Layla Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Layla is a relatively new company in the mattress business. It started in 2015 with the intent of offering customers the most comfortable and versatile mattress for a variety of sleep needs. Layla is based entirely in the United States. Layla’s headquarters are in Newhaven, Connecticut, with manufacturing facilities in Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and other states. Currently, Layla allows online-only sales of their mattress through the main website and Amazon.

The lack of physical showrooms allows the company to cut down on costs. To compensate, it will enable buyers to experience a trial period that provides a far better assessment of sleep suitability than a quick showroom visit.

Layla is also a community-minded company. Every mattress sold contributes to the cost of maintaining a homeless shelter. The homeless population frequently do not have a warm place to sleep, and Layla aims to lessen that problem by keeping homeless shelters open so that people have protection against the weather.

Product Offering

Layla has only one mattress currently available, but it also provides pillows, foundations, sheets, and lining. They call the mattress merely the Layla Mattress, no embellishments or catchy titles.

The mattress is made of memory foam, but unlike many memory foam counterparts, it is suitable for multiple requirements because of its ability to be flipped onto the opposite side. One side is firm while the other one is soft. We’ll talk about each of these sides in-depth later.

Customer Support

Layla has several methods by which customers can contact support representatives. You can email, call the call center in Connecticut, or chat with a live representative on the website. Answers are usually prompt, and the company also has an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

In our research, it seemed like most customers were satisfied with their experience in dealing with support, independently of how they felt about the mattress or other products. Of course, no product is perfect, but it’s how a company handles disputes and customer dissatisfaction that’s important.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Layla provides a 120-day no questions asked trial period, during which you can return the mattress if you decide it isn’t to your liking. The company recommends, however, that you keep it for at least two weeks. Layla maintains that the brief tests you get in a physical showroom aren’t enough to get a feel for how your body will react to the mattress and therefore allows the trial period. It takes a week or two to break the bedding in for everyday use.

The mattress comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers repair or replacement due to defective workmanship. If the bed develops a sag of over one inch over the course of regular use, develops cracks or tears in the foam, or receives other damage not caused by the user, you can get it repaired or replaced at no cost. You must have made your purchase either on the official website or through an authorized market. To prove your transaction was valid, we advise you keep all purchase information in a safe place just in case there are any problems.

To make a return within your trial period, email the company, include your order number and the reason for return. A representative will pick up your mattress and donate it to a local charity organization. Charity is a far better destination than just tossing the unwanted mattress into a landfill to decompose and harm the environment further.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

Layla offers a few different coupons and deals accessed by entering the appropriate coupon code at checkout. Many of the deals we encountered allowed an average of $100 off the total price of the mattress.  These coupons come from websites like MattressCupid, Sleepopolis, and MattressClarity.

Layla also has a $175 coupon if you buy the mattress bundle, which includes the mattress, pillows, and foundation. It’s a good idea to get everything you need for a bed as a single unit because the parts are made to work with one another.

All deals are subject to change as time passes and the company comes out with new products that help them get rid of older inventory. It’s best to check back every month or so if you’re coupon-conscious and want to buy a new mattress.

Reviewed: Layla Mattress

What Sizes Is It Available In?

The Layla mattress comes in all six standard sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Here’s a breakdown of the dimensions of each size.

  • Twin: 38 inches x 74 inches
  • Twin XL: 38 inches x 80 inches
  • Full: 54 inches x 74 inches
  • Queen: 60 inches x 80 inches
  • King: 76 inches x 80 inches
  • California King: 72 inches x 84 inches

All sizes of the mattress are 10 inches thick.

What’s It Made Out Of?

The Layla mattress consists of four separate layers of foam of varying firmness, intended to allow users to have two different sleep experiences depending on what side. Most foam mattresses can only work properly on one side, but the Layla model can work both ways for either a soft or a firm sleep experience. To flip the mattress, just unzip the cover, slide it off, flip the mattress and reinstall the cover.

The first layer consists of copper-infused memory foam. Copper has several properties that make it well-suited for this task: first, it is exceptional at absorbing heat without radiating it back to the user; second, it becomes firmer under pressure and provides ample support; and third, it is antimicrobial.

Another property of copper is that it supposedly improves circulation and promotes muscle healing; it’s the perfect way to recuperate from a long and tough workout. The foam itself has a firmness of about 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, so it’s about medium-soft.

The second layer is made of convoluted support foam that facilitates airflow inside the mattress, which in turn keeps it cool. The third layer, a slightly less dense poly foam, is a transition boundary and the thickest of the four. This is because it needs the extra thickness for reinforcement.

The fourth layer, meanwhile, is a thin layer of extra-firm copper-infused memory foam. It isn’t as thick as the other copper/foam layer and is packed more densely. Therefore, it is firmer, rating at about a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. Remember that the mattress works on both sides.

Layla makes sure that all the different layers of foam are made of eco-friendly materials. The mattress cover is also flame-retardant and antimicrobial. Not only that, but it can easily be taken off for cleaning. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly before tossing it in the washer; you may need to wash the cover on a gentle cycle or even wash it in a separate load.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers

Yes, if you use the soft side of the mattress. The plush foam offers ample support while contouring to your body. The most serious risk for side sleepers is the mattress being too firm, not giving in to their body’s curves and forcing the back and spine to go out of alignment. A lack of straightness in the spine creates painful pressure points and damage to the body’s supportive tissue.

We don’t recommend setting up the mattress on the firm side if you’re a side sleeper or prefer a softer sleep.

Stomach Sleepers

No, not for either side. The soft surface does not provide enough support for the abdomen and internal organs, leading to uncomfortable and damaging arches in the back and pressure in the abdominal cavity. You need some firmness to support this part of your body. However, the firm side of the mattress overdoes it. You can end up feeling like you’ve slept on a rock.

Stomach sleepers benefit most from a slightly firm mattress, about a 5 or 6 on the 1 to 10 scale. The Layla’s firm side comes in at about a 7; too firm for enough give. It can also hamper your breathing because the mattress doesn’t allow your chest and diaphragm to expand when you’re sleeping on your stomach. This leads to a lack of adequate oxygen and can be uncomfortable.

Back Pain

Yes, on the firm side of the mattress. The Layla mattress flexes enough on the firm side to provide a good sleep surface that shapes itself to the curvature of the user’s spine. A mattress that is too soft will cause the back to arch or will not provide adequate support, leading to a poor night’s rest and the creation of pressure points and back pain.

Also, a bed that’s too soft ends up hugging the sleeper, causing them to sleep hot.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. Several factors contribute to the brand’s strength at keeping you collect night. First, the mattress consists of foam specifically designed to not retain heat.

Second, the mattress supports you rather than allowing you to sink into it. Proper support means good airflow and heat circulation. One of the layers of foam has a wavy construction designed to allow airflow through the mattress. It isn’t packed as tightly and can help keep you cool.

Third, and most importantly, the copper that’s infused into the foam acts as a heat sink. Copper naturally has high conductivity. This applies to both thermal energy and electricity. The greater an object’s conductivity, the more heat, and energy can pass through without it being affected. This means the copper can absorb the heat your body gives off without heating up in return.

Heavy People

Yes.  Most thinner foam mattresses are unsuited to heavier people, but the Layla is rated for 300 pounds per side. This applies partially because of the different layers of foam complementing one another. The infusion of copper works as well; copper strengthens under compression and in this case, helps prevent the mattress from bottoming out.


No. Foam mattresses aren’t good for sex for two simple reasons: a lack of edge support and a lack of bounce. You need to have edge support for a variety of positions that might involve the edge of the bed. If you want that, you should probably look into a hybrid model rather than a pure foam model. Hybrid models include springs surrounded by a layer of edge support.

At the very least, you can say the bed is quiet. The lack of springs means a lack of loud squeaking that could disturb and annoy other people in the area. This means you and your partner can be as vigorous with your lovemaking as you want.

Where Can I Buy It?

You cannot buy the Layla mattress in any physical stores. The company handles all orders and shipping online. You can order from Layla’s website, an affiliate such as Sleepopolis, or a licensed online marketplace.  If you buy from elsewhere, the mattress has no warranty.

How Much Does It Cost?

Layla charges some of the lowest, if not the lowest, prices for a mattress. Ranging from $399 to $899, these cheap models are sure to give you enough comfort to practically pay for the cost. Here’s a rough breakdown of how the prices stack.

  • Twin: $399
  • Twin XL: $499
  • Full: $699
  • Queen: $799
  • King: $899
  • California King: $899

You may have the option of financing through Affirm. Upon checkout, all you have to do is select the appropriate option and complete the application, which takes only a short time. If you’re approved for financing, you can have a 0% to 30% APR over a set period, usually 24 months. The application will perform a soft credit check on you; this will not affect your credit score.

Fortunately, the approval process only takes a few minutes at most, so you get a decision quickly. Currently, there are no other payment options than direct payment or financing through Affirm.

Is It Worth It?

Given the exceptionally low price of the Layla mattress, it would be difficult to say it wasn’t worth the cost. This statement holds especially true because you effectively have two mattresses for the price of one. The company is still too new and their product too untested to determine whether they will stand the test of time, but the materials and method of construction seem sound enough.

The copper infusion is an interesting addition to the mattress; typically, it isn’t a go-to material when someone has comfort in mind. That said, the mattress lacks edge support, but this is common for foam models. If you’re willing to accept these shortcomings, then the Layla mattress may be the one you need for your bed.

Shipping Info

The Layla mattress ships to your home compressed and rolled up. For best quality, you should unwrap it within two weeks to allow adequate time to off-gas. Also, you risk voiding your warranty if you keep it rolled up for too long. The factory makes every mattress to order, so it takes from one to two weeks to receive it at your doorstep from the order and payment confirmation date.

You can have the Layla mattress shipped anywhere within the continental United States for no shipping fee. Alaska and Hawaii require a $100 non-refundable shipping fee. Canada requires $125 plus any customs fees that may apply. All mattresses ship from Phoenix, AZ.

Best Bed Frame/Foundation for the Layla Mattress

The Layla mattress can rest on virtually any foundation. The only requirement is that openings be less than three inches apart to prevent sagging and other deformities.

That said, Layla itself provides a foundation to match, and you can buy it separately or as part of a bundle. The Layla foundation is made of 100 percent spruce and the pieces are easy to assemble. Just fit the pieces together and tighten the wingnuts. Don’t rest the mattress on a bare floor as this will void the warranty.

Why Not to Buy A Layla Mattress

The only two main concerns we have with the Layla mattress are off-gassing – the airing out of factory/chemical smell – and a lack of edge support. These can occur with any foam mattress, but we believe that the Layla mattress is more severe with its off-gassing than many other foam mattresses of its kind.

The Layla mattress, while well-made in its own right, might not be the best for everyone even with its versatility. The mattress is both extra soft and extra firm depending on which side you’re sleeping on.

Another concern some people might have is that Layla is still a relative unknown. If you go by company reputation, Layla has not been around long enough to make a mark in mattress retail. If you want to buy from a tried-and-true company, Layla may not be your best option.

For a brand that’s been in business for years, Tempur-Pedic might be a good alternative for you. Their downside is a much higher price that is required to operate showrooms and to send to retailers across the country.

Compare Similar Brands

Buyers who want a mattress that’s more middle-of-the-road in firmness should look to other brands like Leesa or Nolah. For a well-established mattress, you can even try Tempur-Pedic or SleepNumber. The latter works best for couples who need different levels of hardness on their mattress.


The Layla mattress has an ambitious goal behind it: to provide two mattresses for the price of one, while at the same time making sure that both aspects fill different types of customers’ needs. The copper infusion in the mattress foam is a unique addition; we found no others that incorporate such technology. Overall, we feel the Layla is a good but not necessarily excellent solution to your sleep needs.

In versatility, it gets an A- in our book. The idea of having two different sides is a good one even if they cater more to the extreme ends of the spectrum rather than taking a milder approach for each side.

The company itself is too young to have established a long-standing reputation for customer service. However, we appreciate the transparency on the webpage as well as the multiple avenues of contact. We give Layla customer support an A.

Overall, we give the Layla mattress an A. Its innovative design and superior customer service make it an excellent choice for virtually any room. You will have to turn the mattress over periodically if you want to adjust whether you sleep on a firm or soft surface.

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