Purple Pillow Review

All pillows are the same so what’s the point in spending more or researching different kinds? They’re all basically rectangles for your head, right?

For many pillows, that’s true, but there’s one pillow that uses an innovative design and might change your mind about the purpose of a pillow.

The Purple Pillow is a strange, jiggly, purple pillow that aims to be the world’s first zero pressure pillow, just like their “world’s first” zero pressure mattress. It’s a fascinating concept and one worth exploring. Let’s see if it’s worth it in our review.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Pillow

You can’t just grab any old pillow. You need to consider a few things first.

Sleep Position And Firmness

Your sleep position is the biggest determiner of your pillow choice. If you’re a stomach or back sleeper, you don’t need a lot of loft in the pillow. Instead, you need a firm but flat pillow that supports your head but doesn’t bend it back.

If you’re a side sleeper, that’s a different game. You need high, deep loft with enough support to cushion your head and keep your shoulders in the proper position. This prevents your neck from cramping, causing you to wake up with pain in the morning.

If you’re a combination sleeper, a pillow that retains enough support for your neck but that can compress when you’re sleeping on your back is a good option. Often, these are just a little bit softer, and you can mold them into your neck and shoulder.

Temperature Control

Pillows can get hot and sweaty too. Your pillow should have something in place to prevent heat from building up inside and causing you to toss and turn. If you’re sleeping too hot, you won’t get as good a quality of sleep.

The best way is to improve breathability, but some pillows also have materials such as a gel that can actively draw heat away from your head. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t have to wake up and flip your pillow every five minutes.

Presenting the Purple Pillow

Purple’s claim to fame is their zero pressure mattress, but they’ve tried to replicate this with their pillow. The pillow uses the same material as the mattress, so it might take some getting used to.

They aim to have a pillow that never loses support. That’s quite a feat considering even some of the nicest pillows can get compressed over time. The material of the Purple pillow withstands compression and provides even support while cradling your head.

The pillow uses a hyperelastic polymer in a triangular grid. The grid distributes the weight of your head across the pillow, so your ears won’t take such a beating, and remains firmer around the edges of the pillow.

The feeling is less like a pillow and more like jelly. It’s heavy, too, because of the type of material used, but if you can give it a chance, we think you may really like it. Be sure to take advantage of Purple’s sleep trial and warranty to ease your mind.

Features and Benefits

Let’s look a little closer at some of the things the Purple pillow has to offer.

Sleep Position And Firmness

The edges of the pillow are firmer than the middle. It holds its shape well for a variety of sleep positions and might be one of the few pillows on the market that can successfully satisfy more than one type of sleeper.

The grid design takes some getting used to. It’s heavy, and you can’t mold it to fit into your shoulders and neck. However, the pressure relief makes your head feel weightless.

The pillow makes this happen by redistributing the weight of your head across the entire surface of the pillow. You may not think your head is heavy, but when you’re laying for long periods of time, it can be relieving to get rid of that pressure.

It doesn’t have any loft in the traditional sense of the word because of the construction. That’s probably the biggest thing you’ll have to get used to. The feeling of the pillow isn’t like any pillow ever, so don’t expect something fluffy.

Temperature Control

The pillow has excellent breathability. The grid layer has excellent breathability, and because there’s nothing in the middle to store heat, the pillow remains surprisingly cool all night.

The cover materials are also very breathable and soft. If you tend to sleep warm, the pillow should keep the surface at ambient room temperature. No tossing and turning looking for a cool spot.

There aren’t any materials designed to move heat away from your body actively, but overall, the pillow is temperature neutral and highly comfortable.


The polymer material isn’t natural. If you’re looking for a natural material, this one isn’t for you. However, it doesn’t have much off-gassing or odor. There aren’t any natural certifications, but we didn’t notice much odor.

It is naturally allergen resistant otherwise. It doesn’t attract dust or mold. The cover is washable (gently) so you can remove surface allergens as well.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

It’s a strange looking pillow, so you might need some time to figure out if you’re on board. Purple allows you to try the pillow for 100 nights to see if it’s the right one for you. Just like a mattress, you should give the pillow at least 30 nights to see if it’s the right one. Since the pillow is so odd, you’ll want to give it some time for you to adjust.

If you decide that the pillow isn’t the right one for you, just return it any time before the trial period is over for a full refund. It’s hassle-free.

You’re covered by a one year warranty that covers the pillow against mattress defects. If you notice any loss of support or that the material has issues, let the company know, and they’ll replace the pillow for you. It should last from three to five years, so a year warranty gets you through a significant portion of the life of the pillow.

Price And Shipping

The price of the Purple might be surprising if you’ve never shopped for a novelty pillow before. It costs just under $100.

Paying that much for a pillow may not be your original plan, but investing in your pillow gives you a longer pillow life (usually) and ensures more quality materials. The purple’s zero pressure and combination support design could be the difference between a good and a terrible night’s sleep.

Shipping is free. There’s no need to compress the mattress itself, so it arrives loosely wrapped in plastic. Unwrap it when you’re ready and allow it to air out to remove any lingering odors. Your pillow is ready to use immediately.

Return shipping is free as well.

Who It’s For

We recommend Purple for sleepers who experience a lot of pain at pressure points and need the weightless feeling of the Purple. If you have shoulder and neck trouble, this one might be a revolution for you.

Social Proof

“I still think this thing can’t be real. As absurd and info-mercial (is that how you spell that?) as this sounds, I’ve had chronic neck pain since 2001. slept on this friggin magic spell of a pillow the first night I got it, woke up….No neck pain. Seriously… AND my range of motion on the bad side returned. BOOM! O more stiff neck!!! Mind is blown. Hey, I get that this pillow hasn’t been for everyone, but for me it changed my life. I don’t even care if nobody believes this review. I have this pillow and am probably going to order another one for my girlfriend.”

“I went “all-in”. I bought the frame, mattress, protector and sheets. Then I bought the pillow. I am very happy with all, and I sleep better than I have in years ! I am 64 years old, I highly recommend all the PURPLE products.”


If you still aren’t sure about Purple’s out-there pillow concept, you may consider some of our others.


Puffy’s pillow feels a little bit more like a regular pillow. It uses a polyester fill that’s supportive with good loft and excellent air flow. You can adjust the height through a zippered interior to make it better suited for your particular sleep position.

The cover is washable and breathable. You can remove allergens from the surface while the interior is naturally allergen resistant. It’s certified as having low emissions from CertiPur-US.

It ships free, and you have 101 nights to try the mattress out. Be sure to give it at least a few weeks before you decide if it’s the right one for you. It could take some time for you to adjust to the pillow and for it to break into full supportiveness.

Puffy is $75 for a standard sized pillow and $95 for a king.


The Muse pillow is our most significant investment of the bunch at $120. It’s actually two pillows in one, with shredded memory foam on one side for high, soft loft for side sleepers or those who prefer a softer pillow. On the other side, the dense foam provides a more supportive surface for back and stomach sleepers.

The cover materials are a cooling, diamond pattern that quickly moves heat away from your head and neck. It distributes it throughout the pillow, returning the surface to ambient room temperature more quickly. You can unzip the cover and machine wash it to reduce surface allergens.

The Muse pillow comes in four different lofts from extra low to high. If you have unusually broad shoulders, this is good news. There will be enough to keep your spine aligned. If you aren’t sure what loft is right, you can take their handy quiz.

You can try the pillow out for 120 nights, and it comes with a three-year warranty against pillow defects. If you decide you don’t like it, you can return it for a refund.


Your pillow is a huge part of your sleep quality. Finding the right one may not involve a purple grid hyperelastic polymer, but we think the Purple concept is interesting. It’s good for people who suffer from chronic pain and issues with the neck and shoulders.

Purple’s unique pillow concept may be just the thing you need to relieve the pressure on your neck and shoulders and finally quit trying to mold the pillow as you sleep. It might be cumbersome, but it’s a really cool idea.

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