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Serta, the parent company of iComfort, is one of the most well-known mattress manufacturers in the US. They have an excellent reputation and a long history of helping solve people’s sleep problems. Their mattresses are in hotels around the world, and their latest offerings in memory foam might change your mind about their comfort.

Serta released the Perfect Sleeper mattress brand in 1931, two years before the name Serta. The company has pioneered many different types of mattress technologies in the years since 1931, including the first Pillow Soft plush mattress in the 1970’s and the continuous coil innerspring mattress in the 1980’s.

Serta has partnered with several leading organizations in the past to solve a few problems associated with mattresses and sleep. They became the first company to have all their mattresses meet or exceed national safety standards for flammability.

They also partnered with the National Sleep Foundation in 2010 to redesign their original Perfect Sleeper mattress to solve five of the most common sleep problems. Later, they released their newest line, the iComfort sleep system, to a widely acclaimed reception.

In 2012, they were ranked the number one mattress company in the United States. They were also named America’s Most Recommended Mattress, Pillow and Box Spring brand by the Women’s Choice Award from 2014 to 2016

Product Offering

Serta offers six different mattress types designed to address different kinds of sleep issues. You can customize each model with features such as the type of mattress topper and other mattress accessories.

Perfect Sleeper

This model is based on the original mattress that put Serta on the map. It is engineered to solve five common sleep issues. It helps reduce tossing and turning by helping provide the proper support and alignment so don’t search for a comfortable position.

It also reduces the lack of support commonly associated with softer mattresses. Those who sleep with a partner benefit from less disturbance by partner’s movements. The material and gel components help regulate temperature better than standard mattresses.

Finally, the mattress stays supported around the edges, helping to reduce mattress sagging and prevent you from rolling off an unsupported edge.

It’s available in memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid models, as well as all six common bed sizes.


The iComfort sleep systems are Serta’s most advanced mattresses yet. They feature contouring memory foam that supports and encourages proper alignment. They’ve addressed the heating and cooling issues commonly associated with memory foam mattresses through their TempActiv technology. It allows air to flow more evenly across the mattress, helping you to find your perfect temperature right as you lay down.

It comes in memory foam and hybrid models.


Sertapedic mattresses are the company’s budget line. They offer both innerspring and memory foam models that are affordable but don’t compromise on quality.

You can fully customize your best level of comfort by choosing your perfect support levels with both models of the mattress. It comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Several of the models are also compatible with adjustable beds.

There are three different types of innerspring systems, but they are all designed to give you the feel of a traditional mattress while offering better support and less partner disturbance than conventional innerspring.

Hotel Mattress Models

Serta also makes mattresses at partner hotels available to the public. If you’ve ever slept in a fantastic bed at a hotel, chances are it’s a Serta. You can now order the same mattress you slept on there and have that experience at your home.

Hotel models are available in Serta’s continual innerspring models. Foams and fibers on top and between coils provide proper support and cushioning. The two-sided design means you can flip your mattress quickly and regularly.

Bellagio At Home

The Bellagio At Home mattress isn’t any hotel mattress. The design is reserved exclusively for the world-famous hotel. They are compatible with adjustable beds and come in both innerspring and memory foam models.

These mattresses are some of Serta’s most high-end models of a mattress. They reserve the look and feel of the comfortable mattresses at the famous five-star hotel, and Serta allows you to customize each mattress to provide the exact support and feel you need.

The coil mattresses use the Individual Advantage 886 innerspring system consisting of fully wrapped individual springs that provide excellent ventilation in addition to body-hugging support.

iSeries hybrid

The iSeries hybrid combines both Serta’s newest memory foam technology with their proven advanced coil system for an amazing sleep system. It’s made exclusively for the Mattress Firm retail stores. It has a Hyperfeel surface fabric brings cooling comfort to the top of the mattress, helping to reduce heat buildup as you sleep.

Customer Support

Serta didn’t get to the number one spot in the US by having poor customer care. For warranties and general inquiries, you can call 1-888-557-3782 Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm eastern. Many of their call centers are located in the United States.

For online purchases, please call 1-888-708-1466. If you are a member of Serta Insider, a membership program that offers exclusive deals and rewards, you can call 1-888-708-1466. Hotel guests can contact 1-877-468-3540.

You can send them an email through the website on their Customer Care page, a place that offers many other useful tools such as warranty information and package tracking. They will never sell or share your information. You can also write to them at  Serta International, Customer Service Department, 3 Golf Center, #392, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169.

If you ordered a mattress online, you can track your order through your account with Serta. They also have a track order function for QVC customers.

They also encourage you to publish a review on the website for a chance at different kinds of perks and rewards.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Serta is very confident in their mattresses. They offer a ten-year limited warranty on all models to cover manufacturer defects and wear and tear that shouldn’t be there. You can find the full list of what is covered under warranty here: https://www.serta.com/warranty-registration. You must register your mattress to qualify.

You can try your online Serta mattress for 120 days, and if you don’t like it, you can return it for a 15% disposal fee and $200 shipping and handling. The rest of the product cost will be refunded to you. You must sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 30 days before initiating a return. The company reserves the right to refuse mattresses that are heavily soiled.

Other mattresses are covered for 45 days. You still must sleep on the mattress for 30 days, and the return costs are the same.

If you purchase an adjustable foundation, these are not returnable. If you notice damage, please call the customer care number to arrange for a service visit.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

Right now, they are offering 0% interest financing for 60 months for well qualified customers. They’re also giving recent customers a chance to win $200 for posting a review on the site.

For a comprehensive list of current Serta promotions directly from the company, you can check their website.

Reviewed: iComfort Mattress

What Sizes Is It Available In?

Only four iComfort models come in regular twin size (38″ x 74.5”). Blue 100 Gentle Firm from the iComfort Foam line and Blue Fusion 100, 200, and 300 plush from the hybrid line have twin sizes available.

All of the other iComfort mattress models come in Twin XL (38″ x 79.5”), full (53″ x 74.5”), queen (60″ x 79.5”), king (76″ x 79.5”),  and California king (72″ x 83.5”).

What’s It Made Out Of?

The iComfort line is the all memory foam version. It uses individual layers of memory foam to offer support while contouring to the body.

Triple Effects is a memory foam infused with gel to help transfer heat away from your body as you sleep. Traditional foam trapped heat at the site causing uncomfortable sweating and temperatures. The gel acts as a conduit to disperse heat throughout the mattress instead of staying close to your body.

Some models have Cool Action gel memory foam. Instead of gel infusions, tiny gel beads disperse heat away from the body while maintaining the integrity of the mattress support. The latest version, EverTemp, works in a variety of climates and humidity levels.

EverCool is a viscoelastic foam with open cells that encourage airflow for better heat regulation. It prevents night time sweatiness, and EverTemp technology ensures it works even if your climate is unusually humid.

Underneath these comfort layers are other layers of support foam. The pillow-soft layer provides cushioning support just beneath the comfort layers. In extra firm models, there’s a deep relax foam layer that provides much denser feelings than softer viscoelastic foam.

An active layer of gel infused poly foam helps improve airflow and provide further support to dead layers of dense foam. It has an egg crate appearance which bolsters breathability.

The elastic polymer later provides bounce and reinforces the edges to prevent roll off. It helps create moderately firm feels even in the softer foam layers.

The TempActive technology of all iComfort’s gel infused layers has two distinct layers. The first is a gel infused layer with both beads and gel infusion. The second is a cover material that provides dedicated temperature regulation and works in conjunction with the gel layer to give a seriously comfortable sleep.

The mattresses have been certified by CentriPur-US. There’s considerably less off-gassing with these models than traditional memory foam models.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers

Yes. All iComfort models provide excellent support for side sleepers. The layers provide a soft cushion that conforms to curves while the denser inner layers help keep the spine in alignment. Memory foam is one of the best types of mattresses out there for side sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. The firm models of iComfort such as the Blue 100 Gentle Firm are good for stomach sleepers. The extra firmness helps reduce the strain of sleeping on the stomach, but the memory foam later still conforms to the body to alleviate tension.

Back Pain

Yes. Those suffering back pain will find the firmer iComfort models have excellent support layers that help keep the spine in alignment whether sleeping on the side or the back. The soft top layers conform to the body’s contours and help prevent tossing and turning. The dense inner layers support spinal alignment and avoid the “hugging” effect of traditional memory foam.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. Serta’s TempActive technology means that the iComfort mattresses are considerably more cooling than standard memory foam. Serta put a lot of research into ways to alleviate heat from foam while retaining the proper support, and the gel beads and infusion layers act as a conduit to redistribute heat across the surface of the mattress instead of concentrating around the body.

Heavy People

Yes and no. Heavier people compress the foam at a much more significant rate. Although the iComfort is manufactured to handle a great deal of weight, we’ve found that the extra weight contributes to a more rapid decline in the support layers of the mattress. If you prefer to replace mattresses fairly quickly, say within five to ten years, then yes, it can handle it. If you prefer a mattress for the long haul, look elsewhere.


Yes. Memory foam is capable of handling a lot of movement without having too much bounce. Once you get used to the lack of kickback, it is nice that your partner’s movements don’t automatically transfer to you. It can provide an excellent stable surface that won’t rock or bounce too much.

Where Can I Buy It?

Serta’s website is a great way to begin building your mattress. They sell frames and any other type of accessory you could want for your bed.

Amazon also sells most of the iComfort along with many of the accessories.

You can also try out and purchase iComfort mattresses from several retail stores including Mattress Firm, Sears, JCPenney, and Macy’s. They are also periodically available at SAM’s Club.

You can find a list of all authorized dealers, including authorized Amazon sellers on their website.

How Much Does It Cost?

The iComfort line is a luxury line with nothing less than $1500. The larger sizes of mattress top over $2500, so they are a big investment.

You can divide the payments up over the course of two years without accruing interest. You can also apply for a store credit card that gives you up to five years without interest.

Is It Worth It?

Serta put a lot of effort into alleviating our main complaints with a memory foam mattress. They’ve pioneered technologies that allow the fabrics to breathe and wick away heat without sacrificing the support of dense foam underneath.

If you can handle the investment, we recommend this line. If you’re a side sleeper, you won’t find any mattress with better support for both the pressure points of sleeping on the side and spinal alignment.

The investment is our primary drawback. It’s a luxury mattress with a price tag to match. If you are a larger person, the wear and tear of the foam might not be worth the investment if you’ll have to replace the dead foam in a few years.

Our other complaint is the return policy. You can try out the iComfort line in the store which is a bonus. Serta does offer a return policy, but you’re going to lose 15% of the cost of the mattress plus $200 in doing so. That’s a decent chunk of change to lose if the bed isn’t giving you results.

That said, Serta is one of the best memory foam mattresses you can buy, and the company consistently ranks as the number one mattress company in the US. You’re buying from a trusted and well-established brand that outfits five-star hotels in the same types of mattresses. You have history on your side in this case.

Shipping Info

The mattresses shipped sealed, but they aren’t compressed. These mattresses are heavy, too. Queen models weigh just over 60 pounds with the shipping weight topping out at over 80. Be sure there’s someone who can help you unpack the box and position your mattress safely.

If you don’t have help, getting it delivered from a store is a good idea. The store will often have a delivery person who can help set things up and haul away your old mattress. This policy will be the most convenient.

Best Bed Frame/Foundation for the iComfort Mattress

Serta does have a line of frames and foundations for iComfort mattresses. When you order your mattress, you can add on a frame or foundation made just for your particular bed.

You can also order adjustable frames for some of their iComfort models. As you customize your mattress, you can choose your adjustable frame if the option is available.

Why Not To Buy an iComfort Mattress

If you don’t like foam mattresses, this line isn’t for you. It does have a comparable innerspring/foam hybrid line that provides the buoyancy of standard inner springs with the contouring comfort of memory foam.

It’s also a massive investment in a mattress. Some upstart mattress-in-a-box companies offer memory foam technology at a fraction of this price. While they may not have the history Serta has, they may provide a price point you are more comfortable with.

Compare Similar Brands

If the Serta brand isn’t in your price point, Casper makes some excellent foam mattresses at a more affordable price point. The feature gel technology for better heat distribution but in an affordable price point.

If the price isn’t an option, but you’re wary of memory foam, iComfort also has a hybrid mattress that combines both inner springs and foam. Before you look elsewhere, you might try out this non-traditional mattress type to see if it gives you a better feel.


Overall, Serta is a quality luxury mattress with a lot to offer. They’ve put in the time researching ways to make memory foam less hot and more buoyant so that you sleep more comfortably.

The iComfort system gets an A- only because the price makes it a tough pill to swallow, especially with a less glamorous return policy. You need to make absolutely sure this is the mattress for you because you’ll lose part of your investment if you change your mind.

We think you’ll love the mattress itself, however, because of the innovative foam layers. The gel beads and gel-infused layers mean the mattress sleeps considerably more refreshing than the memory foam of older generations of beds.

We doubt you’ll find more comfortable memory foam beds out there. Be sure to try out one of their mattresses in person if you can swing it and take advantage of all their hard work and research to get a great night’s sleep.

Did this iComfort Mattress review help you make up your mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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