Helix Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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It’s likely that you’ve seen Helix either on a morning news segment or in a YouTube video because the company regularly gives away free mattresses to influencers for publicity. Recognizable from their signature white and blue boxes, Helix mattresses are delivered in a box no larger than a small refrigerator, making it far easier to handle than an unfolded mattress.

Helix was started because the founding team was “tired of being tired” after sleeping on mattresses that were overpriced and yet still under-delivered. Helix is the opposite, standing for individuality, customization, and value for money. Helix Sleep -The Only Mattress Custom Built For You.

Product Offering

Unlike almost every other mattress manufacturer and retailer, Helix doesn’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to sleep. Instead, they recognize that all of that science suggests that each of us sleeps differently and therefore we need customized solutions.

Therefore, they don’t have specific models for sale. Instead, their website encourages you to take a short quiz which will ask you about your sleeping habits, your age, weight, and height.

This data is used to calculate the ideal softness, material, and density for you. Sounds great doesn’t it, but what if you have a partner? Helix allows you to design two separate sides which they combine perfectly so that you can have a firm and warm mattress while they enjoy a soft and cooler side.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

Helix mattress coupons seem to be floating around the web, offering between $50 and $125 off purchases. One such coupon is WINTER18, which is worth $125 off any mattress or product and it expires on 03/31/2023 according to one source. Helix mattress coupons seem to renew regularly, making it worth the time to search for the best ones available.

Until the 15th of March 2023, they also have a few deals. You can get a Helix foundation in Twin size for only $200; a Queen-sized mattress protector for just $90, a Helix frame in Queen size for $175 and a Helix Queen mattress for only $995.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Returns

As with many of the so-called ‘mattress in a box‘ companies, Helix gives you a 100-night trial for free. Order your mattress and sleep on it, quite literally, for 100-nights. If you don’t like it before the end of the trial, you can return it and get all of your money back. A delivery team will arrive at your door and pick the mattress up for you, no stress, no hassle.

Should you decide that the Helix is the best mattress that you’ve ever tried, you can keep it and enjoy it for the next decade or more knowing that it has a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty doesn’t cover accidents, or user caused issues, but it will cover problems that occur because of a manufacturer defect.

Sleep soundly knowing that Helix has got your back covered. Returns are incredibly simple, and refunds are usually issued by the company within 5-7 business days. It’s also worth noting that all mattresses sent to you are brand new and any returned mattresses go to charities and housing facilities where appropriate.

Reviewed: Helix Mattress

In this Helix mattress review, we’ll be comparing the quality of the Helix mattress to other similarly priced brands while asking ourselves who it is best suited for. Hint: the customization makes it ideal for a wide variety of health and sleeping problems.

During our research, most of the most reviews and customer feedback responses were overwhelmingly positive. We certainly wouldn’t argue that it’s the best mattress company in the world, but you might also consider that you’re paying around $1000, rather than many times that for top-tier premium brands.

The value of a 100-day risk-free trial shouldn’t be overlooked. Traditional mattress retailers give you 5-minutes, if that, of testing in a showroom, which is entirely incomparable to this new style of a trial from Helix and other ‘bed in a box’ companies.

Should you decide that you don’t like the mattress, you can send it back and receive a full refund within 5-7 business days. What have you got to lose? Helix makes it simple to decide which mattress to buy, giving you a quiz rather than making you do the research yourself.

Should you decide that they were wrong, and the mattress isn’t right for you, they will offer you a mattress topper to make it either more soft or firm. If it’s still not perfect their shipping partners, usually FedEx or UPS, will pick the mattress up from your home and return it to Helix free of charge.

What Sizes Is It Available In?

Helix mattresses are available in the most common sizes from Twin through to King and California King. Here are the dimensions of each model:

All of the mattresses created by Helix are 10″ high. It’s worth noting that the company retains the right to a variance of 1″ in both length and width due to the handmade nature of their products. Such a small variance is unlikely to affect you because bed frame has some leeway.

What’s It Made Out Of?

The mattress that you receive could use a variety of materials depending on your specifications and what Helix thinks will suit you best. The components they use are Helix Dynamic Foam, Pocketed Microcoils, and High-Grade Polyfoam.

The Helix Dynamic Foam doesn’t appear to be either memory foam or latex. Instead, it is “right in the middle.” It’s not clear whether it is some combination, which seems unlikely, or rather that it is a foam which is designed to simulate a middle-point between memory foam and latex.

The Pocketed Microcoils that Helix uses are small coils which help the mattress to distribute your weight more efficiently, reducing pressure on your joints and giving the bed some bounce. These springs are particularly crucial for heavier individuals who will struggle with pain and excessive force from pure foam and memory foam beds.

Finally, the High-Grade Polyfoam is likely polyurethane foam which is a ubiquitous material used in a variety of densities for the base layers of mattresses. It’s a fantastic material because it’s durable, prevents sagging and can provide extra firmness by varying the density of the foam.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers

Yes! One of the first questions that the Helix quiz asks you is whether you sleep on your side or your back. With this information they can decide which materials are best suited to you, likely opting for a memory foam upper layer with foam composites below that are medium to medium-firm at most.

Beds that are too soft can be just as uncomfortable for side sleepers as those that are too firm. Like Goldilocks, you need one that is just right, which for most is going to be somewhere between medium-soft and medium-firm.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes! The stomach sleeper faces two issues, the risk of your spine alignment becoming suboptimal and the pain in your ribs and hips from the pressure of the bed. A mattress that is too soft will allow you to sink, bending your spine which can cause pain. Conversely, a firm mattress will be painful on your ribs and hips.

Again, the perfect option is likely to be a memory foam upper that is medium-soft to medium-firm with either coil springs or foam depending on your weight and other factors.

Back Pain

Yes! In the Helix quiz, you will be asked if you experience pain in the morning and how severe it is. Similarly, they inquire as to the comfort of your current mattress and how soft or firm it is. With this information, they can create a mattress that reduces your pain and is also comfortable for you to enjoy.

Hot Sleepers

A big fat, yes! During the quiz, they will ask you whether you get hot at night and whether you sweat. Specific materials are better than others for those of us that get warm at night, and firm mattresses tend to sleep colder than those that are soft because firmer surfaces allow more excellent air circulation.

Heavy People

Yes! The quiz will ask you for your height and weight, with which they can calculate your BMI which is a reasonably good estimate of the distribution of your weight. Those with a higher BMI will need a mattress that uses materials that have a high pressure per inch, like coils and latex rather than foam or memory foam.

For more substantial people, we would recommend a firm spring mattress, potentially topped with memory foam depending on how heavy you are and the strength of the springs. Another alternative is a pure latex mattress which some heavy people find is superior to even traditional spring mattresses.


No, because the Helix quiz doesn’t ask anything about your sex life the mattress is customized purely on what is likely to make sleeping the most enjoyable which might not be the best for having sex.

Most would agree that the best mattresses for sex are traditional spring or coil beds or those constructed using latex. Both of these materials have some bounce, they last for a long time, and they are far easier to move on than foam or memory foam.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Helix is only available online and although it does appear to be stocked on Amazon because each model is custom made for you we would recommend ordering from their website. It would be impossible to buy a Helix mattress from a showroom or a third-party warehouse because of the huge variety of mattresses they can make from their options.

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the size of mattress that you want the Helix ranges from $600 through to $1,195, making it relatively competitive to other ‘bed in a box’ style companies.

You should also note that they offer 0% financing on all of their mattresses, allowing you to pay-off the cost over 6-months. They also have flexible month-to-month payments, meaning that you can pay the minimum payment monthly or pay the balance in full, the choice is yours.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, we think that the Helix is certainly worth the cost because of the incredible customization options that they have. For couples this is particularly important, both sleeping on the same type of mattress is suboptimal, Helix lets you each get the perfect night’s sleep without any fighting over the type of mattress at the store.

You could make a reasonable argument that the quality of the materials is slightly lower than some competitors that don’t offer customization, as some reviewers have. When you are making your final decision, you should decide whether having a mattress custom made to you is worth a sacrifice in build quality.

For somebody that could sleep on a standard mattress and be fine the next morning, perhaps Helix isn’t worth it. But for those who resent it, who wake up achy and in pain, or who overheat at night, having these customization options can give you an extra hour or two of pain-free sleep each night. That tradeoff seems worth it for many.

Shipping Info

Once you have completed your customization quiz and checkout, the Helix mattress will be custom made for you in their warehouse and manufacturing facility. They’ll ship it straight to your door using one of their shipping partners, likely FedEx or UPS depending on where you live.

The mattress uses a specialized rolling technique to pack it tightly into a small box about the size of a bag of golf clubs. Such a small box is far easier to transport than a loose mattress, particularly for those that live in apartments and condos.

Should you decide that the mattress is not for you within the trial period, those same shipping partners will return and take the mattress away. You shouldn’t need to pack it back into the box; they should remove it themselves.

Best Bed Frame/Foundation for the Helix Mattress

Any bed frame or foundation should work with a matching sized Helix mattress, but it is worth noting that Helix does sell their foundation for those that don’t already own one.

As with their mattresses, the Helix foundation has a 100-night sleep trial so that you can give it a go without worrying about paying for something that you dislike. Compatible with any mattress and easy to assemble, the foundation is “Made in the USA” and is a convenient purchase for those that don’t currently own a foundation.

It’s constructed out of 7.5″ of spruce, pine, and fir wood; the frame is then upholstered with the same premium woven fabric that the helix mattress uses. They also report that it can be constructed and broken down in 2-3 minutes, making it a robust, sturdy and straightforward choice.

Why Might I Want To Consider A Different Brand?

Helix offers fantastic customization and a variety of different types of mattress, but they aren’t perfect for everybody. If you are fine sleeping on a standard mattress without it being customized, you can get higher quality mattresses for the same price from other retailers.

Similarly, if you are interested in a larger size than California King or you have a higher budget (over $1500), there are fantastic top-tier mattresses available at very high budgets. Helix is a mid-range producer, and although you get good quality for a fair price, it would be impossible to argue that they are the best mattresses in the world.

Similar Brands

The so-called ‘bed in a box’ phenomenon has hit the nation, with countless brands selling a similar foam and memory foam mattress tightly packed into a small shipping container. Perhaps most famous is BedInABox, as well as Casper and Leesa.

All use the same basic principle, but their mattresses vary in quality and composition, particularly between models that are pure foam versus those with coils and latex materials.


Rating: B

Overall, Helix offers a reasonable quality mattress at a fairly affordable price, between $600 and around $1300, depending on the options you choose. The convenience of ordering a mattress online to be shipped in a small container should not be overlooked, particularly for older customers or those living in apartments.

A common critic which we read during our research for this Helix mattress review was that the mattress is one-sided and no flip. The way that the product is designed means that you can’t flip it over and sleep on the other side, plus, you can’t rotate a couple’s mattress without needing to swap sides of the bed.

At first glance, this might not seem like a serious problem that should concern the average buyer, but regular flipping can help to prevent wearing and sagging. The inability to do this will contribute to aging, one of the reasons why Helix mattresses only last for 6-years on average.

Compared to all other beds this is a slightly above average, but somewhat below the typical estimate for most foam beds. The quality of the materials is unlikely to be the primary cause. Instead, the inability to rotate or flip the mattress is probably the most significant contributor to the lifetime.

Owner satisfaction appears to be noticeably better than the industry average, with estimates suggesting around 81% of owners are satisfied with their purchase. When you consider that the Helix typically comes in about $1000, more than the average foam bed but far less than the industry average, this satisfaction rating is quite promising.

There aren’t as many customer reviews across the web as you would imagine and unlike rival ‘bed in a box’ firms, Helix makes it tough to filter or read reviews on their website. Similarly, it can be hard to decipher the precise materials and specifications of each mattress, obfuscating the value of your purchase and preventing brand comparison.

To conclude, we rate Helix as a B in this Helix mattress review, we value the ability to customize their mattresses to your specifications, but it doesn’t come without sacrifices. Such customization prevents flipping and rotation which will reduce the durability and length of life. Similarly, you pay for this customization rather than the quality of materials used.

However, their returns policy and the competitive 100-night trial is a fantastic addition that might sway customers who are on the fence. If you want a reasonably priced mattress that is of good quality and you desire customization, Helix is the place to be.

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