Helix vs. Casper Mattress Comparison 2022 : Which Is Better?

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Are you totally lost yet with all the new mattress brands out there? Showrooms used to confuse people, but now with all the brands you could find on the internet, you might have given up trying to find your new mattress.

We have two brands, Helix and Casper, who claim to be the best, but which one is it? We’ve made up our minds, but can we convince you? Let’s find out in our Helix vs Casper showdown.

About The Brands

Let’s keep a few things in mind.

Helix Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • offers a wide range of firmness options for different sleep positions
  • a hybrid is an excellent option for those who don’t want to give up springs
  • options for heavier people, plus split mattresses for couples

Why To Doubt

  • no white glove delivery option
  • no all foam option

Casper Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • has an ultra-budget option without sacrificing quality
  • all foam construction has excellent motion isolation
  • option for white glove delivery

Why To Doubt

  • no hybrid options
  • no option for heavy people

Helix And Casper Comparison

Not all internet mattresses are created equal. Let’s break everything down.

How are Helix And Casper Similar?

Although their approaches are different, the companies do share some similarities.

Contouring And Support

We can all agree that old styles of mattresses were terrible, right? The noise and the uncomfortable springs. The way the mattress forced your body to conform to its surface rather than the other way around. It was not a good situation.

You might have thought you’d avoid that by getting a soft mattress, but you’d be wrong. It’s worse. The bed would sag in the middle and leave your spine unsupported.

Bot Helix and Casper subscribe to a mattress philosophy that revolutionized the way we sleep. Contouring layers on the top cradled your curves and allowed the broadest points of your body to sink further into the mattress. The materials filled in around your curves and relieved pressure on places like shoulders and hips.

Underneath contouring layers, dense support layers pushed back against your body and helped keep your spine aligned. No sagging. Sometimes there’s a transitional layer in the middle that also helps with both contouring and support.

Your spine decompresses, helping relieve back pain. Your shoulders don’t fall asleep underneath you, and if you sleep on your stomach, you’re supported.

Edge Support

Speaking of support, if you can’t sit on the edge of your bed, then what are you doing? Many foam beds have a reputation for poor edge support. Both Casper and Helix reinforce the sides of their bed so you can sit there or lie down.

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If you’re part of a couple, this is excellent news. It means you don’t have a sweet spot to fight over in the middle of the bed. Mattress real estate is valuable as a couple. Don’t waste yours.

Motion Isolation

Some people sleep very still (or so we’ve heard). Others act like their riding horses in a rodeo. If your partner is jumping an obstacle course in the middle of the night, you won’t feel it thanks to Helix and Casper’s excellent motion isolation.

Both companies use layers of materials that dampen motion and prevent you from feeling every twitch. You sleep more peacefully, and your partner does what he or she does.

Also, motion isolation helps reduce the sag underneath a heavier partner. Some mattresses have huge dips underneath a partner with even a slight weight difference, but motion isolation prevents this situation. Everyone gets a pristine surface.

Temperature Regulation

Both Casper and Helix take steps to help reduce the amount of heat that’s stored in the core of the mattress. They use things like gel infused layers or open cell foams that draw heat away from the body and disperse it throughout the mattress.

Helix even goes one step farther by asking you how you tend to sleep in the night. If you sleep cold, they won’t add layers that could reduce the temperature of the mattress, keeping it closer to a classic memory foam mattress.

Sleeping at a more comfortable temperature reduces tossing and turning, which can cause injury and further pain.

Manufacturing And Customer Service

Both companies manufacture mattresses in the United States and locate their customer service representatives here as well. You shouldn’t have any issues getting problems resolved quickly. They have excellent reputations in this regard.


Both companies do offer financing through their websites if you can’t (or don’t want to) pay for the whole thing right away. You receive a decision within minutes and then check out as usual.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

Helix allows you to try the mattress out for 100 nights to see if it’s the right one for you. If it isn’t, just return the mattress at any point before the sleep trial is over. Make sure you give it at least a few weeks so that the bed can break in, and old pain can subside.

Casper offers the same sleep trial length. It’s plenty of time to decide if you’re making the right mattress choice without having to go into a showroom to test anything out.

Helix and Casper also back their mattresses with a 10-year limited warranty. If your mattress shows any signs of defect, they’ll replace the bed. Defects include abnormal wear and tear or sagging. Make sure you properly support your mattress, so you don’t accidentally void the warranty.

Also, please don’t use your mattress for anything other than its intended purpose.

How are Helix And Casper Different?

This is what we like. The good stuff.

Mattress Models

Both companies have contouring and supporting layers, but they don’t arrange them in precisely the same way.

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Helix Models

One of the most unique ways Helix operates is the sleep quiz. If you aren’t sure what mattress to purchase, you can take their sleep quiz to help select a bed that fits your unique preferences and needs.

The mattress quiz asks things like sleep position, temperature, height and weight, and a few others. It asks if you’re building a mattress for two. If you are, you can answer questions about both of you.

The mattresses come in a variety of firmness levels and position preferences, but the basic construction is the original or the Luxe.

The Helix original is a spring and foam hybrid that conforms to your body. It uses soft cover materials and a combination of different types of foams for contouring. If you sleep hot, there’s temperature regulation foam. If you sleep on your side, there’s a softer foam. Individually pocketed coils provide the bulk of the support and provide structural support to the mattress.

The Luxe uses all the materials of the original but adds a special zoned support layer. This provides more support underneath places like your lower back while allowing your shoulders to sink further. It also comes with a premium pillow-top and cooling cover materials.

Casper Models

The Casper has three different models. The original is four layers of foam arranged with contouring and supporting layers. Zoned support provides targeted relief to the spine and common pressure points. The open cell memory foam is breathable and encourages air flow as you change positions throughout the night.

The Casper Wave is their lux mattress option. It uses the same types of layers as the original but adds a latex layer to improve responsiveness. It’s slightly deeper and bouncier than the original.

If you don’t have any outstanding issues, the Casper Essential is an excellent budget option. It uses just three breathable layers for an affordable alternative to most mattresses out there. The contouring layers provide pressure relief while dense support foam keeps your spine aligned.


Helix and Casper both offer the option of free shipping and delivery. When you order your mattress, they compress it into a box for delivery. It arrives at your doorstep, but you don’t have to be home to receive the bed.

When you’re ready, unpack the mattress and gently tear the plastic away to allow it to inflate. Both should be ready in just a few hours. If you aren’t able to get things set up, make sure you have other arrangements.

Casper goes one step further, however, and offers you the option of white glove delivery. For an extra fee, someone will deliver your mattress and help you get everything set up. Afterward, the delivery person removes all packing materials and hauls your old mattress off. It’s extra, but it may be worth it.


Helix original mattresses start at just $600 for a twin and go all the way up to just under $1250 for a California king. The Luxe version with extra pillow top starts at just under $1000 for a twin and goes to a bit under $2100 for a California king.

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Casper’s original starts at just under $600 for a twin and goes to just under $1200 for a California king. The Wave is a more significant investment at $1100 for a twin and goes to just under $2400 for a California king.

The Casper Essential is the budget option. This stripped-down version costs just $350 for a twin and $725 for a California king. You can get a mattress for the whole family without breaking your wallet.

And The Winner Is…

Helix! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Helix as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about.

We were initially very skeptical of Helix’s methods, but now that they’ve listed out their mattresses and distinctions, we’re impressed with the developments. There’s not only plenty of options, but the quiz really helps with the overwhelm. Sometimes having too many choices makes you too hesitant to choose anything at all.

They’ve really changed our minds. The addition of clear designs for heavier people is another excellent option. Although no one likes to think of themselves as heavy, a bed that doesn’t consider those unique needs isn’t going to work well. Helix is a comeback story for us, and we’re happy to make this recommendation.

  • Quality – Tie
  • Price – Casper
  • Reputation – Tie
  • Sleep Trial – Tie
  • Warranty – Tie
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Helix (and this is the deciding factor for us)

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Helix

Here’s why…Helix’s side sleeper models are excellent for giving pressure relief to the shoulders and hips. They consider how side sleepers sleep and there’s plenty of edge support to allow you to use the edge of the mattress to get comfortable.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Helix

Here’s why… Helix has some ultra firm options. Stomach sleepers need a firm surface to prevent over extending the spine. The coils also provide excellent support for stomach sleeping.

Back Pain: Choose Helix Luxe

Here’s why… Helix’s hybrid system with zoned support helps the spine decompress and discourages tossing and turning. The more you move around to find a comfortable position, the more likely you are to make your back pain worse.

Heavy People: Choose Helix

Here’s why… They have a specific mattress just for you. It reinforces support, so you get the same contouring benefits without sacrificing any of the support. It remains durable and should last a long time despite any extra weight.

Couples: Choose Helix

You can divide the mattress to account for both of your preferences. You can use the springs for extra bounce during couples’ activities. It has excellent edge support and motion isolation, so you’re covered there. It’s an attractive option for couples.


Helix makes a total come back! We were pretty sold on Casper, but since Helix has evolved, we’re making a change in our official recommendation. Casper makes some great mattresses and accessories. If you need a budget option, the Casper essential should work just fine. However, we recommend going the little extra and designing a mattress that you’d really love. We think you’ll be thrilled with this direction.

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