Sealy vs. BeautyRest Mattress Comparison 2022 : Which Is Better?

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At one point, Beautyrest accounted for half of the mattress sales in the United States. Times have changed since the pocketed coil put Beautyrest on the map, but can Sealy overtake the classic Beautyrest design? Let’s look at a few key features to see which one today’s champion is.

About the Brands

Before we get into specifics, let’s keep a few things in mind.

Sealy Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • a range of firmness options
  • full line of foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses
  • fully affordable
  • full range of accessories

What Not To Like

  • no options for heavy sleepers
  • some mattress models are a little thin

BeautyRest Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • full range of options in a budget, medium, and premium mattress
  • created by one of the oldest mattress companies in the United States
  • mattress-in-a-box option
  • a wide range of firmness choices

What Not To Like

  • somewhat expensive
  • has average to below average customer service according to many customer reports

Sealy and Beautyrest Comparison

On the surface, these two huge companies have a lot in common. Peel back the layers, however, and there are some fundamental differences.

How Are Sealy and Beautyrest Similar?

Both companies take the concept of choice very seriously. You get a lot of different options to hit your target needs instead of relying on a one size fits all mattress concept.

Mattress Philosophy

Both companies take the concept of choice very seriously. They both have extensive lines of innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam options in a wide range of firmness levels. They also have different types of materials to produce cooling effects.

The underlying philosophy is similar across all the different mattresses, however. Most mattresses now use two types of layers to provide a more restful night sleep. The top layers are contouring materials that give way to your body’s curves. Allowing parts of your body to sink further into the mattress means you won’t get flattened into an uncomfortable position during the night and wake up with back pain.

The mattress can’t be all contouring, however, because you wouldn’t support your spine or lumbar region. The support layer underneath pushes back against the body to keep your spine straight and relieve pressure. Some of these layers are coils, some are dense foam, and some are a combination of both.

Edge Support

Both companies also have excellent edge support. To preserve the structural integrity of the mattress, the materials and inner parts work together to reduce compression as you sit or lay towards the edge.

You can sleep right up to the edge of the mattresses without feeling like you’re going to roll off. You can also get in and out of bed easier.

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Motion Transfer

Both companies’ mattresses, even the innerspring models, have taken steps to reduce the amount of motion that transfers from one side to the other. This is good news if you keep a pet in the bed or if your partner is unusually restless. Their tossing and turning is less likely to bother you.

Another benefit of reducing motion transfer is when one partner is heavier than the other. If you’ve ever rolled towards your partner in the middle of the night because of a dip in the mattress or struggled to get into an adequately supported position because of sleeping on an incline, you’ll appreciate reduced motion transfer. It keeps the surface more flat for both partners.


Both companies have plenty of accessories you can purchase if you need to redo your entire bed situation. You can find bases and adjustable foundations, pillows, sheets or mattress protectors, and even pet beds.

You can purchase the entire system together through their checkout pages.


Both companies offer financing options if you can’t or would rather not pay the entire cost all at once. You can get an instant decision and then check out as usual with your mattress and accessories.


It’s easy to find showrooms to test out a few models before your purchase online. Both companies have showrooms and place their mattresses in many mattress retail stores across the country.


Both companies manufacture their mattresses in the USA. If you want to support a company that’s integral to the economy of the United States, you’re safe with both of these companies.

How Are Sealy And Beautyrest Different?

There are quite a few differences in the types of layers that both companies use.


Sealy has three types of mattress. As you’re searching through their options, they’re divided by category. Within each type, there is a budget, mid-range, and premium option.


The Response line is a conventional innerspring mattress updated for what we know about the needs of the body during sleep. It uses a cushion layer on top of coils to reduce pressure on specific points of the body and to reduce motion transfer. It comes in three different firmness levels, so you have a range of options for your preferences.

Memory Foam

The Conform line uses the same concept of the cushion layer, but instead of coils it uses a dense layer of support foam to push back against the body and give you the traditional memory foam hug. It has excellent motion reduction and the cover and enforced sides give it suitable edge support despite the foam.


The Hybrid line uses foam and pocketed micro coils to give you the best of both worlds. You get the contouring of traditional memory foam, but the support layer is more responsive than conventional foam. However, you still have the full motion transfer capabilities of foam. If you want the feel of memory foam, but enjoy the bounce of your innerspring, this can be a good compromise.


Beautyrest’s line of mattresses is divided along luxury concepts rather than purely type of bed.

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The Silver line is Beautyrest’s budget option. It uses Beautyrest’s pocketed micro coils for support and some options also have gel touch memory foam and air cool foam. There’s an innerspring option and a hybrid option that uses layers of adaptive foam to reduce temperature and contour to the body.


Platinum is their mid-range option using pocketed micro coils for support and foams explicitly designed for back support. It uses three layers, but those work together to produce a more supportive mattress that relieves back pain and reduces pressure on the spine. It’s available in a range of firmness options.


The Black line is their most luxurious option. A big part of this line is the temperature control. The all memory foam uses cooling, open cell foam with a heat wicking cover to prevent heat from radiating back to the body.

The hybrid mattresses use pocketed coils and foam to target pressure points and provide optimum support while reducing temperatures. The hybrid plus uses pocketed coils and a separate layer of pocketed micro coils for support, responsiveness, and cushion.

This line is going to be the most significant investment.

Bed In A Box

Beautyrest also has an all memory foam mattress that arrives at your door compressed. It’s an affordable option for someone who only needs basic support and contouring. It uses a layer of cool foam and then a layer of support. It also includes the sleep tracker layer that sends essential sleep vitals to an app on your smartphone.


At some tiers, the price overlaps, but Sealy has more budget options with their lowest priced mattress starting at about $500 for a queen. Cost goes from there to about $2000 for a premium-model queen memory foam mattress.

Beautyrest starts at about $700 for their budget (Silver) innerspring queen mattress. At the other end of the spectrum, the Black Hybrid Plus sets you back about $3500 for a queen. If you’re deciding solely on price, Sealy is going to be a lower price point overall.

Beautyrest does have a mattress in a box option that comes with their tech addition, Sleep Tracker, at about $999. It gives users a budget option with the added perk of being able to extract valuable health information from their mattress set up.

Customer Service

Sealy has an excellent customer service reputation for getting things handled well and quickly. Beautyrest, on the other hand, consistently ranks average to poor for customer service. Many people report that the company is slow to respond to warranty requests and requests for returns or exchanges.

Both companies appear to have customer service agents located in the United States, so that part shouldn’t be an issue.


Sealy has a ten-year warranty that covers mattress defects. It’s a simple matter to replace any mattress that experiences wear and tear that doesn’t fall within the original scope of the life of the mattress.

Beautyrest has a varied warranty defined by a purchase code. To find your warranty, follow the instructions found here.

And The Winner Is…

Sealy! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Sealy as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. Sealy offers a wide range of options but manages to beat Beautyrest in the price department. While we firmly believe that spending money in the name of your health is essential, we aren’t convinced that the extra money is worth it.

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Sealy has memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses that are well done and very luxurious. You can get the same quality of mattress consistently more affordably by choosing Sealy. If you’re able to try out these mattresses in a showroom, we think you’ll agree that not much is different between the two besides the price.

The customer service issue also stuck with us. While no customer service department is perfect, Beautyrest consistently rated as average to below average for customer service. If you had a problem, there’s a chance you wouldn’t get the level of care you need based on customer reporting.

  • Quality – Tie
  • Price – Sealy
  • Reputation – Sealy
  • Sleep Trial – Tie
  • Warranty – Sealy
  • Customer Support – Sealy
  • Product Selection – Tie

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Sealy

Here’s why. Sealy has some medium to soft mattresses that should cushion your pressure points well and still provide the edge support side sleepers frequently need to get into a comfortable position. There’s just no need to spend more.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Sealy

Here’s why. Sealy also has some firm options that provide excellent support and keep the spine from overextending. If you need the extra firm choices, Sealy has those along with a range of others.

Back Pain: Choose Sealy

Here’s why. Sealy’s firm options in both the innerspring and the hybrid should relieve pressure in your lumbar region and help align the spine while reducing tossing and turning.

Heavy People: Choose Neither

Here’s why. We think that you’ll be better served with a mattress that considers your unique needs. Winkbeds Plus, for example, is explicitly made with heavier people in mind. Another mattress, Ghostbeds, isn’t explicitly made for heavier people, but the weight rating goes up to 750 pounds.

Couples: Choose Sealy

Here’s why. Sealy has plenty of options in a variety of bed sizes. It has good motion transfer reduction and plenty of support. There’s no need to spend more for Beautyrest.


Beautyrest makes some elegant and supportive mattresses, but we think their reign as America’s original mattress company might be over. They’ve pioneered quite a few sleep technologies, but right now there’s no need to spend more for a Beautyrest mattress. Sealy has all three major types of beds in different firmness options. They have a long history of producing quality mattresses and an excellent customer service reputation.

We like Sealy’s choices (aside from heavy sleepers. That could improve) and we think that the ability to try out one of their mattresses in a showroom along with the Beautyrest will tell you that not much is different between the two besides the price. Beautyrest does have some affordable options, but the overall value of Sealy is just a little bit better.

How important is the price to your overall decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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