Nectar vs. Layla Mattress Comparison 2023 : Which Is Better?

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It took no time at all for memory foam to become the most popular mattress type. Memory foam is inexpensive, easy to buy online, and let’s not forget exceptionally comfortable.

Memory Foam is so comfortable that a comparison between different mattress types inevitably evolves into a comparison of memory foam brands.

Just as inevitably, a comparison of different memory foam brand will end in a showdown between only two brands, Nectar, and Layla.

About the Brands

Layla Recap Full Review

Layla emerged onto the mattress market in 2015 with a copper-infused memory foam mattress you could actually flip.  The majority of reviews indicate that Layla customers are genuinely satisfied with their Layla mattress.

The plethora of positive reviews is undoubtedly due to the exceptional amount of comfort and dual-side firmness options that the mattress provides to all types of sleep postures and sleep types.

The Layla mattress alleviates uneven pressure in the shoulders and hips by gently cradling the body.

An innovative copper-infused, high-density polyfoam supports the Layla mattress. The copper-infusion and polyfoam work together to create a sleep surface that provides targeted support and pressure relief, yet remains cooler than other memory foam mattress brands.

The Layla also designed their mattress to be flippable. Sleepers can choose the targeted pressure relief of the medium-soft side or the additional support offered by the firm side.

Why To Like

  • Flippable design and multiple firmness options
  • Superior motion isolation
  • Inexpensive

Why To Doubt

  • Poor edge support
  • Extended break-in period
  • Moderate off-gassing

Nectar Recap Full Review

Nectar Sleep is making waves in the mattress market with its innovative memory foam mattress.

The Nectar Sleep mattress avoids the negative features associated with other memory foam mattress brands.

By using high-density polyfoam, and better quality materials than its competitors the Nectar mattress minimizes the  “sinking feeling” and the uncomfortable hug that enables the body to overheat.

The Nectar Sleep mattress also less expensive, more durable and provides a more comfortable sleep. With features like that, it’s easy to see why customers can’t stop positively reviewing the Nectar mattress.

The Nectar mattress provides a remarkably comfortable sleep surface. Utilizing a gel memory foam cover and layers of supportive high-density polyfoam the Nectar mattress remains temperature neutral and contours to the body supporting its most sensitive areas.

A supportive core of high-density polyfoam prevents the body from sinking too far into the Nectar mattress and provides it with added durability.

The Nectar mattress is an excellent choice for stomach sleepers, heavier individuals and those who prefer a firmer sleep surface.

The mattressed design features a unique support core that consists of high-density polyfoam to prevent uncomfortable sinking that can cause strain on the spine.

The Nectar mattress enjoys a positive reputation amongst customers and appeals to a wide range of different types.

Why To Like

  • High durability & long lifespan
  • Conforms to the body
  • Excellent motion isolation

Why To Doubt

  • Poor edge support
  • Available in only one firmness option

Layla and Nectar Mattress Comparison

How are Layla And Nectar Mattresses Similar?

The Nectar and Layla mattress tie in most of our comparisons, and they are very similar concerning type, quality, performance and customer satisfaction.

To be honest, the Nectar and Layla mattresses are so similar it is hard to specify a winner in the majority of categories.

Reputation- Customer satisfaction is high for both the Nectar and Layla mattresses. Both brands enjoy positive customer reviews and a reputation for quality.

Manufactured with High-Density Polyfoam- The Nectar and Layla mattresses include multiple layers of high-density polyfoam.

Each mattress contours to the shape of the body support a neutral spine and actively relieves pressure points and strain on the hips, neck and lower back.

Designed to be Temperature Neutral- Memory foam mattresses are known to overheat.

The body tends to sink into the mattress, effectively enveloping it memory foam that absorbs and retains body heat.

Because both the Nectar and Layla mattresses feature a memory foam construction, both brands have taken measures to regulate sleep temperature, though they differ in their method.

Superior Motion Isolation- Memory foam mattresses conform to the body and dampen vibration. As a result, both the Nectar and Layla mattresses provide superior motion isolation.

Great for Couples- Subsequently, both mattresses perform well with couples who share a bed and wish to avoid disturbing, or be disturbed by their sleep partner.

However, neither mattress is exceptionally springy or responsive which is not beneficial to sex.

Medium Firm- The Nectar and Layla mattresses are also similar regarding firmness level.

Both are considered medium-firm which is beneficial to most sleep types but lacks the high bounce and spring associated with latex and innerspring mattresses.

Good for Back Pain- A medium firm sleep surface is also beneficial to those who suffer from nocturnal back pain.

Due to the conforming, yet supportive nature of high-density polyfoam both the Nectar and Layla mattresses offer high levels of support for the spine, shoulders, lower back, and hips.

Durable- Memory foam mattresses are generally more durable than their innerspring counterparts.

The Layla and Nectar mattresses are both considered to be highly durable, even amongst other memory foam mattress brands.

Poor Edge Support- Edge support prevents roll off and makes it easier to get in and out of bed.

Unfortunately, memory foam mattresses have a reputation for poor edge support, and in that regard, the Nectar and Layla mattresses are no exception.

Both mattresses compress to a significant degree when exerting weight on the edge.

Inexpensive- Fortunately, memory foam mattresses are generally more affordable than other mattress types.

The Nectar and Layla mattresses are both reasonably priced and a smart option for mattress shoppers on a budget.

Sleep Trial- The Layla and Nectar mattresses both include an extended sleep trial wherein customers can try out their mattress and return it for a full refund should they be unsatisfied for any reason.

Lifetime Warranty- Both mattresses include a full-service warranty for the life of the mattress, which should be a long time considering the durability of the brands.

Only Available Online- The Layla and Nectar mattresses can only be purchased online, as neither brand operates any brick and mortar locations.

Available Sleep Products- Customers can choose from a selection of sleep products to supplement their Layla or Nectar purchases.

Customers can purchase the corresponding bed frame, and foundation for both mattresses online.

How are Layla And Nectar Mattresses Different?

The Layla and Nectar mattresses are similar in more ways than they are not. Due to their shared memory foam construction, the Layla and Nectar mattresses display few differences.

However; many of the differences exhibited between the mattresses manifest in the respective ways they approach solving a shared issue.

Gel vs. Copper-Infusion- The conforming characteristics of memory foam enables the body to sink into the mattress, effectively encasing the sleeper in memory foam.

Body heat becomes trapped close to the skin which increases the temperature of the mattress.

Memory foam mattress makers employ a number of different methods to combat the issue of overheating with varied success.

The Layla mattress utilizes the cooling properties of copper, infused into the memory foam to cool the sleep surface and draw heat away from the body.

Support Core- The Nectar mattress includes a support core manufactured from high-density memory foam. The supportive core serves to prevent sinkage and contributes to the firmness of the sleep surface.

Product Selection- The Layla mattress is a two-sided mattress and offers more in concerning mattress firmness, whereas the Nectar mattress is only available in one firmness.

Sleep Trial Duration- The nectar mattress includes a 365-day sleep trial which is far more than the 120 days offered by Layla.

Corresponding Pillow- Layla customers can also purchase a Layla pillow manufactured using the same copper-infused memory foam as their mattress. Nectar does not offer a corresponding pillow to their mattress.

And The Winner Is…

Layla! Buy Online Now

We dub the Layla mattress the winner of our head-to-head comparison by a small margin. The Layla and Nectar mattresses are neck-and-neck regarding type, quality and price range.

However, when competitors are tied in all of the primary categories, it is the secondary attributes that determine the victor. In that regard, the Layla mattress is the winner.

The Layla mattress is the Nectars equal regarding comfort, support and its adaptability to sleepers of all types.

However; regarding price, reputation, customer support and product selection the Nectar mattress is outpaced the Layla mattress.

The Nectar mattress is by no means an inferior mattress. However; the dual-sided sided Layla mattress provides greater product selection and customer support.

A queen-sized Layla mattress is also more than $100 less expensive than a queen-sized Nectar mattress.

These features combine to bolstered the Layla mattresses reputation amongst customers and accelerate it past the Nectar mattress to claim victory.

  • Quality – Nectar
  • Price – Layla
  • Reputation – Layla
  • Sleep Trial – Nectar
  • Warranty – Tie
  • Customer Support – Layla
  • Product Selection – Layla

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Layla

Side sleepers will benefit the most from sleeping on the Layla mattress. Side sleeping is often associated with nocturnal neck pain.

The weight of the head must be relieved by a pillow for side sleepers to rest comfortably, but the neck strains too far to the side because of the gap created by the height of the shoulder.

The Layla mattress is softer than the Nectar mattress.

A softer sleep surface enables the body to sink further into the mattress, thus reducing the space that the head travels to contact the mattress and relieve strain on the neck.

Stomach Sleepers: Nectar

Sleep experts generally agree that stomach sleeping is the least beneficial sleep position.

The hips tend to sink into the mattress which exerts unhealthy pressure on the spine and lower back.

In this regard, the Nectar mattress is the better option for stomach sleepers. The Nectar mattress is more firm than the Layla mattress.

Thus it prevents the hips from sinking into the mattress and cause discomfort.

Back Pain: Layla

The Layla mattress is slightly softer, and contours the body to a greater degree than the Nectar mattress, which makes it the better choice for those who suffer from back pain.

By contouring, to the shape of the body, the Layla mattress is able to support the neutral spine and relieve pressure points that cause back pain.

Heavy People: Nectar

The Nectar mattress is the better mattress choice for heavier individuals because it is firmer than the Layla mattress and includes a supportive core.

Heavier individuals tend to compress a memory foam mattress past the point where it can provide essential support.

The Nectar mattress is designed with a supportive core which prevents the body from sinking too far into the mattress and causing discomfort on the spine.

Couples: Nectar

The Nectar mattress is a better option for couples because it is slightly firmer and more responsive than the Layla mattress.

Though the Layla mattress would also be an excellent choice for couples, it is not as responsive and therefore not as beneficial to sex as the Nectar mattress.


Considering durability, cost and overall customer satisfaction the Layla and Nectar mattresses are superior to the majority of memory foam brands.

They perform well for a variety of sleep types, provide significant back pain relief and are comfortable for couples and heavy sleepers.

The competition was close between these two memory foam brands, but in the end, it was customer support and the quality of the sleep trial and warranty that propelled the Layla mattress to victory.

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