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I’ve spent my fair share of nights on a crummy mattress, waking up tired, with a sore back. It sure didn’t make my life easier. It’s incredible what investing in a quality mattress will do for your life, though. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but a good night’s rest is truly priceless.

But I have a budget, just like most people. I can’t just shell out thousands of dollars on a mattress and hope that solves all my problems. When I had had enough of those nights tossing and turning, I finally realized that it seems like a lot of money up front, but it isn’t. I couldn’t put a price tag on my happiness.

I wound up looking into the CRaVE mattress, and here’s what I learned.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Mattress

First thing’s first.

You want a quality mattress that fits you, and your sleeping style (are you a back sleeper, sleep on your stomach, etc.). You want it not to break the bank, have a decent warranty and simple return policy.

Those are the basics of what you are looking for. May I suggest hybrid memory foam mattresses? They’re supportive and yet luxurious, and now that we have companies selling exclusively online, they’re more affordable than ever. They’re more affordable than most mattress stores, and department stores are in most cases.

While you may wonder how buying a mattress online is going to work out if you don’t like it, trust me. Online companies have already thought about that. Most mattress companies offer generous warranties, sleep trials, and free shipping.

All you need to figure out is what level of firmness you need and what size of mattress you need. This is a great time to upgrade, by the way, so figure that into your decision.

CRāVE: A Great Hybrid Mattress

There are lots of memory foam mattresses, and there are lots of old-school coil mattresses. But the ‘best of both worlds’ winner is now the hybrid mattress. And after a lot of comparing, I found CRāVE Mattresses. Crave has designed the hybrid mattress that has it all, and for an affordable price.

CRāVE Mattresses offer several models of pure memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. Some models have pocketed coils (no more springs that can break or pop out, this is new technology built on tried-and-true technology) and at least one or more layers of memory foam. Some are pure memory foam. Yes, memory foam, like the pillows everyone is crazy about! They use that soft but supportive stuff in entire mattresses, and it is heavenly.

CRaVE is perfect for anyone that wants the plush coolness of memory foam but needs the support of an innerspring. This hybrid is best if you’re a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, as it’s supportive, but has just enough softness to relieve pressure in all the right places.

If you’re a back sleeper, the CRaVE hybrid mattress may work for you. But make sure you choose the Ultra Plush Hybrid Innerspring Mattress, as it will help cushion you more than the pure memory foam or the medium firm model. Without the extra cushioning, you may not get all the benefits of owning a hybrid mattress.

There are some clear benefits and drawbacks about the CRāVE Mattress you need to know about. Here are a few:


  • Four models available, so you can choose your personalized level of firmness or plushness
  • Targeted pocketed coils, latex, and memory foam (depending on the model) offer support where you need it while offering pressure point relief
  • Free shipping, free sleep trial, and a warranty come standard with each CRāVE Mattress
  • Locally-sourced eco-friendly materials


  • The company provides a 10-year limited warranty
  • You will need a suitable frame to support the CRāVE mattress (it cannot be placed on the floor or a frame with slating less than 3-5 inches apart)
  • The price of the least expensive model is comparable to most pure memory foam beds, while the cost of the top model is comparable to luxury traditional mattress sets

Features and Benefits

Let’s start with how you’ll set this mattress up. Since most people have only had the experience of buying a mattress from a traditional mattress or department store, buying a mattress online can be a foreign concept.

Sleep Sherpa made a handy video showing how quick and easy it is to set up your new CRāVE mattress after it is sent straight to your home. Give it a watch (it’s only about five minutes long). I think it helps demystify the process a bit.

Sleep Sherpa has the optional foundation already set up in that video, but online reviewers all agreed that setting up the matching CRaVE foundation was extremely simple. Somehow, CRāVE designed a foundation that ships straight to your home, sets up in minutes, and is sturdy (plus it matches your new mattress beautifully). This is something to consider if you’re on the fence about buying a new foundation to go with your CRāVE mattress.

Another note: If your current box springs are sagging or warped at all, you’re not only not going to get the full benefit of your new mattress, you may void the warranty by using it. If there is any question of the quality of your current foundation or bed frame, it would be worth it to invest in CRāVE’s easy to assemble foundation or even a new bed frame.

Now that you know how simple it is to set up your new mattress, let’s talk about how CRāVE works. When we speak about softness or firmness, we’ll rate each model from 1-10, where one is firm, and ten is plush.

There are four CRāVE models available, each with their own unique features. Here’s a quick rundown of what each model offers, so you can decide which one is best for you.

Medium Firm

The first model is the Medium Firm CRāVE, made from high-density and medium-density memory foam. On the softness scale, this one comes in at about a four. Supportive, but just a little cushy. Extremely easy to set up, the Medium Firm model is made from eco-friendly materials designed to be cool and comfortable.

It distributes your weight evenly, relieving pressure on your hips, shoulders, and feet. The Medium Firm CRāVE has more support and less padding (especially helpful if you’re a stomach sleeper). It comes with free shipping and a double stretch knit cover.

Luxury Firm Memory Foam

This model of CRāVE comes in at about a five on the softness scale, with support and plenty of loft and softness. On top of the high-density memory foam, they’ve layered egg-crate latex for a crisp feel and extra cushioning.

The Luxury Firm Memory Foam mattress is the Goldilocks mattress: not too firm, not too soft. It has greater air flow for a more refreshing night, and the memory foam gives three zones of support, including extra lumbar support (perfect for side and back sleepers, and perfectly suitable for stomach sleepers, as well).

This model comes standard with CRaVE’s signature heavyweight woven cover, which promotes air flow and provides moisture wicking, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Luxury Firm Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

Here’s where the hybrid comes into the CRāVE line. The Luxury Firm Hybrid Innerspring gives you the sturdy foam base, topped with pocketed innerspring coils, which provides you with a little bounce and extra support.

Designing the inner springs in individual pockets ensures minimal motion transfer. The innerspring coils are then topped with higher density memory foam for superior pressure relief and extra airflow to keep you cool.

The open cell memory foam layer is made to be responsive, so there’s not only less motion transfer, but the mattress will support you as you change positions during the night, always offering just enough support and softness. If you sleep on your side or stomach, this model will support you ideally. And if you’re a back sleeper, this model is a great choice. CRāVE gives the Luxury Firm Hybrid model a seven out of ten on the softness scale.

Ultra-Plush Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

This mattress is the ultimate in support and softness with its foam base, pocketed coils, memory foam, and latex. CRāVE tops the inner springs with 12 inches of egg-crate memory foam for loft, air circulation, and cool comfort.

These layers are designed to provide lumbar support and overall pressure relief while still providing softness. They say the layers make you feel like you’ll “sleep in the clouds.” The Ultra Plush mattress is covered with a heavyweight, soft and stylish stretch-knit cover. It’s fully zippered, breathable, and cool.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, this is probably not the best model of CRāVE for you. But if you normally sleep on your side or back, or if you have an old injury that needs a little extra care, this luxurious and responsive mattress is made for you.

Each of the CRāVE models offers differing levels of support and softness, but they all have some things in common, as well.

  • Quality, locally-sourced eco-friendly memory foam
  • Soft, cooling cover
  • All models and sizes of the CRāVE mattresses can be used on an adjustable base or your existing base (as long as it is sturdy with no warping or sagging)
  • Sturdy memory foam base that promotes airflow for a cool night’s sleep
  • Certi-Pur and Oeko-Tex Certified materials, so you can rest easy knowing your new mattress contains materials that are safe and healthy
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite repellent
  • Every CRāVE mattress comes standard with free shipping within the United States
  • 100-night Sleep Trial for every CRāVE mattress. The company suggests giving yourself a few weeks to adjust to your new bed, and if you don’t find it to be exactly what you’re looking for, they’ll arrange to have it locally donated and will issue you a 100% refund.
  • A standard 10-year Warranty, designed to protect you from manufacturer defects, comes with every mattress.

CRāVE also has a line of accessories available. You can choose mattress covers (in case you want to replace or upgrade the standard woven CRāVE cover), bed frames, an optional matching foundation, and soft, cool, memory foam pillows.

What are People Saying About CRāVE?

I scoured the internet for reviews on several mattresses available online. Online reviews give you a great idea of what customers are experiencing in real life, and are useful to include in your decision making.

From CRāVE’s website, this customer that searched and researched until he found CRāVE:

And then there’s this happy customer who is thankful to have relieved his back pain:

And My Dallas Mommy has this to say about her CRāVE hybrid:

There are more, but I think you get the idea. People who have tried CRāVE have been delighted with their purchase, and can’t stop talking about how great this company is.

CRāVE Alternatives

There are, of course, other mattresses you can buy online. If you’re looking for something similar, maybe look into one of the following:


DreamCloud is a premium hybrid mattress that offers micro coil support, a gel memory foam layer, and a plush Euro top made of a cashmere blend for cool comfort. The DreamCloud mattress ships free to your home, and comes with a full year sleep trial and an “Everlong Warranty” that protects you from manufacturer defects for as long as you own the mattress.

Some differences between DreamCloud and CRāVE:

  • While CRāVE has a 100-night sleep trial, DreamCloud will give you a full year to try their mattress
  • DreamCloud offers one hybrid model, CRāVE offers three hybrid models and one memory foam model
  • CRāVE is topped with a blended, woven topper, while DreamCloud is topped with gel-infused memory foam and a breathable, soft cashmere cover
  • DreamCloud offers a warranty for as long as you own the mattress, while CRāVE offers a 10-year warranty

There isn’t much of a price difference between the top-of-the-line CRāVE and the DreamCloud, so it is positively worth checking out DreamCloud if you have set your sights on a luxury mattress.


Nectar is a pure memory foam mattress, not a hybrid. But they’ve designed the layers to support well and maximize cool breathability. The Nectar Mattress starts with a sturdy memory foam layer, then add layers of high-density memory foam, gel memory foam, and quilted gel memory foam. Then they top all that lofty coolness with a soft woven Tencel cover to help wick away moisture and distribute your body heat.

A few differences between CRāVE and Nectar:

  • Nectar gives you a full year, 365 nights, to try their mattress and decide if it’s right for you. CRāVE gives you 100 nights.
  • CRāVE’s memory foam only model has fewer layers than Nectar’s mattress
  • Side sleepers and back sleepers should keep in mind that Nectar offers support via quilted memory foam and gel memory foam, while CRāVE offers more support with their pocketed coil system as well as memory foam

If you want a pure memory foam mattress, definitely look into Nectar and compare it to CRāVE’s Medium Firm model.


If reviews sold a bed, you just might buy Nuvanna. Reviewers online love this mattress for its support, for its soft luxury, and for its affordable price. While priced below the CRāVE Ultra Plush Hybrid mattress, the CRāVE Medium Firm Mattress is comparable, as is the Luxury Firm model.

There are a few differences between CRāVE and Nuvanna:

  • Nuvanna tops their three layers of memory foam with a Tencel cover, made to circulate air and wick away moisture, which keeps you cool and dry all night
  • CRāVE’s Medium Firm has layers of high-density and medium-density memory foam, while Nuvanna layered their mattress with a support layer, an equilibrium layer that isolates movement, and an ascension layer designed with adaptive comfort foam with phase-change gel particles to cradle you, head to toe, and keep you cool.
  • Nuvanna supports the lumbar region with targeted support, CRāVE supports your entire body with their pocketed coil system and memory foam.
  • Price-wise, Nuvanna comes in a little less than CRāVE mattresses
  • Reviews are scant on CRāVE products, but Nuvanna has a healthy number of reviewers, almost all who love this mattress

Nuvanna is available on Amazon and through their website and is worth checking out as an alternative to CRāVE.

A Final Note

The question for you probably isn’t “do I need a new mattress.” It’s perhaps more of a matter of choices, because even not factoring in traditional mattress companies, you’re given a plethora of options online. It’s safer and easier than ever to buy your new mattress from an online mattress retailer than ever before.

Free sleep trials, free shipping, and long-term (and in some cases, very generous) warranties are now the norm.

Plus, online mattress retailers such as CRāVE don’t have overhead or salespeople to factor in, so prices are usually much more affordable than traditional mattresses, even though you’re getting a higher quality product.

They’ve designed their products to be so good that customers don’t even want to think about returning them. It’s a good business model, and it works for us, the consumers.

The most important thing is that you choose a quality mattress (like CRāVE) because sleeping on an old mattress is just making your back hurt worse and your nights longer. And without sounding too dramatic again, continuing to sleep on a mattress that is bad for you makes life harder. Remember, you’re making an investment.

CRāVE mattresses are at the top of the online mattress community because they have created an affordable product made of quality materials that make for a great night’s sleep. CRāVE is easy to set up, easy to try risk-free and thoughtfully designed to make your nights easier.

Click here to check out the full line of CRāVE mattresses.

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