Sealy vs. Serta Mattress Comparison 2022 : Which Is Better?

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This isn’t just any matchup. It’s head-to-head with two of the biggest names in the industry. The opposite of the single mattress concept of many newer bed-in-a-box companies, these two offer a wide range of styles, mattress constructions, and price ranges.

If you’re more of a mattress traditionalist and want a trusted brand to supply your next perfect night’s sleep, you can’t get more traditional than Sealy or Serta. Which one deserves your business? Let’s take a look.

About the Brands

There’s a lot to keep up with, so here’s a quick list to keep in mind.

Sealy Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • mattress divided by type
  • foam, hybrid, and innerspring options
  • plenty of showrooms
  • budget to mid-range prices

What Not To Like

  • not endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation
  • some mattresses are thinner than others

Serta Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • mattresses divided by purpose (for example, cooling)
  • endorsed by National Sleep Foundation
  • 20-year warranty
  • plenty of budget options

What Not To Like

  • no option for heavy sleepers

Sealy and Serta Comparison

As giants of the mattress industry, they do have plenty of similarities. You might be surprised to find some differences, too.

How are Sealy and Serta Alike?

Let’s start with their similarities.

Mattress Philosophy

Both companies have done a lot to transform the way we sleep. They’ve embraced the contour and support method of constructing a mattress for all their mattress styles. Both companies offer a wide range of beds, but each one has a layer of contouring followed by a layer of support.

The contouring layer helps transition the body to the support layer. Old mattresses forced your body to conform to the surface of the bed, causing pain, pinched nerves, and pressure point stress. The layer or layers of contouring on both styles of mattresses give way to your curves and gently conform to your body rather than the other way around.

The support layer or layers keep your spine from overextending and relieve pressure on your lower back. The combination of both layers helps ease your body into a comfortable but supported position. These layers can be altered to be firmer or softer depending on your needs.


Both companies have a wide variety of mattress styles. You can choose innerspring models, hybrid models, and all memory foam models. There’s also a range of firmness levels from soft to firm for both companies.


The price range of both is also very similar. Some of the cheapest mattresses for Sealy start at about $500 for an innerspring queen mattress and move up to about $1500 for some of their top of the line hybrid and memory foam queens.

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Serta is in the same price range. Serta starts at about $400 for a queen innerspring mattress, and that goes up to about $1500 for some of the hybrid and memory foam queens.

While there’s some variety in specific prices, the range of pricing for each type of mattress is so close that it shouldn’t make much of a difference to you unless you’re on a very strict budget, or you can’t decide between the two companies and price is the final deciding factor. Otherwise, you’re probably going to spend about the same.

Edge Support

Both companies have continued the edge support of old school mattresses despite the new technology and construction. Edge support is vital for the structural integrity of the bed. Without it, you can’t use every inch of the mattress to sleep. It can throw off your body’s positioning and make it difficult to get out of the bed.

Motion Transfer

If your partner is a total beast during the night and can’t seem to find a comfortable position without tossing and turning a thousand times, a mattress that reduces motion transfer is essential.  Most of the beds offered by Sealy and Serta have good to excellent protection against motion transfer.

Of course, the full memory foam mattresses are the best at reducing that transfer, but even the innerspring and hybrid models have protections built in to help isolate motion so that you both can sleep.

The other benefit of reducing motion transfer is preserving the integrity of the mattress surface. Heavier partners create a dip in the surface that’s uncomfortable. Isolating motion also helps keep the surface flat so both partners can take full advantage of the contouring of the top layers.


If you need to change your entire set up, both companies have quite a few accessories you can add to your mattress order. They have adjustable foundations, regular bed bases, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, and a few other things.

The prices are about the same for both sides.


If you can’t quite handle the full cost of your mattress and accessories, both companies have financing options. You receive an immediate decision right on the site and then check out as usual. The monthly payments are highly affordable.

Customer Service and Manufacturing

Both companies have factories located in the United States although they do have factories in other parts of North America. The majority are located in the country, however, so you are supporting the US economy.

Customer service representatives also appear to be located within the United States. Both companies have reputations for excellent and fast customer service. You should have no problems if you have a complaint or an issue with one of their mattresses.


Both companies have plenty of ways for you to try out different styles of their mattress before buying. They operate many showrooms or are located in different mattress stores across the country.

If you want the chance to lay on some of their mattress types, it shouldn’t be difficult at all to find one in a store near you.

How are Sealy and Serta different?

Let’s take a look at a few differences now.


Sealy has three different basic types of mattress.

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Inner Spring

Sealy’s innerspring mattress is called their Response line. There are three different grades of bed here, but the basic idea is an egg-crate style air foam that’s breathable and contours to the body.

The next layer is individually wrapped coils that provide support while the reinforced edges maintain the integrity of the mattress. The middle layers can be customized for three different firmness levels.

The base model is an affordable option that gives you both the contouring foam and the coils. The middle version adds a gel layer to help keep things even cooler if you’re a sweaty sleeper. The luxury version has a gel memory foam layer that offers the most cooling and the most contouring.

Memory Foam

The Conform Line is an all memory foam line that uses the same type of contouring foam on the top, but underneath is a dense foam that acts as the support layer. The support layer has gel infused material that helps prevent heat from getting trapped in the core of the mattress.

There are three models in this line. All three have reinforced edges to help with the structural integrity of the mattress. The base model is affordable and gives you both contouring and supporting foam.

The middle model uses a gel infused support layer with a cover that resists moisture. The premium model uses gel infused support foam with a cover that further redistributes heat for the sweatiest sleepers.

The first two models are available in firm, medium, and soft while the premium model is available in soft and extra firm.


The Hybrid line uses a combination of foam for contouring and micro-coils for support and bounce. It’s an excellent middle road for those who are looking for more contouring but don’t like the dead feel of all foam.

This line also has three different models, a budget line, a middle line that uses chill foam for better temperature regulation, and a premium version that uses cooling technology throughout all the layers.

The budget model is available only in firm, but the middle model is available in a firm, soft and medium. The premium model is available in a firm, soft, and an extra soft.


Serta has three different models of a mattress as well, but purpose rather than type divides their beds.


iComfort is available in a hybrid model and an all memory foam. The iComfort’s purpose is to deliver an ultra-cool night’s sleep for those who typically sleep very hot. It uses TempActiv technology, a proprietary cooling material that wicks heat away from the body and helps prevent it from being reflected onto the body.

Mattress In A Box

The Mattress in a Box is an all memory foam mattress that’s compressed and delivered to your door without the use of a delivery window. They are available in medium to firm ranges and are intended to be an easy, budget option for those who don’t want to deal with mattress stores, delivery people, and don’t need or want to pay for white glove service.


Sertapedic is an innerspring or memory foam mattress that’s an affordable option for those who experience some pain during the night and need better pressure relief. Its big draw is that it’s a serious budget option that allows you to get a luxury mattress for a highly affordable price.

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Hotel Mattresses

You can also order the mattress that Serta makes for specific hotel partners. They use inner springs for support and contouring, comfort materials to relieve pressure and pain. They are extra thick mattresses and mimic some of the luxury hotel mattresses.

Special Collections

You can also purchase the mattress made for the five start Bellagio hotels. Another special mattress is the iSeries hybrid that uses more individual coils for better, thicker support. Both of these are more luxurious and a more significant investment.


Sealy uses a ten-year warranty for mattress defects, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong with your mattress. It also covers mattress damage under certain circumstances although there may be some fees involved.

Serta has a 20-year warranty for mattress defects. Most mattresses require replacement every eight years or so, but even if you keep your mattress twice that long, you’re covered.


The National Sleep Foundation endorses Serta while Sealy isn’t endorsed. Although Sealy makes some excellent mattresses, this fact can help tip the scales in Serta’s favor.

And the Winner Is…

Serta! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Serta as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. These are very similar companies, but a few things make Serta the top choice.

First, it’s endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation. Second, there’s enough variety for you to find both a type of mattress and a firmness option that suits your specific needs. Although Serta is slightly more expensive, their mattresses offer a lot of luxury for what’s still a very affordable price.

  • Quality – Serta
  • Price – Sealy
  • Reputation – Serta
  • Sleep Trial – tie
  • Warranty – Serta
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection -Tie

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Serta

Here’s why. Serta offers plenty of soft and medium options that cradle side sleepers and keeps everything supported without putting pressure on places like the shoulders.

Stomach Sleepers: Serta

Here’s why. Serta has a few ultra-firm options that should satisfy the needs of stomach sleepers in a variety of price ranges.

Back Pain: Choose Serta

Here’s why. Serta’s firm and ultra-firm choices are an excellent choice to relieve lumbar pressure and ease back sleepers into a good position.

Heavy People: Choose Neither

Here’s why. Some of the firm options can hold a single sleeper that’s between 200 and 300 pounds, but none of the mattresses are manufactured for the specific needs of heavier sleepers. If you’re a heavier couple, you’ll be better off with Winkbeds Plus or a mattress like Ghostbed that’s rated for up to 750 pounds.

Couples: Choose Serta

Here’s why. Serta has some excellent hybrid options that reduce motion transfer and still offer bounce.


The recommendation by the National Sleep Foundation sold us on Serta. We also enjoy the different models of Serta and how the mattresses are divided by purpose rather than solely by mattress type. It allows us to customize our sleep preferences a little more intuitively than the Sealy.

What’s the most important thing for you: choosing your mattress by type or choosing your mattress by purpose (such as cooling or hotel luxury)? Let us know in the comments below.

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