Nectar vs. Casper Mattress Mattress Comparison 2023 : Which Is Better?

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In the battle of the mattresses, name recognition is a good thing, but it doesn’t matter much. How you get them home has nothing to do with whether it’s a good choice or not. What does matter? Comfort and price.

Think about it: Who cares if it’s the biggest name in the mattress world, or if you have a store deliver a mattress? If the bed you choose doesn’t fit in your budget, or if the bed isn’t comfortable, you’ve chosen the wrong mattress. Thanks to online mattress retailers, you now have plenty of choices.

So let’s get to the showdown between these two big hitters in the mattress community: Nectar and Casper. Both have stellar reputations, and both have plenty of sales to back up the fact that online mattress companies are just as good (and in some cases better than) brick and mortar stores. Let’s narrow it down for you a bit, though, before you decide.

About Nectar and Casper

Nectar Recap Full Review

The Nectar mattress is built for maximum breathability, comfort, and just enough firmness to support you at night. It is dust mite proof, layered perfectly, and a solid player in the mattress industry.

There are no gimmicks, no tiered pricing. Just choose your size, and it will be delivered straight to your home.  Nectar also has a full line of bedding, pillows, foundations, and adjustable bed frames to compliment your new mattress, as well.

Why to like:

  • Nectar’s gel memory foam, memory foam, and quilted gel memory foam layers promote air circulation, making nights cool and comfortable
  • Their proprietary Tencel cover is super soft and wicks away moisture quickly
  • Standard with every Nectar purchase is free shipping, a 365-night trial, and their Forever Warranty

Why to doubt:

  • Firmer than most purely memory foam mattresses
  • Foundation still needed, cannot be used on the floor or some bed frames

Casper Recap Full Review

Casper gives you three firmness levels to choose from, has proprietary memory foam construction, and is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. You can select a no-frills, straight memory foam mattress all the way up to a plush luxury mattress.

Casper offers sizes twin to California King, plus all the accessories (including platform bed frames, adjustable frames, mattress protectors, even nightstands and memory foam pillows).

Why to like:

  • Casper formulated their mattress with 36 specific points to relieve pressure points while you sleep
  • There are several unique combinations of memory foam used for a luxury feel
  • Strategically-placed contour cuts inside the mattress assist in spinal alignment

Why to doubt:

  • The five-layer Wave model needs to be set up in a specific orientation to work as intended, and although you don’t need to flip it, you do need to rotate it regularly
  • Only has a 10-year warranty

Nectar and Casper Comparison

How are Nectar and Casper similar?

Nectar and Casper both offer premium memory foam construction, which means they’re built to be luxurious and refreshing. With their layering technology, wicking away moisture is the priority in keeping you cool, and makes your night fresh and comfortable.


Nectar and Casper are both very proud of the fact that they have earned the CertiPur Certification, meaning they use materials that are free from toxins, allergens, and harmful gasses. Both use high-tech materials that do not break down, and both Nectar and Casper have warranties to ensure you have a quality mattress for years to come.


Compared to traditional mattress sets, you’ll pay significantly less for a Nectar or Casper. If you add in the standard free delivery and the fact that you don’t have to purchase separate box springs (you can use your existing box springs or a platform bed), then the price of either Nectar or Casper comes in well below traditional coil mattress sets from brick and mortar stores.


Casper and Nectar have excellent reputations in the mattress industry. The public has been buying and keeping both mattresses for several years, and their products and customer service regularly receive commendations.

Sleep Trial

No worries with either Nectar or Casper when it comes to trying out your new mattress. Just like other mattresses, you’ll have plenty of time to decide if it’s right for you. And if you don’t like it, their sleep trial ensures you’ll be able to return either one for a full refund. The sleep trial is just one more way to feel confident in your decision.


Nectar and Casper both offer comprehensive warranties against manufacturer defects. If either mattress develops a defect, or compress and will not bounce back as they’re designed to do, the company will repair or replace your mattress as long as it is within the warranty period.

Customer Support

Nectar has online reviewers raving about their customer support. And Casper has offered responsive customer service since their inception. From what customers are saying, customer service with online mattress retailers is superior to brick and mortar stores.

Product Selection

Aside from the actual Nectar Mattress and Casper Mattresses, both companies offer a full line of bed frames, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, and foundations.

How are Nectar and Casper Different?

Pricing and level of warranty are the most notable differences between the two mattresses. And you can choose one model of Nectar or three different Casper models.


Casper and Nectar both offer quality products made of quality materials. However, while Nectar provides adaptive hi-core memory foam and proprietary quilted memory foam as part of their layering, Casper has Visco memory foam along with a base layer of support foam with contouring.


Nectar offers straightforward pricing for every size. No different models, no question, just a good price for a good mattress, delivered for free. Casper is slightly more expensive, depending on the model and size you order. But they also offer free shipping and (depending on your location) in-home delivery and setup with their Wave mattress.


Nectar has cultivated a reputation for delivering quality mattresses shipped to your home for an affordable price. They also have the sales and repeat sales to boast that they are in the mattress business for the long haul. Casper has been around a little longer, and have cultivated a customer base by providing a quality product and stellar customer service.

Sleep Trial

While Casper offers you 100 nights to decide if their mattress is right for you, Nectar will give you a full year. 365 nights to find out if the Nectar Mattress is right for you sounds like they’re pretty sure you’ll like it.


Casper will come with a 10-year limited warranty that protects you against manufacturer defects. If at any time you have an issue with your Casper Mattress, contact customer support and they will confirm there is an issue and work to fix it.

Nectar Mattresses come with a Forever Warranty. For as long as you own your Nectar Mattress, your mattress is guaranteed not to fail. Nectar says they offer a Forever Warranty for two reasons: they stand behind their products one hundred percent, and they want to keep mattresses and box springs out of landfills, a significant problem in America.

They set out to create a mattress that would last, and guaranteeing it forever is a good way to stand behind their product.

Customer Support

Nectar has email, chat, and phone operators available to answer questions and help you order. Casper can be reached by phone, chat, email, and even text. Online reviewers were very pleased with being able to get through to a real person with Nectar, while reviewers who got a hold of Casper via text or chat said they had their problems resolved quickly.

Product Selection

Casper gives you the choice of three models: The Essential, the Casper, and the Wave. The Essential has three layers of memory foam, the Casper has four layers, and the Wave has five layers of memory foam and Hyper-Targeted Support. They also have a product line of pillows, mattress covers and bed frames.

Nectar offers you one model, but that one model has five layers of memory foam and gel memory foam. They also have bedding, pillows, mattress covers, adjustable bed frames, even a matching side table to go with the bed frames they offer.

And the winner is…

Nectar! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Nectar as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. Comfort, of course, is critical. But price and customization options are essential as well.

Nectar is straightforward on pricing and offers technology that has been developed to keep their mattresses cool, breathable, and soft. The fact that every Nectar mattress comes standard with those five layers is one main reason we chose it as our winner. They didn’t build several different models. They set out to create the perfect mattress for a great price, and they did.

The quilted gel memory foam layer just beneath the soft Tencel cover offers everything you want out of a memory foam mattress: it cools you, it supports you, and it gives the mattress extra springiness and loft.

Adding the Tencel cover (that every review seems to rave about) was genius. It wicks moisture away, so you stay cool throughout the night. Plus, that soft cover starts your night off right by being able to slip into an incredibly soft and cool bed.

Also, the two gel memory foam layers and the breathable foam base offer superior support. Those memory foam layers that nestle in between the foundation and the gel memory foam make for a loftier, fluffier, but still supportive bed overall.

If you’ve ever had a broken foundation on your traditional mattress set, you know how important it is to your sleeping experience. Building in a memory foam base, topped with all those layers of softness on top? That helped make the Nectar the clear winner, as well.

However, the Forever Warranty is what ultimately tipped the scales. Traditional mattresses have offered a 10 to 20-year warranty for decades anyway. So if Nectar is confident enough to offer to replace their mattress at any point in the future, that says a lot. While a 10-year warranty is admirable, a Forever Warranty guarantees that you will always have a mattress that works for you and that you love every night.

Quick hit list

  • Quality – Nectar
  • Price – Nectar
  • Reputation – Nectar
  • Sleep Trial – Nectar (365 nights over Casper’s 100 nights)
  • Warranty – Nectar (Forever vs. ten years)
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Casper (3 models vs. 1)

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Casper

Here’s why… The contour cuts make the Wave model of Casper perfect for side sleepers. The support is stronger near the head and foot and at the midpoint. The contour cuts allow for your shoulders and hips to sink in just a bit, keeping your spine aligned.

The mattress is made to breathe, so you’ll stay cool and comfortable each night, making for more restful nights. But those contour cuts? They’re designed for side sleepers. For that specific feature, Casper is an excellent choice for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Casper

Here’s why… Casper calls their basic model “The Essential,” and it has three layers of memory foam. Supportive and soft, but not too soft. Stomach sleepers need more support than other sleepers. You can’t choose a mattress that is too soft, or your back is going to sway as you sink into the memory foam. Choosing Casper means you will get the comfort and coolness memory foam is known for, but you’ll have enough support to sleep comfortably.

Back Pain: Choose Nectar

Here’s why… You’re going to need the extra quilted support that those five layers of memory foam provide. Back pain is usually due to not having enough support in your mattress. Conversely, if your mattress is too hard, you will end up with a sore or stiff back every morning.

Nectar is designed to align your spine, which in turn helps your back relax overnight.

Heavy People: Choose Nectar

Here’s why… Casper’s Wave has five layers, so if you go with Casper, you’ll need to choose the high-end model for the correct amount of support. With a Nectar mattress, you’ll get five layers of memory foam for a lower price, plus the Forever Warranty.

If you or your sleeping partner carry a little extra weight, you already know you need to replace your mattresses more often. But Nectar ensures you won’t have to worry about that with their mattress. If for any reason, your Nectar compresses more than 1.5 inches, Nectar will repair or replace your mattress. For the first ten years of ownership, Nectar will replace. After that, they’ll repair or replace the mattress.

Couples: Choose Casper

Here’s why… Casper’s pretty proud of their “Not too firm, not too soft” tagline. If you like more support and your sleeping partner likes more softness, Casper is probably going to be a great choice for both of you. It’s a terrible thing to go into a mattress store to find that you are eying the soft pillow top mattresses and your partner is set on a nice firm mattress. Choose Casper; you’ll end up with the best of both worlds.

And don’t forget, you’ll have 100 nights to try it out and make sure it’s a good fit for you both. There’s no risk. And if you do decide it isn’t right for one of you, Casper offers hassle-free, no-cost returns.


Buying a mattress online used to be a foreign concept, but with free shipping and returns, trial periods longer than most traditional mattresses from brick and mortar mattress stores, and the sheer number of people buying online (and keeping their new mattresses) show that it isn’t risky anymore. It’s a cost-effective alternative that has become a trend to stay.

Nectar and Casper are both great choices. And depending on your specific needs, hopefully, we have set out why one is the clear winner for you.

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