Puffy vs. Casper Mattress Comparison 2022 : Which Is Better?

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In the age of mattress disruption, there are almost too many internet mattress companies to count. In this matchup, we have one of the original disruptors going head to head with a newbie in the field. That newbie, Puffy, has gotten some serious airtime thanks to an appearance on Ellen, but Casper has the weight of experience on its side. Will that experience pay off or is it time to step aside?

We’ll find out which of these mattress companies deserves your full dedication in this Puffy versus Casper review. Let’s take a look.

About The Brands

Puffy Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • lifetime warranty
  • affordable options
  • excellent temperature regulation

Why To Doubt

  • no showrooms
  • no ultra-budget options like Casper

Casper Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • popup showrooms
  • company with years of experience
  • extra-affordable option

Why To Doubt

  • 10-year warranty isn’t as long as Puffy’s
  • one of their flagship options is more expensive

Puffy versus Casper Comparison

Both brands have a few different models and use the same concept of contouring and supporting layers to achieve what they call the perfect mattress. They aren’t all the same though.

How Are Puffy And Casper Similar?

Let’s start with what they have in common.

Contouring And Support Layers

Old types of mattresses were terrible. You remember your grandmother’s, right? It was loud and made you feel like you were conforming to a sheet of wood. Sure, it was great with support, but no amount of mattress topper purchased separately could make it comfortable.

If it wasn’t firm, it was hopelessly soft. It sagged so much in the middle that you felt like your spine had been tied into a bow.

Modern mattresses use a combination of layers to contour to your body and to provide support. Layers on top give way underneath your broadest points such as your shoulders and hips while filling in the gaps around your waist and lower back.

Underneath, the support layer pushes back against your body providing support and keeping your spine aligned. It prevents the mattress from sagging underneath you and causing a lot of pain.

Edge Support

Speaking of support, memory foam mattresses are notorious for compressing towards the edges. Some of the old models had a definite sweet spot in the middle, so you spend all night fighting for it if you had a partner.

Both of these companies have reinforced the edges of their mattresses, so you can sleep near the edges without feeling like you’ll slide off. Good news if you’re one half of a couple. You can use every inch of your mattress without trying to edge your partner out of the sweet spot.

You can also sit on the side of the bed if you need to. Think of all those times you sit there trying to tie or shoes or just considering the weight of all your life choices. The bed can’t help you with that, but it can support you while you consider everything you’ve ever done. Good luck.

Motion Transfer

Memory foam is excellent at isolating motion. If you sleep with a partner who tap dances in his or her sleep, you’ll be glad to know that the memory foam layers will dampen that motion so you might get a more peaceful night. If your partner sings in his or her sleep as well, it can’t help, but motion? It’s got you.

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Another benefit of memory foam is that the heavier partner won’t create a dip in the mattress. That indentation can cause you both to roll together in the middle of the night. Even if there’s only a slight weight difference, it still happens with conventional mattresses. Memory foam gives both of you a smooth, pristine surface to sleep.


Both mattresses arrive compressed. Puffy spends a little less time wrapped up in the plastic because it’s made to order, but honestly, both had an odor just after unpacking.

The good news is the odor dissipated after a few hours of airing out. If you can leave your windows open, this is best because fresh air can reach the mattress as it loses the last of the memory foam odor.

Neither mattress is very high in VOCs, so you won’t experience as much as you would if you were getting traditional memory foam. If you’re particularly sensitive, be aware.

Manufacturing And Customer Service

Both mattresses are assembled in the United States though Puffy goes a little further saying that Puffy is made of US components as well. Both companies are based here, and the majority of manufacturing happens here as well.

They aren’t specific about customer service, but their representatives appear to be located around the United States as well. You should experience quick resolutions to issues or questions, and agents are polite. No language issues.


Both companies offer a range of accessories to complement your mattress. You can get pillows, foundations, and with Casper a variety of other products. Each one can transform your sleep situation and help you get some extra snoozing in.

How are Puffy And Casper Different?

The companies aren’t all the same, however. Let’s look at a few key differences.

Bed Models

Both companies have a few different options for you.


Puffy makes two different models of bed, the Original and the Luxe.


The original Puffy uses just two simple layers for their contouring and support. The first layer is a Cloud comfort layer, Puffy’s proprietary foam. It conforms to your body more quickly than memory foam and bounces back more quickly as well. It’s gel-infused, so it feels cooler to the touch.

Underneath, the Core Support layer pushes back against your body while allowing air to flow through little pockets in the mattress. As you move, those open cells move air through, helping heat dissipate and the bed to return to ambient room temperature more quickly.

It’s rated about a six on a ten point firmness scale.

The Luxe

The Luxe uses three layers total with two contouring layers, one the Cloud Comfort layer and another gel infused layer intended to move with you as you change positions. It’s also gel infused and provides more targeted support for your curves.

Underneath the contouring layers, the dense support layer provides pushback to keep your spine aligned and give the mattress structural integrity. It’s suitable to sleep near the edge as well.


Casper has three different models.


The Original uses four different layers of foam to provide contouring and support. The first two layers are contouring layers. They give way underneath your broadest points so that your arm doesn’t fall asleep before you do.

Underneath, a zoned support layer provides additional give underneath your shoulders while filling in around the curves of your waist and your lower back. This zoned support layer is vital for those who may have back or shoulder pain because it helps with decompression.

The lower layer provides dense support to make sure your spine is aligned. It gives the mattress structural integrity and edge support. It rates about a six on a ten point scale.

The Wave

The Wave is Casper’s new flagship mattress. It has five different layers designed to target pressure points and pain, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

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The top layer is contouring memory foam that allows your broadest points to sink into the mattress. Underneath is a latex layer for higher response and more bounce. These two layers help keep you cooler with their breathability.

Underneath, another memory foam layer provides targeted support and eases your body to the support layers. The two support layers provide hyper-targeted support to keep your spine aligned the same way it would if you were upright.

The mattress has excellent edge support and motion isolation. It rates about a five and a half to a six on a ten point scale.

The Essential

If you don’t have any outstanding sleep issues and are on a serious budget, the Casper Essential has you. It uses just three layers to provide contouring and support.

The top layer is contouring memory foam. It’s open cell and breathable, so it keeps you cool. Underneath, transitional foam helps ease your body to the support layer and provide excellent targeted support. It also relieves pressure.

The dense support layer pushes back against your body and keeps your spine aligned. It gives you a little more of that memory foam hug and discourages tossing and turning throughout the night.

It’s rated about a six and a half on a ten point firmness scale.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

Puffy gives you 101 nights to try the mattress out before deciding if it’s the right one. Casper gives you 100 nights. Almost the same, but Puffy wins this one by a hair.

Make sure you give your mattress at least 30 nights (and Casper requires this) so the bed has time to break in, and you have time to adjust. It can take some time for old pains to dissipate and for you to feel the full contouring benefits.

If you decide either mattress isn’t going to work out, contact the company for a return. They will arrange to pick your bed up and give you a refund. Both companies strive to donate gently used mattresses to organizations that work with housing and homelessness. If they can’t, they recycle them. Used mattresses are never sold.

Puffy’s warranty covers the mattress for defects for the lifetime of the mattress. Contact the company for specific details, but you shouldn’t see any unnatural indentation, sagging or wear and tear. If you do, they’ll handle it.

Casper covers defects for 10 years. This is still a full mattress life, but if you keep your mattresses for longer, the Puffy wins here.

For both, make sure the mattress is fully supported so that you don’t accidentally void the warranty. This goes for using the mattress only for its intended purpose, too, though we can’t imagine your backyard wrestling or anything.


Casper has a few showrooms where you can try out their mattresses. Puffy doesn’t.

Casper’s showrooms are pop-up spaces. They’re temporary showrooms that move around the country allowing people to try the mattresses out before they buy. If you want to know where the next showroom will appear, you can sign up for their newsletter (The Snoozeletter) for alerts. They may just show up in your city.


There’s a wide range of pricing for each mattress model. Let’s take each company separately.

Puffy’s original mattress is less than $1400 for all sizes including their largest, the California king. The Luxe California king is just under $2000 with other sizes even less than that.

Casper’s original mattress come in at just under $1200 for a California king while the Wave is just under $2400. Their Essential mattress is the most affordable with a California king just over $700. Highly affordable if you’re on a very tight budget.

Both companies do offer financing through third parties for qualified buyers. Just check out from their page as usual.

And The Winner Is…

The Puffy Mattress Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Puffy as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about.

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Puffy may be a little more expensive than some of Casper’s models, but we think the materials provide excellent breathability and temperature regulation. Also, the lifetime warranty makes this one of the best investments you could make.

The contouring materials of Puffy give your spine support just like the Casper Wave, but it’s more affordable and gives you the peace of no ticking clock on your warranty. Again, these things were very close, but the value to price for the Puffy is a little higher.

  • Quality – Tie
  • Price – Casper
  • Reputation – Tie
  • Sleep Trial – Puffy
  • Warranty – Puffy
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Tie

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Puffy

Here’s why … The Wave has excellent zoned support, but the Puffy should give way underneath your curves just as well, only cheaper. The Puffy layers provide contouring and the bed rates at about a six. Excellent for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers: Puffy

Here’s why… The original is suitable for combination sleepers. Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, you should have plenty of support plus edge support.

We’d prefer a slightly firmer mattress for exclusive side sleepers. If you don’t change positions during the night, you may want something firmer (closer to an eight on the ten point scale or a hybrid like the Dreamcloud).

Back Pain: Choose The Wave

Here’s why… Here, the Wave’s targeted support layers with spinal support can help decompress your lower lumbar region. This keeps your spine aligned but allows the lower back to relax. It’s worth the extra to alleviate your pain, and we say go for it here.

Heavy People: Choose Neither

Here’s why… Neither mattress takes extra weight into consideration. If you weigh more than 300 pounds, your weight will interact with the supporting layers of the mattress more quickly. The beds will feel firmer than their rating, but they won’t conform to your curves well. Your spine may not be as aligned.

We recommend looking for a mattress that takes your weight into consideration. Winkbeds Plus is a good option because it’s made for heavier than average people. Ghostbed is another good option because it has a combined weight rating of 750 pounds.

Couples: Choose Puffy

Here’s why… The Puffy provides excellent combination support. Puffy’s proprietary foam is bouncier than traditional memory foam and responds quickly to the movement of your body. It should support you for couple’s activities and then provide excellent motion isolation for when everyone is ready to go to sleep. Plus, it sleeps so cool that you won’t feel the extra heat of two people.


We think it’s time for Casper to step aside. Puffy’s mattress is very comfortable and provides excellent support for your spine and lower back. We’d never discourage you from spending money on your health, but we think the Puffy is just as good as the Casper wave while being cheaper.

If you’re on a super tight budget, the Casper Essential has a lot to offer you. You can get your mattress without killing your wallet. However, it won’t perform as well for people without outstanding pain or sleep issues. Be mindful of that.

Otherwise, the Puffy ticks all our boxes and we are happy to recommend it for many different types of sleep positions and sleep preferences. Its combination support is suitable for couples with different preferences and should help alleviate any fights over the sweet spot of the mattress (since the entire bed is the sweet spot).

Puffy can help you reclaim your sleep space, and with a lifetime warranty, you’ll always be covered. You may not be able to try the mattress out, but you can order it without worrying.

Are you sold on buying a mattress online? Does it make you nervous to get one before ever trying it out? Let us know in the comments below.

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