King Koil Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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King Koil began as United States Bedding in 1898 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company rebranded itself in the 1930s and took on the name that it has today. It takes pride in the production of quality products with customer service an integral part of its mission.

It is a private, independent company based in the suburban Chicago area. It has stayed true to its roots with all products designed and made in the USA, though it has a global presence. Its reach extends to over 90 countries in six continents with more than 30 licensees. It’s worth noting that it is a hospitality supplier to major hotel chains.

King Koil has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. However, it is not accredited. The company produces a wide range of luxury mattresses. It is poised for continued growth like the industry as a whole as the income of their targeted markets increases. It also stands out as an innovator and marketing guru with partnerships with Laura Ashley and Duck Dynasty.

Product Offering

King Koil offers 20 different mattresses in five different series on its website. Prices range from around $250 to well north of $3,000. The company gets full marks for an intuitive and easy to navigate site to help you decide which product is right for you. You can search by type, comfort level, or collection.

Each product page includes a succinct and informative description without sales-y language. You’ll see a list of the most important features, comfort level, specs, and pictures from various angles. You’ll also find a table with the available sizes and list prices. There is a well-placed “Find a Dealer” button here and a search function on the top of every page.

The names of each mattress tell you its comfort level with monikers like plush, firm, and Euro top present. You won’t find every product in all sizes. Also, inexplicably, there is no search function. We couldn’t find information on other collections such as the Duck Dynasty series. We did locate retailers online but not through the site.

Customer Support

Customer support shines on the company website. It includes a wealth of information on how to buy a mattress along with a good selection of FAQs. This part of the design is very user-friendly, almost inviting. They also have a blog, though it’s not updated regularly. The posts they have published are well-written and helpful.

The navigational link for customer support is readily visible in the header. We always appreciate it when a company has it in plain view rather than hiding it in the footer. You can contact them by phone, contact form, or chat. Unfortunately, hours aren’t posted, but we can assume it’s 24/7, given its global presence. A peak on the warranty page listed 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

The company is somewhat active on social media with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Some content is replicated and definitely has a marketing spin to it. Overall, its customer support is average with nothing screaming out in the positive or negative direction.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

The King Koil website does not have any information about coupons, discounts, sales, or deals.

Sleep Trials, Warranties, and Return Policy

The site didn’t provide details about sleep trials. Presumably, it’s something you can find with a specific retailer. Warranties vary by the sleep system. Their page on this topic advises customers to contact the retailer from they bought the mattress. If they are not in business, the company will assist you.

There is a convenient Express Warranty Claim Form for manufacturer defects on the website. You will need your original receipt and law tags to complete it. The page states that you’ll get a response within three business days. There is a PDF that explains all the fine print for their limited warranty. The information is specific but uses jargon.

Fortunately, the site includes a mattress glossary to help you with any terminology that isn’t clear. It’s worth noting that you must register your product to activate this protection. The company makes the care of your purchase an important part of this process. While it’s informative, it feels like it’s more about them covering their bases.

Reviewed: Montego Luxury Firm

What Sizes Is It Available In?

You’ll find this mattress available in the following sizes:

  • Twin (75 inches long by 38 inches wide)
  • Twin XL (80 inches by 38 inches)
  • Full (75 inches by 53 inches)
  • Queen (80 inches by 60 inches)
  • King (80 inches by 76 inches)
  • California King (84 inches by 72 inches)

What’s It Made Out Of?

The Montego Luxury Firm Mattress is part of King Koil’s World Luxury collection. It uses some of the manufacturer’s innovative technologies. The top quilt contains 1 inches of AdvantaGel with ½ inches of high-performance foam that is encased in a network of silk and wool blend safeguard fibers.

The top panel consists of 1 inches each of iNergex3 and Everlast foam along with its iFusion to keep you cool. Both of these are memory foams for providing the body conforming feature. The inclusion of the latter is fitting given the fact that similar mattresses are often warmer. The foams are rapid response to conform to the contours of your body and provide optimal support.

It rests on an 8-inch Perfect Contour Reaction coil system. The edge encasement is Excellent Edge Foam. It’s durable enough for you to sit on it. However, it may start to show wear over time. The base is 1 1/2″ Balanced Base foam. The overall look of the mattress is elegant with a classic gray color that is attractive even without sheets on it.

This combination of foams balances strength while avoiding pressure points that can cause back pain. The addition of the iFusion technology helps create the ideal temperature for a restful night’s sleep. The mattress is quiet and doesn’t squeak due to the encased coils. It also absorbs motion well so that you aren’t disturbed if your sleeping partner gets up in the night.

Overall, the bed is comfortable. Though it’s billed as firm, it falls more under the category of medium firmness. The cushioning is welcome too. The feel is most like that of a memory foam mattress even with the inclusion of the other types in its construction.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers


The structure of this mattress with its 1,022 reactive and active coils provides the support that side sleepers need. The memory foam layers conform to your body to match the contours when you lay in bed in this fashion. A combination of foam and coils is an excellent choice.

On the other hand, many who sleep this way prefer a softer one for precisely this reason. They need the extra cushioning for optimal comfort. It’s worth noting that this mattress also comes in a plush version if you like the features but want something a bit cushier.

Stomach Sleepers


Stomach sleepers, the second most common, need extra support for their backs and hips. A firm mattress is a smart choice because it will sag less and prevent putting pressure on your joints. These individuals will find the right amount of firmness to keep them comfortable all night long.

Back Pain


A mattress that conforms to the contours of your body is less likely to aggravate back pain. It’s essential that there are no gaps in this support to prevent displacing your discomfort to another part of your body.

The Montego Luxury Firm Mattress succeeds on this score because the foam layers respond quickly to your movements to avoid sagging. It also prevents pressure points that can also affect the quality of your sleep. It strikes a nice balance between firmness and comfort.

Hot Sleepers


This is one area where the mattress shines because of its iFusion technology and AdvantaGel foam. The combination of the two keeps the top cool and helps prevent you from getting too warm. It’s essential to avoid restlessness that can disrupt your—and your partner’s—sleep.

Heavy People


A firm mattress is an excellent choice for heavier people because the design can counter the added pressure that more weight exerts. That said, customer reviews point out that it’s not as durable as they might like. That raises a question about its performance over the long haul. It’s worth noting that there is a 10-year warranty on this model.



The Montego Luxury Firm Mattress provides an expanded sleeping surface with its foam edges that couples will appreciate. It is comfortable to keep you focused on each other. And because it’s quiet, you both can be discreet.

Where Can I Buy It?

King Koil doesn’t sell its products on the company website but directs buyers to other dealers. Online offerings are limited. We found a few other models on Amazon but none on other major sites like Wayfair or Overstock. The company clearly wants customers to purchase their products in person instead. The conditions of the warranty are surely the main reason.

Availability is sporadic. It depends on the size and type. Using the search function to find one in our area yielded only one result within 50 miles. We also tried using a Los Angeles zip code for comparison. There were no results returned. On a positive note, you’ll see a pop-up that provides this information so that you don’t think the website is unresponsive.

How Much Does the Montego Luxury Firm Mattress Cost?

The price, of course, varies with the size. The short answer is that luxury isn’t cheap. Here is a rundown by size with the suggested retail cost.

  • Twin: $1,249.00
  • TwinXL: $1,449.00
  • Full: $1,449.00
  • Queen: $1,499.00
  • King: $1,799.00
  • California King: $1,799.00

For comparison, we visited the website of the dealer that turned up in our search results. The prices on their site were $100 to $200 cheaper than King Koil’s MSRPs. If you’re lucky enough to have more than one store nearby, we suggest shopping around for the best deal.

Is It Worth It?

On the surface, it appears that the Montego Luxury Firm Mattress is a worthwhile investment. It strikes the right chord on a number of points with the exception of side sleepers and heavy people. However, considering that most individuals sleep that way, it’s a major point against it. The fact that over 36 percent of American adults are obese is another concern.

Then, there is the cost. People expect to spend some serious cash for a decent product. However, the average runs along the line of $1,000—for a queen set. So right off the bat, we know that the King Koil offering is on the high end of the spectrum. Therefore, questioning whether it’s worth it is a valid consideration.

The limited availability is another concern. If you have to drive a long distance even to try one out, it’s going to be a bigger hassle if something goes wrong. And if you’re on a fixed budget, that’s adding insult to injury.

Shipping Info

Shipping varies with the retailer and their policies. Most dealers will deliver within a certain distance for no additional cost. They’ll likely take your old one away too to save you the trouble. Delivery is a must-have, given the large size of the mattress. We suggest you verify the conditions, especially if you’re coming from a long way from the store.

Why Not to Buy a Montego Luxury Firm Mattress

A search of reviews on retailers’ websites turned up some interesting details. Opinions are polarized with some either loving it or regretting their purchase. To be fair, some may rest with the fact that the individuals didn’t choose the right one for their needs or sleep style. And people are more likely to leave comments if they’ve had an experience at either end of the range.

That said, many questioned the durability of the mattress. Some remarked about sagging over time which will certainly impact the user experience negatively. If you have frequent back pain, you may find it especially offputting if that was the main reason you opted for it. Given the expensive price tag, that’s putting it in the dealbreaker category.

Our take is that if you’re an active sleeper or on the heavier side, you might benefit from looking at your other options. While it comes with a warranty, the extensive list of the manufacturer’s conditions is a bright red flag to us. They cover everything from how often to rotate and flip it to specific care instructions.

Though there is a tab on the product description page for reviews, there isn’t a single one. That is a stark departure from comparable products that we discuss below. It’s especially curious given the fact that the company has been around as long as it has. It made us wonder how transparent the company is.

Compare Similar Brands

If you prefer to shop online, buying a King Koil mattress may not offer the best option. The limited availability is also a major obstacle if you’re determined to get one from this manufacturer. Fortunately, there are other products that can deliver comparable comfort at more affordable prices.


Having a brand name like DreamCloud caught our attention. The company offers their signature luxury online through their website. They do not offer it through brick-and-mortar retailers. To call it luxury doesn’t do it justice. It is 15 inches high and composed of eight layers. It has a double-tufted top with a cashmere blend cover.

They offer free shipping and returns with a 365-day sleep trial. It even has an Everlong Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own it. It consists of a variety of foam layers including latex which may take it off your short list if you’re allergic. It’s also a bit spendier at $1,599 for a queen-sized mattress. They are transparent with the reviews, including the negative ones.

Leesa Sapira

Leesa Sapira is a solid offering in the luxury hybrid market. Its 11-inch mattress consists of five layers of memory foam and coils. It is CertiPUR-US®-Certified. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The company offers white glove delivery service along with a 100-day sleep trial. It is a well-made product with a great look. However, it doesn’t offer a Eurotop.

It shares many of the same features of others in its class. The mattresses are made in the USA. Like DreamCloud, they offer free shipping and returns. The company also stands out for its social impact. They donate one mattress for every 10 they sell. It’s priced comparably to the Montego Luxury Firm at $1,495 for a queen-sized one.

Nest Alexander

The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress uses a combination of three support and memory foams along with a thermal fabric that sits on an 8-inch layer of coils. You have your choice of plush, medium, or luxury firm. It is breathable with its SmartFlow air flow system. If you’re a hot sleeper, it’s worth checking out this one.

They offer a lifetime warranty with free shipping and returns. Unlike the Montego, there are plenty of customer reviews posted on the company’s website. The mattress is a bit easier on the wallet at $1,199 for a queen-size one. You can buy one at one of its few showrooms, concentrated mainly in the Southwest or online. They also offer financing.


The Montego Luxury Firm Mattress may offer a decent option if you prefer a firm product with plenty of support. If money isn’t an issue, you may find it worth look. The unique combination of layers promises a comfortable sleeping environment. And you can’t ignore the fact that the manufacturer is a major supplier to hotels.

Overall, the design uses technology to its advantage to create a quality product that looks good. We appreciate knowing that all their mattresses are made in the USA. And, of course, the fact that the company has been around for over 120 years speaks volumes about it.

However, issues of durability are a serious downfall even if you can afford it. Availability was another stumbling block that was hard to dismiss. Driving more than 10 miles to test out a mattress isn’t a wise use of our time. Our advice for side sleepers is to give the plush model a try if you are curious about it. Our rating for this model is a B-.

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