Rustic Bedroom Ideas : Farmhouse Inspiration for a Homey Feel

There’s something about a farmhouse inspiration in a home that really creates a homey feel. There’s a functional element to it that goes back to basics, and it’s also a subtle reminder of living simply and honoring family values.

The following images showcase some rustic bedroom ideas that create that feeling no matter where a home or bedroom might be. Some of them are more traditionally rustic while others are modern twists on the feeling. All of them are beautiful, inspirational, and easy to replicate with some similar choices.

Here are some of our favorite ways to make a homey rustic bedroom and why.

1. Crafted Wood Paneling

Lots of crafted wood in a bedroom immediately create that rustic feeling. Painting the wood in light colors supports this airy feeling, whereas some darker wood would end up feeling more like a wood cabin. The wood is also functional in having the bookshelf around the bed, as well as decorative in an otherwise simple design.


2. An Antler Chandelier

It doesn’t get more rustic than having an antler chandelier hanging over the bed. This is an example of how that bold choice can fit into an otherwise more understated bedroom. There’s an obvious outdoor rustic feeling without going over the top into a themed bedroom.


3. A Rustic Stone Hearth

Stones are just as common as wood for building farmhouse type homes, whether for functionality or style. This bedroom happens to utilize both in a gorgeous way. The wood and the stones end up becoming the decoration of the room and are softened by the balance of using the cozy rug and bed throw.


4. Rustic Wall Art

This bedroom is mostly made of rustic wood, and that theme is continued by the use of the artwork on the wall. The images shown of cowboys bring in that feeling while still being artistic and modern. The soft bed is a nice counter to the very raw wood that covers the majority of the room.

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5. A Rustic Bedframe

This is a good example of how to bring a rustic farmhouse vibe into a bedroom even when there isn’t a lot of natural wood naturally showing in the space. Just a simple but bold choice for a bedroom. The rest of the frame was created with a leather back and then a comfy white comforter was added to the mattress.


6. A Rustic Stone Wall

The bedroom is an example of how stone can be added to a wall to create a rustic feeling. It’s similar to how a fireplace might be designed except that it’s been done behind the bed instead. The wood on the walls serve as a frame so that the stones can just be used in one area of the room.


7. The All-Stone Bedroom

Now this room is an example of how stone can be used for the initial construction of the bedroom. This type of room was often created to be insulating and also to make use of space on the lower levels of homes. (The thick stone is also a great sound barrier as well.) The wooden furniture really adds to the rustic farmhouse feeling.


8. A Modern Rustic Bedroom

This is an example of a very modern bedroom that draws its inspirational elements from the rustic vibe rather than embracing it in totality. Let’s be honest, not everyone ends up with a farmhouse inspired home with exposed wooden beams. This type of decorating can be done in any environment and still pay homage to the feel.


9. Gorgeous Barn Doors in a Rustic Bedroom

Adding barn doors to a bedroom might be one of the most impactful ways to turn an otherwise normal room in the rustic inspired bedroom that dreams are made of. The beautiful doors end up being a statement piece rather than just a functional one, although they are that too.


10. A Rustic Inspired Headboard

This room created its rustic farmhouse vibe with an unfinished wood headboard. The headboard looks like it could have come straight from a farmhouse, and perhaps it did! Keeping the feelers out for unique items like that can be a great way to diversify a bedroom and make that homey comfy feel come to life.

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11. Refined Rustic Bedroom

This bedroom is clearly inspired by a rustic farmhouse feel, except its decidedly refined in how it incorporates that. The use of white adds a modern feel, while the soft wood shades make sure that the space still feels comfortable and sweet. That gorgeous chandelier makes it obvious that class is an element of the design choices.


12. Crates as a Bed Base

The bed in this image is a great example of how you can create a bed base on a budget and still look gorgeous and rustic. These wooden crate stacks are easy enough to come by and create a true farmhouse feel when a beautiful white bed and comfortable mattress are set on top. It’s straightforward and pretty at the same time.


13. A Contemporary Rustic Platform Bed

Here is another example of how using a platform for a bed base can create that homey rustic feeling. In this case, the wood that was used is dark and raw. That alongside that darker wood on the wall and the dark tones in the wall art create a contemporary feeling to add some chicness to the rustic feeling. The result is impressive and cozy at the same time.


14. Leather Pillows

In this bedroom, all we have a good view of is the bed, and even with just a few elements it’s easy to see how easy it is to create a rustic feeling. These leather throw pillows go so far in creating that feeling. The rest of the bed is white and simple. It’s a good reminder that sometimes changing the feel of a bedroom can be accomplished with just a few minor accessory changes.


15. The Open Air Rustic Bedroom

This bedroom was built with lots of wood, and sometimes that can create the feeling of darkness in a space. For this design, they decided to build a sliding door that allows for more of an indoor-outdoor living environment. Whoever is staying in this room can easily make use of both the room and the porch, creating a cozy environment that feels close to nature.

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16. A Sweet Rustic Wall Hanging

This room creates its rustic scene in the shape of a reading corner. A leather couch paired with a comfy knitted blanket starts the scene. From there adding a wood sign on the wall with a fun and sweet saying really nails in the feeling. This spot looks cozy and inspired by the best of the farmhouses out there.


17. A Copper and Blue Rustic Bedroom

This bedroom has a lot of very rustic qualities built right in. The exposed beams on the ceiling, the exposed brick under the wall paint. This theme was continued by adding in light bulbs that hand exposed in the room, and a copper bedside table lamp to stay within the neutral color scheme. The light blue bedding is a perfect balance to the darker shades when an all-white bedroom scene isn’t on the agenda.


18. The Rustic Reading Nook

No matter what the rest of this bedroom looks like, this reading nook is giving off some serious farmhouse inspiration. The textures of the chosen throw pillows support this feeling, as does the sweet sign hanging on the wall that’s surrounded in a wooden frame. It’s a reminder to slow down and enjoy, which is as much of what we’re drawn to about farmhouse living as the visual aesthetic.


19. A Rustic Bedroom Loft

This bedroom has a very high ceiling and that space was taken advantage of by building a gorgeous loft area. The wood used to do us dark and unfinished which makes it feel like it could be right in an actual barn. The rest of the bedroom is light and bright as a balance to the darker wood. A simple wrought iron bed frame looks country inspired as well.


20. The Vintage Rustic Vibe

This bedroom looks like it could have come straight out a southern farmhouse. There are bold rustic elements like the knotty wood used for the beams and the wall. Then there are vintage elements like the chandelier, the mirrors to either side of the bed, and even the crystal bedside clock. No detail was overlooked in honoring the farmhouse in this rustic vintage bedroom.


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