Nuvanna Mattress Review 2022 : Is It Worth It?

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Right on the box, it says, Nu joy, Nu Approach, Nu Energy, Nu Motivation. Nuvanna has taken a zen-like approach to the sleep industry. And in a lot of ways are revolutionizing the relatively new ‘bed in a box’ market.

Their philosophy is all about balance and natural flow between body and mind. The company believes in prioritizing the things that matter most, and sleep is something that matters. If you are fully committed to being ‘truly’ asleep, you will be able to be ‘truly’ present during your waking hours. Nuvanna wanted to build the right foundation for your life. And they believe they have done so with their mattress.

The mattress is designed with active individuals in mind so that those who work long hours and have late nights can get a restorative, rejuvenating night of rest so that they have the energy and presence of mind to do it all over again the next day.

The idea for this NU experience was an epiphany of sorts. Alvaro Vaselli, the Nuvanna founder, was finding balance in his own life and wanted to deliver something meaningful to the world: that very same balance. From there he used his 20 years in materials sciences to develop a sleep product that would bring peace, joy, happiness, and above all, rest to people around the world.

Nuvanna Products on Offer

Nuvanna still only offers their flagship mattress line. But they do also have a foundation available that produces long-lasting support for your Nuvanna bed and can be assembled in a matter of minutes. The Nuvanna foundation also comes with a 100-night trial and is offered at a fair price of just 250 dollars for a queen sized.

Customer Support

Sometimes when companies grow too quickly, customer support becomes an issue. I am pleased to say that with Nuvanna, I opened the Chat Box and a Customer Experience Specialist, Lindsey, hopped on and started answering my initial questions about off-gassing, chemicals, and shipping within 15 seconds.

Another thing I liked about their customer service efforts is that they made sure that the chat window follows you through your navigation. So you don’t have to try to click back and forth between your chat box and the pages you are viewing. The chat window always reopens on the next page you open.

In addition to the toll-free number located conveniently at the top of the page, they have a full support page that you can navigate to via the footer of the website. On that page, you’ll again find their support number, another large link to their live chat service, and a comprehensive frequently asked questions section.

The feedback listed on the reviews page seemed genuine. Trustpilot, a third-party service verifies all of the reviews. I didn’t get the feeling that reports were purchased, even though short online consumer reviews is now an industry in and of itself. The replies were pretty generic, but each one was unique. The responses lead me to believe that there is a couple of real human-beings who are reading these and responding accordingly.

To sum up my initial impression of Nuvanna’s customer service: they earned my trust very quickly and I had a pleasant experience.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Let’s take a look at the options you’ll have in case something goes wrong or you decide the mattress isn’t for you.

Sleep Trial

Nuvanna gives all of their customers 100 days to make sure that they love their Nu sleeping experience. That said, this trial duration is somewhat standard across the bed in a box industry. But who needs more than 100 days to make a decision, right?

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I used my customer service specialist, Lyndsey, to get some more specific information on their return policy. It turns out that Nuvanna is true to their word on the 100% money-back guarantee regarding their sleep trial.

They also have a crafty means of picking up returns, and a way that assures you that they never resale returned beds. Nuvanna donates all of their returned mattresses to the Salvation Army, so they orchestrate a donation, and the Salvation Army comes to take an unwanted bed off your hands.

I find this remarkable on so many levels. You get plenty of time to try your mattress risk free. Plus, Nuvanna is putting their loss to a good cause. Then there is the small amount of genius behind the way that they save a few bucks on labor. Very clever indeed, Nuvanna. Well played!


The warranty is fairly standard. Nuvanna mattresses come with a limited warranty that protects your investment manufacturer defects and the memory foam not responding correctly (indentations) for ten years.

Nuvanna Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

Nuvanna currently has a summer discount on their website that takes of $125 off your purchase. Also, I found many legitimate online coupons with a simple Google search of ‘Nuvanna Coupons’ and ‘Nuvanna Deals.’ Some of the coupon codes were 125 dollars off, like the ‘sleep cool’ summer discount. But others were percentage based at 5% and 10%. A ten percent off coupon could be quite useful with a king-sized Nuvanna mattress and king-sized foundation in your shopping cart!

Reviewed: Nuvanna

What Sizes are Available?

Nuvanna beds come in six zen-inducing sizes:

  • TWIN – 39” x 75” x 10.”
  • TWIN XL – 39” x 80” x 10.”
  • FULL 54” x 75” X 10”
  • QUEEN 60” x 80” x 10.”
  • KING  76” x 80” x 10.”
  • CALIFORNIA KING – 72” x 84” x 10.”

What’s It Made Out Of?

Now we get into the fun part of the review, talking about the technical specs! As I mentioned above, the active person was kept in mind when they designed Nuvanna mattresses. To achieve a balance between comfort, support, and temperature control, Nuvanna uses a superior three-layer construction.

  1. The ‘Cooling Layer’ utilizes memory foam with phase-changing cooling gel particles that help to draw heat away from your body and keep you the right temperature all night long so that you get a rejuvenating sleep.
  2. The second layer is the comfort layer. It conforms to your body and correctly fills the gaps and spaces created by your contours and curves so that you have perfectly comfortable no-pressure support. This layer is officially called the Motion Control layer by Nuvanna. In addition to being comfortable, it helps to stop energy from transferring across the sleeping surface. So, if you have a partner who is a little bit (or a lot bit) wiggly throughout the night, you won’t be disturbed by their motion.
  3. The third layer is Nuvannas Progressive Support System. It pushes back just the right amount against the top two layers, so you don’t get that ‘sinking’ feeling that is generally associated with memory foam mattresses. The support layer also is what provides independent support for your different body parts to help keep your spine correctly aligned so that can say bye bye to back pain.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers

Yes. The Cooling layer and the Comfort Level provide the perfect balance of softness and support so that your hips and shoulders can sink into the mattress comfortably without feeling any pinching or pressure. But cradles the gaps and spaces as needed, such as the area above your hips and neck are supported for the ultimate side sleeper experience.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. Stomach sleepers tend to have more of the surface area of their body touching the mattress, which traps more body heat than in other positions. To add insult to injury, sleeping on your stomach with your face tucked down towards the mattress also allows the warmth of your breath to heat up the sleeping surface. This bed sleeps incredibly cool for an all foam mattress. Stomach sleepers will love it.

Back Pain

Yes. Proper spinal support was one of the main focuses when Nuvanna as designing their NPSS (Nuvanna Progressive Support System). It was specifically created to target individual support to the different areas of your body so that your spine can remain in perfect alignment no matter how you sleep. It doesn’t matter if you sleep on your back, or if you sleep face down, or on your side, this specially designed bed will keep you in alignment so that you can take on each day with renewed vigor.

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Hot Sleepers

Yes. If you are one of those people who tend to sleep hot, you’ll find blissful relief sleeping on this bed. The cover is soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and made of an ultra-premium fabric called TENCEL®. This material is botanically derived, and it naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria that could be the result of excessive sweating. When you couple the excellent cover with the Cooling Layer, you have a bed that sleeps at a perfect, fresh temperature all through the night, even in the summer months.

Heavy People

Yes. The Progressive Support System is ‘progressive’ because it is designed to react accordingly to different body sizes and shapes. The support layer is 1.8 pcf, high performance, durable, open cell foam. The result of using such materials means that even very large people will be adequately supported and sleep comfortably on this mattress. That said, if you are big and tall, it is recommended that you try the king-sized or California king mattress so that foam can adequately respond to your full body length and size.


Neutral. Memory foam beds are not known to be great for enhancing your sex life. That said, they will not negatively impact your sex life either. If you are looking for a bed specifically to improve your ability to make love, a hybrid or spring mattress might be the answer. Memory foam mattresses are designed to conform to your body therapeutically. Whereas, beds with springs are designed to help you float on the surface and have that extra bounce to assist in movement while lying on the surface.

Where Can I Buy It?

Nuvanna mattresses are only available online at this point in time. But with a risk-free trial that lasts one hundred days. There is no reason to need a retailer because Nuvanna has such a hassle-free return policy that if you do not like the bed, getting your money back is just a phone call or live chat away.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nuvanna falls into the very affordable mattress category because the after the available discounts, you are not likely to spend much much more than a thousand dollars. For example. I put a queen mattress in my shopping cart and applied the online coupon I found, and my total was only $765. That is a great deal. So, even a California King mattress with a California King Foundation comes to just $1050.00 with the primary discount!

Standard Nuvanna Bed Prices:

  • TWIN Mattress – $550
  • TWIN XL Mattress – $600
  • FULL Mattress – $790
  • QUEEN Mattress – $890
  • KING Mattress – $950
  • CAL. KING Mattress – $950
  • TWIN Foundation – $225
  • TWIN XL Foundation – $225
  • FULL Foundation – $225
  • QUEEN Foundation – $250
  • KING Foundation – $350
  • CAL. KING Foundation – $350

Is It Worth It?

In my humble opinion, the answer here is yes. Nuvanna is a very streamlined, no frill mattress, but it the value they offer by providing great comfort while being incredibly environmentally friendly and using safe, non-toxic materials so that you can rest assured that you and your family are not breathing in any hazardous vapors or absorbing chemicals through your skin is a beautiful thing.

Nuvanna is one in only a few mattress companies that go out of their way to make sure that their sleep products are safe to sleep on and make as little of an impact to the environment as possible.

Plus, the price is fabulous!

Shipping Info

All Nuvanna products ship free if you live in the continental United States. The mattress (according to Lindsey) will arrive in just four to five business days. It comes in a box that is roughly three feet tall —unless it is the King, then it will pretty darn tall.

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It’s a good idea to leave the mattress in the box until you get it into the room that you are going to put the mattress in. This is because it is much easier to move the box up and down stairways and through doorways, etc. Once you get the bed in your desired room, take the mattress out of the box and unroll it from its compression wrap. Then all you have to do is remove it from the plastic and set it where you are going to sleep. It only takes a few minutes for Nuvanna to expand to its full size.

Best Bed Frame or Foundation for the Nuvanna Mattress

Nuvanna makes foundations that are specifically designed for their mattresses. So you would think that their proprietary foundations are the best in this situation. However, Nuvanna has a frequently asked questions page that says you can use Nuvanna mattresses on the floor, in a slatted bed frame, on any other flat surface, or in any adjustable base of sufficient size.

Why Not To Buy A Nuvanna Mattress

Nuvanna is a minimalist bed with regards to its aesthetics. If you want a big, tall, fancy quilted pillow top or euro top style bed, this might not be the best option for you. The Nuvanna mattress is streamlined and efficient without extra bells and whistles.

Also, if you like the feel that innerspring or hybrid coil beds have to offer, you might want to look elsewhere. Nuvanna is has a gel-type memory foam top layer that has a reasonably quick response for a foam bed but still is meant to conform to your body. The way a foam bed reacts to pressure is entirely different than a hybrid coil bed or a traditional innerspring mattress. The latter has much more bounce due to the springs.

Similar Brands

If either of the two above factors is important to you, luxury look and feel or more bounce, I would recommend that you take a look at the Beautyrest Black® line or Saatva. Both make incredible hybrid mattresses with that 5-star luxury appeal and feel. They are a little bit more pricey than Nuvanna, but both still come in around the thousand dollar range.

Saatva is particularly luxurious for the price. They offer a quilted cover that has foam stitched in for an added plush feel. Then they use cooling gel-enhanced memory foam to help give a bit of that foam bed therapy, but it is sitting over 884 individually wrapped coils that in turn, rest over a layer of 9-inch innersprings. Saatva offers the best of both worlds. The other reason I like Saatva is that they have a proven dedication to indoor health and the environment.


The price is definitely right! Nuvanna has done a great job of producing a product that is affordable yet very high-quality. My personal experience with their customer service staff was wonderful. Other mattress brands could learn a thing or two from Nuvanna about how to set up a great customer service system.

Nuvanna Gets an ‘A’ Rating: I give Nuvanna an A for their initial product, price, and efforts. A lot of this is thanks to the fact that they were so prompt in answering any questions that I had about their product and policies. I spent a good hour on their website, and their customer service specialist stayed on standby in the chat box the entire time. There was no ‘time-limit for response’ warnings or any trying to hurry me along.

They don’t cut corners by using cheap, foreign foams. They also go the extra mile to make sure they safely produce their products with CERTIPUR-US certified materials. Most companies just do the bare minimum in this department; just enough to pass regulations so that they can optimize their bottom line.

I am impressed that Nuvanna takes these extra steps and still offers their product at such a low price. There are a couple of other brands that put forth the same kind of effort, but they are usually a few hundred dollars more, Loom & Leaf for example.

If you are in the market for a memory foam mattress, I highly recommend that you consider Nuvanna.

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