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Searching for a new pillow doesn’t have to be daunting. Look out for some key features and benefits and you’re sure to find a pillow that fits you well and can stand the test of time.

A good pillow supports your head, shoulders, and spine keeping your body comfortably in alignment throughout the night. It should also help you breathe easy and remain comfortable. The right pillow will also keep your head at the proper height during the night so that your breathing passages remain open.

Breathability is important in a pillow for many reasons. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll need a pillow that is airy and breathable to help keep air circulating and to keep you cool throughout the night.

The Easy Breather Pillow from Nest Bedding is designed with breathability in mind. Their sleep products focus on breathable filling and fabric to keep air circulating and to keep you cool.

Check out the features and benefits to see if the Easy Breather Pillow is the right pillow for you.

A Few Things to Consider Before Buying a New Pillow

There is a lot to consider when shopping for a new pillow. From the filling to the construction, a pillow can have a profound effect on the quality of your sleep. Congestion, snoring, body aches and sore muscles are just a few of the ailments that can be caused by sleeping on the wrong pillow. Consider a few of the key items below while learning more about the Easy Breather Pillow.

Filling And Support

The filling inside of your pillow effects many aspects of sleep. A filling that is too hard or too soft may leave you with a stiff neck. A pillow with too much or too little filling can compromise the position of your head, throwing off the curve of your spine.

There are several common types of filling found inside of most pillows. Memory foam, cotton, down and combinations of shredded foam are the most common types of filling.

Aside from breathability, your preferred sleep position should influence the type of filling you’re looking for. Stomach sleepers will want a softer fill while side and back sleepers need stronger support.

Pillows with adjustable filling are usually your best bet. You will be able to add or remove filling to make sure it’s the right height for the way you sleep.

Temperature Regulation

If you’re tossing and turning all night from sweating, it may be that your pillow is making you too hot. The perfect pillow is one that will pull the heat away from you and keep your head and neck cool and comfortable. The breathability of a pillow is the key to its temperature control.

The type of filling used inside of a pillow will affect its breathability and heat retention. Lighter fillings will allow more air to flow through. This will keep your temperature down and help open up your airways.

The cover used on your pillow should be made of a breathable fabric that cools your body while you sleep. A pillow and cover that is cool to the touch will also reduce muscle swelling and provide your aching body with some much-needed relief.

From the type of filling to the fabric on the cover of your pillow, there are a lot of elements that contribute to the amount of heat it can retain.

Presenting the Easy Breather Pillow

The Easy Breather Pillow from Nest Bedding is made to be one of the most breathable pillows on the market. The word is in its name after all. The Easy Breather Pillow is made of a blend of shredded materials designed to open up your air passages and keep your temperature down while you sleep.

The Easy Breather Pillow is meant to sleep like a down pillow but has the support of memory foam. The filling is fully adjustable so you can add or remove as much as you need to. This pillow is considered to have a medium plushness although it is firm enough to keep its shape.

This pillow is made in the United States using organic materials. It’s made without chemicals that will harm your lungs and the environment.

Features and Benefits

Check out more of the features and benefits of the Easy Breather Pillow and see if it’s the right pillow for you.

Materials And Care

The outer fabric of the Easy Breather Pillow is made of Tencel. Tencel is a high-quality material made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus and is similar to cotton in feel. Tencel is all-natural however it has to go through synthetic processing to make it usable as a fabric.

The outer fabric of this pillow is soft and breathable helping to keep moisture out. The Tencel is mixed with polyester and quilted to make a strong a durable shell. Although the fabric is soft and cozy feeling, it remains cool throughout the night.

Despite the softness of the case, you’ll have to put a pillowcase over it. The outer case isn’t removable so you won’t be able to throw it in the wash. To clean this pillow, you’ll need to spot clean it with a small amount of water and soap. This is definitely a downside as the material of the case is great for snuggling up.

Temperature Regulation

The Easy Breather Pillow is a winner in terms of breathability. Air circulation flows well through the breathable, quilted cover and shredded filling. When pillows are made from a solid piece of memory foam, they tend to retain heat.

Since the foam inside of the Easy Breather Pillow is shredded, it allows for air to move in and out removing the body heat away from your body. The air pockets inside the pillow allow for air to circulate nicely.

The luxurious feeling of the outer case makes you think the fabric would be too warm at first but it’s surprisingly cool and light.

Filling And Support

The Easy Breather Pillow is filled with a blend of shredded memory foam and a polyfill that makes it feel like down feathers. The pillow is fully adjustable with a zipper placed at the center that opens from end to end.

The pillow comes fully stuffed so you can remove as much filling as you need to make it your desired height. The highest loft of the pillow is eight inches. The pillow is high, but its softness hugs your head nicely. The filling will compress down so you can comfortably sleep on your back, stomach or side.

To comfortably sleep on your stomach, you’ll want to remove more filling than you would for your side and back. The pillow has a 1.5-inch sidewall that will help your pillow retain its shape while you sleep.

This pillow is most popular with side sleepers because of its medium plushness and fill.

Warranty and Trial Period

The Nest Bedding company offers a 100-night sleep trial on the Easy Breather Pillow. You can return the pillow free of charge and with no-shipping costs if you’re not satisfied with the pillow for any reason during the 100-night trial.

The makers of this pillow offer a lifetime warranty, they feel so strongly that this pillow will stand the test of time.

Cost and Shipping

The Easy Breather Pillow comes in three sizes. The standard size is $99.00, the queen size is $119.00 and the king size is $149.00. You can purchase the Easy Breather pillow on the Nest Bedding website or Amazon. There is free shipping both ways.

Financing is also available through the Nest Bedding website.

Who Is It Made For?

With its adjustable filling, the Easy Breather Pillow is designed for all types of sleepers and sleep positions. You’ll want to lessen the amount of filling in the pillow if you’re a stomach sleeper since it comes highly filled.

Social Proof

“I’m in love. No need to mince words. I bought this pillow for my husband and swiftly stole it from him. I have a lot of neck pain and have really struggled to find the right pillow for YEARS. This thing has improved my sleep and my pain and is an absolutely squishable delight.”

“I am a side sleeper and this pillow helped support my neck more than I thought and I have been getting more uninterrupted sleep since then. I have not adjusted the filling but could see how that would be able to accommodate most sleepers. Highly recommended.”

“Love this pillow. Very soft. Cushions and conforms to my head beautifully. I have tried many pillows and have felt like Goldilocks…this one is too firm…this one is too soft…but the Easy Breather Pillow is JUST RIGHT! I love it so much that I have bought them for my family as well and they love the pillow just as much as I do.”

“I had a soft down pillow before which I liked for the soft sinking feeling but was always waking up to fold it up to make it more supportive. This pillow is really amazing. It has the soft sinking feeling but has no pressure support also! I really love it.”


If the Easy Breather Pillow doesn’t seem like the right fit for you take a look at these two alternatives.

Bear Pillow

The Bear Pillow is designed with hot sleepers and active people in mind. The Bear pillow comes barring a double layer of cool fabric that will hold its cool throughout the night. The dual mesh side panels cap off the ends of the pillow. These add to the Bear pillow’s breathability and allow for incredible airflow. The removable cover is double sided to suit any way you sleep.

The Bear pillow is filled with Loft-X foam. This hybrid foam combines the support of memory foam with the bounce found in latex. The cover of the pillow is made up of a blend of polyester and cool yarn.

This pillow is well suited for any way you sleep. With a medium firmness, you can comfortably sleep on your back, side or stomach. The Loft-X material is squishy yet contouring for a comfortable fit.

If you’re looking for a cooling pillow that you can use without a pillowcase, the Bear pillow may be the better option for you since the case on the Easy Breather Pillow isn’t removable.

Layla Pillow

The Layla pillow is hypoallergenic and all-natural. The natural filling is made from plant fibers, and it’s free of chemicals and pesticides. If you like a supportive yet plush pillow, this may be your best bet. The copper woven fabric cover of the Layla pillow is designed to keep you cool and give off restorative energy while you sleep.

If you’re seeking an all-natural pillow with therapeutic properties, the Layla pillow may be better suited for you.


The Easy Breather Pillow from Nest Bedding is a soft, breathable and durable place to rest your head. With a cotton-like cover and shredded filling inside, this pillow provides excellent air flow. For this reason, we consider the Easy Breather Pillow from Nest Bedding one of our favorite pillows for those who like sleep cool but also need structural support.

The adjustable filling inside this pillow is a great feature if you’re looking to add or remove filling to adjust it to your desired preference. The pillow comes fully stuffed and starts out high. Despite its height, the pillow softens easily under your head to provide a soft, cushioned night of sleep while still keeping you properly supported.

With a lifetime guarantee and a 100-night sleep trial, you can properly test this pillow and give it time to conform to the way you sleep.

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