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When you’re in the market for upgraded bedding, your pillow is a good place to start. Next to a good mattress, a good pillow is key to getting the rest your body needs to recover from a long, busy day. A pillow that properly supports your body is crucial to having a good night’s sleep.

From the way the pillow supports you to the temperature of the fabric, there are a lot of things to consider while pillow shopping. The designers of the Muse pillow and mattress have come up with a design that may be the right fit for you.

Let’s take a closer look and see if the Muse is your new pillow.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Pillow

There are many things to consider when shopping for your new pillow. From the filling to the fabric, the key to a good night’s sleep is your pillow. Here are a few things to think about while you’re scouring the market.

Sleep Position And Firmness

If you sleep on your stomach, side or back, there are a lot of different ways a pillow needs to support your body. The right pillow will address the pressure points you need to support your body properly. This is why the way you sleep is an important consideration when considering a pillow.

A pillow should have just the right amount of firmness to support your neck, head, and shoulders. The deepness of the pillow can really make the alignment of your spine and head shift to an uncomfortable position. You may often wake up sore and stiff. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably time for a new pillow.

To help with decompression your pillow firmness should make it so that your head and shoulders aligned properly with your spine.

Temperature Control

One of the biggest things that could be affecting your sleep at night is the temperature of your pillow. If a pillow isn’t removing the hot air from your body while you sleep, you could be tossing and turning in a sweaty mess during the night. Breathability is the key to a pillow’s temperature control. The right pillow for you will move the heat away from your body while you sleep helping keep your head and body cool during the night.

There are different types of filling used in pillows to combat body heat and help control your body temperature. Finding the right pillow for your body and sleep temperature should be one of the many considering factors when pillow shopping.

Presenting the Muse Pillow

If you’re in the market for a pillow that is fully customizable, the Muse might be the pillow you’ve been looking for. The Muse pillow has a unique two-sided memory foam design. The first layer is made of a high-density memory foam that is deigned to mold to your head, neck and shoulders. This cushioned support layer is made to conform to your movements throughout the night.

The next layer of memory foam is a blend of fibers and shredded foam designed to make the surface extremely light and breathable. The design is made to move air to flow through the pillow instead of getting stuck inside, making your body temperature rise. You can also adjust the filling to your desired level.

The Muse pillow comes in different levels of loft for an even more custom feeling pillow. You can choose from four different levels of support. There’s even a quiz to help you better determine which pillow and level will work best for you.

Features and Benefits

With an overwhelming number of pillows on the market, you’re already a step ahead of the game, researching which one is the right one for you. Let’s take a deeper look at the Muse pillow to see if it could be your next new pillow.

Sleep Position and Firmness

The makers of the Muse pillow have created a quick and convenient quiz to help you choose the right level of firmness for you. When a pillow is too hard, firm, soft, low or high it may lead to snoring, and neck or back pain.

Taking the quick Muse quiz may help you learn how you sleep and what your current sleep issues are.

The two-layer memory foam design of the Muse pillow is meant to offer different levels of support for the way that you sleep.

The high-density memory foam is designed to mold to your sleep position and contour to your body. The memory foam hugs your head and shoulders keeping your spine aligned throughout the night.

The layer of shredded memory foam focuses on temperature control and provides a lighter layer of cushioning.

The Muse pillow has a removable cover and because you can choose your level of support you’ll find it has a custom feel to it.

Temperature Control

The two-layer design also aims to help control the temperature of your pillow and your body throughout the night. Having a pillow that’s cool to the touch is little luxury you can feel night after night.

The second layer of shredded memory foam is designed to circulate air and keep your body cool while you sleep. The airiness of this layer will create a breathable, light surface to promote a deeper sleep.

The cover on the Muse pillow features a diamond breeze fabric that is removable for easy washing. It feels cool to the touch and is designed to keep your neck, head and body at the optimum temperature for a good night of deep sleep.


The Muse pillow is designed with a removable cover to help keep allergens out. This will help reduce the amount of dust, pollens and other allergens that can find their way in to the fabric of your pillow while you sleep.

The Muse pillow is down free, so no duck or bird feathers were used in the production of this pillow.

Because of the way the pillow is packaged, some users have noted a plastic smell on the pillow when it first arrives. They suggest airing the pillow out for a couple of days before your first use to help rid the pillow of any smells it may have taken on during the packing and shipping process.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

The designers of the Muse pillow have given their customers a 120-night trial to make sure the Muse is a perfect fit. If you’re also purchasing the Muse mattress, you’ll want to try both for at least 30 days to see if they are the right fit and comfort level for you.

When you try a pillow out for 30 days it will help make sure the memory foam properly conforms to fit to the way you sleep. You’ll want to give the pillow some time to adjust to your sleep position and body type.

If you’re not satisfied with the pillow you can send it back anytime within the 120-night trial free of charge.

The Muse pillow also comes with a 5-year warranty to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Price And Shipping

The Muse pillow is $120 and comes in 4 different fill options. The Muse pillow also comes with free shipping.

Who It’s For

The Muse is specifically designed for people who would like to have a choice in the level of filling inside of their pillow. With four different options, the Muse differs from other pillows in that you can choose what level of filling is right for you.

Social Proof

“When I was looking up pillows, it was not just to help with my hot-headed temper but the indescribable pain that I wake up from pillows that I first picked up at Walmart. I was a young guy in college, I knew I had to have pillows since my mother always got them for me and they just appeared. Well, I looked up memory foam pillows and read reviews about how hot they were. Well, I then looked up cooling memory foam pillows, and this brand was one of the first brands on the Google landing site…which is a good sign. I never knew I needed a cooling memory foam pillow. This thing does not need to be flipped over for the cool side.

I started out with one pillow. When I would roll over to the other side of the bed, I felt the immediate pain and screams from my neck for the new cooling privilege with an excellent comfort that my neck didn’t realize it was worthy of. It is like a girl realizing she deserves more from joe-shmoe and picks herself up a John Kraskinski. It is an experience. A realization. An experience that I bought four more of. My entire bed is covered with this beautiful, diamond pattern that says come hither every night. Buy this pillow if you need more experiences like this. You do not deserve just a regular pillow. You deserve the John Krasinski, Jake Gyllenhaal of pillows.”

“Pillows and I have never had a good relationship. You do have to allow a few days to adjust because this is denser foam. But when you get over that grace period, you’ll wake up and feel so much better!”

“Ordered the mattress first and I was very happy with the quality, feel and customer service. Ordered the pillow about a week later. The medium lifts my head to the perfect position.”


The Muse pillow may not be the pillow of your dreams and that’s OK. There are a couple of other pillows that may suit your needs better.


The Layla pillow is hypoallergenic and all-natural. The natural filling is made from plant fibers and it’s free of chemicals and pesticides. If you like a supportive yet plush pillow, this may be your best bet.

The copper woven fabric cover of the Layla pillow is designed to keep you cool and give off restorative energy while you sleep. Unlike the Muse however, it doesn’t come with different levels of filling.


The Puffy pillow offers removable filling, unlike the Muse pillow. You can adjust the filling depending on the position you sleep in. Once you feel you have the proper amount of support, you’ll be sleeping a lot more soundly.

With a washable cover, this pillow will also help keep allergens away. The Puffy pillow has been noted to not be as cool as other pillows so if you’re a sleeper who runs hot, the Muse pillow may be the better option for you.


If you’re in the market for a new pillow, the Muse pillow may help you get a better night of restorative sleep. With two different layers of memory foam and 4 different levels of filling choices, the Muse pillow offers a custom solution to many common sleep ailments.

The removable diamond breeze cover also helps keep your pillow clean and cool while you sleep. If you’re unsure about which level of filling is right for you, take the Muse pillow quiz to help you make the best decision for you sleep needs.

While there is a higher price tag on the Muse pillow than some others on the market, a good night’s sleep is always worth every penny. Waking up well rested and free of pain is always going to be worth the investment.

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