Casper vs. Leesa Mattress Comparison 2023 : Which Is Better?

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In a world of online mattresses, you might think everything showing up at your door in a box is the same. An internet mattress is an internet mattress because they’re all memory foam and feel the same.

You’d be wrong.

The method to pack a mattress in a box might be the same, but the mattresses inside definitely aren’t. It can be hard to pick without trying a mattress out, but most internet mattress companies don’t have showrooms. So how do you decide? We’re looking at two heavyweights, Casper and Leesa, to see which one comes out on top. Let’s take a look.

About the Brands

First, let’s take some quick stock of each brand side by side.

Casper Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • Great for combination support
  • Keeps you cooler than other memory foam
  • Excellent edge support
  • 100-day trial period with free shipping and returns
  • Certified by Centri-Pur, so there’s less off-gassing than other boxed mattresses

What Not To Like

  • Not much bounce and no innerspring feel
  • Not as forgiving for overly heavy sleepers.
  • Only three different styles available

Leesa Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • Great for multiple sleeping positions
  • Has excellent motion transfer protection
  • Takes part in social initiatives
  • Keeps you cooler than traditional memory foam
  • 100-day trial period with free shipping and returns

What Not To Like

  • Lots of off-gassing
  • Not forgiving for overly heavy sleepers
  • Only two styles of mattress available

Casper and Leesa Comparison

You’re here because you want to know how these mattress giants compare and you want to know which is better. We’re getting there! Read on.

How are Casper and Leesa Similar?

Before we discuss how one stands out from the other, let’s first take a look at where they’re more evenly-matched.


The main similarity is the level of firmness. For memory foam, they’re surprisingly firm although we wouldn’t call them firm based on innerspring standards. They do give you a bit of that memory foam hugging feel but they still feel like you’re sleeping on top of your mattress rather than inside it.

Both are good for combination sleepers or couples who each sleep in different positions. The medium firmness offers excellent support for the spine while contouring to pressure points in the back and hips.

Layers of Foam

Both Casper and the original Leesa use a layer of contouring foam and at least two support foam layers. Contouring foam is softer with more give. It molds to your body to prevent painful wrenching along pressure points such as the shoulders and hips for side sleepers, and the lower lumbar region for back sleepers.

Support foam is denser and prevents you from feeling like the mattress is eating you alive. Support foam responds to your body’s pressure by pushing back to keep your spine in alignment.

Even though the details of the layers are different for each, they both have this basic construction, making them more supportive and firmer than the old school memory foam mattresses. The interplay between contour and support foam sets them apart from any old-style memory foam mattresses you might remember.

Motion Transfer

Both mattresses give you excellent protection against motion transfer. Motion transfer happens when your partner moves and that motion transfers to your body. It’s irritating, right? You’ve probably seen the demonstration with the wine glass on the mattress. The good news is that both mattresses wouldn’t spill red wine when you jump on the other side of the bed (not that you would).


Both companies offer plenty of accessories to go with your mattress. They offer a few foundation choices, sheets, mattress protectors, memory foam pillows, and blankets. They’re designed to maximize the comfort of the mattress you’ve chosen and are specially made for the mattress in mind.


Logistically, they both have the same sizes (twin through king) available and offer the same 100-day return policy. They both have free shipping and returns. They both offer very affordable financing options if paying full price is currently out of your reach.

Customer Support and Mattress Manufacturing

Customer support is probably the most annoying part of any company. It appears that both companies have materials either made entirely in the US or the majority of materials produced in the US. Their customer support is also overly US based as far as we can tell although the companies don’t officially confirm this. They respond relatively quickly to customer inquiries, however.

How are Casper and Leesa different?

They’re exactly the same.

We kid! Although it may seem that way thus far. There are differences, and now we’ll take a look at those.

Type of Foam and Construction

One significant difference is in the type of foam each uses. Leesa uses only three layers of foam (though in the same contouring/support style as Casper), but their foam is a new type of blend intended to be softer and cooler called Avena foam. It has all the cooling comfort of latex foam but is more durable.

Casper uses four layers of foam (two open cell contouring foam layers and two dense support layers). It has a little more bounce to it than the Leesa, which you might like if you’re a couple with amorous activities.

Casper also has a zoned support layer with softer foam towards the direction of the shoulders and denser foam towards the hip area. Your shoulders require more contouring than your hips do, and this helps side sleepers find a comfortable spot to prevent tossing and turning. This layer gives the Casper a slight edge over the Leesa, especially for couples that sleep in different positions.

Leesa has a newer mattress type constructed as a hybrid. The hybrid uses both coils and support foam to give you more bounce than traditional foam. The coils are individually wrapped and sandwiched between two layers of foam in addition to the contouring foam. It’s supposed to reduce motion transfer between partners but still push back against the body for a better bounce.

Weight Support

Heavier sleepers won’t fair too well with either type of mattress, but with the Casper, they’re likely to feel it’s more firm than other memory foam mattresses. The two support layers interact with the weight more because the top contouring gives way. The zoned support layer still offers more protection against pressure points, but this mattress isn’t made for heavier people in mind.

The Leesa mattress, on the other hand, might feel too soft. It doesn’t have the zoned support layer, nor does it have two dense support layers. When faced with more weight, it just gives.

The hybrid Leesa could give heavier sleepers more support, but again, the extra weight is going to interact with the coils a lot more and increase the firm feeling of the mattress. You probably aren’t going to get the right kind of contouring even with the springs in place. It’s also more likely to create a contour towards the heavier sleeper if there’s a significant weight difference between partners.


The Casper is slightly more expensive on average than the Leesa by just over a hundred dollars for most sizes. For many of you, that’s not different enough to be a big concern, but if you’re particularly budget conscious, that could be a deciding factor.

However, if you’re looking at the hybrid Leesa, it’s significantly more expensive than the original Leesa. It reduces the gap between the overall cost of the Casper and the Leesa, so once again, we feel that the price difference between the two is mostly negligible.

If you don’t have any particular health or sleep concerns, such as back pain, the price of the Casper Essential is the most competitive with all sizes coming in at well under $1000.


Their accessories are highly comparable, but the Casper offers pet beds. That’s right. Your bestest furry friend can have a mattress just like yours. Pet parent win.

Mattress Styles

Each mattress offers up a few different style choices.


Casper has three different styles of mattresses. The Wave uses five layers of foam for hyper-targeted support. It keeps your spine in alignment, particularly with side sleepers who need better support under the hips and shoulders. It also features gel inserts for better cooling and temperature regulation.

The Casper uses four layers of foam but has the zoned support layer with soft foam at the shoulder area and denser foam under the hips. This model is best for combination support and couples who sleep in different positions. The open cell foam layer improves airflow and regulates temperature.

The Essential is the most affordable option. It’s intended to mimic luxury mattresses at a very comfortable price point. For people who don’t need a lot of specific support or who don’t suffer from back or spine issues, this simpler Casper might be a good choice. It features three layers of foam in the contouring/support structure with breathable open cell foam cooler temperatures. It also has an upholstery grade zip-off cover that’s washable. Its main draw is the price with all sizes currently well under $1000.


The Leesa is the original mattress with three support layers and general combination support. It uses Leesa’s Avena foam for durability and temperature regulation. The middle layer provides contouring support, and the base layer provides substantial support for spinal alignment.

The Sapira is a new hybrid mattress intended to fit Leesa’s luxury mattress market. It combines individually wrapped coils with Leesa’s support foam for more bounce and that traditional innerspring feel. It’s significantly more expensive than the original Leesa, but if you’re craving the feeling of innerspring, this might satisfy that need.

Social Initiatives

Leesa is more involved in social initiatives, supporting Arbor Day and more localized efforts. They are committed to donating one mattress for every ten bought by donating custom-made mattresses to nonprofits focused on homeless initiatives. They plant a tree for every bed sold, and their staff is given time off to support local groups and charities.

Both companies support art related to comfort and wellness. Casper produces a curated print and online magazine called Woolly and Leesa curates a Dream Gallery.

And the Winner Is…

The Casper Mattress Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Casper as the best choice based on our analysis of critical factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. Although Leesa is a bit cheaper on average, you’re going to get more targeted support for your lower back and pressure points.

The zoned support is particularly useful for people who switch positions during the night or have a partner who sleeps in a different position. It helps you find a comfortable position each time you change and should help prevent so much tossing and turning.

Unless you’re completely wedded to the idea of an innerspring mattress (in which case the Sapira is your only option), we think the bounce of the Casper is plenty for those who want memory foam but want to avoid that “dead foam” quicksand feeling.

  • Quality – Casper
  • Price – Leesa (by a hair)
  • Reputation – Casper
  • Sleep Trial – Tie
  • Warranty – Tie
  • Customer Support – Casper
  • Product Selection – Casper

For Sleepers With Specific Needs

Side Sleepers Choose: Casper

The Casper’s targeted support layer is one of the best out there for side sleepers. It gets into the issue of lumbar support and shoulder/hip contouring.

Stomach Sleepers Choose: Casper

Casper’s firm base also helps keep stomach sleepers from over extending the back and shoulders. Targeted support keeps the spine aligned and the joints in the correct position.

Back Pain Sufferers Choose: Casper

The firm layers of Casper help relieve back pain by supporting the lower lumbar and keeping the spine in the correct position.

Heavy People: Choose Neither

We can’t honestly recommend either of these mattresses for heavier set people. If you must, we’d go with the firmer construction of the Casper.

Couples Choose: Casper or Leesa’s Hybrid

The medium firmness is excellent for combination support. The motion transfer is excellent. It’s bouncier for sex. It’s also got the zoned support for side sleepers to get really comfortable and reduce tossing. Leesa’s hybrid mattress offers excellent bounce.


Both the Leesa and the Casper are good quality mattresses, but for the price point and construction, we really feel that the vast majority of you will be happier sleeping on the Casper. It’s more flexible for different sleeping patterns and couples than what Leesa offers. It might be a little more expensive, but the price difference is worth it.

What kind of mattress is your Casper replacing? Let us know in the comments below.

Casper vs. Leesa
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And The Winner Is…

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