Cocoon Mattress Review 2022 : Is It Worth It?

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The Cocoon Mattress is offered through the company Sealy. Engineers, designers, and executives alike at Sealy all say the same things: Sealy mattresses are designed, developed, and manufactured in-house. They are made using only quality materials as to reach a high-quality bed.

Through the designing and testing of over 100 prototypes across two years, the Cocoon Mattress was created. The company is so dedicated to success that it took the time to develop this mattress to high standards.

Located in North Carolina, Sealy strives to exceed standards through patented testing measures. Their mattresses are designed to be durable, comfortable, safe, and built to last. Using a testing center, Sealy uses the Rollator Surface Fatigue and Mattress Durability Impact tests. These tests evaluate wear and tear based on 225 pounds of force over and over again—simulating 10 years of use. They are dedicated to living up to their guarantee.

Sealy claims they “know mattresses and how people sleep.” They also say that they want to do it right. These mottos stand out in the form of their dedication to extensive development and testing.

Product Offering

The Cocoon Mattress line offers a couple different mattress choices. The first is the Cocoon Chill. This mattress uses a stretch-knit cover that is infused with a special material design to absorb and dissipate heat. The cover is meant to give sleepers a refreshing surface that is cool to touch. This mattress can be ordered in the soft version or the firm version.

The second mattress is the Cocoon Classic. This mattress is made from memory foam that is designed to adapt to each individual’s body size, shape, and sleep position, making it great for almost anyone. This mattress is also available in both soft and firm feels.

In addition to the mattresses offered, Sealy’s Cocoon line sells pillows and foundations to go along with your existing mattress or your newly purchased Cocoon Mattress.

Customer Support

The Customer Support team makes itself available to customers 24/7, which is more convenient than most companies offer. They can be reached via telephone at their support number or by email. They also have online chat options on their website.

The Support Page offers simple explanations about the order process, even using location settings to predict when your mattress would order were you to order it today. It also gives you simple setup instructions using pictures.

Following this information is the FAQ section, which provides friendly yet professional answers to frequently asked questions. They state that they are happy to answer any questions that might not be listed in this section.

Sleep Trials, Warranties, & Return Policy

The Cocoon by Sealy provides a 100-night trial to its customers. They give you 100 nights to test it out, and if you decide it’s not the mattress for you, you can return it easily and with no hassle.

If you aren’t happy with your mattress, Sealy will happily send you another one to try for free. If you are still not happy at that point, they will refund your purchase in full and arrange to have your mattress picked up with zero fees. Returned mattresses are donated to local agencies.

Sealy gives a 10-year warranty to their customers. They are so confident in their lasting mattresses that they offer a 10-year full replacement limited warranty.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales, & Deals

The website is currently running a sale to enjoy $75 of all mattresses at checkout for a limited time.

Reviewed: Cocoon Chill Mattress

What Sizes is it Available In?

The Cocoon Chill Mattress is available in the following sizes:

  • Twin (39” x 75”)
  • Twin XL (39” x 80”)
  • Full (54” x 75”)
  • Queen (60” x 80”)
  • King (76” x 80”)
  • California King (72” x 84”)

Each of these sizes is also available in two options: soft or firm.

What’s it Made out Of?

The Cocoon Chill Mattress is made up of four different layers. These layers work together to provide personalized comfort and cooling effects.

The first layer is what provides the cooling in the Chill Mattress. This layer is a premium stretch-knit cover that is made of Phase Change Material. This material is designed to absorb and dissipate heat. The surface remains cool and refreshing for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Layer two uses high-quality memory foam that adapts to each sleeper’s unique shape, size, and sleeping position. This Perfect Fit Memory Foam is meant to provide support for everyone.

Beneath the memory foam comes the personalized comfort level. This customizable layer comes in two feels: Cocoon Soft and Cocoon Firm. The soft option is for those who prefer a more cushioned feel without sacrificing the support of a firmer feel. It gives you the sinking in feeling that soft-to-medium sleepers prefer. The firm option is more of a sleep on the bed kind of feeling. It gives sturdy support to those who prefer a denser feel.

The bottom layer is comprised of highly durable support foam. This base has been thoroughly tested to be resilient with the capability to bounce back and last long.

Is it Good For…?

Side Sleepers


Since the Cocoon Chill Mattress is customizable regarding its feel, i.e., soft and firm, side sleepers can easily enjoy this mattress. Side sleepers tend to go for softer mattresses that give you that “sinking in” feeling. Not only is this more comfortable for side sleepers, but it’s better for spinal alignment to let your shoulders and hips sink in and relieve the pressure put on them.

Stomach Sleepers


Stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress to support their sleeping position. The Cocoon Chill Mattress comes in a firm feel, which rates on the firmness scale as 7.5 to 10. This firmer mattress will support any stomach sleeper.

Back Pain


Those who suffer from back pain often need have specific needs that should be met. Some need a softer mattress to help relieve pain, and some need a firmer mattress for more support. Either way, the Cocoon Chill Mattress can help due to its customization options.

Hot Sleepers


The Cocoon Chill Mattress was designed off of the Cocoon Classic Mattress. The difference is the cooling technology incorporated into the Cocoon Chill. The Cooling Technology uses phase change material that was developed to absorb body heat and dissipate it, allowing the surface to remain cool and refreshing. People who tend to sleep warm can enjoy a cool night’s sleep on this mattress.

Heavy People


All of the Cocoon mattresses have been thoroughly tested and are built to consistently support up to 500 pounds. This makes it an excellent mattress for heavier people without the worry of too much sinking or the crater effect. Heavier people can feel confident that they will be supported as they sleep on this mattress.



The Cocoon Chill Mattress can be supportive and firm if you want it to be. It can also be soft and comfortable if that’s what you need. Each couple has its own preferences, but either way, the couple is still getting a supportive and reliable mattress.

Sealy tests the Cocoon mattresses to support up to 500 pounds. Durability is an important thing to consider when you’re an active couple. The mattress not only needs to hold up under sleeping but under intensive movement and activity.

The Cooling Technology featured in the Cocoon Chill Mattress is great so sexual activities, as they tend to heat things up. Hot mattresses in a warm climate don’t exactly make for an intimate atmosphere. A cool, refreshing surface allows for continual activity in a comfortable environment.

Since the mattress is made of foam and doesn’t have springs, it is not a noise-making mattress. This is always a positive for couples since noise can be annoying to not just the couple but others who may live in the same house.

The only thing lacking in this area is edge support. The edge holds up well for sleeping, meaning couples can sleep without fear of rolling off the edge, however sitting on the edge causes some sinking. This can limit a couple’s options to move freely around the bed. However, this is a small deterrent.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Cocoon Chill Mattress can be bought online at These mattresses are only sold online for convenience and cost savings. Without using a showroom, buyers can feel comfortable in their home. They don’t have to worry about pushy salesmen or transporting their purchase.

The Cocoon Mattresses can also be found and purchased online at Shipping and costs will vary based on where you purchase your mattress from, as well as return policies and exchanges.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Cocoon Chill Mattress prices vary by size, but not by comfort level. The prices are listed below and are the same for both the soft option and the firm option.


  • Twin: $549
  • Twin XL: $599
  • Full: $799
  • Queen: $949
  • King: $1,149
  • Cali King: $1,149

Is it Worth It?

The Cocoon Chill Mattress doesn’t cost nearly as much as some other luxury foam mattresses, but it comes with a lot of the same benefits. Its lower price point combined with the benefits make this mattress a steal for interested buyers.

The customizable feature is one of its best-selling points. Not only can you choose to buy a cooling mattress as opposed to a classic style, but the customer can also choose their firmness levels. In a world full of limited choices, the options make this mattress stand out among competitors.

The Cooling Technology of the Cocoon Chill is another attractive feature that makes the mattress worth its competitive price. Mattresses with cooling technologies are rising in popularity, so affordable mattresses with cooling aspects are even more popular.

On top of these features, the Cocoon Chill Mattress is comfortable and supportive. Without sacrificing one for the other, a buyer can know that they will be comfortable and will wake up in the morning without pain and well rested. The mattress is also durable and built to last with a company that backs its standards and development.

Shipping Info

All orders process within 48 business hours and ship within three days through UPS Ground. Shipping on all orders is free, and customers will be provided a tracking number, so they can keep track of their packages. All orders should arrive at their destination in 5 to 7 days.

The Cocoon Chill Mattress comes shipped compressed and rolled in a compact box that is easy to move around and carry. The box measures just 15” x 15” x 44” and has handles for carrying. Buyers simply have to unpack the mattress, unroll it, and let it raise. The package also includes simple instructions on opening, placing, and setting up their new mattress.

Customers do not need to be home to receive their shipment. Most orders can be left at the front door by UPS delivery. As of now, Sealy only ships within the United States.

Why Not to Buy A Cocoon Chill Mattress

There really aren’t many reasons to not buy a Cocoon Chill Mattress. The mattress received great reviews from buyers, achieving a 4.7 out of 5 across over 2,000 reviews. Most of the negative reviews that came it had to do with ordering the wrong firmness. For example, some buys who bought the soft version returned it to try the firm version, and that’s why the review was low. In instances like this, it is very helpful that the return or exchange policy is so easy.

One of the downfalls found with this mattress is that its edge support isn’t as good as other mattresses. It is good enough in that a buyer can sleep towards the edge of the bed without rolling off. However, when you sit on the edge of the bed—perhaps to put shoes on or when first getting up in the morning—the edge tends to sink down a little bit. This can be an annoying feature for someone who sits on the edge of their bed a lot to do things throughout the day, and it can also limit options for couples in the sex life.

The Cocoon Chill Mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty. This is a good warranty, but it is not quite as good as other warranties available in the mattress industry today. Many luxury mattresses come with a 20-year warranty, and some even boast lifetime limited warranties that come with a purchase of one of their products. In comparison, a 10-year warranty may be good for someone who is not concerned about the longevity of their mattress. However, for buyers who are looking to invest for life in a new mattress, they might find this warranty is not enough for what they are looking for.

Other than these reasons, the Cocoon Chill Mattress is a good option for anyone looking to buy a luxury foam mattress within their budget.

Compare Similar Brands

For anyone who is planning on purchasing a new mattress, it’s always a good idea to look into similar styles and shop around first. To help you out, we’ve listed a few mattresses that are similar to the Cocoon Chill Mattress. Read on to find some other options you have available to you.

The Leesa Mattress

The Leesa Mattress is similar to the Cocoon Chill in that it’s an affordable foam mattress that incorporates cooling technology. The foam layers provide bounce, contouring, pressure relief, and core support. Its material is adaptable and is made to support all sleepers, from back to side to stomach.

The top layer of this mattress is made from Cooling Avena Foam. This foam allows for airflow and gives the mattress a cooler feel for warmer sleepers.

Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf Mattress is a gel memory foam mattress that achieves the comfort that memory foam lovers search for. One of the problems often found with memory foam mattresses is that they sleep hot. Loom & Leaf solved this problem by combining gel and foam as well as adding an organic cotton and thistle cover.

The cover creates a cooling sensation, and the comfort layer includes a cooling gel to aid in the cooling technology.

Brooklyn Aurora

The Brooklyn Aurora Mattress is a hybrid mattress. It uses memory foam combined with other foams along with a pocketed coil system. This system not only provides pressure relief, but it aids in cooling.

The cooling technology incorporated into this mattress comes into play through its cover. The cover, likes the Cocoon Chill Mattress, uses the same phase change material to keep the surface layer cool and refreshing. Additionally, the pocketed coil system creates space within the mattress, which helps to promote airflow.

Couples may find this mattress of interest since the hybrid system isolates motion transfer for fewer disturbances throughout the night.

The Muse

The Muse Mattress is a memory foam-based mattress that is good for cooling and contouring. The mattress’s cover is made from fibers that control temperature and wick away heat. This cover is not only functional but attractive. It is removable and can be washed as well.

This mattress has a dense foam core that works well with a wide variety of weights. This foam is also infused with a cooling gel that works in tandem with the cooling cover. This is another mattress good for couples, as its motion isolation is excellent.


Overall, the Cocoon Chill Mattress is not only a great foam mattress, but it is affordable at the same time. Its customizable firmness makes it attractive and appealing to customers with different needs. The fact that you can choose your level of firmness opens doors that other companies have slammed shut.

On top of its customization, the Cocoon Chill Mattress uses cooling technology to keep a sleeper cool at night. The stretch-knit cover is infused with a special material that will absorb and dissipate body heat. The special cover keeps the surface of the mattress cool and refreshing.

The foam system is simple and made of four layers that provide excellent support and personalized comfort. The Perfect Fit Memory Foam adapts to the individual’s body, which makes it great for any shape, size, and sleeping position.

After tons of testing, the company stands by its claim that the mattress will last at least 10 years. It is highly durable, and even if there’s an issue, their great customer service is there 24/7 to help. For these reasons, we give the Cocoon Chill Mattress an A-.

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