Puffy vs. Nectar Mattress Comparison 2023 : Which Is Better?

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No two sleepers are alike, and all have different preferences, but the mattress that performs the best for the most people is bound to be our champion.

The reviews are in, and our bed has been made as to which one of these high-quality mattress contenders reigns supreme as the champion of comfort.

About the Brands

Puffy Recap Full Review

The puffy mattress brand exploded onto the mattress market with raving reviews and celebrity endorsements.

Those who have slept on a Puffy mattress not only love it, they have reviewed it so many times online that the Puffy mattress has earned the title of “the internet’s most comfortable mattress.”

Why To Like

  • Free delivery
  • Exceptional motion isolation
  • Lifetime warranty

Why To Doubt

  • Poor edge support
  • Low durability

Nectar Recap Full Review

Nectar has a reputation for offering the highest quality mattresses for a fraction of the cost of the competition. In fact, Nectar mattresses are so popular; their biggest complaint is that the most they often sell out before customers can buy one.

Why To Like

  • Superior motion isolation
  • Affordable
  • 365-night sleep trial

Why To Doubt

  • Edge support is poor
  • Poor customer service

Puffy and Nectar Mattress Comparison

How are Puffy And Nectar Mattresses Similar?

When comparing the Puffy and Nectar mattresses, it’s easy to see that they share certain features.

Layered Memory Foam Construction- Both the Nectar and Puffy mattress feature a layered memory foam construction. Each memory foam layer is designed to react upon contact and conform to the shape of the body.

The enveloping action of the layered memory foam envelops the body and provides relief and support for its most sensitive areas.

Conforming- Memory foam provides the Nectar and Puffy mattresses with a high degree of support, which relieves uncomfortable pressure points, supports the lower back and elevate areas that generally sink uncomfortably into the mattress, though not to the same degrees as a latex or innerspring mattress.

Relieves Back Pain- Due to the conforming and supportive nature of the layered memory foam design, the Nectar and Puffy mattresses enable a healthy, and neutral alignment of the spine and exceptional back pain relief.

Neutral spinal alignment is the position the spine assumes when the body is at rest. According to WebMD, assuring a neutral spine is critical to achieving a restorative night’s rest.

Medium Firm- The memory foam design of the Nectar and Puffy mattress provides a medium firmness which not only appeals to a large array of sleep types but can support multiple sleep types simultaneously.

A medium firm sleep surface falls between five and seven on the firmness scale, with ten equating to the firmest.

Motion Isolation- The conforming nature of memory foam also enables both mattresses to envelop the body, thus dampening motion, and preventing it from transferring throughout the mattress.

Great for Couples- Thus the Nectar and Puffy mattresses can be considered a great choice for couples, for when medium firmness is combined with the high degree of motion isolation sleepers can get in and out of bed without disturbing their sleep partner.

Sleep Trial & Lifetime Warranty- Nectar and Puffy mattresses also include lifetime warranties and a longer sleep trial than similar mattress brands, though they vary in the length of the trial and the extent of warranty coverage.

How are Puffy And Nectar Mattresses Different?

The Puffy and Nectar mattresses are very similar in form, design, and construction, but they differ in very specific, and critical ways.

Durability- Memory foam mattresses are the least durable mattress type. Memory foam tends to lose density over time, enabling the body to sink further and further into the surface of the mattress and cause discomfort.

Though neither mattress is exceptionally durable, the Nectar mattress provides more durability than the Puffy mattress.

The Nectar mattress features higher-density memory foam than the low-density foam used in the Puffy mattress. The result is a Nectar mattress that can endure the strain of repeated use by heavier individuals, where the Puffy mattress will begin to show signs of excessive wear and tear.

Edge Support- Unsurprisingly, the Nectar mattress includes a higher degree of edge support than the Puffy mattress, due to the differences in their layered memory foam design.

Design & Construction- The Nectar mattress features four layers of adaptive memory foam and a cooling gel layer. The first layer consists of quilted memory foam which conforms to the body and enables air flow through the mattress.

The second layer consists of a thick gel-infused memory foam which collects body heat and dissipates it away from the body. It also absorbs bodyweight and provides the first layer of deep support.

The third layer of the Nectar mattress consists of an adaptive HI Core memory foam which dissipates body weight across the entire mattress and provides the all foam mattress with a responsive spring.

The final foundation layer provides the Nectar mattress with a solid base that supports the entire weight of the body and provides for a medium level of firmness.

In comparison, the Puffy mattress features two layers of memory foam; a gel-infused Cooling Cloud foam layer and a layer of Firm Core Support foam.

Temperature Neutrality- Typically, memory foam mattresses struggle to remain temperature neutral throughout the night. Due to conforming properties of memory foam, the body tends to sink into the mattress which can cause the body to overheat.

Neither mattress performs exceptionally well at remaining temperature neutral; however, the Nectar mattress performed slightly better than the Nectar mattress.

Affordability- The Nectar mattress is more affordable than the Puffy mattress. The Puffy mattress begins at $950 for a Puffy Queen mattress, whereas the same size Nectar mattress starts at $824.

Sleep Trial Length- At 365 nights the Nectar mattress includes the longest sleep trial in the industry, which is not to say that the Puffy’s 101-night sleep trial is not impressive.

Warranty- Both the Nectar and Puffy mattresses feature a lifetime warranty; however, the Nectar mattress is more encompassing and even includes free shipping.

Reputation- Though it may seem as though the Nectar outpaces Puffy in many critical categories, the Puffy mattress is not without its endorsements. In fact, the Puffy mattress has been featured on television shows and is even considered the most the internet’s most comfortable mattress.

Customer Service- Nectar customers, report historically poor customer service, a fault that is made greater by the historically phenomenal customer support offered by Puffy.

Product Selection- The Puffy brand also offers greater product selection than the Nectar mattress brand. Puffy mattresses are available in two sizes; Puffy, and Puffy Lux.

And The Winner Is…

The Nectar Mattress! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Nectar as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about.

The Nectar mattress is our face-off winner because it excels over the Puffy mattress in key areas, though not by much. Neither mattress scores particularly high concerning temperature neutrality and durability when compared to innerspring and latex mattresses.

However, concerning quality, the Nectar mattress is the winner because its five layer design provides more deep support, and conforming comfort than the Puffy mattress.

The Nectar mattress remains supportive throughout the night and performs just as well with heavy sleepers as it does for lighter individuals. The lower-density foams used in the Puffy mattress do not do it any favors when it comes to providing long-lasting deep support.

Heavier sleepers commonly report sinking too far into the Puffy mattress which causes discomfort and reduces the beds overall durability.

Additionally, the Nectar mattress is more affordable than the Puffy mattress, though the Puffy mattress includes a greater product selection and better customer support.

The Puffy mattress, as the internet’s most comfortable mattress, tends to maintain a better reputation than the Nectar mattress, but this may be due to its celebrity endorsement, rather than a one-on-one comparison such as this.

The determining features for most mattress shoppers are the quality of the mattress, its price and the extent of its sleep trial and warranty. In that regard, the Nectar mattress is the clear winner.

Most importantly, the Nectar mattress provides the most comfort and support for the largest number of individuals and sleep types.

Stomach, back, and side sleepers all report that the Nectar mattress remains comfortable and supportive throughout the entire night when compared to the Puffy mattress.

The Nectar mattress features a more supportive, temperature neutral design that relieves back pain for a more affordable price than the Puffy mattress. It also comes with the industries longest sleep trial and one of the most comprehensive warranties.

  • Quality – Nectar
  • Price – Nectar
  • Reputation – Puffy
  • Sleep Trial – Nectar
  • Warranty – Nectar
  • Customer Support – Puffy
  • Product Selection – Puffy

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: The Puffy Mattress

Side sleepers will experience more comfort and support with the Puffy mattress when compared to the Nectar mattress. The Puffy mattress performs better for side sleepers for the same reason the mattress does not perform well for back and stomach sleepers.

The Puffy mattress features lower-density memory foam layers than the Nectar mattress, which enables the body to sink further into the mattress, this is a benefit to side sleepers who often strain their necks due to the gap that is created between the head and mattress surface when side sleeping.

The gap between head and mattress is always the length of the shoulder. Thus by reducing that gap, a mattress can reduce how far the head must travel before it rests on the mattress.

By allowing the shoulder to sink further into the mattress, the Puffy mattress reduces the size of the gap between head and mattress surface better than the Nectar mattress.

Stomach Sleepers: The Nectar Mattress

Stomach sleepers often cite discomfort in the hips, legs, and neck due to the uneven pressure exerted on the body when lying on one’s stomach.

Stomach sleepers will prefer the Nectar mattress over the Puffy mattress because it provides more support for the hips and knees, but also because it enables a neutral spine position when stomach sleeping.

The Nectar mattress performs better for stomach sleeper than the Puffy mattress because of the multiple layers of memory foam featured in its design.

The layers of high-density memory foam provide a firmer sleep surface than the Puffy mattress which tends to allow the hips and legs to sink too far into the mattress and cause discomfort.

Though a firmer mattress is better suited for stomach sleepers, they tend to strain the chin upward and cause discomfort in the neck. The Nectar mattress avoids this dilemma by being conforming enough to allow the neck to rest in natural alignment with the spine.

Back Pain: The Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is the better choice for those with back pain for the same reason it is a great choice for stomach sleepers. The multi-layer design of the Nectar mattress ensures that each layer of memory foam absorbs and evenly distributes weight.

When the weight of the body is evenly distributed, even pressure is exerted back on the body, thus eliminating specific pressure points in the back.

Furthermore, the contouring support of the memory foam ensures the spine remains in a neutral position and does not sink too far into the mattress.

Overall, the Nectar mattress provides a firmer, more supportive sleep surface than the Puffy mattress, which not only makes it the ideal choice for those who sleep on their back, but for those who experience chronic nocturnal back pain.

Heavy People: The Nectar Mattress*

The Nectar mattress is the better mattress for heavier individuals, though it should be noted that an innerspring or latex mattress will perform better than either the Puffy or Nectar memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses tend to be the least comfortable mattress for heavier people because they lack the deep, inner support that heavier individuals need. Sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds tend to compress a memory foam mattress beyond the point where memory foam can provide support.

The effect of such compression is additional strain and pressure exerted on the neck, spine, hips, and back.

However, due to the Nectar mattresses multi-layered support system it provides a better sleep surface for heavy sleepers than the low-density foam Puffy mattress.

Heavier individuals will see less durability with the Puffy mattress and will likely require a new mattress in less time than with the Nectar mattress.

Couples: The Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is the better mattress choice for couples because of four specific reasons; medium firmness, motion isolation, temperature neutrality, and springy responsiveness.

The medium firmness level of the Nectar mattress means it provides conforming support for most sleep types. It also means the mattress remains comfortable and supportive when slept on by two people simultaneously.

The memory foam construction of the Nectar mattress also ensures that motion is isolated and prevented from traveling across the mattress surface. Thus enabling couples to sleep soundly without disturbing one another.

The Nectar mattress also performs better a remaining temperature neutral than the Puffy mattress which is necessary to prevent overheating, especially when two individuals occupy the bed.

Finally, the Nectar mattress is better suited for couples because of the HI Core memory foam and a foundational base layer which provide the mattress with springy responsiveness which makes it good for sex.


The Nectar mattress is the winner of our head-to-head competition, but only by a small margin. Both mattresses perform exceptionally well and are particularly well reviewed by customers and celebrities alike.

Though a memory foam mattress might not be the best mattress for every individual, the Nectar and Puffy mattresses encompass a wide range of sleep types and will provide a comfortable sleep surface for nearly anyone who sleeps on them.

Both mattresses are available for purchase online, include home delivery, and neither includes a particularly strong off-gassing odor nor do they emit an unpleasant sound when slept on.

What’s more, both mattresses fall onto the “affordable” side of the pricing scale. In fact, any size Nectar or Puffy mattress is bound to be more affordable than then next leading innerspring or latex mattress.

The sleep trial and warranty for both mattresses are also impressive and only vary slightly. In truth, the competition between the Nectar and Puffy mattresses is nearly a tie, but the Nectar mattress outpaces the Puffy mattress in the areas that matter most.

The Nectar mattress provides a deeper, more supportive nights rest for the greatest number of sleep types, and it will do it for far longer, and for less money than the competition.

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