Purple vs. Ghostbed Mattress Comparison 2023 : Which Is Better?

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Two bed-in-a-box mattress companies claiming to have found the secret to ultimate pressure relief and a cool night’s sleep. Two bed-in-a-box mattress companies claiming to be the most innovative mattress on the market. Two bed-in-a-box mattress companies asking for your hand in a good night’s sleep (for the rest of your life).

Which one is right?

Let’s compare these two side-by-side to figure out which one rightfully belongs in your bedroom. It’s a Purple versus Ghostbed showdown.

About the Brands

But first, a few preliminary details.

Purple Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • grid layer reduces pressure points to nearly zero
  • it remains cooler than other mattresses
  • there’s a range of thicknesses, constructions, and firmness levels
  • it’s rated for heavier sleepers

Why Not To Like

  • one of the mattress options is seriously expensive
  • it’s too responsive (if you love that memory foam feel)

Ghostbed Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • seriously cool sleeping
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • has a better offering for heavy sleepers than other bed-in-a-box brands
  • very little off-gassing

Why Not To Like

  • side sleepers might not find it supportive enough
  • no innerspring response

Purple Versus Ghostbed Comparison

Both companies offer an innovative way of looking at the memory foam mattress but execute things a little differently.

How are Purple and Ghostbed similar?

Like many online mattress startups, they have similar philosophies for how to construct a supportive bed as well as the logistics of returns.

Mattress concept

While the companies have very different looking mattresses, the underlying philosophy remains the same.

With conventional mattresses, your body is forced against the bed regardless of pressure points or curves. As your curves desperately try to settle into the mattress, you get pressure points and that dreaded “dead arm.” (You know what we’re talking about.)

Instead of forcing your body to compensate for not being a straight line, both companies use a combination of contouring and supporting layers to allow your curves to sink into the mattress more naturally. If we could make your body invisible, we’d see the actual shape of your body, rather than a weird mattress depression.

The top layers of the beds are contouring layers. They give way quickly to each point of the curve so that you’re able to find a comfortable spot without squishing down places like shoulders. Underneath the contouring layers are support layers. When your body reaches the support layer, it pushes back, so that you’re not sinking completely into the mattress. This keeps your spine in alignment.

Motion Transfer

Another downside of conventional mattresses? If your partner is a beast when it comes to sleep, you might have some very restless nights because each coil is connected to the other. You know how ripples in a pond move outward until the entire surface is shaking? That’s how your current mattress works.

These mattresses, on the other hand, don’t allow movement to affect all sides of the bed. When you throw a stone into a pile of sand, does it ripple? Nope. The sand acts independently, and the rock only affects the immediate area.

What does this mean for you? Sleeping on both of these mattresses reduces the amount of motion you feel from your hibernating bear of a partner so that you sleep even if your partner doesn’t.

It also prevents a heavier partner from creating a dip that causes the lighter partner to roll towards it. Each of you gets your own flat sleeping space regardless of weight.

Edge Support

One thing innerspring mattresses do well is edge support. They keep you from feeling like the edge of the bed is going to tip you off. If you sleep with a partner and mattress real estate is a premium, you’ll want to be able to use every square inch right to the edge.

Both mattress companies’ beds offer good edge support. It isn’t the best we’ve seen, but you should be able to hug the side without too much of that sinking feeling.


Both companies offer free shipping for mattresses. Both ship within a few days of your purchase and show up right at your door. Return shipping for defective mattresses is free as well.

Manufacturing and Customer Service

For some customers, supporting companies that are based and manufacture products in the US is vital. Both Purple and Ghostbed are located and manufactured in the United States.


If you can’t quite swing the full price of the mattress just yet, both companies offer financing options that you can complete directly on their website and checkout as you intended. Ghostbed even provides multiple ways to finance your mattress so you can find the right one for you.

Heavy Sleepers

Heavy sleepers rejoice! Both companies offer mattresses that are rated for those on the heavy end of the spectrum. Purple can support a total combined weight of up to 600 pounds and Ghostbed up to 750 pounds.

Although the mattress isn’t explicitly for heavy sleepers (like Winkbeds Plus), they do guarantee that the mattress will be supportive just like it is for lighter sleepers. They recommend purchasing the king-sized bed and foundation for total support. Hallelujah.


Both companies offer a range of accessories to complement your mattress. That range includes foundations, pillows, mattress protectors. Purple even provides seat cushions and just ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to create the world’s most comfortable pet bed.


Neither mattress emits much smell right out of the bag although if you put your nose right up to it, they both have a faint odor. It’s still best to let them air out a few hours to 24 hours ahead of sleeping on it to allow any smell to dissipate.

How are Purple and Ghostbed different?

The companies take a different approach to the construction of the actual mattress and the other half of the logistics, including trial periods and warranties.

Mattress Styles

Purple offers two different mattresses, a more conventional approach to memory foam and a hybrid option. Both were designed by an actual rocket scientist and a man with 20 years of manufacturing experience.

The Original Purple

The original mattress is a three-layer construction with a responsive knit top cover that maximizes stretch and improves side support. The first layer is a wild looking plastic grid that molds to your curves and provides top-notch air flow. The second layer is a high-density polyurethane foam that aids the responsiveness of the first layer. The bottom layer is dense support foam that provides structure and support for the entire mattress.

It’s rated at about a six and a half on a ten-point firmness scale.

The New Purple

Their newest mattresses use the same top grid layer but replace the second and third layer with pocketed coils sandwiched between one-inch layers of comfort foam. The comfort layers provide a transition between the top layer and the coils, minimize motion transfer, and assure that your pressure points are handled well. The bottom and sides of the mattress are improved mesh material that further enhances side support and air flow through the entire bed.

It’s rated as a six and a half on a ten-point firmness scale.

The Ghostbed offers two different versions of a bed as well.

The Original Ghostbed

The Ghostbed original has three layers of targeted foam. The first is a continuously aerated latex foam that’s more responsive than traditional memory foam. The next is a proprietary gel memory foam layer meant to cushion curves and further increase air flow. The final layer is a high-density support foam that gives the bed structure and pushes back against your body to keep your spine aligned. It’s covered in stretchy fabric made of viscose and polyester.

It’s about a six on a ten-point firmness scale.

The Ghostbed Luxe

The Ghostbed Luxe is a newer version of the original. It uses four microlayers of cooling fabric and foam that dissipates heat well away from the body. It then has the proprietary gel memory foam layer on top of a responsive bounce layer. These keep you cool and give the mattress a softer feel. The base layer is super dense foam to keep everything supported.

It’s rated as about a five and a half on a ten-point scale.


There is a range of prices here starting with Ghostbed as the cheapest option. The original is just under $900 for a California king. The original Purple is just under $1200. The Ghostbed Luxe is just over $1600 for a California King.

The new purple allows you to choose from three different layers of their proprietary grid layer. The two-inch layer is just under $1900, the three inch is just under $2700, and the four-inch is just under $3500 all for the California king.

The Trial Period

Purple uses the traditional 100-night sleep trial to give you a chance to decide if the mattress is right for you. Ghostbed gives you one extra night for the longest sleep trial available, 101 nights. The difference seems negligible to us side from principle, but maybe that one extra night will mean all the difference for you.

They both ask that you sleep on the mattress for a period of at least 30 nights to allow your body time to adjust to the bed and so that you have a better idea of whether the bed is giving you your best night of sleep.


Purple gives customers a ten-year warranty for mattress defects and unusual wear and tear. Returns and replacements are usually free, but the company reserves the right to make judgment calls about the wear and tear of the mattress and any fees associated with replacement.

Ghostbed guarantees their beds for 20 years. They will replace defective mattresses free of charge, but they reserve the right to decide about wear and tear and fees associated with that.

And the winner is…

Purple! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Purple as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about.

Not only does it have an innovative, responsive grid layer, but it keeps us seriously cool. And because someone on the heavier end of the spectrum could choose a thicker grid layer, we feel that this mattress is best for a wide variety of sleepers.

Purple also has a broader range of firmness levels for their mattresses, plus the hybrid variety for fans of innerspring. Although Ghostbed does an excellent job of providing a bed for a wide range of sleepers, the characteristics of the Purple styles edge Ghostbed out.

Technically, they’re tied with our essential prerequisites, but the Purple wins out in our specific sleep trials listed below.

  • Quality – Purple
  • Price – Ghostbed
  • Reputation – Purple
  • Sleep Trial – Ghostbed
  • Warranty – Ghostbed
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Purple

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Purple

Purple has some of the best options for side sleepers that we’ve ever seen. Their open cell, grid layer reduces pressure to nearly nothing when sleeping on the side, and we feel like we’re barely putting any weight on our shoulders or hips. The hybrid option takes this even further with a softer mattress and reduced pressure.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Purple

Here’s why. Again, the grid layer seriously reduces pressure without sacrificing support. We’d get the original Purple because it’s rated a little firmer than the new Purple, so it should keep everything in alignment.

Back Pain: Choose Purple

Here’s why. The medium-firmness of the original Purple plus the grid layer should take a lot of pressure off your lower lumbar region and give your spine a chance to rest without compressing. It should also reduce tossing and turning so there’s less of a chance for wrenching your back trying to find a comfortable position.

Heavy People: Choose Ghostbed

Technically, both beds qualify for heavier sleepers, but the Ghostbed is rated for a slightly higher amount of weight. It supports up to 750 pounds of combined weight, compared to 600 for Purple. Although Purple’s weight support is excellent, Ghostbed has the advantage here.

Couples: Choose Purple (Particularly the New Purple)

Here’s why. Purple reduces motion transfer very well, but their newest bed offers couples the bounce closer to an innerspring mattress. It’s fun for activities, but when it’s time to sleep, you should sleep very comfortably. Also, it has enhanced side support (if you need every square inch of the mattress.)


Purple’s rocket scientist designed grid layer is a thing of wonder. It does such an excellent job of keeping things cool and relieving pressure that we think it really will be one of the best nights of sleep you’ll get. It’s got a reasonable trial period and return policy. Plus, it covers a range of sleepers, everything from position to weight. It’s a well-designed, well-rounded mattress choice.

What do you think of Purple’s grid layer? Let us know in the comments below.

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