Sealy Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Sealy is one of the oldest and most widely-known mattress makers in the country – possibly even the world. They’ve been making mattresses since 1889 and today they’re the country’s second-largest mattress manufacturer.

The company was founded by Danial Haynes in Sealy, Texas, in 1881. Originally a cotton gin builder, Haynes invented a machine to compress cotton. The machine was so successful Haynes branched out into mattress making. The original mattresses were marketed as “mattresses from Sealy.” Soon enough, a whole new company was born.

In 1952, Sealy invented Posturepedic Technology. This provides deep, targeted support regardless of sleeping position. The Sealy Posturepedic is the name of a very popular mattress, but the Posturepedic technology is found in practically all of the mattresses offered by the company.

Which brings up another point: Sealy is a large company with a wide selection of mattresses. They offer foam, spring, hybrid and more. No matter what type of mattress you prefer, you’ll likely find a few options at Sealy.

So, is Sealy the mattress company of your dreams? Your complete review of Sealy mattresses starts right now:

Product Offering

Many mattress stores, especially online-only mattress stores, only offer one type of mattress. Not Sealy. They offer four different types of mattresses with different sub-categories of each:

Response Line

The Response is an innerspring mattress. The middle quilt area of this mattress is reinforced with additional foam. This extra support helps keep your spine in the proper alignment throughout the night, making this mattress a good choice for anyone with frequent back issues.

There are three different types of mattresses in the response line: Essential, Performance and Premium. Only the Performance and Premium use Posturepedic technology. Otherwise the differences involve the number of layers and type of coil system. Generally, as prices increase, so does the amount of coil support.

Conform Line

The Conform Line is Sealy’s line of memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are made to hug your body. They’re the kind of mattresses you sink into rather than sleep on.

Denser memory foam is placed on the top middle layer of the mattress. This provides extra support for your heavier pressure points such as your neck and back. The Conform mattress use a combination of foam, memory foam, gel foam and Posturepedic technology.

The Conform mattress available in Essential, Performance and Premium versions. Like the Response line, the differences between the three versions mainly involve inner construction. Only the Performance and Premium mattresses use Posturepedic technology.

Hybrid Line

This line of mattresses combines both spring and gel. Their Hybrid mattresses combines the firm support of springs with the “hug” of gel foam. Extra memory foam and coils in the middle of the mattress promote proper spinal alignment.

This line is also divided into Essential, Performance and Premium. The main difference here is with the quality of the cover. The Premium cover uses ChillTech UltraStretch high-loft knit with DuoChill technology. As with the other lines, only the Performance and Premium use Posturepedic technology.


Finally, there’s a Sealy Cocoon, which is a bit different. The Cocoon is Sealy’s attempt to enter the online-only mattress market where mattresses are compressed and shipped directly to your door. Two models are available: The Classic and the Chill.

The Classic and Chill has similar internal construction. The main difference between the two is that the Chill is usually a bit cooler thanks to a premium stretch-knit cover. While both mattresses dissipate heat pretty well, the Chill is probably the better option if you’re a hot sleeper, live in a warm climate or typically sweat a lot during the night.

You get to use the Cocoon in your home for 100 days risk-free. If you’re not happy with the purchase, you can send the mattress back for a full refund. The Cocoon is a Sealy product but is sold through a separate Cocoon by Sealy website.

Customer Support

As the country’s second-largest mattress retailer, Sealy has a wide range of customer support options. You can call them 24/7 at 1-800-MY-SEALY or send an email at In my experience, the support reps were all based in America, although I found no official policy stating all their support reps are U.S. based.

Warranties and Return Policy

Sealy sells their mattresses directly from their site and also through various retailers. So, warranties can get a little confusing, because individual sellers might have their own guarantees. Sealy recommends contacting your mattress seller directly if you have any issues with your new mattress. If the retailer is unable to help, then you’re advised to contact Sealy.

Sealy offers a general warranty against manufacturing defects for all of their products. This applies if you bought the mattress from Sealy directly or through any authorized retailer.

Be sure and register your mattress through Sealy’s website. This lets you file a claim if your mattress has a defect. While their website covers the details, basically Sealy’s warranty doesn’t cover any damage you inflict on the mattress yourself. That includes accidental damage although, fortunately, the mattresses are generally very durable.

The Cocoon has an additional 10 year full-replacement limited edition warranty. One highlight of the warranty is that it covers any indentations which are one inch or deeper. Although memory foam is unlikely to dent, if any issue should occur you’ll be able to get a completely new mattress.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales and Deals

Sealy places a lot of emphasis on their authorized retailers. When you go to purchase a mattress, they’ll direct you to a retailer nearest you. So potential discounts depend on where you’re buying your Sealy. You’ll want to locate the Sealy retailer nearest you and then check for related deals.

The Sealy Cocoon does have an online deal directly on their website. For a limited time, you can get $75 off any Cocoon mattress or $125 off a mattress and foundation set.

The Sealy Cocoon also offers 0% APR for 12 months. There’s no interest with a minimum purchase of $500. Six-month special financing is also available for purchases over $299.

Reviewed: Sealy Cocoon

Sealy is a pretty well-known brand for most people. There’s likely a store near you where you can check out all of the Response, Conform and Hybrid lines in-person. Delivery will be arranged by the specific store where you purchase the mattress, but that’s usually pretty simple since you’re dealing with a local area.

The Sealy Cocoon is a bit different. Available only through online ordering, the Cocoon is Sealy’s only current offering in the “mattress in a box” category. So while many people are familiar with Sealy, not as many are familiar with the Sealy Cocoon.

Here’s what you need to know about the Sealy Cocoon:

What Sizes Is It Available In?

There are two versions of the Sealy Cocoon: The Classic and the Chill. While specific dimensions aren’t listed on the site, both types of the Sealy Cocoon are available in standard Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes.

What’s It Made Out Of?

The Cocoon has four distinct layers.

The top layer is a Premium Fabric Cover. Made of stretch-knit, the cover uses Sealy’s exclusive Phase Change Material to pull heat away from the surface. Helps keep you cool even in warm climates.

Next is the Perfect Fit Memory Foam. No matter how you want to sleep, the foam will conform to support your body’s pressure points. Helps reduce pressure on your neck, hips and back no matter your weight or preferred sleeping position.

Underneath the Memory Foam layer is the Comfort Layer. Two options are available. Cocoon Soft has a softer surface where you’ll sink into the bed. Cocoon Firm provides a more supportive feel of sleeping on the bed.

The last layer is the Support Layer. This is the most durable, resilient part of the mattress. Designed to always bounce back, even after years and years of use.

Is It Good For…?

You want a mattress that fits the way you like to sleep. Here’s a look at how well the Sealy Cocoon handles common sleeping situations:

Side Sleepers

Yes. The Support Layer and Comfort Layer work together to support your neck, shoulders and spine when sleeping on your side. Even better, the foam layer provides support to help prevent that dead arm feeling in the morning.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. Cocoon Soft is especially comfy for stomach sleepers. You’ll be able to sink into the bed but will still be supported by the layers of foam. Provides plenty of support for hips and shoulders when sleeping face down.

Yes. Cocoon Firm provides the most support for sore and aching backs. No matter what position you sleep in, the foam promotes proper spinal alignment. Regular use can help reduce back pain.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. Sealy’s Phase Change Material keeps heat from pooling underneath your body. The breathable materials allow your body heat to flow away from you during the heat, keeping the mattress surface cool.

Heavy People

Yes. The Support layer keeps the mattress steady and balanced when getting into and out of bed. The additional layers provide support for your body’s pressure points, which can be a great relief for joints.


Yes. Cocoon Soft has a comfortable cushion. At the same time, the mattress is designed to isolate individual movements. Two people can comfortably move about the bed without causing balance issues. The soft version of the cocoon will contain more motion than the firm one.

Where Can I Buy It?

This is only Sealy mattress you won’t find in a store. It’s available only online. You can find it from the main Sealy site or from Cocoon by Sealy. Delivery is available anywhere within the United States.

The Sealy Cocoon is also sold on Amazon. Oddly, the Amazon listing doesn’t seem to sell Queen sized Cocoons, so you might have to visit the official website if you want that size.

If you’re interested in any other type of Sealy mattress, their site will help you find the authorized retailer closest to your location. Even if you end up ordering online, visiting a nearby retail store to check out the mattresses is often a good idea.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices for both the Cocoon Classic and Cocoon Chill range from affordable to downright cheap. Twin Cocoons start around $550. The California King, the largest option, is about $1,150.

Sealy also offers six and 12-month payment plans. For example, the California King can be paid for in 12 payments of about $95.

The optional foundation does add to the price, but not by much. Foundation prices range from $250 to $350. The foundation can be delivered alongside the mattress.

Is It Worth It?

Sealy has a great reputation for a reason. Their mattresses are generally high quality, supportive, comfortable and affordable. But until now they’ve mainly concentrated on selling through brick-and-mortar retailers.

The current trend on mattresses which are ordered online and delivered to your house is a direct response to traditional retailers like Sealy. Now that Sealy has entered this new market, how well are they doing?

Basically, they’re doing pretty well but there could be some room for improvement. Highlights of the Cocoon include the affordable price, 100-day trial period and overall high quality construction.

Plus, another feature worth mentioning is the customer service. This is where a large organization like Sealy really has an advantage over smaller online mattress sellers. You can call Sealy 24 hours a day to talk to a live support agent. You can also email them and will likely receive a quick response.

The Sealy Cocoon isn’t nearly the same quality as some of their top-of-the-line Posturepedic mattresses sold in stores. But when compared to other “mattress in a box” brands, the Cocoon is comfortable, durable and affordable. A good choice from a trusted manufacturer.

Shipping Info

The mattress is compressed into a box and shipped directly to your door. Most mattresses boxes will be 76.5” by 10.5” by 14.5”. The California King is a bit bigger at 78.5” by 10.5” by 14.5”.

Weight varies by size:

  • The Twin is 54 pounds.
  • The Twin XL is 58 pounds.
  • The Full is 64 pounds.
  • The Queen is 69 pounds.
  • The King is 85 pounds.
  • The California King is 78 pounds.

Generally, these boxes are small enough that most delivery companies will leave them on your doorstep. You’ll want to make sure you’re home during the delivery window so nobody steals your new mattress. After all, even porch pirates like a good night’s sleep!

Additionally, you’ll probably also want to enlist the help of a friend when moving the box into your home. Any mattress beyond the Twin can be just a bit too heavy for one person to move comfortably, especially if you need to go up a flight of stairs.

Unboxing is pretty simple. You pull the rolled up, compressed mattress from the box. It’ll be a large cylinder which you place on the bed. Then you cut away the plastic wrapping and ties. The mattress will unroll on its own. Decompressing takes just a minute or two. Your mattress will be ready to sleep on right away.

Unlike other foam mattresses, there are no reports to be found about any weird chemical smells with the Cocoon. Although these smells are harmless and do dissipate after a day or two, it’s nice not to have to deal with them at all. The Cocoon is ready to be slept on the very first night it arrives.

Best Bed Frame / Foundation for the Sealy Cocoon

Sealy offers a custom foundation designed specifically for the Cocoon. Designed with spruce lumber with an upholstery finish, the foundation provides an additional level of support. Plus, it looks pretty stylish, too.

The foundation does need to be assembled. However, assembly is a three-step process which requires no tools. The foundation will arrive with the mattress but in a separate box. I had no problems carrying the foundation box up a flight of stairs and around a corner.

While the Sealy Cocoon will likely fit most standard sized box springs and other bad frames, the Cocoon foundation is often the best choice. This foundation fits the mattress exactly. Plus, the style blends into the look of the mattress to create an attractive piece of furniture for the bedroom.

When NOT to Buy a Sealy Cocoon Mattress

Overall, the Cocoon has a lot to like. But there are a few reasons you might not want to buy one. First, this is a foam mattress. Some people find that foam doesn’t provide as much support as springs or hybrid mattresses. If you like an especially firm mattress, even the Cocoon Firm might not provide the support you prefer.

Even though many different cooling technologies are used to help pull heat away from the sleeping surface, memory foam mattress can still get warm. Some people simply find memory foam too hot for comfortable sleeping. In that case, you’ll want a spring or hybrid mattress.

Compare Similar Brands

First, if you like the Sealy name, but don’t like the Cocoon specifically, you’re in luck. Sealy has a ton of different mattresses available both online and in retail stores around the country. All of them have the same great customer support as well as various warranties.

If you’re not really into foam mattresses, consider all-natural latex. ZenHaven uses 100% American-made latex to create a mattress which is softer and cooler than most memory foam mattresses. Latex mattresses are often very heavy, so the Cocoon is a better choice if you want a more lightweight mattress.


Overall, the Sealy Mattress company gets an A while their Cocoon mattress gets a solid B+. The company has great customer service, a long history of excellent quality and – for a company over 100 years old – a surprising ability to innovate.

They’re still relatively new to the “mattress in the box” category, but their main entry is strong. The Cocoon is comfortable, lightweight and durable. Plus, the price is very low compared to similar mattresses. This is one of the few mattresses which offers payment plans and other financing options. If you’re looking for a comfortable mattress on a budget, you can get a Cocoon for as low as $95 a month.

Sealy has developed proven, scientific solutions to make their mattresses comfortable and supportive. All of their Posturepedic mattresses help with spinal alignment and pressure point support. Generally, Sealy is a company you should consider if you’re looking to relieve back pain or similar issues.

Is the Sealy Cocoon the best memory foam mattress on the market? Maybe or maybe not. But it’s certainly a good buy for anyone interested in a comfortable mattress from a trusted manufacturer at a price which is hard to beat.

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