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Yet another mattress is vying for top spot in the bed-in-a-box industry, but how much innovation could there possibly be? In the world of internet mattresses, there are still a few surprises left. Let’s find out if Frankly is one of them.

Frankly is an all foam mattress designed to give you a shot at a great night’s sleep. The company doesn’t claim to be one size fits all, but they do back up their mattress using research and what they call the trifecta: comfort, support, and a premium cover.

Let’s find out if Frankly’s design hits your sweet spot in mattress design. It’s time to upgrade your old mattress, and Frankly could be the one. Let’s break it all down in our Frankly mattress review.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Mattress

All mattresses should check off four of our top priorities when it comes to beds.

Contouring And Support

If your mattress is excellent at support but not so great at contouring, you’re never going to get a good night’s sleep. The contouring layer is critical to keeping you from tossing and turning. Proper contouring layers allow your body to sink further into the mattress at your broadest points, helping reduce pressure on typical pressure points such as your shoulders. If you arm frequently falls asleep before you do, your bed doesn’t have enough contouring.

Too much contouring and you sag into the mattress. That bends your spine into a weird shape and causes pain. A proper support layer pushes back against your weight and keeps your spine aligned. Both layers work together to help the lower back decompress and keep the spine straight.

your new mattress should incorporate both types of layers so that you don’t cause further pain moving throughout the night in search of a comfortable position.

Edge Support

You should also be able to sit or sleep near the edge of the bed without it collapsing underneath you. Proper edge support allows you to use every inch of valuable mattress real estate, which is especially important if you sleep next to your partner.

Your new mattress shouldn’t show any deep compression towards the edge of the mattress, and there should be no apparent sweet spot in the middle.

Motion Transfer

If you’re part of a couple, the movements of your partner during the night can ruin your sleep. Motion transfer happens when the mattress transfers all the jiggles that occur on one side of the bed to the other side of the bed.

Your mattress should have good motion isolation, which keeps your side of the bed relatively still and prevents the indentation common underneath the heavier partner. No more rolling towards each other in the middle of the night unless you want to.

Temperature Regulation

Loving a memory foam mattress used to mean sleeping hot. Now, most mattresses have protections in place to keep heat from building up inside the mattress. Most foams now are open cell, meaning they have small air pockets inside the material. As you move, the air is forced from one pocket to the next, refreshing the mattress and improving breathability.

Gel and graphite infused into the material of the mattress can also help reduce the amount of heat. Both actively pull heat away from your body and disperse it throughout the mattress. They prevent heat from building up around you and help the surface of the bed return to room temperature more quickly.

Your new mattress should consider how to keep you at a comfortable temperature to reduce tossing and turning.

Presenting Frankly Mattress

Frankly is part of the bed-in-a-box revolution. They offer one mattress with four layers and something called honest pricing. There are no gimmicks, sales, or strange price manipulations. You get their mattress for the same price no matter the time of year or how you buy.

Frankly focuses on queen and king sized mattresses. Currently, those are the only two sizes available. Focusing on those helps Frankly offer their mattress at a lower price than many other companies, including other bed-in-a-box ones.

The bed uses four different layers to achieve contouring and support. The top layer is gel infused memory foam that actively draws heat away from your body and disperses it through the mattress. It gives way underneath your broadest points and reduces pressure on your hips and shoulders.

Underneath, a transitional layer of adaptive foam supports the contouring layer by giving your widest areas more cushion and filling in around gaps in your waist and lower back. It redistributes your weight across the length of the bed to help the pain subside and help your back to decompress.

The support layer is high-density foam. It pushes back against your weight to keep your spine aligned and give the mattress structural integrity. The base further reinforces the mattress and uses breathable foam to help air flow move freely through the whole bed.

Frankly goes one step further by using a breathable, soft cover material that completely zips off. If you suffer from allergies, this is a big one. The surface of your mattress can be difficult to clean, but the cover is machine washable. The zipper is angled in such a way to make it easier to get off and on and zipped back up again.

Features and Benefits

Let’s break everything down. There are a few things we like about Frankly, but we do have some concerns here and there.

Contouring And Support

Frankly uses a transitional layer of foam that helps redistribute your weight. The contouring layer removes the immediate pressure from your shoulders and back while keeping you from tossing and turning. The transition layer goes one step further by helping your body to feel more weightless as you sleep.

The dense support layer and the base work together to give the mattress better structural integrity despite being all foam. The base also raises the mattress up for better airflow. You’ve got 12 inches of depth to cushion your body and support your spine, all while moving air quickly through the mattress.

The layers work well together. The mattress removes a lot of the pressure from your back and shoulders, and if you’re a side sleeper exclusively, your arm shouldn’t fall asleep nearly as much as it would on a standard mattress.

WEight doesn’t cause the mattress to collapse, but you may want to be careful and take advantage of the sleep trial if you’re much heavier than the average person.

Edge Support

Edge support on the mattress didn’t blow us away, but it did hold strong with two people sleeping in the bed. You may experience some compression as you sit on the side of the bed, but for sleeping, it’s well supported. Reinforced foam sides would be excellent to see, but overall, it performs just fine.

If you’ve got a deeper bed frame, that can help reinforce the edges themselves so that sitting on the bed is a little bit easier. We don’t have too many complaints here, but we would like to see some consideration for the future.

Motion Transfer

Frankly does motion isolation right. We can barely feel a thing when someone else is moving around on the other side of the bed. Motion isolation makes this bed particularly suitable for couples (or for pet owners whose pets sneak into the bed during the night.

Motion isolation is also excellent for couples who aren’t the same weight. The heavier person won’t create as much of a sag underneath, and the other partner won’t feel like they’re continually rolling together during the night. Everyone gets a pristine place to sleep.

Temperature Control

Frankly’s top layer is infused with gel which actively draws heat away from the body and returns the mattress to ambient room temperature more quickly. The rest of the layers are open cell foams that allow air to move through quickly and refresh the mattress. As moisture evaporates, it cools the mattress keeping you dry and still.

You shouldn’t toss and turn as much looking for a cool spot on the mattress. We can’t do anything about your furnace of a sleeping partner, however.

Mattress Options

There’s only one style of mattress, and this is it. The all foam version is the single offering from Frankly, and it doesn’t even come in all sizes. We understand their need to keep production cost simple to reduce the cost of the mattresses, but we aren’t so sure that knocking out most of the standard mattress sizes is the right choice.

However, if you’re in the market for a medium firm, all foam, king or queen mattress, Frankly does have something for you. That’s a narrow band, however, and it does demote them a bit in our rankings.

The zippable cover helps their case a bit because that detail isn’t a common one in the bed-in-a-box world. That detail may sell some of you on Frankly’s narrowly defined offering, but it certainly isn’t helpful if you need a size they don’t offer.


Frankly doesn’t use fire retardant chemicals. Many of those have been labeled as unsafe, so Frankly uses a layer of silica covering the core of the mattress. The silica melts and prevents oxygen from reaching the core, snuffing out the fire. It’s not flame resistant, but it will slow the process down so you can get to safety.

The mattress is also certified by CertiPur-US, so you know it’s low emissions and low VOCs. That helps if you have respiratory allergies. Off-gassing can be a critical factor in stirring up allergies, but Frankly’s use of lower emission foams shouldn’t make any of your allergies worse.

The mattress is produced in the United States, so the carbon footprint if shipping is a lot lower. Frankly doesn’t ship to Alaska or Hawaii (or internationally) at the moment, so that does reduce further the carbon footprint (although irritating if you don’t live in the continental US, right?)

Sleep Trial And Warranty

The sleep trial leaves a bit to be desired. Ten years ago, a 60-day sleep trial would have been great, but now companies are competing with the year-long warranties of some of our favorite mattresses (hello DreamCloud!), and 60 days just isn’t all that great anymore.

However, it does leave you plenty of time to try your mattress out for at least 30 nights to see if it’s going to work out. Make sure you give it roughly that amount of time because the mattress needs time to break in and your body needs time to adjust. Anything less than that and you may not have given old pains time to subside.

If you decide it isn’t going to work out, just make sure that you initiate a return at any time before the trial period is over. They’ll arrange for a pickup and refund your money.

The mattress is covered by a ten-year warranty against mattress defects. Make sure you properly support the mattress, so it doesn’t sag unnecessarily and void the warranty. Otherwise, if you notice any abnormal sagging or wear and tear, Frankly will take care of it for you.

Options For Heavier People

We don’t recommend this mattress for heavier people because the foam isn’t strong enough to support your weight without serious compression. We think you’ll lose most of the benefit of the contouring and support layers while interacting with the high-density foam more quickly. It will make the mattress feel firmer than it actually is. The mattress also won’t be as durable. For better options, we recommend the DreamCloud hybrid option or a bed made for heavier people such as Winkbeds Plus.


The price is attractive because Frankly doesn’t mess around with a million sales and seasonal markdowns. The queen option is just $695, and the King is $845. That puts it into the affordable range and a very competitive choice if you fall into the target category.


The mattress comes compressed in a box and arrives right at your doorstep. That’s convenient if you don’t have time to schedule a delivery date, but you won’t have help setting the mattress up if you need it. There’s no option for white glove delivery or old mattress removal.

Quick Points

Ok, you still aren’t sure? Let’s put all the major pieces on the table.

Why We Like It

  • highly affordable
  • good motion isolation
  • cool gel infused layers
  • a zippable cover keeps the mattress surface clean
  • zipper design makes it easier to get the cover on and off

What We Don’t Like

  • 60-day sleep trial isn’t industry standard anymore
  • no option for white glove delivery
  • not suitable for heavier people
  • only offered in king and queen sizes

Who It’s For:

We recommend this mattress for people who need a quality mattress at an excellent price and are shopping for a queen or a king. They don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, just a comfortable yet supportive mattress.

Social Proof

It makes me drool, and that’s a good thing. I’m a stomach sleeper, and the other morning my husband noticed that the corner of my pillow was wet. I blamed it on our dog – sorry Betty.

Side sleeper approved! Great sleep. Great price. There’s really nothing more to say.


Puffy – Best All Foam Alternative

Puffy is an excellent alternative with better terms. Puffy uses just two simple layers to create a comfortable, temperature regulating mattress that should keep you cool at night. It’s CertiPur-US certified, so it won’t irritate your respiratory allergies.

Puffy’s foam uses the same type of technology as performance athletic wear. It’s one of the most exciting materials in the mattress world right now. The fibers in the bed pull heat and moisture away from your body and disperse it quickly. If you sleep hot, this might be just the bed for you.

It’s available in all sizes, and you can try the mattress out for 101 nights. Be sure you give it some time to break in and for your body to adjust. A is about $1350, making the Puffy more expensive than Frankly, but we think you may like the Puffy a little bit better.

Real Sleep – Runner Up Alternative

Real Sleep was created from the feedback of Real Simple readers and uses just two simple layers to create their mattress.

The top layer is open cell foam that helps move air flow through the mattress as you move around. It can keep you cooler, but if you tend to sleep warm, the hug of the mattress can help regulate your temperature that way as well.

The bottom layer is dense support foam that supports your spine and keeps up the structural integrity of the mattress. It’s simple and comfortable with a California king starting at just under $1350. It’s more expensive than the Frankly, but it comes in all sizes and is a good alternative if you need a twin or full.

You have 100 nights to try the mattress out before deciding if it’s the right one for you. If it isn’t, initiate a return before the trial period is over and you’ll get a full refund. The mattress is warranted for ten years against mattress defects. You shouldn’t have to deal with any abnormal sag or wear and tear.


Frankly is a good mattress for this industry, but it isn’t our favorite. We appreciate their desire to keep cost down, but we don’t like when companies focus on just one or two sizes of mattress. What happens if we love it and want something for our guest room?

If you fall into the narrowly defined category that Frankly serves, we think you’ll be happy with your purchase. That checklist is queen or king mattress, medium-firm, all foam, and budget. See where it might be difficult for you to get on board with Frankly.

We do love their zippable cover, and we’d like to see more company follow Frankly’s lead on this one. The low emission mattress is the way to go and to further reduce the chances you’ll have a respiratory reaction, machine washing your mattress cover is a great feature. Allergy sufferers may want to take a serious look at this mattress even if it doesn’t come in your perfect size. You may find yourself wanting to change to get one.

What do you think about a mattress company’s decision to limit the number of sizes available? Convenient or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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