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Choosing a new mattress online can be tough. There are companies out there that you’ve never heard of, and companies that you have heard of that have built solid reputations. Some are pure memory foam, and some are new mattress hybrids.

After all, this is an investment, so you need to do your research. We’ve taken some of the best mattresses and pit them against each other to help you decide. Let’s start with two of the best mattress companies on the market: Nectar and ZenHaven.

About Nectar and ZenHaven

Nectar Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • Nectar is built with five layers of proprietary memory foam and quilted gel memory foam, all topped with their soft and cool Tencel cover
  • Standard with every Nectar, you’ll get free shipping, an unprecedented sleep trial, and free returns
  • Nectar offers a Forever Warranty. Truly, forever. For as long as you own the mattress, they stand by their product.

Why To Doubt

  • There is one model of Nectar available
  • Nectar cannot be placed on the floor but needs a foundation or bed frame

ZenHaven Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • Not memory foam, but proprietary latex construction
  • ZenHaven created a 5-zone Comfort Layer to support where needed, plus two support options available with every mattress, accessible by merely flipping the mattress
  • Organic wool topper, to wick moisture away and leave you cool all night

Why To Doubt

  • Latex is heavy, so the ZenHaven will be heavier and more challenging to move than other mattresses
  • It is recommended that you place your mattress on a platform bed only

Nectar Vs. ZenHaven Comparison

How are Nectar and ZenHaven Similar?


Both Nectar and ZenHaven sourced their materials from organic companies. The Nectar Mattress is hypoallergenic, dust mite repellent, and Certi-Pur Certified. ZenHaven is also Certi-Pur Certified and hypoallergenic and is sourced in America. Both created covers that are cool and allergen-free.


While Nectar Mattress and ZenHaven each offer one model, pricing for either is comparable to most traditional mattress sets. When you add in free delivery, the pricing for either mattress comes in below what most brick and mortar or department store mattress companies charge.

ZenHaven will remove your old mattress set, as well (with their White Glove service), which makes their pricing even more affordable.

Both Nectar and ZenHaven offer financing options, too. If you prefer not to use your credit card, you can utilize PayPal Credit, or the financing company through each mattress company. Nectar offers Affirm Financing, ZenHaven offers Klarna. Both companies give you three months to two years to pay off your new mattress (with approved credit).


Nectar has been around long enough that they’ve garnered a reputation for manufacturing comfortable, quality products. ZenHaven is a little newer on the market, but their parent company, Saatva, has been reputable mattress manufacturer for nearly a decade and has built a solid reputation for their products.

Sleep Trial

Both Nectar and ZenHaven are serious about wanting to make sure you like your new mattress. You will have plenty of time to try your new mattress and if you decide either is not a good fit, return it for free. Refunds are quick and easy.


Nectar and ZenHaven offer comprehensive warranties. For the life of the warranty, either company will repair or replace your mattress if a manufacturer defect is detected. Both are limited warranties, so be aware of the terms before you buy.

You want to be completely informed on what constitutes a manufacturer defect.

Nectar’s warranty stipulates that for the first ten years that you own the mattress, if a manufacturing defect is found, Nectar will replace your mattress with a new one. After ten years, they’ll repair or replace it, with the transportation costs waived.

ZenHaven will waive transportation costs and replace your mattress for two years after purchase date, if a manufacturer defect is found. After those two years they’ll repair and recover (or replace) for transportation costs.

Customer Support

When you’re an online retailer, especially of mattresses that cannot be tried out in stores, customer support is key to a successful company. Both ZenHaven and Nectar have cultivated stellar customer service, trained to address customer questions via email, phone, even chat.

Additionally, both Nectar and ZenHaven offer additional White Glove service in most areas. In the interest of making your experience as easy as possible, they’ll deliver your mattress, remove your old mattress and foundation, then set up your new mattress where you want it. The service also extends to setting up a bed frame if you choose to buy one.

Product Selection

While most of us think of buying only mattresses from an online mattress retailer, Nectar and ZenHaven both offer more than just beds. You can choose matching bed frames, bases, and foundations, as well, all delivered with your new mattress for a whole new bedroom.

How are Nectar and ZenHaven Different?

Nectar and ZenHaven have some notable differences that you should know about to make a decision that is right for you.


Nectar is pure memory foam – five layers of quilted gel memory foam and hi core memory foam, atop a breathable, sturdy base, to be exact. Nectar tops their mattress with a cooling Tencel cover, which breathes and wicks away moisture throughout the night.

ZenHaven is made with ten layered inches of latex. They use pure tree-tapped latex, which they call Talalay latex, made up of zones to support where needed and cradle where needed. They top their zoned comfort base with an organic wool topper that breathes and cools and a soft cotton cover.


Nectar offers an affordable memory foam bed with free delivery, one of the reasons they’ve become such a success in the industry. ZenHaven, while more expensive, is made from more expensive engineered materials. Factoring in free delivery, as well, both still come in well under the price of a traditional mattress set. But if you’re setting a budget for a new bed, ZenHaven is comparable to other online memory foam mattresses but just barely comparable to Nectar.


Nectar has built their reputation on providing quality and affordable mattresses online for several years now. ZenHaven, though a newer company, is owned by parent company Saatva, which has a solid reputation for quality. ZenHaven is still building their standalone reputation, but reviewers have had enough good experiences with them, they are catching up quickly to their parent company.

Sleep Trial

You’ll have plenty of time to decide if your new mattress works for you with Nectar’s 365-day Sleep Trial. A whole year to try a mattress is unheard of, but they’re pretty confident you’ll like it long before the year is up.

ZenHaven offers you 120 days to decide. If you’re not happy with either, contact the company and arrange for a free return and a refund. ZenHaven does note that they refund all but $99 for transportation costs.


ZenHaven comes with a 20-year warranty to protect you against any manufacturer defects. They’ll repair or replace your mattress if there are any defects as laid out in their warranty. In addition, they extend to you their “Fairness Replacement Option.” This ensures you’ll get a replacement for any reason, with no hassles, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the ZenHaven.

Nectar Mattresses come standard with their Forever Warranty. If at any time during the time you own the Nectar Mattress, you discover a manufacturer defect, or the mattress compresses one and a half inches, you can contact the company for a free repair or replacement.

This is non-transferrable, but it does extend for however long you own your Nectar. Nectar says they offer the Forever Warranty because they’re confident in the materials they use, and they want lifelong customers.

Customer Support

Nectar and ZenHaven are both available to talk via email, phone, or chat. Customers note in online reviews that while Nectar is most responsive via phone, ZenHaven chat is easy and fast.

Product Selection

ZenHaven Mattresses are available to purchase on their own, or with a matching foundation (box springs), standard bed frame, or adjustable bed frame. They also offer split foundations, if you need to navigate your new mattress and box springs up a flight of stairs or into a tight area.

Nectar offers their standalone mattress, matching foundations (box springs), standard bed frame, adjustable bed frame, pillows, mattress covers, and bedding. They’ve also just added matching bedroom furniture to their line.

And The Winner Is…

ZenHaven! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending ZenHaven as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. While normally I would choose the mattress with the best price, the construction of the ZenHaven Mattress is innovative and built for maximum comfort. Spending a bit more for a truly comfortable bed that you love is worth it.

Quick hit list

  • Quality – ZenHaven Mattress
  • Price – ZenHaven Mattress (relative to quality)
  • Reputation – Nectar Mattress
  • Sleep Trial – Nectar Mattress
  • Warranty – Nectar Mattress
  • Customer Support – ZenHaven Mattress
  • Product Selection – ZenHaven Mattress

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose ZenHaven

Here’s why… The zoned latex is built with areas that support and areas that give, making the ZenHaven mattress perfect for conforming to side sleepers’ bodies. You need more give in the mattress near your hips and your shoulders, while the small of your back and head need more support. This keeps your spine aligned and helps you wake up without the back pain associated with mattresses that cannot support your spine as needed.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose ZenHaven

Here’s why… While memory foam is supportive and comfortable, but ZenHaven offers the option to use one side for softer support or flip it for more support. Turning the ZenHaven on the “gentle firm” side (the other side is “luxury plush) helps support stomach sleepers as they need.

Back Pain: Choose ZenHaven

Here’s why… Sleeping on a mattress that has too little support or is too hard is the leading cause of back pain. ZenHaven’s zoned latex is made with specific pressure point support to keep your spine aligned, which helps ward off back pain from chronic misalignment.

The cool comfort of the cotton-covered wool topper also helps regulate body temperature, which assists you in getting to sleep and staying asleep. Waking frequently throughout the night and shifting repeatedly is also a cause of back pain, so staying cool addresses that problem, as well.

Heavy People: Choose Nectar

Here’s why… Memory foam supports, and Nectar’s quilted gel memory foam helps keep you cool and comfortable. Carrying extra weight calls for a little more support in your mattress, and Nectar offers that support.

As a bonus, Nectar’s Forever Warranty is an added layer of comfort. Heavier people need to replace mattresses more frequently, so the insurance of buying a mattress that can be replaced for however long you own it is a benefit worth taking advantage of.

Couples: Choose ZenHaven

Here’s why… Motion transfer makes for a restless night. ZenHaven Mattress created their zoned latex construction with anti-motion transfer in mind. Also, the wool cover keeps you both cool and comfortable throughout the night.


While we may have given you a lot of information to digest, investing in a mattress is a decision you need to make as an informed consumer. ZenHaven and Nectar have both created innovative technology that is quality and comfortable.

There are lots of companies that manufacture memory foam or latex mattresses available for online purchase. Comparing how they’re made, the accessories you need (or want), and the warranties they offer is just as important as price and how comfortable they are.

Utilize your sleep trial, research thoroughly, and ask the companies as many questions as you like. Your new mattress is an investment you’ll be enjoying for years to come.

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