Nectar vs. Bear Mattress Comparison 2023 : Which Is Better?

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Both Nectar and Bear boast the title of innovative mattress, but which one lives up to that name. They’re both internet startups. They both claim to offer the best night’s sleep of your life. They both have generous sleep trials and warranties. What’s a sleepy customer to do?

We’re going to go over everything you need to know about both of these companies so you’ll have the answer. There can be only one winner, and we’ve made our choice.

About The Brands

Let’s keep a few things in mind.

Nectar Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • lifetime warranty against defects
  • year-long sleep trial
  • white glove delivery option

Why To Doubt

  • no hybrid choice
  • not appropriate for heavier people

Bear Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • two options: all foam and hybrid
  • Celliant technology helps recovery
  • very affordable

Why To Doubt

  • no option for white glove delivery
  • not appropriate for heavier people

Nectar and Bear Comparison

To find your next mattress, we’re going to need to go over everything, good and bad. Let’s get started.

How are Nectar And Bear Similar?

The companies do have some similarities involving logistics and mattress philosophy. Let’s start there.

Contouring And Support

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. Old styles of mattresses without the proper contouring layers were awful. They forced your body to conform to the surface of the bed without an ounce of regard for your feelings about it. They came in “firm like a wooden floor” or “soft like a weirdly uncomfortable hammock” and no in between.

Mattresses companies invented the pillow top to try to atone for their sins, but it wasn’t until companies began to research how our bodies actually sleep that mattresses actually got comfortable.

Now, companies (including Nectar and Bear) uses different targeted layers to balance your spine’s need for support with your need not to be a contortionist to get comfortable.

Both Bear and Nectar use specialized layers on top for contouring. The materials give way underneath your broadest points so that you aren’t mattress-shaped. The materials then fill in around your natural curves such as the waist and lower lumbar. The result is something extraordinary.

Your mattress becomes the shape of your body instead. To keep you from sinking too far into the mattress and losing all your support, a layer underneath pushes back against your weight keeping your spine aligned.

The two types of layers are the fundamental pieces to Nectar and Bear’s success. They give you an excellent mattress, ensuring that your body’s unique needs are met.

Edge Support

If you have to give you sitting on the edge of the bed, do you really want that bed? Not all of us have room for chairs in our bedroom, thank you very much.

Both Nectar and Bear have reinforced edges so you can use the edge of the bed to sit or sleep. If you’re one half of a couple, that’s good news. No more fighting with your sweetheart to the death over the sweet spot in the middle of the mattress. You can be happy to be on your side of the bed for once.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam is the master of limiting motion transfer. You know those annoying mattress commercials where someone drops a bowling ball next to a wine glass on a memory foam mattress, and it doesn’t spill? You think “who does that?” Turns out, your partner is that bowling ball.

Both companies maintain memory foam’s reputation here. They dampen the feeling of motion so much that you can sleep even if your partner feels like 100 bowling balls just turning over. You get a quiet place to sleep.

An outside benefit of motion isolation is that the bed isn’t as responsive to weight. If one partner is even a little bit heavier than the other, it can cause an indent in the bed. Both partners roll towards each other all night and not in that cute couple way.

Motion isolation helps keep that indentation to a minimum, so both partners have a pristine surface. No more rolling, unless you want to.

Temperature Regulation

Memory foam has a reputation for being hot, but neither Bear nor Nectar lives up to this reputation. They have materials in place designed to reduce the amount of heat getting stored in the core of the mattress, so you sleep cooler.

Both use open cell foams that force air through as you move around. Both have layers of gel foam that draws heat away from your body to disperse it through your mattress. They return your mattress to room temperature much more quickly, reducing tossing and turning to look for a cool spot.

Manufacturing and Customer Service

Both companies manufacture their mattresses in the United States from domestically sourced materials. Bear even offers a military discount for all US Military, veterans, and family.

Their customer service agents are knowledgeable and seem to be located in the United States as well. Issues get resolved quickly and politely, so you never have to worry.


Both companies offer financing through their website for qualified customers. You should receive an answer within minutes and then you can check out as usual.

How are Nectar and Bear Different?

Not everything is exactly the same. The construction of the layers and the logistics of your purchase are different.

Mattress Models

Both Nectar and Bear use contouring and supporting layers, but that’s where the comparison ends for the most part.


Nectar offers only one mattress model. It uses Tencel cover material, a material better at keeping cool than other common cover materials. The first two layers are gel infused for better temperature regulation. The top layer is quilted for better loft and to improve airflow.

These layers contour to your body and help keep you cooler. Underneath, a transitional layer of memory foam is adaptive to give you support where you need it and to help transition your body to the dense support layer.

The dense support layer provides the mattress with structural integrity and pushes back against your weight to keep your spine straight. The reinforced edges give the mattress better edge support, and the all foam option keeps motion to a minimum.


Bear has two different options to help you get better sleep. Their original mattress is all foam. The cover material uses Celliant technology, a type of material that turns the body’s heat into infrared light. That light reflects back to the body increasing blood flow and helping recovery.

Underneath, graphite and gel-infused foam help keep you cooler. Underneath, two transitional layers of foam gently support your body while conforming to your curves. They’re responsive and recover quickly. The final layer is dense support foam that gives the mattress structural integrity and helps keep your spine straight.

Bear also has a hybrid option for those of you who can’t leave springs behind. It uses the same Celliant technology as the original, but the first layer is a soft comfort foam. The middle layer is gel infused to help move heat away from the core of the mattress. Underneath, a layer of individually pocketed coils supports your body and provides the bulk of structural integrity. The final layer is another layer of dense support foam that further reinforces the mattress and helps with motion isolation.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

Nectar has one of the best sleep trials and warranties in the business. Nectar gives you a full year to try the mattress out to see if it’s the right one for you. That’s a full year to see if old aches and pains subside and your sleep gets better. Be sure to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights to allow it to break in and your body to adjust.

Bear gives you 100 nights to try the mattress. Although that seems small in comparison, it’s plenty of time for you to see if your sleep has improved. You can still sleep on the mattress for a few weeks to allow it to break in and you have another couple of months to make sure your decision is sound.

Nectar’s mattresses are covered by a lifetime warranty against mattress defects. Be sure you have supported your mattress correctly and that you’re using it for its intended purpose (no backyard wrestling).

Bear covers their mattresses for 20 years against mattress defects. The same considerations apply. Make sure you adequately support your mattress, and you aren’t using it for something other than its intended purpose.


Both companies offer the option of free shipping. If you choose this option, your mattress is compressed and packed into a box. It arrives on your doorstep ready for you to unpack it when you’re ready.

Just tear the plastic (gently) away from the mattress and allow it to inflate. It should be ready in a few hours.

Nectar also offers the option of white glove delivery. For an extra fee, your mattress can be delivered uncompressed, and the delivery person will help you get everything set up. They can also remove your old mattress if you choose this option.

Bear doesn’t have the option of white glove delivery.


Nectar’s mattress is very affordable. It starts at just under $550 for a twin mattress and goes up to just under $950 for a California king.

Bear original mattresses start at $440 for a twin and go up to $840 for a California king. The hybrid is more of an investment at $950 for a twin and goes up to just under $1500 for a  California king.

The price here isn’t too far off. Each mattress is still very affordable compared to a showroom mattress, but Bear edges it out here. However, because the price ranges are so close, the actual price you pay could change with any current sale and tip the balance in the other direction.

And The Winner Is…

Nectar! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Nectar as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. Although we are intrigued by Bear’s technology, it’s still in the early stages of development. Nectar’s sleep trial and warranty are two key factors that can really tip the balance now. And considering that Nectar frequently overtakes Bear’s price through yearly sales, you may still get out ok.

Nectar’s overall construction is research-based. It may not have the new technology of Celliant, but we think that you’ll still be pleased.

  • Quality – Tie
  • Price – Bear
  • Reputation – Tie
  • Sleep Trial – Nectar
  • Warranty – Nectar
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Bear

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Nectar

Here’s why…Nectar’s medium firm construction and excellent edge support help side sleepers find a comfortable a position and stay there. It’s also great if you have a partner who doesn’t sleep on his or her side. (Combination support is awesome).

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Nectar

Here’s why…Nectar may not be an ultra firm mattress, but the way the foams fill in around curves while supporting your pressure points should keep pain at bay. Plus, excellent edge support means you can use the side of the mattress to get comfortable.

Back Pain: Choose Bear

Here’s why…Bear’s hybrid mattress plus Celliant technology may help those sore muscles recover faster. The bounce of the hybrid should help you get in and out of bed or change positions without wrenching painful sore spots.

Heavy People: Choose Neither

Here’s why… Neither mattress takes your unique needs into consideration. We’d recommend looking to Winkbeds Plus or Ghostbed for a bed that can support your weight and remain durable.

Couples: Choose Nectar (except in one particular situation)

Here’s why… Nectar’s combination support is excellent for couples who may have different sleep preferences. However, if you can’t live without the bounce of coils, the Bear Hybrid has your back.


Nectar’s sleep trial and warranty convince us that it’s the best option for the moment. As studies continue to come out over Celliant technology, we may change our minds. For now, we’re going to choose the option that gives us research-backed, universal comfort at a highly affordable price and a year-long sleep trial. Lifetime warranty? The icing on that cake.

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