Cozy Bedroom Ideas

For many people, creating a cozy bedroom is the ultimate bedroom goal. After all, the bed is the main attraction in a bedroom and most people are looking for the perfect space to relax and get some great sleep. Making a bedroom as cozy as possible can go a long way towards making that happen. Of course, starting with a great mattress and bedding is a good place to kick off the coziness. But from there, there are a variety of ways to make a bedroom space feel even cozier.

The following images are super inspirational for coming up with ways about how to make your own space cozier, whether you’re working with items that you already own or are ready to do a full-on bedroom redecoration. Some give off that cozy feeling thanks to the colors being used, while others accomplish it by the way is bed framed in the space. These rooms are decorated in a variety of styles but they all have being cozy in common.

1. The Cozy Cabin Bedroom


This bedroom is giving off some serious cozy feelings for so many reasons. The tilted shape of the cabin room creates an intimate space that frames the bed. The bed itself clearly has a comfy mattress and a super plush comforter thrown on top. It looks like the perfect spot to relax with a book and check out from the rest of the world.

2. Creating a Cozy Bedroom Nook


It doesn’t take much to create a cozy bedroom nook. In this case, putting the bed into the corner of the room created that nook feeling, and the fact that it’s right next to a window offers some reading light and doesn’t make the corner feel closed off. Add a bunch of pillows and a great throw blanket for curling up in and you’re good to go.

3. Adding Greens to the Bedroom


Here’s an example of using plants to make a bedroom feel super cozy…and using them on the ceiling no less! We usually think of using indoor plants in pots but in fact with certain styles of plants (real or fake) allowing them to drape down from the ceiling can be a great way to make the space feel more intimate which lends itself to coziness. Adding some lights in with the plants ensures that it still feels bright enough in the room.

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4. Creating Coziness With Grey

We love a good grey bedroom. Grey is a neutral tone that’s found in nature, so using a lot of it in a bedroom can help bring in that cool natural feeling as well. Done right it can be a very relaxing color in a room since it’s not distracting at all. In this case mixing grey bedding with some white bedding makes the bed look super inviting and relaxing.


5. Draping the Bedroom Ceiling

We see a lot of bedroom coziness created by making the space feel smaller. In this case, its accomplished by hanging a piece of white fabric in an appealing manner. The effect is sort of like wrapping yourself up in a blanket except that blanket is coming from above. Clearly, the bedding choice used in this room adds to that feeling and even offers a bit of a boho vibe.


6. Making the Bedroom Floor Feel Cozy

This bedroom is quite large which is a great thing, but it can certainly make creating a cozy space a bit more challenging. What they’ve done here is make use of the floor space and put down a super cozy looking furry rug. The rug is so cozy that even rivals the bed! Together they allow the cozy feeling to expand across the entire room and fill up the space.


7. Making a Bedroom Feel Cozy With a Canopy Frame


In this room a canopy bed frame is used to create a similar effect that we’ve seen in the rooms that have something hanging from the cieling. Adding some fabric onto the canopy could create an even more cozy vibe, but in this case it still does something similar without being distracting or making the space feel smaller.

8. How a Platform Bed Can Create Coziness

This bedroom is quite minimal and focuses on the bed as the main focal piece. The fact that it’s lifted and set into the corner creates a nook feeling for the bed itself, but manages to make the room look larger overall. It’s a great cheat for making the most of a smaller or strange shaped bedroom. The bright white alongside the light wood makes the room feel airy and calm.

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9. Soft Colors Create Coziness in this Room

This room uses a mixture of light linens and light colors to make it feel cozy. The gauzy curtains allow for plenty of light to pour in while still diffusing it a bit. The crochet hanging around the room also lends to that homey feeling, and keeping everything within the same soft color scheme really ties it all together.


10. Using a Chunky Knit Cable Throw Blanket

This room would be pretty cozy either way, but it’s safe to say that its chunky knit cable blanket really took things up a notch. You can just tell by looking at it that this bed would be very comfortable to climb into at the end of the day. The color scheme of using soft floral colors also helps to create a generally sweet and feminine feel.


11. Creating Coziness With a Cool Color Scheme

A lot of cozy rooms are created by using light and airy colors, but his bedroom is a good example of how it can be done with darker, cooler colors as well. In this case, navy blue and grey are used to bring a sense of quiet to a pretty big room. The darker shades are kept in balance by the natural shades and the plush white rug on the floor.


12. Covering the Bed With Plush Pillows

All we’re seeing of this bedroom is its very cozy bed, which in some cases is all we need to see. This could be any type of room in any type of color scheme, but the fact that it has a whole bunch of plush pillows and a comfy looking comforter makes it all feel extremely cozy. The bedspread and pillows look slightly disheveled in a lived in way without looking messy. The result is very inviting.


13. Draping a Canopy Bed

Once you see how cozy this bedroom looks with a canopy bed it’s hard to imagine it without it! The canopy is light enough to be sheer so it doesn’t cut off the flow of the room, but it’s also draped low enough to make the space feel like a giant cocoon. Keeping everything in a natural tone makes this room feel like it could be a vacation getaway, which is always a relaxing feeling!


14. Making a Cozy Seating Area

The bed is not the only space of a bedroom that can be made super cozy. If there’s room in a bedroom, setting up a cozy seating area can be really nice too. In this example, a shaggy rug next to a chair with a few pillows makes the perfect looking reading spot. Those gauzy curtains only add to the dreamy inviting feeling.

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15. A Bedroom With a Cozy Nook

The nook is this bedroom looks undeniably cozy. In addition to having lots of pillows and space to store books, this nook is also done in a bright white while the rest of the room is wallpapered in a darker color. This creates the feeling that the book is a separate space from the rest of the room, and therefore feels even cozier.


16. Filling the Space With a Really Big Bed

Not every bedroom is going to have the space or need for a giant bed, but it’s always an option when the space does allow for it. The bigger a bed is the more enticing it can look, so when a huge bed takes up most of a bedroom it makes things feel quite cozy. In this example a slightly curving headboard helps to enclose the cozy bed space.


17. When Clean Lines Mean Coziness

This room uses the thin, clean lines as a cohesive design element which ends up making the room feel calm and cozy. You can see it everywhere from the lamps to the clothes rack and even the bedspread. The repetitive angles create a gentle flow around the room which all centers on the bed. Some light colors and soft looking pillows ensure that the bed looks like the warmest spot in the room.


18. Framing the Bed With Wall Art

This is a great example of how you can frame a bed without using a traditional headboard. Artwork that compliments each other as well as the bedding color immediately draws the eyes to the bed as a focal point of the room. It can even look homier to have art hanging than to use a headboard since it shows some character and personal touch in the space.


19. Creating a Treehouse Feeling

This room uses a lot of plants and hanging lights as decoration, which can give it a strong treehouse vibe. This bedroom could be in any house in any town, but it also looks and feels like it could be overlooking a remote jungle somewhere. It’s all about figuring out what style of space feels relaxing and cozy and then repeating those elements over and over until the feeling is achieved.


20. Keeping Candles Nearby

Keeping lots of candles in a bedroom can quickly increase the cozy feeling. Having candles lit in a room encourages the feeling that you should stick around for a while, and there’s nothing like the coziness given off by softly flickering candlelight. That plus a comfortable bed and you easily transform a space into something super cozy with relative ease.


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