Lull Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Lull was founded by Sven Klein after he and his wife found shopping for a new mattress to be a pain. Not only were the salespeople pushy and manipulative, but the products themselves are also overpriced, and without a trial period it was impossible to know whether you would like them before splashing your cash on an expensive purchase.

Rather than compromising and buying from one of these sleazy salespeople, Sven decided to create Lull, offering a “premium sleeping solution” at a fraction of the cost that traditional retailers charge.

Their slogan, “Great Sleep. Guaranteed” tells you plenty about the goals of the company, hence their 100-night risk-free trial which lets you sleep on your decision to buy, quite literally.

It’s fair to say that fairness is Sven’s mission. Seems fair, right? Millions of customers have come to the same conclusion as you; the mainstream mattress business serves nobody but the manufacturers. Which is why many are looking to alternatives like Lull that offer premium products for a bargain price with an appealing trial period.

Product Offering

Lull sells only one mattress in a variety of sizes, choosing to dedicate all of their resources and research into creating the greatest product possible. The Lull mattress is a premium, three-layer memory foam mattress with a 1.5″ comfort top layer, 1.5″ therapeutic mid-layer and a 7″ core support base layer.

Combined it provides comfort regardless of whether you sleep on your back, front or side. Designed to accommodate those with joint and muscle problems, kiss those morning aches and pains goodbye.

Lull Mattress Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

By cutting out the middleman, shipping the mattress straight to your door from their factory rather than via a salesperson, you’re already getting a premium product at a bargain price. But Lull sometimes has a Lull mattress coupon which can save you an additional $50.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Most notably, Lull offers a 100-day risk-free trial so that you can put your new mattress to the test without feeling obligated to pay for it. If you don’t like it after trying it out, you can return it within 100-days for a full refund. How great is that?

One of the main reasons customers are resistant to buying a mattress online is the inability to try before you buy. Lull conquers that fear, giving you 100-days rather than the few minutes that you would try a bed in a store.

Once those 100-days are up the mattress is yours, and it is covered by a 10-year warranty. After rigorous testing, Sven and his team are confident that your bed will last you for at least a decade, which is why they promise to refund you if the mattress breaks under standard conditions within the length of the warranty.

Should you decide that the Lull isn’t for you, or you want to return it through the warranty, the company will pick it up from your home at no cost to you. Even more amazingly you don’t need to bother boxing it up, just remove your sheets and they’ll do the rest.

The returns process is a breeze and on their website, Lull proudly displays reviews from customers who have decided that the mattress wasn’t for them and have returned it. Talk about transparency! This pride lets you know the kind of company that you’re dealing with, and it suggests that you should have no problems returning it if it’s not right for you.

Reviewed: Lull Mattress

Lull offers only a single product which we will be looking at in this Lull mattress review. Composed out of a mixture of memory foam and polyurethane foam, the Lull is designed to give you the comfort of memory foam and the support of the denser polyurethane foam.

The biggest issue that plagues memory foam beds is excessive sinking, an especially common problem with heavier individuals. To try and rectify this issue Lull has used around 8.5 inches of dense foam to provide support and firmness, but it is unlikely to compare to the force of a coil spring.

In this Lull mattress review, we found that the Lull mattress uses fantastic materials to create a high-quality product that we would recommend to those looking for this style of product. However, because they only offer one model which we found to be quite firm and entirely constructed of foam, those interested in a softer product will need to shop elsewhere.

Overall our verdict in this Lull mattress review is that the major selling point for the Lull mattress should be its value for money. At around $750, depending on the size you choose, the Lull is superior to many other models that you will find at this price point.

Plus, the convenience of having a product shipped to your doorstep in an easy-to-handle box rather than a plastic wrapping is an instant no-brainer for many who don’t want the hassle. Lull has a great formula, but they can’t be heralded as a go-to brand until they offer a wider selection of products both in materials and build quality.

What Sizes Is It Available In?

The Lull comes in every size from Twin through to California King, meaning that they stock Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King size mattresses. The following are the dimensions of each size, including the width, length, and depth, in that order.

  • Twin: 38″ x 75″ x 10″
  • Twin XL: 38″ x 80″ x 10″
  • Full: 54″ x 75″ x 10″
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″ x 10″
  • King: 76″ x 80″ x 10″
  • California King: 72″ x 84″ x 10″

What’s It Made Out Of?

The Lull mattress is made using layers of memory foam, supported by layers of polyurethane foam which are incredibly high-quality and should help you to achieve superior sleep.

The top layer is constructed out of viscoelastic memory foam that is injected with a gel polymer. The memory foam adapts to your body’s curves, providing the utmost comfort and support for your pressure points like joints, lower back, and your neck.

The gel polymer is specifically designed to transfer heat away from your body when it is warm, dispersing that heat throughout the mattress so that you don’t overheat. The top-tick fibers are particularly breathable, and by using an open cell foam structure, it allows for superior airflow to prevent you from becoming overly warm.

Below this top layer is a “therapeutic support” layer made out of 1.5″ of polyurethane foam. The most common complaint about memory foam mattresses is that you sink into them and get stuck, but this second layer gives a little bounce-back so that you don’t drop too far.

However, it’s worth noting at this point that in our research the biggest gripes with the Lull mattress is that it is too firm. It’s reasonable to assume that this is because of the density of this middle layer, rather than being a feature of the memory foam itself. For those that don’t enjoy a firm mattress, the Lull is likely not a great choice.

Finally, the mattress is supported from the base by a 7″ core layer, again made from polyurethane foam. Without breaking apart the mattress it’s hard to know, but some customers wondered whether there was, in fact, any difference between the middle and bottom layers.

Given the typical construction of these products, it is wise to assume that the bottom layer is more dense foam, likely using slightly cheaper materials. Again, we are unsure of this, and there is limited information about the difference between the layers beyond what has already been mentioned.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers

No, for those of us who sleep on our sides the most important consideration should be the support of the mattress on our pressure points. Namely, your neck, lower back, and hips. Although sleeping on your side is incredibly common and particularly comfortable, undoubtedly, it’s not as good for our bodies as laying on our backs.

To compensate for this, you need a mattress with plenty of giving but not at the cost of support. Memory foam is the ideal choice, forming to the contours of your body to support your curves while letting your body relax without needing to be tensed for comfort.

The biggest problem with memory foam is that it has too much give which can apply too much pressure to your shoulders and lower back. On the other hand, a mattress that is too firm doesn’t allow your hips and neck to relax.

Given that the Lull mattress is unusually firm, side sleepers would be best to look for another memory foam mattress that is much softer.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes, when you sleep on your stomach, the most prominent concern is the alignment of your spine, followed by the pressure on your ribs and stomach and the Lull can help fix this. To combat this you need some give the prevent pain on your front, but enough bounce-back and support to prevent you sinking into the bed and curving your spine.

We would recommend a medium-firm or medium mattress. The Lull mattress is somewhere between medium-firm and firm, making it a good choice, especially for those that resent soft mattresses and prefer something harder.

Back Pain

Yes! Back pain can be debilitating, which is why memory foam is so often prescribed. By molding to your body, it can prevent you from staying tense and rigid throughout the night which can contribute greatly to back pain the next day.

But if you sink too deeply, your spin can curve unnaturally, causing even more problems. The Lull is a great compromise, medium-firm by most customers estimates; it combines memory foam for comfort with plenty of support from a firmer layer of foam underneath.

Hot Sleepers

Yes! The memory foam top layer on the Lull mattress is injected with a gel formula that draws heat away from the body and has an open cell structure for enhanced airflow. Overall, while not as good as a cold water bed, the Lull is a great option for those that want the comfort of memory foam without the traditional warmth with which it is associated.

Heavy People

No, memory foam and foam beds are a poor choice for a heavier person. Not only will they give-out quickly, but they aren’t dense enough to give you the support that you need. For more substantial people, we would recommend a latex or coil mattress, both of which provide far more support for your weight.


No, memory foam is far too complicated to move on and has practically no ‘bounce’ which makes it one of the worst mattress options for having sex. However, it is incredibly comfortable and allows for discretion. For having sex the clear choice is either an innerspring or latex mattress, both of which have bounce and are easy to move on.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Lull mattress is only available online through their website. By delivering straight to your door from their warehouse they can cut out the middleman and pass those savings on to you, offering you a premium mattress for a fraction of the cost of most in sales rooms.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the mattress will depend on the size that you pick, and you can opt for a payment plan to spread the cost over 6 to 18-months to make it more manageable. This payment plan is as low as 0% APR so that you can sleep now and pay later.

Compared to equivalent sizes in many retail stores, you’ll find that the Lull is competitively priced. Sven and his team can charge such reasonable prices not because they cut corners on the quality, but because they cut out the middleman. No more pushy salespeople and oversized showrooms, just a quality product shipped straight to your door.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, we believe that the Lull mattress is undoubtedly worth the money. Although it would be hard to argue that Lull fit into the top tier of mattresses, it’s available for around $800 which makes it an absolute steal.

There are only a few mattresses that are of the same quality in this price range and not all of them offer the same 100-night risk-free trial that Lull gives you. Overall, the quality of the materials used is high, the customer service from Lull is incredibly reassuring, and the cost to you as the customer is far lower than you would pay for a similar product in a showroom.

Shipping Info

Your Lull mattress gets shipped directly to your door within 2-7 business days, at no charge to you. That’s right, completely free shipping via FedEx so that your new mattress is there before you know it.

Each mattress is shipped using an innovative packing method that allows Sven and his team to fit even their most significant sizes into a box the size of a mini-fridge. Rather than fighting to drag a loose mattress up the stairs you can comfortably carry the box into your bedroom where it can be quickly unboxed.

If you live in an apartment or a condo, you know how difficult it would be to get a large mattress up the stairs or in the elevator. With Lull you needn’t worry about that, by packing their mattresses into a convenient box it makes shipping and enjoying the product entirely stress-free.

Best Bed Frame/Foundation for the Lull Mattress

Lull has two-bed frames for sale, wood, and metal, both using a slat system rather than a flat surface or a box spring. We agree wholeheartedly with this decision; foam mattresses work best with slats because they allow greater ventilation and prevent moisture buildup, two problems that plague pure foam mattresses.

There is very little special about the Lull bed frame, it uses a standard design that you can find at practically any bed store across the country, but the convenience of ordering both online shouldn’t be dismissed.

Equally, the bed frame was designed to accommodate the mattress, ensuring that it is the perfect size without even an inch on either side of wasted space. By using a slat frame system, you can also save on space, giving you plenty of room to store items underneath the bed itself.

Why Might I Want To Consider A Different Brand?

Lull could reasonably be described as a mid-market company, offering a high-quality mattress for a reasonable price. But you might consider a different brand if you are looking for a top-tier bed and are willing to spend thousands of dollars.

Undoubtedly, if your budget is larger there are superior brands, they are unlikely to offer the same value for money as Lull, but their products might be of a higher quality.

Secondly, you might consider a different brand if you are interested in an alternative style of mattress such as latex or coil models. Lull only has a single product, and memory foam indeed isn’t ideal for everybody.

Similar Brands

Two other brands that similarly offer online delivery are BedInABox and Casper, both of whom provide a variety of different mattresses rather than just one as Lull does. Both brands are well-received by customers and reviewers alike, with products available between $400 and $1300.


Overall, when considering the cost of the Lull mattress, the quality of the materials used and the pleasure of customers we have decided to give them a very respectable B+ for their efforts.

Far and away the biggest reason to buy Lull is the value for money and convenience of purchasing online. Showroom retailers stock more expensive mattresses with lower quality materials and overall build feel whereas the Lull mattress utilizes premium foam and memory foam that allow for a comfortable and enjoyable night’s sleep.

We were unable to grade Lull with anything higher than B+, despite having a great product, because they have only a single model and it is undoubtedly slightly firm. The average consumer is likely to prefer a slightly softer mattress and without another model to choose from it’s impossible to give them a higher rating.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, you enjoy memory foam, and you want a medium-firm to firm feel under $1000, the Lull is a fantastic choice. If you don’t fit into this niche category, you will need to look elsewhere, but we sincerely hope that Lull expands their product line soon because if they can transfer this quality to other models, they’ll be a sure winner.

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