Serta vs. BeautyRest Mattress Comparison 2022 : Which Is Better?

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Big companies. Big missions. Big offerings.

There’s so much of Serta and Beautyrest to wade through. Decisions are overwhelming, right? We’ve got you; don’t worry. This showdown is between two of the giants in the industry, but in the end, only one can claim your bedroom. Let’s break everything down together.

About the Brands

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s get a few things straight.

Serta Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation
  • lots of affordable options for those with smaller budgets
  • mattresses are built with a specific purpose
  • offers a full 20-year warranty

What Not To Like

  • no options for heavy sleepers

BeautyRest Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • one of the oldest mattress companies in the US
  • most mattress types come in a budget, medium, and premium version
  • offers a mattress-in-a-box option
  • has an extensive range of firmness options (not just soft, medium, firm)

What Not To Like

  • customer service isn’t rated well

Serta and Beautyrest Comparison

Both companies have a few things in common, but if you peel back the layers, you’ll find there are a lot of differences.

How Are Serta and Beautyrest Alike?

Let’s look at what they have in common first.

Mattress Philosophy

Serta and Beautyrest want you to have a lot of choice in what kind of mattress you get. Conventional mattresses force your body into an unnatural position because your body has to conform to the bed rather than the other way around.

The beds in Serta and Beautyrest’s collection have two different layer concepts. On top, there’s some contouring layer that conforms to your body and fills in curves. This releases pressure from your spine and lumbar region, supports your shoulders, and keeps everything aligned.

Underneath those layers are the support layers. Some of the beds use pocketed coils to add structural integrity to the mattress and maintain edge support. Others use a denser foam as the support layer. Some use both coils and foam in sandwich layers.

The result is a completely supported yet cushioning bed that releases pressure and helps you wake up without pain in the morning.

Edge Support

Edge support is vital if you use the side of the bed to get into a comfortable position (hello stomach sleepers!) or if you have a partner and need to use the entire mattress for space to stretch out.

Both companies’ mattresses have excellent edge support in both innerspring, including hybrid, and memory foam styles. If you’re at the edge of the bed, you won’t feel like it’s going to roll you right off. When you sit on the edge of the bed, there’s compression, but not enough that it’s difficult to sit.

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Motion Transfer

If your partner never sits still, chances are he or she doesn’t sleep still either. The big question is… do you?

Motion transfer happens when one side of the bed moves and that motion reverberates through the whole mattress.  If your partner moves in the night, so do you. Motion transfer causes a lot of disturbance when partners sleep in the same bed, but both Serta and Beautyrest have tried to reduce it.

Their mattresses are either memory foam, which has a very low motion transfer rate, or the inner springs are individually wrapped coils sandwiched in layers of foam. You get the responsiveness of coils, but minimal transfer.


Both companies offer a range of accessories you can purchase to complement your mattress. The mattresses are compatible with adjustable foundations, which you can buy through both companies.

There is also a range of other products including pillows, mattress protectors, and even pet beds. If you feel guilty kicking Fido out of your bed, you can assuage that guilt with an equally comfy bed for your furry companion on the floor.

You can purchase accessories along with your mattress through the checkout window.


Both companies have manufacturing sites in the US and consider themselves to be based right in the country. Some sites are located across North America, but by far the most are located here. If it’s important to you to by from and support a company that contributes to the US economy and its workers, both of these companies are a safe choice.


We get it. Buying a mattress before you can test out a few in the store is a tough business. Since both Serta and Beautyrest are long established companies, they operate in showrooms across the United States.

You can find their mattresses in many showrooms and mattress stores, so you shouldn’t have any trouble testing out a few different varieties before purchasing. We recommend deciding in store if you can, and then buying online to get the full benefit of each company’s pricing, delivery, and warranties.

How Are Serta And Beautyrest Different?

Now for the good stuff.

Mattress Styles

Serta and Beautyrest have slightly different approaches to the most comfortable mattress question.


Serta divides their mattresses by purpose rather than purely by type.


The iComfort delivers a seriously cooling sleep to those who tend to sleep very hot and sweaty. It uses a specific type of material called TempActiv that wicks heat away from the body and redistributes it across the mattress. The material quickly returns to the ambient temperature of the room and prevents heat from getting trapped in the mattress core.

It’s available in an all memory foam model and a hybrid model that uses pocketed coils.


The Sertapedic line is for budget-conscious sleepers who want a luxury style mattress but aren’t in the market to spend big bucks. These mattresses have all the same luxury elements as more expensive mattresses but at serious savings.

If you experience some pain during the night, but it’s nothing serious, you might benefit from a mattress from this line. They are available in both memory foam and innerspring models.

Hotel Mattresses

Did you have the best night’s sleep of your life on a mattress at a hotel? You might be able to buy the exact mattress model. Serta has a line of extra thick mattress made for select hotel partners. The beds use inner springs for support and several comfort layers to conform to the body’s unique curves and pressure points.

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Special Collections

If that perfect mattress was at the Bellagio, or you want to feel like you’ve stayed there, you can purchase mattress styles made especially for that hotel chain. They are even thicker and more luxurious than the Hotels Collection.

The other unique collection is the iSeries hybrid that packs in coils and foam for better contouring and support. It’s also an extremely thick mattress meant to mimic the high end, luxury mattresses found in five-star hotels and celebrity condos.

Mattress In A Box

You don’t have time to wait around for traditional delivery, and Serta has a mattress that handles that option. It’s all memory foam and available in a range of firmness options. It’s for someone who knows they want memory foam but doesn’t want to deal with traditional delivery and doesn’t want to pay department store prices for a mattress.

It arrives on your doorstep compressed in a box. You unpack the box and gently tear away the plastic to begin reinflation. After a few hours, your new mattress is ready to go.


Beautyrest divides their mattresses around luxury rather than the type of mattress.


Beautyrest’s budget option uses pocketed micro-coils to support your body. Specific models have gel touch memory foam or air cool foam. Both help keep your body temperature down as you sleep.

There are innerspring models and hybrid models that use adaptive foam to conform to your curves and fill in pressure points.


The Platinum line is Beautyrest’s mid-range mattress line. It uses pocketed micro coils for bounce and response along with foams explicitly designed for more back support. Three layers work together to fill in pressure points in the lumbar region and offer more targeted support for back pain sufferers who don’t get enough support from the Silver line.

This line is available in a wide range of firmness options.


The Black line is the premium line. The primary common feature through the mattresses at this level is cooling. The memory foam options use cooling foam with open cells to improve breathability and keep up air flow (which keeps you drier at night). The heat wicking materials on the cover further redistribute heat and return to the ambient temperature of the room.

The hybrid mattresses use pocketed micro coils, which are already very breathable, and foam for pressure point relief. A separate layer of pocketed micro coils adds targeted support, and the whole system is sandwiched in layers of foam to reduce motion transfer and conform to the body.

Bed In A Box

Beautyrest also offers a bed in a box option for those who don’t need specific support and don’t want to spend all day waiting on a delivery person. The bed comes compressed, so when you unpack the box, tear the plastic gently away from the mattress to begin reinflation. Your new bed should be good to go within a few hours or so.


Some of their prices certainly overlap, but Serta is on average cheaper than Beautyrest. We believe that spending money on your health is a great investment, but it isn’t always necessary to spend more.

Serta starts at about $400 for budget queens and goes to around $2700 for queen beds in a variety of styles. Their iSerta line depends entirely on the mattress retailer for the price but can be as much as $2500.

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Beautyrest starts at around $700 for some of their budget queen beds but goes up to about $3500 for some of their premium queen mattresses.

Beautyrest is technically more expensive, but there is a lot of overlap for similar styles of mattresses.


Serta offers a warranty of 20 years for mattress defects and wear and tear that falls outside the natural life cycle of the mattress (provided you’ve adequately supported the bed, and you aren’t sleeping outside or something).

Beautyrest offers a varied warranty depending on the model of the mattress. Instructions for finding and claiming a warranty can be found on their website here.

Customer Service

Let’s talk about this. While we can’t personally say Beautyrest’s customer service has burned us, they consistently rank as average to below average. This gives us pause because if you need to have something handled, you want a brand that has a good customer service reputation.

Serta’s customer service has a better reputation overall. However, both companies appear to use customer service agents located in the United States.

And The Winner Is…

Serta! Buy Online Now

We’re confident in recommending Serta as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. These are very similar companies, but a few things set Serta apart.

It’s endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation, which gives us confidence that our sleep needs are covered. It’s slightly cheaper than most of Beautyrest’s offerings, but there’s still a wide variety of different types and firmness levels of the mattress so we can choose based on our own needs.

  • Quality – Tie
  • Price – Serta
  • Reputation – Serta
  • Sleep Trial – tie
  • Warranty – Serta
  • Customer Support – Serta
  • Product Selection -Tie

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Serta

Here’s why. Serta has quite a few softer options that should cradle side sleepers without causing kinks in shoulders or hips. Plus, excellent edge support so side sleepers can use the entire mattress to get comfortable.

Stomach Sleepers: Serta

Here’s why. Serta’s ultra firm options should give stomach sleepers all the support they need.

Back Pain: Choose Serta

Here’s why. Serta’s firm options with contouring layers gently fill in the lumbar region and prevent pressure on the spine.

Heavy People: Choose Neither

Here’s why. Neither are rated for heavier sleepers, so you’re going to lose the unique benefits of the mattresses. Try out Winkbeds Plus instead.

Couples: Choose Serta

Here’s why. Serta has some excellent hybrid options that reduce motion transfer and still offer bounce but with slightly cheaper price point options.


We won’t argue with the National Sleep Foundation. Serta has some excellent mattress options in a variety of types and firmness levels, so we can choose exactly what we want. We can even get in on the bed in a box trend if we want to. Beautyrest makes some excellent mattresses, but this time, they aren’t quite the champion.

Have you ever slept on the perfect mattress in a hotel? Would you purchase the same one to get that same sleep every night? Let us know in the comments below.

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