Nectar vs. Ghostbed Mattress Comparison 2023 : Which Is Better?

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If the only kind of compressed mattress you know is that uncomfortable, weirdly thin, fold-out couch/bed in your grandmother’s basement, boy are you in for a surprise.

The compressed bed has a whole new look thanks to companies who’ve jumped on the wagon to bring customers mattresses that are entirely pristine of mattress showroom energy. These companies know that salespeople give you the creeps, and they’re asking you ever so politely to reconsider the way you shop.

Both Nectar and Ghostbed are in the game, but which one deserves your checkout, and which one deserves an “add to cart” forever in limbo? Let’s take a look.

About the Brands

First, a bit about each brand.

Nectar Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • excellent for side sleepers
  • good edge support whether sitting or lying down
  • tencel cover is bed bug resistant
  • keeps sleepers very cool
  • the most extended sleep trial available – 365 days

Why Not To Like

  • no ratings for heavy sleepers
  • isn’t very responsive

Ghostbed Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • is well rated for heavy sleepers
  • one of the most extended sleep trials available
  • requires very little off-gassing
  • excellent temperature control

Why Not To Like

  • edge support could be a lot better
  • no bounce like a conventional innerspring

Nectar and Ghostbed Comparison

These two companies have a lot in common, but not everything. There are a few things that might sway you in one direction or the other.

How are Nectar and Ghostbed similar?

They have some similarities in the overall concept of the mattress, mostly, plus a few logistical things.

Contouring and Support

Conventional mattresses forced your body to bed to their will, which as it happens was a straight line. Straight lines don’t look so good on the body, and you wake up with dead limbs and cricks in your neck that make you resemble pop culture Frankenstein.

In the early days of memory foam, the mattresses didn’t make your body conform, but they really couldn’t stand up for themselves either. They were like that annoying yes-man at work. All talk and no substance.

Memory foam mattresses of today have contouring layers that help your limbs sink into the foam in just the right places, but they also have a much denser layer of support foam that keeps you from sinking down to the floor.

Although they have slightly different constructions, they both ascribe to this philosophy of mattress construction.

Motion Transfer

Does your partner levitate a few inches off the bed before changing positions? How does a person shake the bed so much just trying to find a comfortable spot?

Conventional mattresses are linked together, so that movement on one end transfers to the other. Both of these mattresses are memory foam which doesn’t transfer every little motion. Your partner can continue all those crazy antics, and you still get to sleep relatively still.

Another benefit of reduced motion transfer is that if one partner is significantly heavier than the other, it doesn’t create as much of a dip in the mattress. On a conventional mattress, you tend to roll towards the other partner, but with memory foam, everyone gets to sleep on a flat surface.

Limited Offerings

Both companies believe in having one or two mattress styles and perfecting those until they are the best. You aren’t going to find a lot of different styles or choices here because both companies are going after that one perfect magic mattress.

They succeed too. Both companies offer a mattress style that fits a wide range of sleep positions and needs, so you don’t have to comb through one thousand different things to find what you want.


The cost of both original mattresses is roughly the same. The Nectar comes in just a little bit cheaper, but we don’t think it’s much of a difference unless you’re on a very tight budget.

The Nectar will cost you about $900 for a California king while the original Ghostbed is about $975. Ghostbed Luxe, an upgraded mattress with better temperature regulation, is $1625 for a California king, however.


Shipping is free, so you don’t have to worry about that. Both companies compress your mattress to fit into a box that arrives on your doorstep.


If you can’t quite swing the full cost of a new mattress just yet, both companies offer financing options through their website. You can complete the order as usual and receive approval directly through their website.


Both companies offer accessories that complement your new mattress. Nectar has a foundation and an adjustable foundation if you need to replace your entire bed set up.

Ghostbed offers foundations, pillows, and sheets. You can transform your entire bed set up all in one go. They also have feet so that you can raise your foundation higher for storage. If you love your Ghostbed, you can even get a t-shirt to declare it to the world.

How are Nectar and Ghostbed different?

And now for the part you’ve been waiting for. What separates the two companies?

Mattress Styles

Both companies focus on offering one or two mattress styles and getting those precisely right.


The Nectar mattress is made of four layers of contouring and support foam. The first layer is a quilted foam layer with gel foam. It contours to your curves so that you don’t get those weird morning pains, but the gel quickly disperses heat away from your body. As you sink into the foam, it stays cooler.

The second layer is a contouring comfort foam that’s also infused with gel. It relieves pressure and includes another cooling layer. It holds five patents and is one of the most premium foams available.

The third layer is an adaptive foam that begins to support your spine and joints. It provides response and bounce, so you don’t sink into the bed further than you have to. The final layer is the base support that gives structure to both the bed and your spine and joints.

It’s the only direct to consumer brand that uses adaptive memory foam. It’s a highly supportive feature, but it’s normally heavy to ship, so other mattress brands don’t use it. It helps you stay in a comfortable position but disperses heat instead of storing it in the core of the mattress.

It’s covered in a soft Tencel material that also helps disperse heat and is resistant to bedbugs. Nectar guarantees that last part and offers a mattress replacement if you end up being one of those unfortunate souls with a bedbug infestation after your purchase their mattress.

It’s rated at about a six and a half on a ten point firmness scale.


The original Ghostbed is a three-layer foam mattress. The first layer is a plush, open cell foam that’s naturally responsive because of the latex blend. It doesn’t hold heat and adds breathability. The second layer is Ghostbed’s ice layer, a cooling gel foam that’s a proprietary blend of materials. It prevents the mattress from holding heat in the core and reflecting back on your body.

The third layer is a dense support foam that gives the bed structure and prevents you from sinking too deeply into the core. The Ghostbed is a little more responsive than traditional memory foam, so if you’re looking for that “hug,” you might not get it as strongly with the Ghostbed as you would with Nectar.

It’s rated as about a six on a ten point scale, however, so it’s soft but responsive.

Ghostbed Luxe

The Luxe is an even softer version of the original. It adds layers of cooling fabric and gel foam to provide an even more relaxed sleep. The gel layer sits on top of a responsive support layer so that it’s even softer (side sleepers, rejoice!) but still gives you a little movement. It uses those four micro-layers to improve breathability as well.

It’s rated as a five and a half on a ten point firmness scale, which might be too soft for some stomach sleepers or those with back pain, but is great for side sleepers.

Edge Support

The Nectar mattress offers excellent edge support. There’s minimal compression as you move towards the edge of the bed. If you’re a side or stomach sleeper who uses the edge of the bed to get in a good position, or if you have a partner and every inch of the mattress is valuable real estate, this is good news.

The Ghostbed doesn’t have as good edge support as the Nectar. It tends to compress a lot towards the edges, so you might not be as comfortable on the side. The Luxe does improve on that edge support, but there is still a lot we’d like to see happen.

Heavy Sleepers

The Ghostbed can support up to 750 pounds. Although the bed isn’t made especially for heavier sleepers, you will still feel the firmness of the mattress in the same way as lighter sleepers.

The Nectar doesn’t have the same rating, so we couldn’t recommend the mattress for heavier sleepers. It won’t be a supportive as a mattress manufactured with extra weight in mind.

Trial Period

Ghostbed offers one of the most extended trial periods in the industry at 101 days. This is a day longer than most normal trial periods, and a little over a week longer than traditional 90-day periods. They ask that you sleep on your new mattress for a minimum of 30 nights because it takes time for your body to adjust to a new mattress and for you to see if your sleep is improving.

Nectar is so sure of their mattress that they’ll let you sleep on it for a full year. You have 365 days to figure out if your sleep is transformed and you can return it at any point during that first year if you don’t love it.

It’s the longest trial period in the industry. If you experience pain during sleep, this could be a transformative experience. It can take a lot of time for the pain to subside after years of sleeping on the wrong mattress, and a year to decide could make all the difference.


Ghostbed gives you a ten-year warranty, and they’ll replace any mattress with a defect within that time. They will also replace the mattress for specific wear and tear that falls outside the expected range although they reserve the right to assess the circumstances and any fees associated with replacement.

Nectar offers a lifetime warranty against defects and abnormal wear and tear. Since Nectar is a relatively new company, this can help allay any fears you might have about the durability of the mattress, since there aren’t any long-term statistics available.

And the Winner Is…

Nectar! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Nectar as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. Ghostbed has a lot of useful factors, but we think the Nectar has the edge support and pressure relief for side sleepers.

  • Quality – Nectar
  • Price – Nectar
  • Reputation – Ghostbed
  • Sleep Trial – Nectar
  • Warranty – Nectar
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Ghostbed

For Sleepers with Specific Needs…

Side Sleepers: Ghostbed

Here’s why. Ghostbed offers a softer surface, notably the Ghostbed Luxe, and side sleepers can sink further into the mattress while still feeling supported. Nectar provides excellent contouring and side support, but the Ghostbed edges it out.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Nectar

Here’s why. Nectar is a little firmer for stomach sleepers, and it has better edge support so that you can use the edge to get comfortable without losing any support.

Back Pain: Choose Nectar

Here’s why. The Nectar is a little firmer, which is better for relieving lower lumbar pain and keeping the spine supported.

Heavy People: Choose Ghostbed

Here’s why. It’s rated up to 750 pounds while the Nectar isn’t intended for heavier sleepers at all. You’ll lose the support and proper contouring.

Couples: Choose Nectar

Here’s why. Nectar has better edge support, so you can sleep all the way up to the edge.


Nectar and Ghostbed are both excellent options for a bed-in-a-box, but Nectar is a better overall choice for most sleepers. Unless you’re a heavier sleeper, Nectar should be able to transform your sleep. With the year-long trial period and the lifetime warranty should give you plenty of chances to try out the mattress with no risks.

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