Romantic Bedroom Ideas : 20 Glamorous Ideas We LOVE

For many people, the bedroom is going to be the most romantic spot in the house. Going the extra mile towards designing the bedroom to be as romantic as possible can really create a wonderful experience for the space. Everyone has a slightly different idea of what makes a bedroom romantic, but in general, anything that fosters a quiet and opulent vibe is going to make the space feel glamorous. Glamour tends to feel romantic in any setting.

The following images are examples of bedrooms that used glamour to its full advantage towards making romantic rooms. Some of them did so with darker color schemes, while other bedrooms took the light route. Some are minimal with focus on the bed, while other packed in as many ornate details as possible. We love them all! Read on for some major inspiration for creating your most romantic bedroom yet.

1. Dramatic Bedroom Glamour

This bedroom is romantic thanks to its dramatic glamour. The rich colors on the walls mixed with the even richer colors in the design create a very bold feeling. This bedroom has a very confident design and doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is. The pink and green elements of the bed and curtains are both romantic colors on their own, and how they’re put together in the wall painting really helps balance the space.


2. Keeping Robes in the Room

One way to make a bedroom feel romantic all the time is to keep some items in the room that are a reminder of the couple who resides in their. In some cases this means matching bedside tables, in other cases it might mean hanging matching bathrobes where they are visible at all times.

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3. A Bold Bed Frame Design

One simple way to make a bedroom feel luxurious and romantic is to go with a very bold bed frame like this frame. Mixing gold and red with the ornate carving here makes this bed feel practically royal. Anything royal in a bedroom is going to dramatically increase the feeling of romanice.


4. Placing the Bed Under a Skylight

It can be challenging to create a great bedroom design in a room that has a slanted ceiling, but this is a good example of how it can be done right. This bed was placed directly under a skylight which can make it feel like a romantic spot to gaze at the stars from inside. The low lights on either side of the bed help to further increase the romantic feeling.


5. Romantic White Linen

This bedroom uses a bunch of white linen to create a subtle romantic feeling without going too over the top with color or details. The white is perfectly balanced by the darker paint shade on the wall, and all put together it feels serene and welcoming.


6. Romantic Drop-Down Lights

This bedroom used bright drop-down lights as the perfect way to brighten and soften the exposed brick style of wall that it has. Hanging over the bed they provide some guided direction for the eyes to fall over the bed area, bringing more focus to that romantic feeling. The warm wall painting of flowers also adds to the feeling.


7. A Romantic Soft Pink Color Scheme

In this bedroom, the romantic look was accomplished by choosing a soft pink color scheme. There’s no denying that pink brings loving feelings to mind. This room also added in some romanitc design choices such as putting matching side tables on either side of the bed.


8. The Strong Chandelier

This room elevated its basic design with a very strong chandelier element. It wouldn’t have nearly the same effect without it. The bones of this bedroom have more of a country house feeling, and the luxurious chandelier in the room make sure the room in romantic in addition to being soft and sweet.


9. The Romantic Four Poster Bed

This bedroom is full of romantic design elements, one of which is the gorgeous four-poster bed. The basic wood design plus a soft white draped curtain makes it look like a comfortable, private spot in the corner of the room. Obviously the other details in the room help add to that romantic vibe, from the fresh flowers to the chandelier.

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10. Close the Floor Romance

There’s something super enticing about a bed that’s properly based close to the floor. It looks like the coziest spot in the room and it also offers a getaway vibe that can really transform a normal bedroom room into a very romantic one. We love the slightly boho vibe here that’s been updated and elevated for ultimate romantic comfort.


11. Romantic Double Sitting Area

This romantic bedroom has matching chairs at the end of the bed which serves to further duplicate the rest of the room’s design. This bedroom has to two of everything, making it look like the ideal space for a couple to share. The chic color scheme and soft light makes it look clean despite being pretty busy.


12. Tufted Upholstery as a Glam Headboard

This is a great example of how a space can be transformed by using some tufted upholstery. There’s no need for a fancy design or other materials when the fabric is used in an interesting way. This rectangle bed frame actually creates a very stately look in the room and matches the other rectangle shapes such as the mirror and hanging lamp.


13. The Mirrored Bed Frame

This mirrored bed frame and matching side table bring a really glamorous feel to this bedroom. Even if everything else in the room was standard and basic, there’s something about some mirror on an item that makes it seem opulent. In this case, putting the mirror over an ornately designed bed frame just doubles the effect.


14. A Royal Sleigh Bed

In this romantic bedroom, the purple bed is the center of attention. Purple is traditionally a royal color and it’s still easy to associate it with that feeling. The fact that the bed is a sleigh bed also creates a romantic vibe itself. It’s like a nice frame to the mattress and cozy bedspread.


15. The Larger than Life Glam Daybed

If you really want to make a big romantic impact in a room, adding in a larger than life daybed can be one way to do it. There’s no denying that this daybed makes a glamorous statement in the space, and that statement is that anytime is a good time to curl up and spend some time there.

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16. The Luxe Bedroom

Just one look at this bedroom and you get some very opulent, glam vibes. There’s no mistaking what they were going for here! There are a few repeating elements that bring all of this together. There’s a curved rolling effect that can be seen on the chairs, the poles, and even the carpet in front of the bed. Then there are a couple colors repeating as well, a goldish shade, off-white, and a royal looking purple.


17. All About the Views Romantic Bedroom

This bedroom is extremely romantic thanks to its minimal vibe and expansive views. The fact that the bed is placed right in the center of the room without any obstruction makes it feel like the focal point of the room. The gorgeous views are amplified by the mirrored windows in the room, making the bedroom feel like a rooftop getaway.


18. Deep Rich Color Scheme

This is an example of a romantic bedroom that is properly utilizing the dark color scheme. Romance doesn’t have to be all sweet light colors, it can take a sexy turn as well! In this case, the use of black is balanced out by the feminine details such as the floral wallpaper and the real flowers at the end of the bed.


19. Fairytale-Inspired Glam

This romantic bedroom looks like it could have come straight out of a fairytale. The vintage-inspired piece on the wall does a lot of adding to that feel. The green and blue colored bedding goes well with the wall hanging but also stands alone as a lush and romantic spot. We love the richness of those jewel tones.


20. Rustic Glam Bedroom

This bedroom perfectly showcases how you mix together the rustic feel with a very glamorous, romantic result. The bed frame nicely hugs the mattress, and that draping fabric up above makes the area around the bed feel intimate and cozy.



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