Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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The Sleep Number company started with the idea that every individual has their own preferences and should be able to set them as such within their mattress. They are dedicated to helping customer enjoy a lifetime of better sleep. The Sleep Number bed is known for adjusting to you, not the other way around.

Using phrases like “The Sleep Number difference,” customers are invited to try out these beds in stores. Each customer can choose from luxurious comfort levels and innovative temperature control. The company operates with 30 years of innovation behind every mattress.

Sleep Number beds are unique in that a couple can purchase one bed but have control of their side. This means that each person is getting the firmness, position, and temperature they need to get their perfect night of sleep.

A notable marketing effort made by sleep number is their partnership with the NFL. This partnership is meant to promote their innovations and see the difference by watching how NFL players prepare, rest, and recover with great sleep on a Sleep Number.

Product Offering

Sleep Number offers ten different beds, all of which allow you to adjust the firmness, comfort, and support on each side based on the individual’s needs. These beds vary based on their size as well as their offered features. While they are all adjustable in firmness and support, some have more stand-out features.

For example, the Sleep Number p5 Bed includes SleepIQ technology and has a 2” PlushFit foam comfort level in addition to the previously mentioned features. Other beds offer more levels of comfort and temperature balancing sleep surfaces. All their beds come with a sleep trial and a warranty.

Other products offered by Sleep Number are bedding, pillows, bases, kids beds, bed accessories, and other furniture. Extra accessories include things like headboard and footboard brackets, remotes, therapy lights, and wake-up lights.

The pillows offered by Sleep Number are designed to improve comfort and support. They even have a quiz you can take to find out which pillow best suites your needs. There are seven different pillow categories, each with their own styles. You can even create your own perfect pillow using Pillow[ology].

Customer Support

Sleep Number’s customer support is available six days a week from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday, and 8:30 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. They also have a live chat with sleep professionals daily from 7 am to 11 pm CT. The general tone of the site is informative and professional. They seem happy to help in any way, and even offer a frequently asked questions section.

This section is organized by its most popular topics first. Then, it is organized into sections to make it easier to find where your answers might be located. They even use pictures in their organization to make things even more simple. The customer support has a video guide section with a few different videos you can watch that may help you with whatever problems or questions you may have about the products.

Sleep Trials, Warranties, & Return Policy

All new Sleep Number beds and DualTemp layers are covered under an in-home trial period that starts the day your bed arrives. This trial period lasts for 100 nights. It is recommended that customers allow at least 30 days to adjust to the new bed. It can take time for the body to adjust, and it make take additional time to figure out which setting is right for you. Sleep Number is confident that by the end of the first 30 days, you’ll have found your perfect number setting.

For it bed purchases, the in-home trial period is only 30 nights.

After a return request is authorized, a bed can be returned for a full refund. However, a return shipping/delivery fee will apply to these returns. Any unauthorized return will not be accepted, and the unauthorized return will be destroyed with no refund. The customer is responsible for the return shipping.

Items that are not subject to the in-home trial policy and are all sales final are the adjustable bases, the bedding collection, the upholstered furniture collection, and any factory outlet, demo, display, clearance, and closeout merchandise.

There are various warranties for different beds offered by Sleep Number. The most common warranty is the 25-year limited warranty. This warranty protects certain mattresses and mattress bases against defects in materials under normal use for 25 years after its purchase. Should any of these defects occur, Sleep Number will repair or replace the defected item.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales, & Deals

Right now, Sleep Number is offering limited free shipping on the Queen Sleep Number c2 mattress.

Sleep Number is also having a final clearance on the Queen Sleep Number p5 and i8 mattresses, while supplies last.

There are other items on sale throughout the online sales section located here.

Reviewed: Sleep Number i8 Mattress

What Sizes is it Available In?

The Sleep Number Mattress sizes vary based on the model. The Sleep Number i8 is available in the following sizes:

  • Twin Long (38” x 80”)
  • Full (54” x 75”)
  • Double (54” x 75”)
  • Queen (60” x 80”)
  • King (76” x 80”)
  • California King (72” x 84”)
  • Split King (76” x 80”)
  • Split Cal King (72” x 84”)
  • FlexTop King (76” x 80”)
  • FlexTop Cal King (72” x 84”)

What’s it Made out Of?

The i8 Sleep Number bed boasts a 13” profile and utilizes seven zones of contouring support. These features are enhanced with a 3” of PlushFit foam comfort layer, SleepIQ technology, temperature balancing sleep surface, and DualAir adjustability.

The included SleepIQ technology allows you to track your sleep, giving you insights on your ideal bedtime and how many hours of sleep you should get. It also tracks how well you sleep and gives you suggestions on how you can improve your sleep.

The i8 Sleep Number features seven zones of contouring foam support that are designed to enhance pressure relief and provide gentle support throughout the body: the head, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, lower legs, and even your feet. The whole thing is pulled together by soft, breathable polyester and polypropylene blend knit fabric.

Is it Good For…?

Side Sleepers

Yes. Because the bed’s firmness level is adjustable, this bed is designed to be the perfect fit for any sleeping position or body type. Most side sleepers like a gentle support that allows their shoulders and hips to lay in a soft and comfortable position. Side sleepers are able to achieve the soft support they need by adjusting their side of the bed to a less firm position. The adjustable sides allow any sleeper to get the feel they want without losing the support.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. The i8 Sleep Number bed can be fully adjusted to comfort any sleep position. Some stomach sleepers may prefer a slightly firmer feel so that they feel supported, even on their stomach. Using the adjustment feature, any sleeper can adjust their side of the bed and reach the level of comfort and softness they need to make sleeping on their stomach a supportive and wonderful experience.

Back Pain

Yes. Often times, it is difficult for couples to find a solution to one’s back pain because they have different tastes when it comes to feel and support. While one person may like a softer feel, the other one suffering back pain may need a more firm support system to ease their pain. The i8 Sleep Number is the perfect solution for this, in that each individual gets to choose their preferred or needed setting. Those suffering back pain can adjust their setting to support them in the places they need it most, eliminating their pain altogether.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. The materials used in a Sleep Number bed are made so that they don’t retain heat well at all. In addition to this, the i8 Sleep Number has a temperature balancing sleep surface. This surface is specifically designed to absorb excess heat that is produced while sleeping. This heat is released as you cool, giving you the perfect temperature for sleeping—especially for hot sleepers.

Heavy People

Yes. All Sleep Number beds are tested and rated to 400 pounds per side. They are also covered under the 25-year limited warranty, so should any significant sagging occur, Sleep Number is there to help. The adjustable firmness and support in these mattresses will be excellent for any body shape, type, or weight—even for those of larger weights.


No. Since the bed is divided into two sides, it can be difficult for couples to enjoy this bed as their go-to sex spot. There is a foam divider located between the two sides the separate them, rendering the middle of the bed useless. This limits couples to only using one side or the other, which brings up different problems.

For one, using only one side highly limits the amount of space a couple has to use during activity. Limiting a couple to one side of the bed is basically the same a making them share a twin mattress. There’s no space.

Second, each side of the bed is different due to the different settings each person has chosen. This means there is no telling who is going to enjoy what and how. There is no consistency across the bed, and that means the support could be off and it could be very uncomfortable. The uneven playing field, as it were, makes things difficult.

However, to make up for this, special mattresses can be ordered via telephone that has just one sleep setting across the entire mattress, meaning there is no separation. If you happen to order one of these mattresses and you and your partner agree on a setting, then the mattress could prove useful in your sex life. Because you get to choose your settings, you can customize your experience as a couple.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Sleep Number beds can all only be purchased from either the Sleep Number website or the Sleep Number showroom. There are several options both online and in store. If you prefer to skip the hassle of going to a showroom, you can order online. If you like the experience of trying out a mattress first-hand, you can go to a showroom near you to test one out and see for yourself!

How Much Does it Cost?

The i8 Sleep Number bed is highly customizable and offers a lot of features. The amount of technology used causes this bed to be on the more expensive end. The regular, non-sale cost of the i8 Sleep Number bed varies by size. Here is a full list of mattress prices:

  • Twin Long (38” x 80”): $2,799.99
  • Full (54” x 75”): $3,074.99
  • Double (54” x 75”): $3,074.99
  • Queen (60” x 80”): $3,499.98
  • King (76” x 80”): $4,199.98
  • California King (72” x 84”): $4,199.98
  • Split King (76” x 80”): $4,799.98
  • Split Cal King (72” x 84”): $4,799.98
  • FlexTop King (76” x 80”): $4,799.98
  • FlexTop Cal King (72” x 84”): $4,799.98

Is it Worth It?

The question of whether this bed is worth it really depends on the individual. Some people will spend loads of time and money looking for the perfect mattress. After trying several kinds with several levels of softness and firmness, they may find that nothing is working. However, with an investment in the Sleep Number, you may get your money’s worth.

All Sleep Numbers are personalized to you based on your preferences. There are not many mattresses out there that can say they do this. By basically having a monopoly on this technology, Sleep Number is the only company you can go to when looking for this kind of support.

In addition to choosing your Sleep Number setting, the i8 Sleep Number also offers temperature control technology. This is a feature that is very attractive to buyers because a warm bed can throw off what could have been an excellent night’s sleep.

For these reasons, the i8 Sleep Number is worth it in that it gives you many highly advanced options for its price. It is very expensive, but it is rightfully so.

Shipping Info

Your i8 Sleep Number bed can be shipping using two different methods. The first is through UPS Ground Shipping. With UPS, you will receive your bed along with easy to follow instructions so that you can assemble your bed yourself.

The second shipping option is the Comfort Service Home Delivery provided by Sleep Number. This option allows you to schedule an appointment for the technicians to deliver and fully assemble the new mattress and base within your home. Only certain products and certain areas offer this service and may be available for additional charges in other areas.

Shipping is not free on these products and will vary. The bed will come compressed in a box with instructions and everything needed to set up the mattress. Sleep Number can and will ship to all contiguous states, along with Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Why Not to Buy an i8 Sleep Number Mattress

The i8 Sleep Number bed has very few issues in and of itself. The mattress is compatible with anyone, considering its adjustability to comfort and support. Its temperature control makes it ideal for hot sleepers, too.

One significant reason not to buy this mattress would be if you are a couple who is still very active in their love life. Unless you plan to order a specialty mattress that doesn’t divide by side, then you may find difficulties in the bedroom.

Due to the foam separator that splits down the middle of the bed to separate the two adjustable sides, sex can be very hard in a Sleep Number bed. Newlyweds or younger couples may want to consider this before they purchase one of these beds together.

Additionally, the cost may be of great concern to some buyers. These mattresses are not cheap, to say the least. While one may argue that they are worth the price—and the technology they incorporate certainly is pricey—it may just not be in your price range. High-tech beds are convenient and flashy and interesting, but sometimes the price is too much to bother with. It is also a little unnerving to see that such a high-priced product does not come with a lifetime warranty, while other lower priced products do.

Compare Similar Brands

Sleep Number does seem to be unique in its technology and product offerings. However, there are other products out there that are comparable to the Sleep Number.

Personal Comfort is a mattress brand that offers similar products to Sleep Number. Personal Comfort uses similar technology to offer personalized sides of the mattress. The same as a Sleep Number, the Personal Comfort mattress uses two separate air bladders that are adjustable to each side or each sleeper.

Different from the Sleep Number, it doesn’t use foam in the middle to separate the two sides. Instead, it uses cushioned lining around the outside of the air bladders in order to push them together as tightly as possible, so that a physical division is not necessary. These mattresses also retail for cheaper than Sleep Numbers.

Another comparable mattress to the Sleep Number is the Night Air Bed. This bed uses similar technology that utilizes air to customize each side of the bed to the sleeper’s individual liking. It uses a six-chamber technology that allows you to adjust different sections of your side of the bed. For example, if you need more back support, you can adjust that chamber to be firmer than the chambers by your head or feet. Couples can choose their adjustments and sleep comfortably, together. This mattress also retails for up to 40% less than Sleep Number.


The i8 Sleep Number is an impressive mattress—no one can deny that. Its technology allows sleepers to adjust their side of the mattress without compromising their partner’s side. This innovative technology is what has allowed them to jump forward in the industry. The i8 specifically incorporates excellent temperature control, which is awesome in any mattress.

The added accessories, bases, pillows, and products you can add to your i8 Sleep Number are highly intelligent and extremely useful. When using the bed and these products, I don’t see anyone being unhappy.

However, there are downsides to this bed. For one, we have the issue of this bed and sex. For couples, this could be a big problem. The bed is a place they are supposed to come to together, not literally be split apart. Another big downfall is the price of this product. Originally, the price seems fair considering all that you’re getting.

But, upon closer look, we’ve seen that there are other beds out there that are comparable to the Sleep Number that sell for just a little bit less; and some of them even have better technology. For these reasons, we are going to give the i8 Sleep Number a B-.

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