Mens Bedroom Ideas : Masculine Inspiration for Guys Rooms

Masculine bedrooms tend to differ from feminine bedrooms in a few different ways. For one thing, the color palette tends to be a lot darker in a masculine bedroom. (Although that’s not always entirely the case.) The male bedroom also tends to have sharper corner and lines, and fewer flirty or floral additions to a bedroom. We see more earth tones and materials, such as darker woods. There’s a sleekness to many masculine rooms that create a clean and relaxing feeling, while still being welcoming thanks to their layered depth. We also see a lot of shapes and pattern in a masculine room since often that is brought in when color is specifically not being used. The following examples of bedrooms offer a ton of masculine inspiration for guys rooms, from the style of bed to the type of art that is used in the room. Read on for some great ideas and a ton of male bedroom inspiration.

1. Using Black and Brown to Create a Masculine Bedroom

This bedroom is quite masculine thanks to the black and brown colors that have been used to style and decorate it. The carefully positioned lighting above the curtains and on the wall is important for making sure that some texture remains in there with all that darkness. A similar concept of adding texture can be seen in the way that the black throw blanket has a visible design on it despite being set on top of another black blanket.

2. A Deep Slate Wall

This deep grey slate wall is super gorgeous and masculine at the same time. This male bedroom really went all out when it comes to the level color (or lack there of.) This room is all dark and it’s totally rocking it. Incorporating in different textures helps immensely when you’re just working within a small range of shades.

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3. The Cabin Inspired Bedroom

This guy bedroom could be located anywhere in the world, but it has a really familiar cabin inspired style in it. It has a natural, grounded style that provides that strong masculine vibe. The few colors and cool and then the lamps offer the same type of warmth that the wood wall does. All of it blends together in a very appealing way.


4. The Leather Bed

Faux or real, a leather bed is a very sleek masculine touch in this male bedroom. The color of the bed frame is a lighter brown which is still a mid-range shade, but happens to be a warm and bright point in this room which also includes a lot of blacks. Mixing browns with black is great way to bring warmth in while still keeping the bedroom masculine.


5. Angular Patterns in a Masculine Bedroom

This bedroom has a ton of angles and lines that are repeated through the art, pillows, the brick on the wall, etc. Almost everywhere you look in this male bedroom there is an angular pattern being repeated. This manages to all flow together cohesively thanks to the fact that everything is in a very earthy and cool color scheme.


6. The Understated Masculine Bedroom

This bedroom is a very masculine one while still being pretty understated. This could be a great design for a large bedroom, or for a studio bedroom. The bed has been placed on the floor, which is perfectly adequate when a great mattress and comforter is involved. The gallery style wall offers a great stylized touch and offers a very modern feeling as well.


7. The Masculine Bedroom With a Hint of Pink

We love this example of how a pop of a traditionally feminine color fits into an otherwise very masculine bedroom. The dark wall and the dark furniture can use a little relief of lightness, and that lamp certainly manages to pull it off. It can be fun to play with extremes when it comes to designing the perfect bedroom.


8. The Earth Tones Bedroom

This bedroom is light and bright but masculine thanks to the fact that it uses a lot of earth tones. (And doesn’t use a lot of other colors, sometimes it’s the absence of something that really makes a difference.) The structural feeling is also incorporated thanks to the actual photo of a building on the wall, and the lines repeated through the rest of the furniture.


9. The Masculine High Rise

All kinds of impressive elements have been brought into the creation of this masculine bedroom. (The location being one of them.) There seems to be a similar texture on the walls as on the floor, which is then added on to by putting a rug on the floor and two different giant picture frames on the wall. It’s really the color scheme that keeps this guy room feeling masculine, as it reflects the shades of the city vibe below.

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10. Mixing it Up With Color

This bedroom is quite possibly the most colorful one we have featured on this list, but it still looks super masculine with all the primary, gem, and cooler colors being used. (There’s not much white mixed into those pure shades, which would make them softer.) The other thing that makes this bedroom feel masculine is all the straight lines. Notice that even the lamp appears to be made of rectangles.


11. Using Bold Artwork

This masculine bedroom has a lot of interesting texture thanks to both the wallpaper, the bold artwork on the wall, and of course, that bold rug! Rather than work in a ton of different elements to this room, they chose to work in just a few of large proportions.


12. The Grey Inspired Male Bedroom

This bedroom has a giant brick wall in it, which there’s no getting around. Instead of trying to fight this wall, this bedroom totally embraces it. Everything within the room is placed low to the ground, which allows the wall to shine even more. The color palette is simple, and they added a pop of vibrancy with those gorgeous flowers next to the bed.


13. Incorporating Large, Bold Items

Sometimes the boldness of an item is what makes it feel masculine, such as the thick dark frames on the photos above the bed. Mixed with the giant pillows and the hearty leather bed frame, there’s a very obvious intensity happening here. It all works together beautifully and has the type of serenity that makes it look like it could be a hotel room.


14. Embracing the Black

This masculine bedroom has a black floor, as well as a giant black bed. There’s no shying away from the dark colors and sleek lines that have been used in this male room, and yet with that huge wall of glass the room feels light overall. It’s a great example of finding balance within the space.


15. A Bright and Masculine Bedroom

This bedroom uses plenty of natural, masculine shades to decorate its space, but it also welcomes in a ton of light by way of that window. All that light makes space for an impressively dark wall and the multilayered feeling it evokes. The simple lines in this bedroom are cohesive and provide some texture as well.

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16. A Bold Blue Wall

This guy bedroom gives off a strong masculine feeling thanks to the colors and shapes used on the bed. But then it also has a nice bold pop of color with that dark blue wall. Mixing in the blue with the rest of the basic hues creates a dynamic and stylish feeling in this room. The texture on the blue wall further serves to create a nice balance with the smoothness of the other items in the room.


17. The Repeating Pattern Bedroom

This bedroom has some very distinctive patterns and shapes that repeat throughout the room. The dark lines of the bed frame are repeated around the ceiling. There are lines and triangles aplenty. All of that bold structure creates a very masculine feeling in the room, especially since most of it is black, white and grey.


18. Embracing a Stone Wall

The stone wall is this bedroom inherently has a more masculine feeling to it, so it clearly made sense to continue that into the rest of the mens bedroom design as well. The bed directly reflects the other elements in the rest of the room, with both the darker stone wall and the warmth of the wood. It’s all balanced out with the softness of the rug on the floor.


19. A Modern Masculine Bedroom

This modern and masculine bedroom mixes a variety of colors and patterns. The bold blue wall is a nice color pop next to the rest of the earthier tones in the room. We also love the pops of gold used in the lights and a few of the decorations. It brings in that modern feeling and a lot of intentionality to the design.


20. The Statement Bed

This guy bedroom features a very masculine, very beautiful statement bed. It not only features a very bold black backing, but also those strong lines in the silver bars. Despite being masculine, the bed also has a very lush feeling to it thanks to that fur throw. We love all the different textures in this room and how well they vibe together and draw the eye towards the statement items.


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