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You’ve upgraded your mattress, but it’s time to do your neck and shoulders a favor. Your mattress only goes so far. If your pillow is terrible, you could be undoing every good thing your mattress is doing for you.

Upgrading your pillow can be part of your sleep revolution. Many mattress companies have put some time and research into creating a pillow just as supportive as their mattresses, and often they’re made of the same material.

One of those, Puffy, has our hearts in the mattress department, and how we’re going to take a look at the pillow to see if it’s just as good.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Pillow

Buying a new pillow isn’t as simple as picking up any rectangle from the store. A good pillow has a few factors to consider.

Sleep Position And Firmness

The type of pillow you get will change based on your most common sleep position. The head, neck, and shoulders are often at odds with one another, requiring different levels of support depending on how you sleep.

Side sleepers will need a much deeper pillow than back or stomach sleepers. Combination sleepers should look for an adaptable pillow that can be molded to fit into the neck and shoulders throughout the night.

Head position should always be such that it keeps the spine aligned and the shoulders decompressed. If your pillow sags, it could cause a lot of pain. The same can happen if your pillow is too deep.

Temperature Control

Tossing and turning looking for a cool position can make it difficult for you to sleep soundly. A pillow that’s breathable can reduce the heat that stores up in the core of the pillow. Some pillows have other cooling materials like a gel that can pull heat away from your head and neck and return the pillow to ambient room temperature more quickly.

Presenting Puffy Pillow

The Puffy pillow uses the same materials as the mattress to create a cooling, comfortable pillow that complements your mattress. Puffy uses soft foam inserts to create their pillow, and the material is CertiPur-US certified, so there’s no off-gassing or weird odors.

You can order the pillow along with your bed and other accessories, or you can always come back for it later once you’ve given your mattress a try. It’s designed to be adjustable and give you some freedom to customize your pillow to fit your sleep habits.

It’s convenient because as your sleep habits change, your pillow can change with them. The price may not be quite on your budget, and it’s a slightly bigger investment than your average pillow.

We think that once you get on board with spending a little more money for a better quality pillow, your new Puffy will complement your Puffy mattress or whatever mattress you’ve decided to get. Remember, quality materials will last longer than cheap ones. Plus, you’re covered with a sleep trial and a warranty with the Puffy, something you aren’t going to get with just any old pillow.

It comes in two sizes, standard and king.

Features and Benefits

Let’s take a look at the different features of the pillow.

Sleep Position

The Puffy pillow adjusts to your unique sleep position by using an inner sleeve with a removable insert. You can remove filling to adjust to your preference and to offer the right kind of support for your particular sleep position.

The loft is dense and supportive for side sleepers but firm for stomach or back sleepers. The cover is washable and allows you to clean the surface of the pillow to prevent the build-up of skin cells, allergens, and dust.

Washing the surface of your pillow helps protect your skin and respiratory system. We love when pillow covers both protect and come off for complete cleaning. Overall, the Puffy pillow is really comfortable for most sleep positions including combination positions.

Temperature Control

The loft of the pillow allows air to flow through pretty easily. As you move around, air is forced around the pillow, continually refreshing it and keeping it cool. The cover materials are a special type of bamboo and rayon that’s cooler to the touch than traditional cotton.

There’s no gel, so it won’t actively pull heat away from your head, but for moderately hot sleepers, it can help keep you cool and prevent tossing and turning. We found that we didn’t spend as much time looking for the cool side of the pillow and were able to drift off pretty easily.

If you sleep very hot and sweaty, the pillow may not do as much for you. It may not be able to keep up with your temperature, but as long as your room is cool and you are moderately hot, it should be fine.


The pillow is certified by CertiPur-US, which determines the amount of emissions and VOCs put out by any particular material. Puffy pillow has virtually no off-gassing and very little VOCs. It’s easy on your respiratory system and doesn’t have much odor at all.

Even if it has a faint odor due to the packaging process, airing it out shouldn’t take any time and should take care of any faint odors.

The interior blend is dust mite and allergen resistant naturally. Combined with a washable cover, you shouldn’t have any allergic reactions to the materials. Other types of materials can harbor microscopic allergens, but Puffy’s blend doesn’t.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

Puffy gives you the same type of sleep trial that you’d get if you purchased a mattress. You have 101 nights to try the pillow out to see if it’s the right one for you. We recommend giving your pillow the same amount of time as your mattress, about 30 days, to allow the pillow to break in and your body to adjust.

If you decide after giving the pillow plenty of time that it isn’t going to be the right one for you, you can return it any time before the trial period is over and Puffy will issue you a refund.

The pillow doesn’t appear to have a warranty, but you should contact the company directly for any issues that arise with your pillow. The life of a quality pillow should be about three to five years before it begins to break down.

Price And Shipping

The standard Puffy pillow is $75, and the king size is $95. That’s significantly higher than most big-box store pillows, but you’re getting quality materials and a mattress that lasts longer than your average pillow.

The Puffy pillow can be part of your financing if you’re also purchasing a mattress with Puffy. Otherwise, we think that spending a little bit more for a pillow that doesn’t have dangerous levels of off-gassing or materials that attract allergens is worth it.

You’re also getting a pillow that can stand the test of time for at least three to five years. Your cheap pillow probably lost support within a few months of using it, but Puffy’s pillow construction keeps its support even with combination sleeping.

There’s no need to compress the mattress before shipping, so it comes packed lightly in plastic. Remove the plastic and make sure to let it air out if there’s any kind of odor. There’s no need to sign for the package.

Social Proof

Feels perfect: After removing some of the fluffy stuff inside I was able to adjust it to my liking. Feels too good, will have to order one for my husband now.

Puffy Pillow Well Worth It

This is the most comfortable pillow for someone with neck and back issues. I know immediately if my husband steals it from me the second I rest my head on the pile he replaced it with. Planning on buying 3 more for our split King adjustable Puffy need. Both are with every penny.


Here are a few options if you don’t think the Puffy will work

Purple Pillow

Purple’s pillow uses the same hyperelastic polymer that the mattress does. The unique grid layer prevents compression at the edge of the pillow. It stays firm at the edges of the pillow while cradling your head in the middle.

The polymer also allows maximum airflow throughout the pillow, so it stays cooler. You won’t be moving the pillow around looking for a cool space. It’s significantly heavier than other pillows at about ten pounds, but that’s the non-fluffing material. The weight is a trade off for allowing the pillow to keep its shape.

The Purple pillow is a more significant investment at about $99, but it comes with a one year warranty and a 100-night trial. Make sure you give the pillow time to break in and allow your body to adjust before trying to return it. It may have more odor than the Puffy, but that should fade with some airing out.

Muse Pillow

Muse’s pillow uses the same types of phase change materials that keep their mattress so cool. The pillow is suitable for combination sleepers because of its two-sided firmness. On one, shredded memory foam provides loft and depth for side sleepers while the other side with solid foam is good for stomach and back sleepers.

The cover is removable and washable, making all the materials naturally hypoallergenic and suitable for people with allergies. It sleeps cool, so you won’t be tossing and turning all night looking for a cool spot. Overall, it’s an excellent option if you need an adjustable pillow but aren’t comfortable taking filling out of a pillow like you have to with puffy.

It’s the biggest investment at $120, but if you want to sleep a lot cooler with your pillow and don’t like having to take filling out yourself, it’s a pretty good alternative to both Puffy and Purple.


Your pillow can make or break you. It should be something you upgrade along with your mattress, and should never be an afterthought. Your mattress does all the work for the lower half of your body, but the pillow is the piece that determines how straight your spine really is. Bad pillow and your spine will curve in one direction or the other. It’s not a good sight.

The Puffy pillow is a solid choice for an adjustable pillow. You can change the filling to suit your sleep position, giving you some control over the feeling and loft of your pillow. It’s worth the price and should give you a better night’s sleep.

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