Nectar vs. Amerisleep Mattress Comparison 2023 : Which Is Better?

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What’s a better situation: one mattress claiming to be universally comfortable or a series of mattresses with different characteristics? If you automatically said the latter, you may want to hold on.

Nectar poured all their energy into creating the absolute perfect mattress. Amerisleep decided to build a few different options, never claiming to have the one mattress to rule them all. So which one belongs in your bedroom? We have an answer in our Nectar versus Amerisleep showdown.

About The Brands

Nectar Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • 365-day sleep trial
  • lifetime warranty
  • all sizes are under $1000

Why To Doubt

  • One firmness option
  • no options for heavy people

Amerisleep Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • five firmness options
  • Celliant technology for better recovery
  • bio-pure foams

Why To Doubt

  • no white glove delivery option
  • no option for heavy people

Nectar and Amerisleep Comparison

While there are a few differences, they do have some foundational things in common.

How are Nectar and Amerisleep Similar?

Let’s look at the similarities first.

Contouring And Support

Mattresses used to be really uncomfortable. Springs were locked together so whenever someone on one end of the mattress moved, the other person felt it. The springs forced your body to conform to the surface of the bed instead of the other way around. If you had a “soft” mattress, you basically sank in the middle, wrenching your spine into a weird curved shape.

They were noisy and terrible.

Mattresses now use a combination of contouring and supporting materials to keep your spine aligned without forcing you to conform to the mattress. They don’t sag, and they don’t make all that noise.

Top layers are comfort materials. These give way underneath your broadest areas to help cradle your curves. Places like your shoulders and hips don’t suffer from compression. The layers relieve pressure and help reduce pain especially if you’re a side sleeper.

The layers underneath are support layers. Sometimes its individually pocketed coils and sometimes its dense support foam, but the support layer prevents sagging. Your body pushes through the contouring layers, and the support layer pushes back against your weight to prevent your spine from curving.

Both companies use this method of contouring and support to create a mattress that doesn’t cause pain and helps support the spine. If you’ve got back pain or other types of pressure point pain, they’re much better options than your old mattress.

Edge Support

When you sit on the side of the bed contemplating your life, do you feel like you’re going to slide off any second? That may be an excellent way to exercise your thigh muscles, but it’s a terrible way to get support.

Edge support helps prevent compression towards the sides of the mattress. Old styles of memory foam and some poorly manufactured innerspring mattresses weren’t able to support weight towards the edge. This created a sweet spot in the middle of the bed. If you’re part of a couple, this is a huge problem.

Both of these companies have good edge support. Reinforced edges help support you even if you’re sleeping at the border. Every valuable inch of mattress real estate is useable.

You can also contemplate your life at the edge of the bed without slipping off or wearing out your thigh muscles.

Motion Transfer

If your partner transforms into a dancer in Broadway’s The Lion King in his or her dreams, you need a mattress that reduces motion transfer. Otherwise, you’re going to be an unwitting audience participant instead of sleeping.

Both mattress companies have taken precautions to reinforce the layers so that they dampen motion. Nectar’s mattress has almost zero motion transfer, so even if your partner is the lead character in the Lion King, you won’t stay awake all night.

The other benefit of motion isolation is that you won’t have that discernible indent underneath the heavier partner. It doesn’t take much of a weight difference to create that indent, and for you to keep rolling towards each other in the middle of the night. Motion isolation gives everyone a pristine surface for sleeping.

Temperature Regulation

Foam has a reputation for being very hot. Both of these companies have taken steps to reduce heat. Amerisleep accomplishes this through open cell foam structures that help breathability and prevent heat from building in the mattress.

Nectar uses gel-infused foams to actively pull heat away from your body and disperse it quickly throughout the mattress. The gel is a very cooling substance, but even open cell foams can help move air through, infusing the bed with fresh, room temperature air every time you sleep.

Both methods are passive cooling. The mattress will be the ambient temperature of the room, so if you tend to sleep hot, keep your room a little cooler.


Both companies use foams with low VOCs and emissions. Amerisleep’s foam is a plant-based material with very low emissions so it won’t irritate your respiratory system.

Nectar’s foams are certified by CertiPur-US. That means the foams won’t give off as many toxic fumes and you should be able to sleep without inhaling fumes.

Customer Service and Manufacturing

Both companies manufacture their mattresses in the United States. If it’s important to you to support U.S. industry, both companies check that box.

They both have a reputation for excellent customer service as well. Problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. They don’t disclose the locations of their customer service agents, but they appear to be located in the United States. You shouldn’t experience any issues with language barriers.

How are Nectar and Amerisleep Different?

The basic construction of mattresses and the logistics are different. Let’s get to the good stuff.

Mattress Models

Nectar worked to find the perfect mattress model while Amerisleep made a few different options available.


Nectar’s single mattress offering is a medium firm option excellent for combination support. The cover material is Tencel, a cooling material that conducts heat better than cotton and is softer than many of the other options.

The first two layers are gel foam layers to help keep the heat down and prevent it from building up in the core of the mattress. The top layer is quilted for better loft and air flow. Underneath, a transition layer provides support where you need it and transitions your body to the support layer. The dense support layer is a firm foam that keeps your spine aligned and prevents sagging.


Amerisleep has five different firmness options from very soft to very firm. The construction of each mattress is similar with a few firmness differences. The foams are contouring on the top with transition layers that increase or decrease firmness options. Underneath, dense support foam helps prevent sagging and keeps your spine aligned.

Amerisleep also uses a new material called Celliant. Celliant converts body heat into infrared energy that reflects back to your body. It encourages a temporary increase in local blood flow, helping you recover faster and get better quality sleep.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

We have to be honest. It’s hard to beat Nectar is this category. Nectar gives you a full year to try the bed out, so you have plenty of time to figure out if you love it or not. We recommend sleep on the mattress for at least a month to allow it to break in a little bit and give your body time to adjust. If you don’t like it, you can return it any time before your 365-day sleep trial is over.

Amerisleep’s sleep trial is just 100 nights. Usually, that would be very generous, but it’s hard to compete with a year-long trial. The same philosophy applies, however. Spend some time on the mattress and then return it before the trial is over if it’s not going to work out.

Nectar gives you a lifetime limited warranty against mattress defects. Make sure you properly support your mattress, so you don’t accidentally void your warranty.

Amerisleep gives you a 20-year warranty against mattress defects. Again, perfectly respectable, but up against a lifetime warranty, it can’t make the cut. Make sure you properly support your mattress, so it doesn’t void the warranty accidentally.


Amerisleep offers free shipping, but it doesn’t include white glove delivery. Your mattress will be shipped to your door safely compressed for delivery. When you’re ready, you can unpack the bed and allow it to reinflate. It should be ready in a few hours.

Nectar offers free shipping, but also for a small fee, you can opt for white glove delivery. The delivery person will help you get everything set up, and you can also choose to have the delivery driver remove your old mattress. It’s an excellent option if you aren’t able to set things up yourself.


Nectar has only one price option, but Amerisleep’s mattress options have a price range. Nectar begins at just under $530 for a twin option and just under $930 for a California king.

Amerisleep’s mattresses are more affordable for firm options and get progressively more expensive the softer they get. The AS1 is just under $1400 for a California king while the AS5 is just under $2300 for a California king.

There’s a significant difference even between Amerisleep’s most economical option and Nectar. Nectar definitely wins this round.

And The Winner Is…

Nectar! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Nectar as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about.

Even though Nectar is the more budget option, it delivers an excellent mattress with plenty of comfort and temperature control. While we’d never discourage you from spending more for your health and wellbeing, Nectar’s option is a universally comfortable choice. The value you get compared to the price makes the Nectar definitely worth your purchase.

  • Quality – Tie
  • Price – Nectar
  • Reputation – Tie
  • Sleep Trial – Nectar
  • Warranty – Nectar
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Amerisleep

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Nectar

Unless you like a particularly soft mattress, we think the combination support of Nectar will make you very happy. It uses a transition layer to prevent pain and pressure points. Edge support should help you find a comfortable position even if you’re sleeping near the sides.

Here’s why

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Amerisleep AS1

Here’s why… This is the firmest option of all the mattresses. If you’re an exclusive stomach sleeper, you’ll need this support to prevent your spine from overextending.

Back Pain: Choose Nectar

Here’s why… The transition layers and a medium firm option should contour to your back and allow your spine to decompress. As you sleep, the foam fills in the curves around the small of your back to relieve pressure. Your shoulders are better supported as well.

Heavy People: Choose Neither

Here’s why… Both mattresses are excellent options, but any extra weight will ruin some of the contouring layers. You won’t feel the full contouring, and the bed may feel more firm than it is. It also won’t last as long. We recommend finding a mattress that will support your weight, such as Winkbeds Plus.

Couples: Choose Nectar

Here’s why… Nectar’s combination support should satisfy multiple preferences and sleep positions. It also has edge support, so all mattress real estate is useable.


Amerisleep has some excellent characteristics, but we still prefer the value of Nectar’s single mattress offering. We think most people will find exactly what they’re looking for. At under $1000 for all Nectar’s sizes, it’s tough to choose something else.

The only time we’d recommend Amerisleep is if you prefer an ultra soft mattress style, but you’re going to pay twice as much. If that’s worth it for you, by all means, make the investment. If you’re an athlete, you may be interested in Amerisleep’s Celliant fabrics as well.

For the majority of you, gel-infused foams and transition layers should help everyone get a better night sleep and be ready to start the day. You don’t have to kill your wallet to get a great mattress either. It’s a wonderful option with excellent perks. Upgrade your bed and don’t look back.

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