Dreamcloud vs. Stearns & Foster Mattress Comparison 2022 : Which Is Better?

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It’s time to put the record straight and decide once and for all who makes a better hybrid mattress; Stearns & Foster or Dreamcloud.

The competition is fierce, and the competitors are comfy, but it takes more than comfort to be considered the better hybrid mattress. To be considered the better hybrid mattress a contender must include supportive features, perform well for any sleep type and be affordable enough for the average mattress buyer to afford.

About the Brands

As our competitors lace up their figurative shoes for our fictional battle let’s take a closer look at the Dreamcloud and Stearns & Foster mattress brands.

Dreamcloud’s mission is to provide sleepers with a sleep surface that mimics the sensation of sleeping on a cloud. Though it is unlikely anyone has actually slept on a cloud for an accurate comparison, the Dreamcloud appears to have achieved its mission.

Dreamcloud also offers one of the most extensive sleep trials and a comprehensive lifetime warranty which also has the benefit of establishing Dreamcloud’s reputation for customer satisfaction.

Stearns & Foster maintains a reputation for luxury and quality. Each mattress offered by Stearns & Foster is a hybrid combination of innerspring, memory foam built around a supportive core.

Though typically more expensive than similar brands, customers report a truly luxurious and comfortable sleep on all of the mattresses featured by Stearns & Foster.

The Stearns & Foster brand is significantly more popular with heavier individuals who praise the deep compression support of the mattress as well as its exceptional degree of edge support, which makes it easier for heavier sleepers to get in and out of bed.

To truly stand out from the litany of mattress brands that flood the market, and to be considered the winner of our comparison; however, a mattress must be as comfortable as it is supportive.

It must appeal to a wide range of sleep types and provide relief from certain sleep disorders such as back pain, which according to a report conducted by The George Institute for International Health affects 80% of adults.

Dreamcloud Recap Full Review

The Dreamcloud mattress is a hybrid mattress that is designed to meet all of the criteria for a quality mattress. The Dreamcloud mattress features eight layers that are designed to provide as much support and comfort as possible.

Included in those eight layers are; Eight inches pocketed coils encased in half-inch layers of PCF memory foam, half-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam, quilted memory foam, natural latex, standard memory foam and two inches of hand-tufted cashmere.

The layers included in the Dreamcloud mattress combine to provide a mattress that appeals to many different sleep types. Its hybrid design means it is; comfortable yet doesn’t sink; it’s supportive but not too firm, and durable yet luxurious.

What’s more, the Dreamcloud mattress is affordably priced and comes with white glove delivery, lifetime warranty and one of the most extended sleep trials offered by any mattress brand.

Why To Like

  • Tall Profile
  • 365-day sleep trial
  • Luxurious feel
  • Affordable

Why To Doubt

  • May not be ideal for side sleepers.
  • Limited product selection
  • Poor edge support

Casper Recap Full Review

The Stearns & Foster hybrid mattress collection is not intimidated by the impressive features of the Dreamcloud mattress, because Stearns & Foster has more than one horse in the race.

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The Stearns & Foster mattress collection features four levels of hybrid mattress. Each mattress is available in one of six sizes and up to three different levels of thickness. Thus, Stearns & Foster customers can select their perfect hybrid mattress from over 72 different mattress combinations.

No matter the size or collection, each Stearns & Foster mattress utilizes a support core of pocketed coils surrounded by layers of memory foam and gel-infused foam and a Stretch-knit Tencel lyocell Blend cover.

All of these features combine to create a mattress that is well suited to the needs of multiple sleep types and for those who suffer from specific sleep disorders.

Stearns & Foster has a reputation for luxury but also for carrying a luxury price tag.

Why To Like

  • Excellent edge support
  • Luxurious feel
  • Universally comfortable (sleeps well with all sleep types and most sleep disorders)

Why To Doubt

  • Highly Priced
  • Prone to early deterioration

Dreamcloud and Stearns & Foster Comparison

Now we’ll take a more in-depth look at comparing and contrasting the two brands.

How are Dreamcloud and Stearns & Foster Similar?

The Dreamcloud and Stearns & Foster mattress are similar in many ways, starting with their hybrid design and construction. Both mattresses consist of a combination of memory foam layers that surround a supportive core of pocketed coils.

The effect is that both mattresses feel luxurious yet provide deep support for the most restorative sleep. Both mattresses also perform exceptionally well at isolating motion, which subsequently makes both mattresses well suited for couples.

Additionally, the combination of memory foam and pocketed coils ensures that both mattresses enable the body to comfortably sink into the mattress, without sinking so deep to cause discomfort.

Thanks to the added support of the pocketed coils both mattresses also sleep cooler than most memory foam mattresses because they enable the body to rest above the memory foam, instead of enveloped in it.

Both the Dreamcloud and Stearns & Foster mattresses maintain reputations for quality. Each mattress is constructed from high-quality materials that feel pleasant against the skin and ensure the mattress doesn’t overheat.

The Dreamcloud and Stearns & Foster mattresses are both offered with a comprehensive warranty and have highly responsive customer support.

Furthermore, very little off-gassing has been reported with either mattress, and neither mattress emits much noise when moving on its surface. Overall customer satisfaction is also reported as high for both mattresses.

How are Dreamcloud and Stearns & Foster Different?

Here is the part of our review where we get to jump into bed and determine where the Dreamcloud and Stearns & Foster mattresses really distinguish themselves.

Though the Dreamcloud and Stearns & Foster mattresses are both considered hybrid mattresses they differ in many ways, particularly in firmness, weight, delivery, edge support, price range, sleep trial, and product selection.

Firmness- The Stearn & Foster mattress collection offers a range of firmness levels wherein the Dreamcloud mattress is only available in one firmness option; 7.5 out of 10.

Weight- You wouldn’t usually think of weight as being determining factor when buying a mattress, but it certainly makes a difference when maneuvering the mattress into place.

In this regard, the Dreamcloud mattress is clearly the winner. The Dreamcloud mattress is light, very light when compared to the Stearns & Foster mattress which weighs enough to require more than two individuals to move it into place.

Delivery- Considering the weight of the Stearns & Foster mattress one might assume that it comes with free delivery, however, because Stearns & Foster does not operate any brick and mortar stores the brand doesn’t offer any delivery options.

The Dreamcloud mattress, on the other hand, comes with free delivery anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Edge Support- Edge support is an essential feature of any mattress because it determines the ease with which one can get in and out of bed. The Dreamcloud mattress does not perform well in this regard.

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The Dreamcloud mattress exhibits a significant degree of compression when weight is applied to the edge, which is not surprising considering it includes no perimeter support.

On the other hand, the Stearns & Foster mattress exhibits superior edge support, not only when compared to the Dreamcloud mattress, but when compared to most mattress brands.

Price Range- There really is no comparison to be made in this category because the two contenders are not even close.

The Stearns & Foster mattress feels slightly more luxurious than the Dreamcloud mattress, but it costs as much as one would expect a luxury item to cost. The least expensive Stearns & Foster mattress (Estate Queen) costs more than the most expensive Dreamcloud Mattress. (California King)

Sleep Trial- The sleep trial offered with the Dreamcloud mattress is one of the best in the industry. Dreamcloud encourages potential customers to try out the mattress for a full 365 days before committing to purchase. Stearns & Foster offers no sleep trial, which is disappointing considering the cost of investment.

Product Selection- Stearns & Foster maintains the upper hand on product selection and the variety of mattress options that are available. As previously mentioned, Stearns & Foster offer four mattress collections from which customers can choose the size, thickness, and firmness of their mattress.

The four collections offered by Stearns & Foster include Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Hybrid, and Reserve.

And the Winner Is…

The DreamCloud Mattress! Buy Online Now

We’re confident in recommending the Dreamcloud mattress as the best choice based on our analysis of critical factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about.

The Dreamcloud mattress is exceptionally comfortable and supportive. It performs well in critical areas, it’s affordable, and most importantly it enables a restorative night of sleep and relief from back pain.

The Dreamcloud mattresses eight layers of high-grade memory foam, gel-infused memory foam and the pocketed inner coil support core ensure that sleepers not only feel comfortable but remain cool all night long and never sink too far into the mattress that it causes discomfort.

Additionally, the Dreamcloud mattress is durable. It stands up the strain of repeated use wherein the Stearns & Foster is commonly reported to sag and show signs of premature deterioration.

Though the Dreamcloud mattress is the more durable of the two mattresses, it comes with a full lifetime warranty. The Stearns & Foster mattress is only offered with a limited ten-year warranty.

Dreamcloud also offers a terrific sleep trial period which is entirely absent from the Stearns & Foster playbook.

The Dreamcloud mattress suits all sleep types well. However, back sleepers report feeling the most comfortable compared to side and stomach sleepers. The Dreamcloud mattress isolates motion and is even springy enough for sex, which makes it an excellent option for couples.

Though the Stearns & Foster collection offers more regarding product selection any benefit the high cost of the mattress negates the range of options it provides.

Conversely, the Dreamcloud offers only one mattress type but manages to provide the same, if not better levels of comfort than the Stearns & Foster collection for nearly half the price.

  • Quality – Stearns & Foster
  • Price – Dreamcloud
  • Reputation – Stearns & Foster
  • Sleep Trial – Dreamcloud
  • Warranty – Dreamcloud
  • Customer Support – Dreamcloud
  • Product Selection – Stearns & Foster

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Stearns & Foster Lux Estate

Doctors agree that sleeping on one’s side is the most beneficial sleep type. However, sleeping on one’s side also creates a large gap of space between the head and the mattress surface, caused by the height of the shoulder.

Sleeping on one’s side has been known to cause discomfort in the neck, and shoulders. The best mattress for side sleepers is going to be the one that most effectively relieves neck and shoulder pain, and which enables the spine to remain aligned and supported throughout the night.

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In this regard, the best mattress for side sleepers is the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate. When compared to the Dreamcloud mattress the Stearns & Foster mattress does a better job of maintaining proper spinal alignment and relieving pain in the neck and shoulders.

Stomach Sleepers: The Dreamcloud Mattress

Stomach sleeping isn’t recommended to many sleepers, however, for those who can only fall asleep while lying on one’s stomach the better option is the Dreamcloud mattress.

Customers report the Dreamcloud mattress as “good” for stomach sleepers of any weight, wherein the Stearns & Foster mattress is only reported as “poor” to “fair.”

This is because the Dreamcloud mattress offers deeper core support, which prevents the hips from sinking into the mattress and causing strain on the lower back and spine.

Back Pain: The Dreamcloud Mattress

For those who suffer from back pain, the decision between the Dreamcloud and Stearns & Foster mattresses is clear. The Dreamcloud mattress provides exceptional back pain relief because of how well it distributes the weight of the body.

Pressure maps indicate that the Dreamcloud mattress excels at evenly distributing bodyweight which enables the Dreamcloud mattress to relieve uncomfortable pressure points while maintaining proper spinal alignment.

Heavy People: Stearns & Foster Lux Estate

The better mattress for heavier individuals is the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate. The Stearns & Foster mattress is very thick and supported by a core of pocketed coils, which act as deep compression support.

Thus, when heavier individuals lay on the bed, they are prevented from sinking uncomfortably into the mattress and causing uneven strain and pressure on the spine, neck and sensitive pressure points, all of which are common complaints from heavier sleepers.

Heavier sleepers also frequently cite overheating as a common mattress problem. The Stearns & Foster mattress features innovative vents that enable air to flow through the mattress, thus cooling it.

Additionally, the Stearns & Foster Mattress exhibits superior edge support to the Dreamcloud mattress, which means it will remain firm and supportive when getting in and out of bed.

Couples: The Dreamcloud Mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress is the better mattress choice for couples.  The Dreamcloud is comfortable to all sleep types, which means sleep partners with different sleep types can still enjoy the mattress.

Furthermore, the Dreamcloud also exhibited superior motion isolation so individuals can move around all they want without disturbing their sleep partner.

Though the Dreamcloud mattress is less firm than the Stearns & Foster mattress, it still provides a springy feel that is beneficial to sex.


The Dreamcloud mattress is the superior mattress in our mattress showdown. It’s superior not because the Stearns & Foster mattress collection is not full of quality mattresses, but because the Dreamcloud mattress manages to offer the same high-quality, luxurious comfort as the Stearns & Foster for nearly half the cost.

Furthermore, the Dreamcloud mattress manages to be the more comfortable mattress, even when compared to the range of different options that the Stearns & Foster collection makes possible.

Both the Dreamcloud mattress and the Stearns & Foster collection are well made from high-quality materials and incorporate a hybrid design.

However, it is only Dreamcloud who is willing to allow their potential customers to try out their mattress for an entire year and provide a full coverage warranty for the life of the mattress.

These features, more than any other show that Dreamcloud is confident in their product and willing to put every mattress they sell up to the ultimate test, a sleep trial by the customer.

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