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You know you’re ordering a mattress off the internet. You’re sick of the middle man and the huge mattress store markups. It’s going to show up at your front door, and there might even be a person there to help haul your old mattress away.

The question is which one is it going to be? Casper or Helix? We’ve put together our honest assessment in a Casper versus Helix review to help you make that final decision. Let’s take a look at how things pan out.

About the Brands

First, a brief introduction to each brand.

Casper Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • Works well in combination support
  • Cooling properties work as well as any memory foam mattress
  • Above average support along the edges
  • 100-day trial period that includes free shipping and returns
  • Centri-Pur certified
  • Less off-gassing and initial smell than similar brands

What Not To Like

  • Not ideal for heavier sleepers
  • Limited styles
  • Lacks innerspring feel and bounce

Helix Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • One mattress offered but it’s customized based on customer needs
  • The website gives you direction if you aren’t sure what you want
  • Accommodates a wide range of sleep preferences
  • Has a dual option for couples with different sleep preferences
  • Has more innerspring bounce because of the micro-coils

What Not To Like

  • Only one basic mattress option
  • The cover bunches up and is very thin
  • Edge support is lacking

Casper and Helix Comparison

Now that the groundwork has been laid out, we can go under the hood and provide more depth.

How Are Casper and Helix Similar?

There are more differences than similarities, but let’s take a look at some of the small ways they’re similar.

Foam Type

Both use a type of structure typical of newer memory foam and hybrid mattresses, contour plus support. The softer foam used in top layer or layers are intended to give way to the weight of your body and mold to pressure points. Instead of the bed forcing your body to align with it, your body decides where the support will be.

The support layers are denser and work to keep the spine in alignment. It prevents the overextension of the back and torso and helps you maintain correct positioning as you sleep.

They focus on open cell foams and materials with cooling properties because memory foam is known for being a heat trap. Each company’s foam does an excellent job of keeping you cool throughout the night and should satisfy all but the sweatiest sleepers.

Motion Transfer

Both offer excellent protection against motion transfer. The Casper uses dense foam layers to reduce motion between partners, and the Helix uses individually wrapped micro coils to minimize the motion interference between the coils plus foam layers. Each mattress approaches motion transfer a little differently but with the same result.


Both companies offer a range of accessories that complement your mattress. You can invest in foundations, sheets, mattress protectors, and pillows. They are all comparable in price across both companies. Both beds are compatible with adjustable frames or work just on the floor.

Trial Period and Warranty

Both of them have a trial period of 100 nights and ask that you adjust to the feel of the mattress for 30 nights before you initiate a return. Returns are free for shipping and handling. They both have a ten-year warranty that repairs and replaces mattresses due to defects and other issues at their discretion.

Customer Service and Manufacturing

Customer service is repeatedly a make-or-break experience with a company regardless of satisfaction with the product. It appears that the customer service locations of both companies are in the United States though neither openly confirms this.

Helix mattresses are manufactured in the United States. Casper mattresses are assembled in the US, but many of their components come from outside the country.


They both offer financing for customers who can’t afford the full price of any of their mattresses.

How are Casper and Helix different?

In this case, these two mattresses are different in quite a few areas.


The Casper is rated around a six on a ten-point scale. It’s in the medium range and gives a lot of support for most kinds of sleepers.

The Helix ranges throughout the scale based on the answers to the questionnaire. It can be anywhere from soft to firm based on a lot of different criteria. For queen sizes and larger, you also have the option of a dual sided mattress with varying levels of firmness.


Both mattresses use different layers to accomplish different things. The original model of the Casper uses four layers just like the Helix, but how they structure and arrange the layers is very different.

The Helix uses a proprietary foam layer on the top for breathability and movement. It’s customizable for more or less density. There’s a micro-coil layer is individually pocketed for better bounce and support.

The Casper uses foam layers in the contour/support method. The top layers provide a lot of give for pressure points while the bottom support layers prevent the spine from overextending and give medium firmness.

The main difference in the way the companies do layers is that Helix’s is determined entirely by the customer’s preferences. It makes it difficult to describe precisely the way the layers are constructed.

For example, their point elasticity layer takes into account your sleeping position and weight to determine which zones of the mattress should give and which should support. It’s designed purely in response to the questionnaire and will look different for everyone.

Mattress Styles


The original Casper is a four-layer mattress using contouring layers and support layers. It features a zoned support layer that has denser foam around the hip area and softer foam around the shoulders. This layer keeps you in a better position throughout the night and prevents the overextension of the torso common to side sleepers.

The Wave is a five-layer deluxe version that uses more layers of foam to provide ergonomic and targeted support to the lumbar region for those with more severe night pain. The layers are open cell foam in different densities that help disperse heat away from the body.

The Essential is a simpler version of their signature mattress designed to be kinder on the wallet than their other styles. It has three layers of foam and is intended for those who need more general, combination support. Sleepers who don’t have any prior pain or unique sleep issues can save a few bucks but still get a mattress with all of Casper’s design and support.


Helix’s model is unique. There’s one mattress, but sleepers customize through their website questionnaire for a mattress unique to them. It opens with a series of questions designed to figure out precisely the type of bed is best for each sleeper.

The questions cover sleep positions, preferences for firmness, pre-existing sleep issues such as pain and pressure points. With each answer, Helix begins to build the proper layers and density to make sure that the customer gets the perfect mattress.

Customers can even customize the mattress in two sides on queen sides and above. If couples have vastly different preferences for sleep, dividing the bed might be a better way to achieve those conflicting sleep desires.

The downside to this is that there’s no way for you to test out the mattress before you buy it. Although Casper’s showrooms are extremely limited (one in Toronto and mattresses in some West Elm stores), you can still try a bed out in person because the style is standard. With Helix, it’s custom to you, so you have to trust an internet quiz. Even if you’ve got a friend with a Helix, you’re trying Joe Schmo’s mattress instead of your own so who’s to know?

The one upside to this is that you can seriously customize a mattress for opposing sleep needs. Casper does give you excellent combination support, but if you can’t stand each other’s mattress picks, this might be one way to stop arguing about it finally.

Side Support

Even though Helix is customized, it still struggles with side support. It collapses pretty hard towards the edges. Side and stomach sleepers will be particularly hit by this because of the way the body positions. Casper performs much better in this instance, providing support all the way towards the edge of the mattress with little collapse.


If you’ve kicked your furry companions out of your bed (or even if you haven’t), you might be excited to know that Casper makes a mattress for your best-est friends. It’s made of the same type of foam as the human version and comes in three different sizes. If you need to take care of both you and your pet, this could be the final decision.


The Helix is just a little more affordable than Casper’s models. However, if you don’t have a lot of specialized needs, the Casper Essential is by far the most affordable option. Otherwise, the price isn’t significant enough to warrant much more than passing consideration unless you’re on a very tight budget.

And The Winner Is…

Casper Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Casper as the best choice based on our analysis of critical factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. It offers the best combination support for all sleep positions.

The only exception might be for couples who are on opposite ends of the spectrum as far as firmness. Even then, we’d think seriously about the combination support of the Wave before you invest in the Helix. You would need to be on very opposing sides to find Casper unsuitable for your needs. Plus, the edge support of the Casper makes the entire mattress feel more supported and stable.

Quality – Casper

Price – Helix

Reputation – Casper

Sleep Trial – Tie

Warranty – Tie

Customer Support – Casper

Product Selection – Casper

For Sleepers With Specific Needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Casper

Casper’s edge support is superior to Helix, and the combination foam puts your body in better alignment. The zoned support layer is particularly helpful for those who sleep in “sprinter” position.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Casper

The construction of the Casper and the medium firmness makes it easier to get the support correct for stomach sleepers. Also, better edge support keeps you from getting twisted if you’re sleeping closer to the edges.

Back Pain: Choose Casper or Helix

Casper’s Wave mattress is designed for more targeted lumbar support. It’s still a combination support mattress, so a partner could also be comfortable. However, if you require substantial support for your back issues and your partner can’t sleep on anything but a soft mattress, the dual-sided Helix mattress is better.

Heavy People: Choose Neither

Neither mattress performs well with sleepers on the heavy end of the spectrum. We’d recommend either the dual Helix for couples with a significant weight difference (but beware the edge support) or the Casper Wave for couples more equally heavy (beware that the Wave will feel firmer than average).

Couples: Choose Casper

Well, Casper except for one strict circumstance: vastly different firmness preferences. Unless you’re just completely on opposite ends of the spectrum (you’re a princess sensing a pea, and your partner is over on the wood floor snoring away), the combination support of the Casper is going to serve you fine.


Casper is an excellent choice for a wide range of sleep positions and firmness preferences. The company has done an excellent job of getting the contour/support ratio just right for memory foam, so you don’t feel like you’re sleeping in a hot pile of quicksand.

Kudos to Helix for the questionnaire method, however. One of the main reasons Casper edges out Helix is that it’s so difficult to predict the features of the Helix mattress. We just haven’t seen enough evidence that the customization works to get you the best mattress available, but as the company evolves, this model may prove to be the next generation of internet mattress.

Casper is our enthusiastic choice for now because of its reliable customer service and bed quality. Happy sleeping!

Could you trust an internet quiz to give you the best bed available? Let us know in the comments below.

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