Puffy Lux Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Puffy’s original mattress was so good that we didn’t think they’d ever need a new one. Then, they came out with the Puffy Lux, a softer option for those of you who prefer more of that classic memory foam hug. It’s more of an investment than the original Puffy, so let’s find out if it’s worth the extra sacrifice from your wallet in this Puffy Lux review.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Mattress

There are a lot of choices out there, but regardless of what you choose, your old mattress isn’t going to cut it anymore. Let’s take a look at a few things you need to consider before you buy any mattress.

Contouring and Support

Mattresses didn’t always have your body’s best interest in mind. Some of them were really terrible, providing nothing but a solid surface that forced your body to conform to it rather than the other way around. These only made your shoulder fall asleep and gave your hip fits while you tossed and turned. The other option was a soft mattress, but because of poorly designed springs, these only sagged in the middle. You ended up stressing your spine and back because it had no support at all.

Mattresses now use layers of different kinds of foams to provide a better, more comfortable surface for you to sleep on. The top layer gives way underneath your broadest points so that you don’t compress common pressure points like the shoulders or hips. The layer also fills in the gaps around your waist and supports your legs, so your spine stays aligned.

Underneath, a support layer pushes back against your weight to keep everything straight. It provides structural integrity to the mattress and helps isolation motion. This layer is critical to preventing sag.

Edge Support

Do you ever sit on the edge of the bed pondering your life choices? If your mattress doesn’t have good edge support, those days could be over. Edge support is critical for using every square inch of your mattress. If you don’t want to fight over a sweet spot in the middle with your partner, make sure your bed has good edge support.

Motion Transfer

Sharing the bed with anyone, whether human or pet, can be a frustrating experience with older beds. If your bed doesn’t have good motion isolation, it can be difficult for you to stay asleep as your partner, children, or pet moves around in the bed. Motion isolation dampens that movement so that those motion ripples stay right underneath the person (or furry companion) doing all the moving and you stay asleep.

Temperature Regulation

The biggest names in bedding right now are memory foam mattresses, but these tend to sleep a little bit hot. Since traditional memory foam held heat in the core of the bed, making it impossible to fall asleep, you want to make sure there are things in place to prevent this.

Foams should be an open cell for better breathability, and ideally, have a treatment such as graphite or gel to help move heat more quickly away from your body and out of the mattress where it can dissipate.

Presenting the Product – The Puffy Lux

This is the second model of Puffy’s, and it’s got a lot of the same thing we loved about the original. Let’s take a close look to see if the newest offering from the company is your perfect mattress fit.

Features and Benefits

Let’s get to the good stuff. Puffy has an excellent reputation both for mattress construction and the logistics of investing in one.

Contouring And Support

The Puffy Lux uses four different layers of contouring and support materials to help keep your spine straight without losing any comfort. It’s an all memory foam option that uses open cell foams and gel infusions to help regulate temperature and maintain breathability.

The very first layer uses a gel infused, contouring foam called Cloud Cooling Foam. It’s 1.5 inches deep and forms the first contouring bit that allows your shoulders and hip to sink further in while creating a comfortable spot for your legs and waist. The next layer is another piece of contouring foam that helps cradle pressure points and release pressure. This is particularly useful to you side sleepers who often find you wake up with pain in your shoulders or hips.

The next layer is a transitional layer of adaptive foam that provides support or contouring as you change your position throughout the night. It helps ease your body to the dense support layer underneath. It’s made of temperature neutral foam so that as you heat up during the night, it adapts to that as well.

The dense support layer provides structural support to the mattress and allows you to sleep without sagging or overextending your spine. It helps with edge support and motion isolation, and it pushes back against your weight to keep your spine completely aligned. The mattress is a total of 12 inches deep, making it both nicely thick but still a standard mattress depth for sheets and toppers.

Edge Support

The Lux has good edge support. We tend to be less than enthusiastic about the way memory foam mattresses compress towards the sides, but the Lux does manage to give you enough support that you can use the edge of the bed entirely. If you’re part of a couple, or you end up getting kicked to the side because of a pet or child, you’ll be able to sleep comfortably on the edge without feeling like you’re going to slide off completely.

Motion Transfer

Foam mattresses really shine with motion isolation. You know those commercials where someone drops a bowling ball and the glass of wine on the other side of the bed doesn’t spill? That may not seem like a big deal, but when you get in bed with your wildebeest partner, you’ll understand.

It has excellent motion isolation, reducing motion transfer to almost nothing. Think of it like a sand pit. If you drop a rock into a pond, the ripples go out for a long time and keep going, but drop a rock in sand? There’s some movement directly under the rock, but that’s the extent of it. Foam is like sand. Motion just doesn’t stand a chance with this one.

Temperature Regulation

Both the top two layers of the Lux have gel infused into the layers of foam. The entire bed is an open cell variety that continually forces air through little pockets throughout the mattress as you sleep. That breathability helps the gel layers to really wick away heat from your body and dissipate it throughout the mattress. No heat gets stored up in the core, and you can feel the surface of the bed being cool to the touch.

It does have a specific temperature neutral layer that adapts to temperature changes to keep you either cooler when it gets too warm or slightly warmer if it happens to be very cold. This type of foam is excellent if you experience multiple temperature changes throughout the night or have a form of heat that causes temperature inconsistencies in the winter.

Firmness Options And Sleep Positions

The Lux is just a bit softer than its predecessor, the original Puffy. It rates between a five and a seven on a ten point firmness scale, placing it in the medium firmness range. This is best for side sleepers because it’s going to give way just a tad bit more than a medium firm mattress. If you sleep exclusively on your side, or you prefer the softer feeling of a memory foam “hug,” the Lux could provide that extra softness than the original Puffy.


Traditional memory foam was really bad about off-gassing because the type of foams used was heavily petroleum based. Now, foams are getting better about the environment and using materials that won’t give you such a headache when you first unpack them.

Puffy Lux is CertiPur-US certified, meaning it won’t have nearly the type of off-gassing that traditional foams do. This certification is only for products that have high standards for air and environmental cleanliness. This certification includes all layers of foams, so you shouldn’t have to air it out when you first unpack it (although it may have a faint plastic smell).

Sleep Trial And Warranty

Puffy offers you a 101-night sleep trial to make sure the mattress is the right one for you. Your body needs time to adjust to the new mattress, especially if you’ve been sleeping on a terrible mattress for a long time. The bed also has a small period to break in and be the most supportive.

Give it at least a month or so to see if your sleep improves and to allow old aches and pains to fade. If you end up deciding that the mattress isn’t the right one for you, you can return it for a refund. They’ll pick it up from your house and donate or recycle it where appropriate.

Puffy provides a lifetime limited warranty against mattress defects. If you notice abnormal wear and tear or more than a proper amount of natural sagging as the years go by, Puffy will repair or replace the entire mattress. Make sure you have your mattress properly supported (foundation, floor, box spring for example) and that you’re using it only for its intended purpose so that you don’t accidentally void the warranty.

Options For Heavier People

The Puffy Lux isn’t appropriate for heavier people. It can support weight of up to 350 pounds on each side, but the weight is very taxing to the integrity of the mattress. You’ll lose some of the benefits of the Lux because your weight will interact with the support layer much more quickly, causing the bed to feel firmer than it actually is. Also, the foams will degrade more rapidly over time, so you may have to invest in a new bed more rapidly than you thought.

Customer Service

Puffy has excellent customer service. Their agents are friendly and seem to be located in the United States, so there are no language difficulties. If you have an issue, their team is quick to respond and handle the issue. We don’t foresee any problems with their customer service, which is comforting because that’s the last thing you want when you’re trying to solve a problem.


It’s significantly more expensive than the original Puffy at nearly twice the amount. It starts at just under $1450 for a twin size and goes to just under $2000 for a California king. Puffy does have frequent sales that can bring the price down several hundred dollars. If budget is your primary concern, you may be able to snag a deal if you order at the right time.

Quick Points

Still aren’t sure? Want more proof? Here are the quick reasons you may want to invest in a Puffy Lux and a few that could make you think twice. Here’s what to remember about this mattress.

What We Like:

  • softer feeling for side sleepers
  • has a memory foam “hug”
  • CertiPur-US certified foams
  • excellent customer service
  • adaptive foam layer for temperature control and better support

What We Don’t Like:

  • nearly twice the amount of the original Puffy
  • may be too soft for stomach sleepers
  • no options for heavier people
  • back pain sufferers may not see a reduction in pain

Who It’s For:

The Puffy Lux is specifically for customers who sleep exclusively on their sides and need some extra give so that their shoulders don’t get compressed. If you find that your arm tends to fall asleep before you do, you may want to consider the Puffy Lux.

It’s also an excellent option for those who like an overall softer mattress, but still need plenty of temperature control to stay cooler at night despite the memory foam hug. It strikes a nice balance between enveloping you and keeping you fresh all night.

Social Proof

For most customers, the reduction in pain has been a transformative experience. They generally rave about the quality of sleep they get at night and how much they wish they had changed beds sooner.

“When it arrived it was very easy to open and expand but it seemed a little too firm. But just give it a little because every time you sleep on it, it gets better and better!!!! I have had for a little over a month now and actually look forward to getting in bed. I am sleeping ALL NIGHT. No tossing and turning or waking up with a sore back or aching joints.” – Ann Smith

“Our old spring mattress was causing so much back pain and when my husband and I realized our sleepless nights were no longer caused by our toddler but now by our mattress we decided to take the plunge and buy a Puffy Lux! Kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner!!” Brittany Ales


The Puffy Lux isn’t for everyone. Here are two alternatives you may want to consider instead.

DreamCloud – Hybrid Alternative

If you want a soft feeling mattress, the DreamCloud uses eight different layers of memory foam, latex, and individually pocketed springs to create a bed that feels extra soft, but has all the support you’d need to keep back pain away.

The top layers are contouring foams in a pillow top style that allows your curves to sink. The foams fill in where they need to so that your spine is aligned. The transitional layers, including a bouncy latex layer that helps keep you from feeling too “dead” in the bed help ease your body to the springs. It’s an excellent hybrid alternative when you need more support, or you like a little more movement than the foam feeling.

DreamCloud offers an unparalleled 365-night sleep trial. You get a full year to try the mattress out to make sure it’s the right one for you. They also have a lifetime limited warranty against mattress defects.  You also have the option of white glove delivery.

Get the DreamCloud if you need something soft feeling, but still very firm for back pain. You should also get a DreamCloud if you need help with setting up your bed. Get the Puffy if you sleep hot during the night or you want a truly softer mattress.

Winkbeds – Alternatives For Heavier People

For heavier people, the Winkbeds Plus is a better option. It’s made specifically to accommodate much higher amounts of weight without sinking or feeling too firm. It uses layers of foams to help support your lumbar region and keep your spine straight while still allowing broader points to sink further into the bed. The support system is a layer of coils that provide structural support.

The bed is cooling, and you have the option of a cool control base that actively blows air through the mattress to provide extra relief during the night. It comes with a 120-night sleep trial, but no white glove delivery at this time. There’s a lifetime limited warranty against mattress defects, however.

Get the Puffy if you’re of average weight because the Winkbeds Plus could feel too firm, but if you’re much heavier than the average sleeper, you’ll be much happier with Winkbeds Plus.


Overall, we give the Puffy Lux a four out of five stars, but we might be willing to put that number higher if it weren’t so much more expensive. The expense isn’t quite worth what you get, but if you’ve just got to have a softer mattress, it could work well. We’re still huge fans of the original Puffy and think it offers excellent value for the money, but if you can catch the Lux on sale, it could be an excellent option for all you side sleepers out there.

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