Leesa Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Leesa has been in the online mattress business since 2014. Its founder, David Wolfe, started the company because he had trouble sleeping like many people. The company’s aim is to provide customers with a 100% hassle-free experience in buying a mattress. His idea for making the company completely online-based was that testing a mattress is hard to do in a store with eager salespeople watching you while you sleep.

Another problem with in-store shopping is that you can’t get the proper feel for a mattress with only five minutes or so allowed to test it. Bedding has to contour to the body and you have to know how it will affect you long-term.

The company has two main brick-and-mortar stores that operate: one in New York City and the other in Virginia Beach.

Leesa’s appeal is the simplicity of their mattress designs. Only the highest-quality materials go into the making of each mattress. They consist of multi-layered foam that has plenty of life, cooling, and bounce.

In addition to providing a high-quality line of mattresses, Leesa is active in the community as a philanthropic organization. They offer a college scholarship, participate in tree-planting efforts, and donate surplus mattresses to those in need:  one donation for every ten sold.

Product Offering

The mattress that Leesa offers is a special three-layer memory foam mattress designed for the optimal balance of softness, coolness, and support.  The mattress was designed around Leesa’s Universal Adaptive Feel system, designed to accommodate all body types and sleep styles equally.

Leesa prefers to use an all-foam mattress because box springs wear out over time, and they tend to create or aggravate pressure points and disrupt sleep. However, the all-foam option allows more restful sleep on the whole. This company only manufactures one mattress, but it’s all it needs to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction.

2023 Leesa Coupons, Discounts, Sales, and Deals

Leesa, from time to time, provides promo codes that allow you to get a discount off the mattress. For example, entering the code “Promo2018” give up to $125 off the price of a memory foam mattress.

The website RetailMeNot.com offers over 40 coupons and coupon codes, the amounts of which vary over time. The two most common amounts appear to be $75 and $100 off. You likely will not be able to combine coupons and promo codes. Because of this, you should use the code that provides the biggest discount.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

The company’s webpage explains that memory foam mattresses from Leesa come with a ten-year limited warranty. It covers flawed workmanship and damages to mattresses under recommended operating conditions; i.e., a full supportive frame rather than just resting the mattress on the floor. It covers only first-quality/new mattresses; the company accepts no used models or ones sold from an unauthorized dealer.

Because Leesa wants to provide the best customer service and sleep experience, they allow a free trial period of 100 days. After the initial trial period expires, you can return the mattress if you aren’t completely satisfied.

The return policy allows you to coordinate a return within 100 days of purchasing the mattress. Upon pickup, Leesa will refund you the full purchase price, or if you chose to finance, your payments to that point.

Reviewed: Leesa Mattress

Now, we’ll dive into the specifics.

What Sizes Is It Available In?

Leesa mattresses come in six sizes currently:

  • Twin – 39 inches x 75 inches
  • Twin XL – 36 inches x 80 inches
  • Full – 53 inches x 75 inches
  • Queen – 60 inches x 80 inches
  • King – 76 inches x 80 inches
  • California King – 72 inches x 84 inches

All mattresses are 10 inches thick.

What’s It Made Out Of?

The Leesa mattress is comprised of three layers of different types of foam and a mattress cover. The three layers of polyurethane foam are all made of CertiPURE-approved materials.

The three layers consist of the core, the contouring layer, and the cooling layer.

The core layer is made of 6 inches of high-density supporting foam, intended to provide a firm foundation for the mattress without being too hard. It has a density of 1.8 pcf, or pounds per cubic foot. Its indentation force deflection is 32. Indentation force deflection is a score used to determine the firmness of foam.

The middle layer of the Leesa mattress is made of memory foam, designed to shape itself to the body’s contours for multiple occupants. It is sensitive enough that you should feel few if any pressure points forming. This memory foam is 2 inches thick and acts as a support for the sleeper. Its density is 3 pcf, while the indentation force deflection is 9. Lower scores on the IFD test indicate more flexibility of a surface.

The top layer just under the mattress cover is made of two inches of Avena foam. Its wavelike design incorporates holes designed to promote greater airflow. Leesa currently makes the only mattress to use Avena foam. The foam has hypoallergenic properties and is flame-retardant. It has a density of 3.65 pcf and an IFD score of 20.

Finally, the mattress cover consists of Leesa’s proprietary blend of fibers designed as an additional layer of fire protection. It has no artificial chemicals and is intended to produce a layer of char that prevents oxygen from feeding flames further.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers

Yes. The Leesa memory foam mattress offers a good ability to contour to the body. The mattress has a middle-of-the-road firmness, which works for some people, especially those who prefer the mattress to hug their body while they sleep.

Without proper support, the spine is not straight. This can lead to chronic back pain that only gets worse. If you’re more of a sprinter – a person who sleeps with one leg bent – it works somewhat better. Another concern about side sleeping is that the weight of the body is more concentrated along a line, whereas for back and stomach sleepers it’s more spread out over the mattress.

The Leesa mattress works decently well for side sleepers but is not the best for this sleep position.

Stomach Sleepers

No. This mattress tends to be a little less firm than is necessary for people who are solely stomach sleepers. The top and middle layers aren’t plush, but they are made of memory foam that offers a little too much flexibility for stomach sleepers.

Stomach sleepers have most of their weight bearing down on the mattress at the abdominal cavity, which requires proper support to add comfort and prevent potential damage to the muscles and internal organs.

If you’re solely a stomach sleeper, you might want to look at a different mattress or train yourself to sleep in other positions.

Back Pain

Yes. The upper two layers of foam in the Leesa mattress provide the proper balance of flexibility and firmness to adjust to the contours of the spine when sleeping on your back. A common complaint about many mattresses is that they are too firm and do not provide any relief to pressure points.

Spinal support is a vital consideration in a back-sleeper’s mattress, which is where the Leesa shines most. Out of the three main sleeping positions – stomach, side, and back – it works best for back sleepers and helps to alleviate chronic back pain associated with sleeping in a bad position.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. The Leesa mattress excels at keeping you cool throughout the night. Virtually every material that goes into the making of the mattress is designed for breathability. The Avena foam is the most notable in this aspect; it has a series of holes intended to facilitate smooth air flow between layers.

The mattress cover is made of a polyester-Lycra blend, which is a thin, breathable and hypoallergenic fabric that does not retain much heat. Even if you sleep in the same spot throughout the night, the mattress cover will not be that much warmer when you get up in the morning.

Heavy People

No. Although this mattress has a weight limit of 300 pounds, it also depends on whether there is more than one person sleeping in the bed. People who weigh over 200 pounds should have a mattress at least 12 inches thick because they create about 3 inches of sink. Over time, this will compromise the integrity of the mattress unless it is thick enough to handle more weight.


No. The layers of foam aren’t as bouncy as, say, an inner spring, so you have to try harder to keep a proper rhythm because your distance is off-kilter, which might ruin the mood a bit. Of course, over time you and your partner can adapt to the dynamics of the bed, but it will take some getting used to. Also, the edges of the mattress sink more under pressure. Certain positions may be less feasible than they would be otherwise.

The one good thing about a foam mattress for sex is that it’s very quiet. This is vital when trying to be discreet since a noisy set of bedsprings will definitely reveal that something’s going on in the bedroom.

Where Can I Buy It?

Leesa primarily aims to be an online retailer, so you can buy the mattress directly from the company’s website, as well as from Amazon. Leesa does have locations in Virginia Beach and New York City that allow customers to test the mattresses, but not buy them.

As part of Leesa’s social outreach efforts, it has partnered with Pottery Barn and West Elm stores and allowed their products to be sold there. Currently, the mattress is not for sale in any other locations and there are no plans to make it so.

You can still coordinate returns for purchases made at these two other stores, just as you would a mattress bought from the main Leesa website.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price range for the mattress goes from $525 to $1,070 depending on the size. Here’s a breakdown of the size/price chart. As you can see, Leesa mattresses are cheap and affordable even at larger sizes.

You can also choose to finance your new mattress starting at $53 per month. Leesa uses a service called Affirm, as well as PayPal Credit. You have to be at least 18 years old with a valid address and ID to sign up for Affirm and get approved.  When using Affirm to finance your mattress, you cannot apply any online deals or coupons.

Financing through Affirm gives you 0% APR for 6, 12 or 18 months depending on your credit history. In other words, you have no interest accumulating on the unpaid balance for that time.

Using PayPal Credit requires a valid PayPal account that has remained in good standing.

Is It Worth It?

The Leesa mattress has a great value for the price you pay: less than many other brands. Although it may not work best for all types of sleepers, it takes a middle-of-the-road approach that aims to keep everyone at least somewhat comfortable.

Stomach sleeping probably isn’t the best idea on this mattress without a low-profile pillow, but if you can get past that you’ll find that it’s one of the most well-rounded and highly regarded mattresses for the money. It isn’t too firm, and it isn’t too soft. The cooling ability is fantastic. Sex might be a problematic activity on this mattress, but not impossible.

The 100-day risk-free trial period is reassuring. You get enough time to let your body adjust to the mattress and, if you don’t like it, return with no questions asked.

Shipping Info

After Leesa receives your order and payment confirmation, it compresses your mattress, air seals it, wraps it, and sends it on its way to your chosen address. The process of building and preparing for shipment takes about three days. Shipment can take from one to three days depending on distance.

The package ships with UPS My Choice, a special UPS service that allows buyers to set other delivery dates, choose a shipping address within the United States or ship the product to a local UPS store for pickup. You can also set up delivery alerts, so you can come take your mattress inside rather than having it sit outside on your porch and risk getting wet, damaged, or even stolen.

The company charges absolutely no shipping fees.

Best Bed Frame/Foundation for the Leesa Mattress

Leesa offers both a bed frame and a foundation for their mattress. A foam mattress needs a foundation to provide firm support and lift it higher off the ground. It gives a different feel to the bed than does a box spring foundation.

The foundation has four evenly-spaced slats that attach to the outer frame with pins that are easy to install or remove for disassembly. A long rail goes along the center of the frame to support the mattress in the middle. The assembly is made of a spruce/pine/fir mix.

The gray twill cover goes well with just about any color scheme for a room. Because of the simple design and the ease of assembly, you can’t get much better than the foundation build specifically for the Leesa mattress.

Why Not To Buy a Leesa Mattress

If you prefer your bed to be extra firm or extra soft, you might want to consider a different mattress, because this one is close to the middle of the spectrum. It veers slightly toward the soft side. Also, if you are heavier than 200 pounds, you’ll need a thicker mattress.

Leesa offers a 100-day trial and return period. If you feel you need longer than that, other brands offer slightly lengthier times. For example, MattressFirm offers 120 nights.

The company currently offers only the one all memory foam mattress, but does have a hybrid option, Sapira, as well. If these mattress don’t suit your needs, they have no other product to offer so you’ll have to shop with another retailer.

If you prefer an inner spring, you need to look elsewhere for your mattress needs. A good start might be the Saatva mattress. It has very robust construction and is sure to meet most sleepers’ needs if the Leesa cannot.

Similar Brands

Here are a few other brands you might want to look into if you decide the Leesa is not for you.

For those wanting softer mattresses, we suggest the Helix, Brooklyn Bedding, and the Novosbed. Many of these use a mixture of memory foam and proprietary materials similar to Leesa but are thicker.


First, we’ll talk about the product. The Leesa mattress is made of several layers of foam of varying thickness. It’s an ingenious design that aims to provide a mix of durability, comfort, and firmness. It leans a bit to the soft side, which can be expected of a foam mattress. Because of this, it doesn’t work well for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, or sex. It’s not bad at these things, but not as good as other mattresses. If you fall into one of these categories, the Leesa may not be worth it for you. Otherwise, we give it an A-.

As for Leesa’s customer service, we find that they have a fair and generous return policy. This, when combined with the complete lack of shipping costs, makes the Leesa mattress a viable, economical choice for many households. You can’t get the same prices for an in-store tryout. The same mattress that costs $599 from Leesa might well cost $1,500 to $2,000 in a store. The free trial period also offers plenty of time to try the mattress. If you don’t like it, send it back risk-free. We give Leesa an A in customer service.

Overall, we can safely say the Leesa mattress gets an A-. It’s a good mattress, but not all sleepers are going to get a peaceful night’s rest on it. It only works for certain groups, and for this reason, we had to drop the score down a bit.

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